How Many Megapixels In iPad Air 2

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How many megapixels camera on iPad?

How Many Megapixels In iPad Air 2

If you are planning to buy an Apple tablet called iPad, you will probably be interested in the question about the number of megapixels of the main and front cameras of the tablet.

According to statistics, owners of iPads take photos often enough and therefore, in each generation, you can see many improvements.

The number of megapixels on all issued iPads

To date, a huge number of iPad models have been released and each of them has its own special characteristics. I have divided all the tablets into generations. In general, you will see everything further.

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Camera on iPad, iPad 2, 3, 4

When the tablets were only released, it was not even planned that the main camera would be present in them. Is that the front for skype and similar programs. The first four generations of devices, and this iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4 had a rather interesting configuration. Let’s get it right.

  • Ipad: none;
  • Ipad 2: back 0.9 MP, front 0.3 MP;
  • Ipad 3: back 5 MP, front 0.3 MP;
  • Ipad 4: back 5 MP, front 0.3 MP.

As soon as Apple saw that users like to take pictures on their tablet, the camera began to improve at a very fast pace.

Camera on iPad Air, Air 2

In this generation, we have only two generations of the iPad, and these are the models Air and Air 2. They have become more compact, because the frame of the tablet has decreased significantly. This means that the device has become even more portable, so the owners are happy to put it in a briefcase and take it on trips.

  • Ipad Air: front 1.2 MP, the main 5 MP;
  • Ipad Air 2: Front 1.2 MP, Main 8 MP.
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Only in the second generation Air appeared autofocus. The owners of this particular tablet must have been satisfied with the quality of the photos.

Camera on iPad mini, mini 2, 3, 4

Many people like tablets that are very small in size and this series is called Mini. And with cameras, these tablets were probably the luckiest. After all, they began to appear quite late and it began at a time when Apple began to equip its gadgets with good cameras.

  • Ipad mini: rear 5 MP, front 1.2 MP;
  • Ipad mini 2: back 5 MP, front 1.2 MP;
  • Ipad mini 3: back 5 MP, front 1.2 MP;
  • Ipad mini 4: rear 8 MP, front 1.2 MP.

Only starting with the fourth model can you observe autofocus. Everyone else just takes good pictures, but sometimes clarity can fail.

Camera on iPad Pro

No one could believe that Apple will release a tablet in which the screen will have 12.9 inches right away. Just incredible sizes. But soon a model with a standard diagonal of 9.7 and exactly the same filling appeared. The cameras in the two models are very impressive.

  • Ipad Pro 12.9: front 1.2 MP, the main 12 MP ;;
  • Ipad Pro 9.7: front 1.2 MP, the main 12 MP;.
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In addition to autofocus, these models boast a flash with two diodes. So now everything is approaching normal shots.


Now you can easily navigate in the cameras of iPads, because now you know how many megapixels you can find in each of them. Despite many shortcomings, people will continue to take pictures on their favorite tablet.