How On Iphone To Turn On The Flash When Making A Call

Apple Corporation produces powerful and convenient smartphones with a wide range of functions. One of the capabilities of iPhones is a visual notification of an incoming message or call in the form of a flashing flash. This is a very convenient feature that not all users of apple gadgets are familiar with. Thanks to her, you will not miss the desired call or SMS.

How to make iPhone blink when calling

If you turn on the flashlight on the iPhone when making a call, then the LED light will start flashing repeatedly. this is very convenient if the silent mode is set. This feature is a good addition to the vibration common to any smartphone.

For the first time, LED flash was used on smartphones of 4 generations.

You can make a kind of strobe or flashing flashlight from your iPhone like this:

  • On your desktop, go to the settings menu, where select “General”. (pic 1)
  • Find and select “Universal Access.” Scroll through the list to go to Hearing. (pic 2)
  • To turn on the flashing light on the iPhone, go to the “Flash alerts” section. Then it remains to switch the warning slider of the LED device to the on position. (pic 3)

After the manipulations, the light on the gadget will flash three times about new incoming calls, SMS and various notifications. The indication function is useful for people with hearing difficulties. It perfectly complements the sound and vibroindication.

IPhone flash for silent mode

Alternatively, you can configure blinking for silent (silent) mode. This is very true when you are on the street, on vacation in a noisy place. where the sound signal is unlikely to be heard. Flickering of the LED light in silent mode will prevent missed important calls and messages. The inclusion of the mode is as follows:

  • Open “Settings” from the iPhone‘s main screen and go to the section with basic settings. (fig. 4)
  • Scroll to Universal Access. In the window that opens, scroll down to the item “Hearing”. (fig. 5)
  • Press “Flash alerts” and put it in silent mode to the on position. (fig. 6)
  • Do not forget to check the operation of the iPhone LED lamp. the on indicator light should blink several times during an incoming call or notification.
How On Iphone To Turn On The Flash When Making A Call

How to disable flash when calling on iPhone

Not everyone likes the fact that the iPhone starts blinking during an incoming call.

Some people blink sooner or later get bored, for example, it can interfere with sleep in the dark.

Disabling it is as easy as turning it on. To prevent the flash when calling on iPhone, do the following:

  • Go to the “Settings” section of your device.
  • Select “General” and click on “Universal Access”. (fig. 7)