How Much Charge Does The iPad Pro 11 Hold

Apple Watch 4 is more informative and more powerful than models of previous generations, but what about the duration of a single charge? According to Apple, their autonomy reaches 18 hours, but Viktor Khristov, the author of PhoneArena, found that this is far from the case. He spent the whole day with the device and proved that the watch can work up to two days, but only with a certain mode of use.

How Much Charge Does The iPad Pro 11 Hold

The journalist published his daily routine, in which the Apple Watch 4 works from 36 to 48 hours in a row, without requiring recharging. By comparing it with your schedule, you can roughly determine how long the charge in your case lasts.

So, PhoneArena employee day mode looks like this:

  • 7:45. Shower and breakfast, Apple Watch 4 charge is 100%;
  • 8:45. Walk, workout outdoors and return home;
  • 9:30. The path to the workplace, the process itself. At the same time, the clock notified of the need for a warm-up and sent several notifications;
  • 12:00. Lunch, the battery level dropped to 91%;
  • 14:30. An hour and a half work with breaks for several notifications and a minute breathing exercise;
  • 17:00. Several working meetings and long work at the computer. The battery charge is 76%;
  • 21:30. Half-hour journey home, dinner and training. Charge dropped to 65%;
  • 23:00. Preparation for sleep and sleep. The watch is 57% charged.
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As you can see, the author of the mini-study used the watch only as a last resort and used up the charge only by 43%. According to his calculations, while maintaining the same mode, his watch is able to work up to two days in a row.

Of course, each user has their own daily routine and experience of use. The results may vary, but the PhoneArena experiment shows that with moderate use, the watch can work longer than the stated 18 hours.

What does your daily schedule look like, and how many hours do your Apple Watch work? You can leave your answers in the comments or in our Telegram chat.