How much RAM is in the iphone x max

One of the characteristics of the iPhone, which Apple prefers not to disclose either at the presentation or after it, is the amount of RAM. Not that Cupertino considered it useless, just until recently, the company‘s branded smartphones could not boast of anything special. After all, 2 GB of RAM. this is something that it’s better not to talk about at all, even if your operating system is super-rational about the resources of the device. This year, Apple continued the tradition, but in vain.

How much RAM is in the iphone x max

iPhone 11 Pro. iPhone with the largest amount of RAM

According to insider Steve Hemmerstofffer, also known as OnLeaks, this year Apple has significantly increased the amount of RAM in its smartphones. So, iPhone 11 received 4 GB, and 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. 6 GB each. Such an upgrade can indeed be considered significant, since last year’s iPhone XR had only 3 GB of RAM, which, although it was enough for stable operation, was clearly not enough for boasting.

RAM iPhone 11

Partially, OnLeaks information was confirmed even before the release of new products. A few days before the presentation, the results of synthetic testing of the iPhone 11 hit the Network, which showed that the smartphone is equipped with an A13 processor, about 13% more powerful than A12, as well as 4 GB of RAM. This news did not cause much excitement, since exactly the same was with the iPhone XS and XS Max, for which there was no noticeable special increase in speed compared to the iPhone XR.

In addition to the amount of RAM, Homerstoffer revealed data on the battery capacity of the iPhone 2019 model year. Of course, the most tangible upgrade touched the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Battery for iPhone 11

  • iPhone 11. 3110 mAh; iPhone XR. 2942 mAh;
  • iPhone 11 Pro. 3190 mAh; iPhone XS. 2658 mAh;
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max. 3500 mAh, iPhone XS Max. 3174 mAh.

In the case of batteries, the increase was more noticeable. In any case, with respect to the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, which received an additional 4 and 5 hours of battery life compared to their predecessors. Well, and who will now say that the upgrade of new products turned out to be a passing one?

In fact, it is difficult to say unequivocally why Apple decided to immediately double the RAM. It is unlikely that over the year the situation in the application market could change so much that they began to require more than 3 GB of RAM. Therefore, I would bet that Cupertino simply succumbed to the general trend, of course, provided that this information is true. After all, a company such as Apple would be ashamed to demonstrate such a significant lag behind the flagships on Android, which already have 12 GB of RAM.

Previously, when the RAM was measured in hundreds of megabytes, it was easier to transfer the superiority of competitors. I would even say that by equipping iPhone slats with less RAM, Apple even challenged Android smartphone makers. Say, look how fast and smooth our new iPhone is even with half the amount of RAM. But now that Android has become really fast, the same thing no longer rolls and it begins to really seem that Cupertino is trite behind. It was possible to prove that this was not so, only by following the consumers’ request and giving what they so dreamed about, especially since the price of this dream is an extra 3 GB of RAM.