How Not To Suffer And It Is Easy To Connect The Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2 To The Phone

How Not To Suffer And It Is Easy To Connect The Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2 To The Phone

Hello friends! Have you bought a smart tracker and want to attach it to your smartphone? Of course you want! You understand, we don’t need a simple toy on hand (we are demanding and competent people), and somehow it’s not prestigious. But the gadget that controls the pulse, monitors achievements and wakes up in the morning. this is for us, advanced guys. Let’s find out how to connect the xiaomi mi band 2 fitness bracelet to the phone and use it to its full potential!

Mi account

Regardless of which operating system your phone supports, in order to pair it with a fitness bracelet, you need to activate Mi Account. Iphone binding based on iOS and Android devices does not have fundamental differences.

There are three quick ways to register a user in a profile:

  1. Via email. We follow the link and indicate in the registration form all the necessary data. Email and the country of your residence. Click the Create Mi Account button. We are waiting for a letter of confirmation of registration to the mailbox. We follow the active link to our page.
  2. By phone number. Again, click on the link above and activate the Create button using a phone number. Enter the phone number for binding and captcha. Click on the Create Mi Account. We are waiting for SMS with a code. After entering the code, create a password of 8 characters and get your profile.
  3. Using the My application We open the application on the smartphone. We create an account. Through bluetooth we connect the smartphone to the bracelet.

The new account will save statistics of your achievements, display notifications on the bracelet screen, determine sleep phases.

We connect the bracelet to a Windows smartphone

The list of features is not as extensive as that of My Fit, but it can also process and transmit a number of standard physical indicators:

  • Step Count
  • Sleep phase determination
  • Calorie burn

The smart alarm function is also available for Windows smartphones. Useful timely updates and notifications of calls and messages to the xiaomi mi band 2 screen (- Russia, UA, Belarus) will remain unavailable for this OS.

Before the first use, the smart bracelet needs to be synchronized with the device with installed iOS or Android, for the initial flashing of the bracelet. Next, we establish a Bluetooth connection and go through device authentication. We launch Mi Bend and go through the registration of Mi account via smartphone. We use the application!

Attention! Due to the lack of a function for displaying call notifications on the bracelet screen, it does not make sense to always keep the bluetooth connection active. The internal memory of the capsule is enough to process statistics for the last 10 days. Thus, you can save battery power on the tracker.

I think we have figured out how to connect a fitness bracelet to any type of smartphone and it will not be difficult. And after synchronizing forward, to a healthy lifestyle and new achievements in fitness!

Friends who have questions. write. Stimulate my cognitive interest, and I will be happy to share new knowledge with you and your friends!

Thanks for your attention! See you again on my blog. Sincerely, Rostislav Kuzmin.