How Share Play iPhone works. What devices and services support Facetime SharePlay?

How to use a screen demonstration in Facetime on iOS 15

Before starting fast steps, let’s first figure out how the new function of sharing the screen in Facetime works!

If you have tried video conferences, such as Google Meet and Zoom, you may already familiarize yourself with joint access to the screen. This allows you to show your screen and allow others to observe your activities in real time. It will come in handy during online presentations and meetings.

In addition, the possibility of joint use of the screen saves your time and efforts to send files, documents or videos, which makes it an excellent advantage in the world where virtual meetings have become commonplace.

Thanks to the convenient function “SharePlay” Facetime allows users to listen to music (via Apple Music), watch movies and jointly use their screen to jointly view applications.

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Apple introduced the API SharePlay in iOS 15 so that developers can integrate this function into their stream applications. And this is what SharePlay makes a kind of cardinal change in the game for Facetime.

Is it possible to share a screen with Android and Windows users during the Facetime call?

Although Android and Windows users can receive Facetime links and join meetings through the browser, they cannot do anything more. In the true style of Apple, the video call application has limited functionality on Android and Windows.

In addition, SharePlay is designed to play only in Apple ecosystem. This means that you can fully disclose SharePlay’s potential only if you have iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Since the development of iOS 15 is still ongoing, everything can change by the time when the latest version of iOS is released for everyone later this fall. We will update this leadership if Apple introduces any serious changes to this function.

In the meantime, follow this leadership to share your screen with other Facetime users on iOS 15.

Note. The function of sharing the screen in Facetime does not work as it was assumed in the first beta version of iOS 15 for developers.

We gave a brief idea of ​​how to share the screen in Facetime, but we will update the article as soon as Apple corrects this, I hope, with beta version 2 for developers.

tips to eliminate the problem associated with the non.working SharePlay program on the iPhone and iPad (2021.)

When you are dealing with a new function, it is always better to first note the requirements. Therefore, be sure to check all the basic requirements of SharePlay and information on applications compatibility before trying the possible solutions listed below. Use the table below to go to the desired section on your choice.

Be sure to read the requirements of Facetime SharePlay.

If you are trying to launch a SharePlay session and fail, the first thing you (and all other participants) must check is compatibility with OS. SharePlay requires MacOS 12.1 (currently beta), iOS 15.1 and iPados Keep in mind that the supported operating system should be installed on the devices of all participants to initiate a virtual party.

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The image is provided by Apple.

Also note that SharePlay is exclusive for Apple devices users. Although you can share Facetime links with Windows and use Facetime on Android to participate in video calls, Windows and Android users can neither participate in SharePlay sessions, nor join the Facetime call with the joint use of the screen.

Make sure your application is compatible with SharePlay.

Since MacOS 12 and iOS 15 are still relatively new, not many applications support SharePlay on Facetime. So, make sure that the application you are trying to use works with SharePlay. The following is a list of some popular applications supported by SharePlay:

  • Apple TV
  • Paramount
  • HBO Max
  • Hulu
  • Disney
  • Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • NBA TV
  • Tick ​​so
  • Apple fitness
  • Show time
  • Kahoot!
  • Cameo
  • Mubi
  • Smartgym
  • Digital concert hall
  • Piano with friends
  • Relaxing melodies
  • Take a look
  • Beware!
  • Carrots weather
  • Apollo
  • Night sky
  • Flow
  • Moon FM
  • Apollo for Reddit

Make sure you have the necessary subscription to use SharePlay.

Keep in mind that some applications may need a subscription so that you can use them in SharePlay with a screen demonstration in Facetime. So, make sure you have the necessary license or subscription for joint viewing on your Apple devices. Please note that all call participants should also have a subscription to join the SharePlay session. If not so, SharePlay in Facetime may not stop working on your iOS 15 device.

Make sure your device is on SharePlay.

In the latest versions of iOS 15 and MacOS 12.1 SharePlay is turned on by default. However, you have a special switch to manage a specific function of joint use of applications, depending on your needs. So, make sure he is active before starting the video call Facetime.

On iPhone and iPad: Open the Settings application on iPhone or iPad. Facetime. SharePlay and make sure that the SharePlay switch is turned on.

  • Open the Facetime application on the Mac and click the Facetime menu in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Then select the “Settings” menu. After that, go to the SharePlay tab and make sure that the SharePlay flag is installed.

It is worth noting that both iOS and MacOS allow automatically launch SharePlay sessions and join the people with whom you used to use SharePlay. For uninterrupted work, I would recommend you to use this function.

Forcibly leave the application and reboot the device.

If SharePlay still does not work on your iOS 15 device, close the application forcibly and try to share the screen again. Since the forced destruction of the application can eliminate various problems, it can cope with this task.

  • On the iPhone and iPad without the “Home” button: draw up from the bottom and hold in the center of the screen. After that, run up the application card with a finger to force the application.
  • On the iPhone and iPad with the “Home” button: press the “home” button twice to call the application switch, and run up the application card with your finger to close the application.

Now reboot your device. On the iPhone and iPad without the “home” button, press and hold the volume enlargement button and power button. After that, you need to drag the shutdown slider to turn off the device. Then press and hold the power button to enable the device.

iPhone 13/13 Pro: How to Allow/Don’t Allow SharePlay

On the iPhone and iPad with the “home” button, press and hold the power button and drag the shutdown slides to turn off the device. Now wait a few seconds, and then press the power button again to restart the device.

After rebooting the device, open the application and start playing any content. When you receive a SharePlay invitation, let everyone see it. Please note that all call participants must accept an invitation to join the Facetime party.

Fixed problems with the Facetime SharePlay in IOS 15

At this our guide to eliminate problems ends. I hope you coped with SharePlay problems on your iOS device. In most cases, this problem can be solved by performing the main actions. I mean that checking the application compatibility and the availability of subscriptions for joint viewing content can be of great importance for solving the problem. In any case, which of these tips helped you return SharePlay in the right direction? Do not forget to tell us your review.

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Check the device of another participant.

SharePlay. double.sided street. Along with the active subscription, another participant (s) should also have a device Apple, T. E. Working iOS 15.1, iPados 15.1 or MacOS MONTEREY.

Also make sure that SharePlay is turned on on their device. You can also call someone else to find out if your part is a problem or on their part. And if this is another end, do not hesitate to share this article with them and help them solve the problem.

It is noteworthy that although now you can communicate in Facetime with the user of Android or Windows, SharePlay is not part of the equation, and this function is currently limited by Apple ecosystem.

Disconnect and turn on Facetime again.

In a sense, this is similar to the restart of Facetime and can get rid of the wrong settings or errors that interfere with the proper work of SharePlay.

I hope Shareetime should work without failures. If not, then let’s move on to the next step.

Tiktok for iOS adds a smart page “For us” during the Facetime call using SharePlay

One of the most anticipated functions of iOS 15 was SharePlay, which gives users the opportunity to listen to songs, watch television shows, play games and much more during the Facetime call with friends or family members. To use this function, many applications are updated so that users can use them together.

One of the applications that made a special impression when users call Facetime using SharePlay is Tiktok with a new page “For us”.

As the user of Aurelia’s user noted, instead of the page “for you”, displayed for users when accessing Tiktok, if they participate in Facetime using SharePlay, this tab will be called “for us”.

This page “For us” combines the best of your favorite recommendations and user algorithms, which makes Tiktok to view even more fun when you are with someone else. Air shared his experience using this function:

In fact, this is a synchronized page between the devices in the SharePlay session, and it seems that it mixes the interests. As far as I can judge, he just mixes them, although when I moved to the next video, it seemed to me more oriented to me, and when Tom spent, it seemed aimed at him.

One of the people’s favorite classes in Tiktok is to share a video. Although you can mention someone or just write to him, the opportunity to look together anywhere and at any time much better.

For example, when Apple introduced SharePlay during WWDC21, the company meant this: to collect people through the Facetime call to listen to songs, watch films and find other ways of interaction on the Internet.

How to use SharePlay on iPhone and iPad

Make sure you have updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 15.1 (SharePlay will appear later this fall for MacOS Montery). Start calling Facetime (they should also work under the control of iOS After connection, open Tiktok, then click the SharePlay button, be sure to share your screen, and the page “For you” will become “for us”. To complete the SharePlay or the joint use of the screen, tap the icon icon in the upper left corner, touch the SharePlay icon, then complete the SharePlay / General access to the screen

At the moment, SharePlay is not available to MacOS users. Apple is working on the addition of this function on Mac, starting with MacOS 12.1, which should be released in a few weeks.

Share your Facetime screen with iOS 15

Apple talked a lot about SharePlay, but one of the functions that will be really useful to help parents and friends is the function “Share your screen”. How many times could you help someone, because you could not understand that they are doing wrong on their Apple devices?

With iOS 15 and SharePlay function, you can share your screen during the Facetime call and help people. Although this is not available in beta version 1, Apple most likely soon realizes this for beta testers.

Focus on your tasks with iOS 15

Another really useful iOS 15. “Focus” function. The function “not to disturb” has expanded, and now you can choose the tasks on which you need to concentrate during the day.

For example, while you are working, you can refuse to receive notifications from social networks, but only from your business mail, your family and your working applications. When you are outside the office, you can choose the exact opposite.

You can even create your own home pages to better reflect what you want to concentrate on. Be sure to read our full practical experience with Focus to learn more.

How to watch Facetime movies together with SharePlay

While iOS 15 boasts many super cool functions, Facetime probably attracted the greatest attention. Whether it is an updated design, well.thought.out functionality for calling the FACHONE on Android or the exciting SharePlay function, which allows users to watch films through Facetime, Apple’s video calls look ready to compete with video conferences such as Zoom and Google Meet. So, if you are ready to start your picnic with friends and loved ones, let’s find out how to watch Facetime movies together with SharePlay!

If you are dealing with a completely new function, such as Facetime SharePlay, get rid of doubts in advance. So, let’s first learn about the bases, and then we will be able to check how to watch Facetime call films together.

What is SharePlay and how it works?

SharePlay is designed so that users can listen to songs with Apple Music, share their screen or jointly watch films and television shows synchronously during the call of Facetime. Integrating access to applications from the call itself, it provides real.time connections for an unhindered game. Thanks to a rather neat common elements of reproduction management, any participant in the video statement can easily reproduce, suspend or move forward. over, SharePlay also applies to Apple TV, allowing users to watch shows and films on the big screen.

There is nothing new in Facetime SharePlay, since services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Disney. for a long time they offer a joint viewing function. However, what sets Apple’s proposal ahead of everyone is a deep integration and the possibility of unhindered playback on all devices, including iPhone, iPad and Mac. So, Apple can be a little late at the party (as always), but she, as it were, nailed the joint viewing function, unlike any other competitor.

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Since the trend of virtual viewing of films and television shows with family and friends became popular during the pandemic, Apple wants to benefit from this opportunity.

What services do Facetime SharePlay support?

In addition to support for Apple Music and Apple TV, SharePlay also works with several video services through the API. Popular streaming services that are already on board are listed below:

  • Disney
  • Hulu
  • HBO Max
  • Paramount
  • Pluto TV
  • NBA TV
  • Twitch
  • Tick ​​so
  • Master Class
  • ESPN

Now, if you are wondering if you can watch Netflix with friends on the phone Facetime? Well, unfortunately, Netflix does not yet support the Facetime SharePlay function. However, we expect a stream giant sooner or later open. In addition, we expect Spotify to integrate the API SharePlay into its iOS application in the coming weeks.

Can Android and Windows join your Facetime Watch party?

No, they can’t! Although Apple now allows iPhone users to call your friends on Android and Windows, you cannot watch movies and television shows with them.

“SharePlay is supported by iOS, iPados and MacOS, and users can even use their Apple TV when they want to display content on the big screen,” the Cupertino giant on their API SharePlay page says.

Create and start the Facetime Watch party

Now click “Create a link” to create a link to a party. In addition, you can press the New Facetime and invite all your friends to a group video call.

After creating a group for viewing Facetime, click the “i” button, located next to the general link in the “Fontilled” section.

Then select the option “”.

Further, the IOS general access sheet will allow you to Facetime Watch Party through several channels, including Imessage, WhatsApp, Messenger, Text, Email, etc. D. You can choose the desired tool to invite your friends.

Now let your friends join the clock party. Be sure to let them in. As soon as they all stand on board, run your favorite supported application for streaming video. Then select an exciting film or series to watch together, and forward! Oh yes, do not forget to take popcorn with you so that you can enjoy every piece of show. Image provided: Apple

As I said above, Facetime offers convenient general controls, so any call participant can easily play, suspend and move forward. This can be especially useful if one of your friends needs to go to the toilet, take Uber Eats or answer an urgent call. Image provided: Apple

Enjoy Facetime Watch Party using SharePlay

So, this is how you can create a party with Facetime SharePlay and watch movies with friends and relatives. Now that you know how it works, we hope that you will extract from this the maximum benefit to improve your impressions of joint viewing. As always, we delved into the latest IOS update from Apple to study all new functions. So, if you want to get acquainted with other such exciting functions, be sure to read what breathing frequency is on Apple Watch, how to use it and how to blur backs in the video calls Facetime. Not to mention the fact that there is also a way to download the IOS 15 beta version without accounting for the developer.

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Can you use Facetime SharePlay with Android and Windows users?

SharePlay is currently available only on Apple devices. The joint use of the screen, music or stream content with Android or Windows via Facetime devices.

However, now you can call Facetime to your friends on Android or Windows devices using the Facetime link with a new update.

I hope that this guide helped you understand everything about SharePlay and how to use it on your iOS 15 device. What do you think about this function? And you want to learn more about new functions announced on WWDC21? Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

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How to use SharePlay on iPhone and iPad

Make sure you have updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 15.1 (SharePlay will appear later this fall for MacOS Montery). Launch the Facetime call (they should also work under the control of iOS After connection, you can go to the Apple Music or TV application. When you play music or video, they are automatically transmitted to SharePlay. But the other person will have to accept the SHAREPLAY / screen demonstration. After starting Facetime, you can also press the “Rectangle Man” icon to show the entire screen. including applications and content. To complete the use of SharePlay or joint use of the screen, tap the icon icon icon, tap the SharePlay icon, then complete the SharePlay / General access to the screen

How to use SharePlay via Messages on iPhone | Apple Support

This is what the process of using SharePlay on the iPhone with a screen demonstration looks like:

After you initiate SharePlay through a screen demonstration or playing music / video, another person will have to choose to join, he will have to look for the “Open” button:

After starting the screen demonstration, you can press a purple icon in the upper left corner to return the facetime controls.

You can share music and video with Apple Music and TV applications or with a screen demonstration in the Photos application or any other application. Official support will be provided for individual applications of services, such as Disney. HBO Max and others.

But keep in mind that the person you share with, may need a subscription to these services so that it works.

However, if you want to share things such as YouTube or other applications, most of them will work with the SharePlay option to jointly use the screen.

Immediately in SharePlay music and video

If you start a Facetime call and go straight to the media file that you want to share (with applications supporting SharePlay), this is how it looks like. Thanks to this process, you do not need to first run the joint use of the screen.

You can brush up the video of the person you share with, outside the frame to hide it, touch the arrows to return it.

IOS 15 chips: how to use SharePlay in Facetime

In the second beta version there was SHARAREPLAY support in FACETime. How to use. read in the instructions.

Attention: we do not advise installing beta versions on our devices, this can lead to their breakdown and the appearance of bugs.

The new IOS 15 beta version is available for installation to developers and users. What new in Beta 2 iOS 15 we wrote earlier. Now I want to dwell on one of the main chips in more detail. the opportunity to share the screen on Facetime.

How to share a Facetime screen by SharePlay

First, pay attention to the fact that iOS 15 should be installed with you and the one who you call.

  • Go to the settings. Facetime;
  • Then go to the SharePlay tab and activate the lever;
  • After that, gain contact;
  • Wait for the connection, go to the contact menu and activate SharePlay;
  • You can configure the show of your screen;
  • Also, if you go to the Apple Music or Apple TV application, you can enable SharePlay directly from the application;
  • We launch any video from Apple TV, click on “play SharePlay”;
  • You can curtail the video, open the screen with the interlocutor, or start “Picture in the picture”.

Note: Apple’s confidentiality and data protection is so careful that even on screenshots a picture from Apple TV is not visible when viewing using SharePlay.