How Long Is Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x Charging

Xiaomi’s Redmi 4x does not charge. Judging by the readings of the indicator, the charging process at a certain moment (more precisely, at a certain percentage) simply stops. And in this post. how to fix this kind of problem.

Let’s start with the simplest and most obvious.

It’s no secret that Redmi 4x, like many other Xiaomi, they come, to put it mildly, not with the best cables in the world. Therefore, very often such a Xiaomi does not charge simply because it still got a defective cord at the factory.

How Long Is Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x Charging

It’s hard to deal with it. But then the problem is diagnosed and immediately eliminated by replacing the cable (by the way, the charger, if it works fine, it is better to leave “native”).

Worse, when checking shows that both the smartphone cable and its charger are working properly. This means that the problem is not so simple, and it will take longer to tinker with it. Such a dialectic turns out. But let’s get it right.

So what to do if Redmi 4X or Redmi Note charge poorly or do not charge at all?

# 1. Xiaomi does not charge. We put the application to save battery

Often the smartphone does not charge correctly or simply does not charge, not due to physical malfunctions (cable, charger, battery, etc.), but due to various software bugs. You can identify them using so-called applications to save battery power. Redmi 4X and Redmi Note are not equipped with such programs, you will need third-party software. There are many such applications on Google Play. Most of them are free. Can recommend DU Battery Saver, Battery Doctor, Amplify, as well as new Battery life from LC.

# 2. Xiaomi does not charge. Hard reset

The so-called hard reset or “hard reset”(hard reset) Is the most radical, but also the most effective way to eliminate any software malfunctions of any smartphone. And Xiaomi are no exception. In particular, by means of a hardware reset, you delete all applications that may cause a problem with charging the device and / or lead to an accelerated discharge of its battery. All settings of the operating system (firmware) are also reset to zero, which also contributes to troubleshooting. Therefore, before starting a hard reboot without fail, you should create a backup copy of all important (and not even important) files.

Recall that the hardware reset procedure for Redmi 4X and Redmi Note is carried out as follows: hold down the volume up and power buttons until the brand name appears on the screen Mi recovery menu, then click “Wipe and Reset“, Then”Wipe All Data“And confirm the command with the button”Yes“. After rebooting the smartphone, check the charging.

# 3. Xiaomi does not charge. flashing

If neither installing the application to save battery, nor even the smartphone’s hard reset, had the desired effect, and the charging problem still exists, try installing the so-called. “custom firmware»(Custom ROM) from the new or immediately native to it International Chinese MIUI ROM, which can also help with the elimination of software failures in the battery charge system.

# 4. Xiaomi does not charge. Mi PC Suite and MIUI ROM update

Mi PC Suite is Xiaomi’s proprietary client through which you can use your computer “Backup” smartphone, manage contact lists, copy photos,s and other data. Plus, through Mi PC Suite you can always update the MIUI shell to the latest version. To do this, we reboot in Fastboot mode and connect the device to the computer via USB. In each new MIUI, developers are trying to eliminate errors found in previous versions, including bugs in the charging process.

#5. Xiaomi does not charge. we carry it to the service center

If all the above measures of “programmatic impact” do not help, then it is very likely that something really broke in your Xiaomi. Or it was originally defective. Something. it can be not only a battery, but also a motherboard, and a charging slot, etc. In any case, an experienced specialist must diagnose and repair the “hardware” of the smartphone, in appropriate conditions and using the necessary equipment. Of course, if the smartphone is new and / or under warranty, then in an authorized Xiaomi service center they will try to fix the problem at the lowest cost to you, right up to completely free.

And finally, a few more, so to speak, practical tips, which in some cases can also be useful:

  • if problems with charging the smartphone occurred after updating MIUI, then you can “roll back” the system to a previous version or. If you do not know how or do not want to do this, then you need to wait for the update.
  • also keep in mind that the MIUI shell itself is very “heavy” and creates a significant load on the system, which ultimately always leads to an accelerated discharge of the battery.
  • turn off GPS, when you don’t use it.
  • Try not to use your smartphone while it is charging.
  • regularly check the device for viruses.