How much is the camera on the iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7. Specifications

Dimensions: 61.2 x 130.8 x 9.3 mmWeight: 138 gC: MediaTek MT6580CPU: ARM Cortex-A7, 1200 MHz, Number of cores: 4GPU: PowerVR, Number of cores: 6Operating memory: 1GBB Built-in memory: 32GB, 128GB, 256GBScreen: 4.7 in, IPS, 720 x 1334 pixels, 24 bitBattery: 1960 mAh, Li-Ion (Li-Ion) Operating System: iOS 10Camera: 4032 x 1944 pixels, 1280 x 2160 pixels, 30 fpsWi-Fi: b, g, n, Wi-Fi HotspotUSB: 2.0, Micro USBBluetooth: 4.0Navigation: GPS, A-GPS

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Apple iPhone 7 smartphone of the year 2016. Its dimensions are 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 and weighs 138g. It has a LED-backlit IPS LCD display with a size of 4.7″ inch. The resolution is 750 x 1334 pixels, the pixel density is 326 ppi. For selfies and video calls there is one 7 MP camera. For basic photo and video available One 12 MP rear camera. Processor is Quad-core 2.34 GHz (2x Hurricane 2x Zephyr) and 32/128/256 GB memory, 2 GB RAM. The battery capacity is 1960 mAh. Read more below.

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iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7. main camera

In good light, macro turns out great on both devices. However, the picture on the iPhone 7 is warmer, but the detail is higher on the Galaxy C7. Again, the high sharpness of the picture comes from a clever image-processing algorithm. Perhaps in future OS updates the iPhone will also be able to take sharp pictures.

Indoors, in sufficient light, the Galaxy S7 camera slightly outperforms the iPhone 7. You can see it in color rendering (the iPhone goes for a pink tint), and in the amount of noise (the Galaxy S7 picture looks very smooth).

If you turn off the lights and it gets dark in the room, the iPhone 7 lags even more behind the Galaxy S7. The photo from iPhone 7 has a lot of noise and the detail of the picture leaves much to be desired. For its part, the Galaxy C7 took a photo that is worthy of attention.

If we take a photo with the competing smartphones outside at night the leader is again the Galaxy C7. The Korean device has good color reproduction, good Focus and almost no soap. Under the same shooting conditions, the iPhone 7 is noticeably inferior. The tree is out of focus, and the bark is green.

iPhone 7 Feature

What is the difference between this model and the usual “seven”? To understand this, let’s study its features.

  • Powered by the same Apple A-10 Fusion processor.
  • Four memory chips.
  • A six-core graphics professor.
  • The operating system is iOS 10 with the ability to upgrade.
  • Headphones are connected through the Lightning port.
  • The plus has a bigger battery capacity than the seven, 2900 mAh.
  • Also this variety has more RAM of 3GB.
  • The internal flash memory of the phone is still 32 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB.
  • As with the Seven, the body Seven Plus is covered with a protective layer against dust and water.
  • Seven megapixels front camera. Each of the two main cameras is equal to twelve megapixels.

The display

Oddly enough, it is on the 7/7 Plus that the display plays a big role in the camera capabilities. And all because the camera and the display are equipped with an improved color scheme. DCI-P3. Since this technology is only used in the display and camera of the “iPhone 7” and “iPhone 7 Plus”, other users will not be able to enjoy the enhanced picture. So colors are richer and give a better depth to the image. Next we compare the “seven” and “iPhone 6s”

According to the results of numerous tests we can see that the “iPhone 7″ camera takes brighter and richer photos. All thanks to the higher aperture ratio of the lens.

Someone should uncover the awful truth about the iPhone: Space Gray is no match for Apple’s new matte color scheme. It would seem that, well, black and black. I hold it in my hands and see yet another proof of the magic of Apple in action.

The aesthetic pleasure of a matte black iPhone can be compared to contemplating a supercar, something like a Bugatti, with a matte finish. The sun’s rays fade as it soaks into the stern edges. The whole appearance of the car succinctly informs others that it is the best, most stylish and status.

The matte black iPhone 7 is surrounded by the same aura of coolness.

What makes it possible? ISP with twice the bandwidth

There’s one piece of silicon that makes it all possible: a new image processor, or ISP, 60% faster and 30% more efficient. The new ISP is part of Apple’s A10 Fusion chip, and it can perform more than 100 billion operations in just 25 milliseconds and use machine learning to improve photos.

much, camera, iphone

If you’ve been wondering what ISP actually is, Apple kindly explains: it sets auto exposure, Focus, white balance, color, tonal display, reduces noise and combines multiple images (if necessary).

Latest. Is it worth buying the iPhone 8 Plus because of the camera?

Many of the camera improvements that Apple announced at the presentation, I was able to confirm with my own eyes. Most noticeable of all is the improved color reproduction. Add a richer display on top and get a mix that makes any photo of you noticeably cooler if it was taken and viewed on iPhone 8.

As an iPhone 7 Plus owner, I’m a little disappointed that there is now an iPhone that objectively shoots better than my model. but that’s business as usual. importantly, Apple is slowly moving in the right direction.

Yes, the color difference in the new iPhone will be blurred by the billions of food photos taken on it on Instagram with filters on top.

But for those who love taking pictures with their iPhones and paying attention to what they get, the iPhone 8 Plus looks like a really logical buy.

At least worth looking at until at least next year, when the iPhone X begins to crawl into Russia after the winter shortage around the world. And yes, if you go to buy an iPhone 8, be sure to get either the white or gold model. I warned you, you won’t regret it.

Thanks to our friends at re:Store for providing the iPhone 8 Plus for the test.


“Bokeh.”. The most beautiful portraits taken on a smartphone

The word “bokeh” is derived from the Japanese word for blur, haze. In fact, it is the background, which is blurred to visually highlight the main subject of the picture. Bokeh is especially important in portrait photography, where the photographer seeks shallow depth of field to achieve maximum focus on the model rather than the background.

In the new Portrait mode, the phone will analyze the information on the lens, highlight the main subject in the frame and add blur to the rest of the image.

At the same time, the “bokeh” effect will be instantly visible to the iPhone 7 Plus user, thanks to Live Preview mode.

True, the claimed functionality will appear later with iOS updates. Waiting for.