How long does the iPhone 7 hold

iPhone 7 running out of battery quickly? How not to test the autonomy of devices.

Poor and unhappy iPhone. As soon as he is not “licked” from all sides. It’s the same every year. People are trying to find what is not, in an attempt to create another informational occasion. News for news’s sake.

Here is such a picture walks on the network, they say, the iPhone 7 holds the battery power terribly.

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Let’s clarify the next thing. Benchmarks and synthetic tests are, of course, a “visual thing” that is at odds with practice when it comes to the device’s operating time. an individual indicator. When they ask me how many hours of the screen does your smartphone work, I am perplexed.

And where did this indicator come from? Screen time. What it is? If I pick up my smartphone and play games for 4 hours nonstop? This is also the screen time. How do you know what the person was doing while the screen was on? Or do people think how long a smartphone will work if it is corny to put it on the table and not touch it? Let the little screen shine and power up the battery. Is that how it turns out? Someone has 3G, someone LTE. Someone uses Wi-Fi, and may also be listening to music online at this time.

There are so many scenarios for using the device that it is difficult to adequately describe the operating time of a smartphone. I’ll tell you now that the iPhone 7 works for 9 hours. Is it a lot or a little? This is how it works for me. I am not you. My father’s iPhone 7 will work for two days and this also does not reflect reality. In fact, I have an iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Nexus 5x.

The smallest of these 4 smartphones lives on the Nexus 5x. In practice, the iPhone 7 lasts longer than the iPhone 7 Plus. Wow, this is strange. In the pictures that I showed above, you can see that the Samsung Galaxy S7 in synthetic tests lasts longer than the iPhone 7. But in my world, otherwise, the Samsung Galaxy S7 “freezes” the battery much faster than the iPhone 7. For an objective account of the operating time of the device, you will need to enter a lot of input values, which in practice, in principle, will not work.

You just need to live or work in an area where the signal level of the cell tower will not be ideal, that’s all, all your tests of autonomy go down the drain. Hence, an instructive conclusion suggests itself, every journalist and technology reviewer describes a purely personal experience of using the device, listing those inputs that are applicable to it, you can only project these indicators onto yourself and approximately guess whether such a scenario for using the device is similar to yours or not.

But when you look at the synthetic benchmark data, which says the iPhone 7 or any other smartphone is losing, then you are fooling yourself. What if I say that my LG G5, which is listed in this test, works the longest in general? Where is she, that same truth?

The easiest way is to refer to the indicators of programs and tests, disclaiming responsibility. But these tests do not reflect reality. This applies to any benchmark: Antutu, Geekbench and others. I did not understand why take one input, for example, the operating time of a smartphone from 3G and compare these indicators.

In total, in addition to 3G communication, a lot of other indicators affect, which, as a result, will drag the branch of primacy to the side of another device.

But what about? How to choose a smartphone if the indicators do not reflect the whole picture? Good question. We read reviews, ask questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the authors, learn to analyze the information read from several sources, maybe this way you will find the right answer to this question for yourself.

IPhone XR battery life

As usual, we open the Apple website and see this wonderful inscription: “iPhone XR works up to 1.5 hours longer than iPhone 8 Plus”.

If you recall the “plus eight”, then it really held the charge quite well. And here we are promised even more! Victory? It depends on which side you look at

Approximately the same? Yes. Much longer? Not.

However, as we remember, a lot depends on the use case.

For example, if you listen to music with headphones, then the iPhone XR will easily work for a couple of days.

Battery life for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

In improved iPhones of the 6th series, Apple has “cut” the battery capacity compared to their younger brothers. the regular “six”. over, given how reluctant the company is to increase the batteries in its gadgets, such “cuts” are not very pleasant for users. Let’s take a look at how this affected the battery life of the iPhone 6S:

As you can see, practically nothing has changed. According to the company, this is achieved primarily through the use of a new, more energy efficient processor. Let’s believe her, especially since in reality it is approximately the same. the iPhone 6S keeps charging at the level of its predecessor.

Operating time or how long does the iPhone hold

Strongly welcome! Remember buying your first phone? If this happened in the early to mid-2000s, then remember what characteristics played a primary role for you? I will give almost 100% guarantee that the issue of battery capacity was considered the very last place, if at all. There is it (a battery) and okay, and what indicators she had practically no one was interested in.

Now, the time that the phone can work without a charger is almost the main criterion when choosing. After all, none of us wants to live “from socket to socket” and charge a smartphone 2-3 times a day.

I can immediately note the fact that the battery life of the iPhone is at a fairly good level. We can say above the “average for the ward.” And this despite the fact that in the pursuit of design, the desire to make the gadget thinner and lighter, Apple does not install large-capacity batteries in its devices. How do you manage to achieve a compromise? The answer is simple. iOS. Optimizing the system solves a lot, and here Apple managed to achieve excellent results.

Now let’s take a look at the iPhone’s battery life for each model separately. Let’s not bother the “oldies”, simply because the relevance of these models today is minimal (after all, they came out a long time ago), but let’s start with the most popular iPhones in Russia.

Updated! For those who want to know “dry numbers”, and not read “the author’s reasoning on the topic”, I made a special plate, which contains all the official data (battery capacity, hours of conversation, listening to music, standby mode, etc.) works of absolutely all iPhone models. The plate turned out to be large, but but more or less detailed. Please love and respect!:)

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Device Battery capacity (mAh) Standby (h) Specification from Apple Talk time (h) Listening to music / Watching video (h)
iPhone 4 1420 300 Absent 2G. 14 3G. 7 Music. 40
iPhone 4S 1430 200 Absent 2G. 14 3G. eight Music. 40
iPhone 5 1400 225 Absent eight Music. 40
iPhone 5S 1560 250 Absent 10 Music. 40
iPhone 5C 1507 250 Absent 10 Music. 40
iPhone 6 1810 250 Absent fourteen Music. fifty
iPhone 6 Plus 2915 384 Absent 24 Music. 80
iPhone 6S 1715 240 Absent fourteen Music. fifty
iPhone 6S Plus 2750 384 Absent 24 Music. 80
iPhone SE (1st generation) 1624 240 Absent fourteen Music. fifty
iPhone 7 1960 240 Runtime up to 2 hours longer than iPhone 6S fourteen Music. 40
iPhone 7 Plus 2900 384 Up to 1 hour longer battery life than iPhone 6S Plus 21 Music. 60
iPhone 8 1821 240 Lasts about the same as the iPhone 7 fourteen Music. 40
iPhone 8 Plus 2675 384 Lasts about the same as the iPhone 7 Plus 21 Music. 60
Internet usage time (h)
iPhone X 2716 12 Lasts up to 2 hours longer than iPhone 7 21 Music. 60
iPhone XS 2658 12 Lasts up to 30 minutes longer than iPhone X twenty Video. 14 Music. 60
iPhone XS Max 3174 13 Lasts up to 1.5 hours longer than iPhone X 25 Video. 15 Music. 65
iPhone XR 2942 fifteen Lasts up to 1.5 hours longer than iPhone 8 Plus 25 Video. 16 Music. 65
Video streaming time (h) Talk time is no longer indicated
iPhone 11 3110 10 Absent Video. 17 Music. 65
iPhone 11 Pro 3190 eleven Lasts up to 4 hours longer than iPhone XS Video. 18 Music. 65
iPhone 11 Pro Max 3969 12 Lasts up to 5 hours longer than iPhone XS Max Video. 20 Music. 80
iPhone SE (2020) 1821 eight Absent Video. 13 Music. 40
iPhone 12 mini 2227 10 Absent Video. 15 Music. fifty
iPhone 12 2815 eleven Absent Video. 17 Music. 65
iPhone 12 Pro 2815 eleven Absent Video. 17 Music. 65
iPhone 12 Pro Max 3687 12 Absent Video. 20 Music. 80

Just don’t the numbers “roll”? Do you want to read the text and chat about how long each iPhone model holds charge? Could be so!

How long does an iPhone X charge last??

Flagship 2017-2018, new design, new screen, new technologies, etc. This is all, of course, great. But we, within the framework of this article, are interested in something else. did Apple succeed in releasing something really revolutionary in terms of battery life?

Let’s take a look at the iPhone X with a battery:

  • Battery capacity. 2716 mAh.
  • Talk time. up to 21 hours.
  • Internet surfing. up to 12 hours.
  • Audio playback. up to 60 hours.

As you can see, the indicators are almost identical to the iPhone 8 Plus. And the battery capacity does not differ much. Apple itself claims that the iPhone X battery life is up to 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7.

Total. The iPhone X is smaller than any Apple phone with the Plus prefix, but it still has the same battery life. In my opinion, this is very cool!

How long does it take to charge the iPhone 4 and 4s

iPhone 4iPhone 4S
Battery capacity 1420 1430
Standby mode 300 200
Talk time (2G network) fourteen fourteen
Talk time (3G network) 7 eight
Listening to music 40 40

As you can see, with a slight increase in the size of the battery, smartphones perform approximately the same. The only thing is that the talk time in 3g networks has increased for the iPhone 4s. It is unlikely that the extra 10 mAh played a role; rather, the matter is in the improved processor and wireless chip. Although for the sake of fairness, from my own experience I can see that they hold the charge equally. it is almost impossible to notice the difference.

How long does it take to charge the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max?

  • IPhone XS Battery Capacity. 2658 mAh.
  • The battery capacity of the iPhone XS MAX is 3174 mAh. This is the largest battery ever installed in an iPhone so far.!

Now let’s move on to the main indicators. And if we take the official data, then something unimaginable is happening here 🙂

We go to the Apple website and see this information about the operating time of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Confuses nothing? For example, I am very amazed by two lines:

  • iPhone XS lasts up to 30 minutes on a single charge than iPhone X.
  • iPhone XS Max lasts up to 1.5 hours on a single charge than iPhone X.

And now we look at the indicators of the iPhone X (previous iPhone models) and we have a very interesting chain:

  • iPhone XS lasts 30 minutes longer than iPhone X. And iPhone XS Max lasts 1.5 hours longer than iPhone X.
  • At the same time. iPhone X lasts 2 hours longer than iPhone 7.
  • But that’s not all! iPhone 7 lasts 2 hours longer than iPhone 6S.

Apple, are you all right? 🙂 Add up the indicators and get the result:

  • iPhone XS lasts 4.5 hours longer than iPhone 6S.
  • iPhone XS Max lasts 5.5 hours longer than iPhone 6S.

Is it true? It turns out that Apple has achieved almost a twofold increase in operating time since the iPhone 6S?

I wouldn’t say that. In fact, of course, Apple’s latest smartphones do hold up a little better. But in the end, everything comes to the same denominator. the iPhone XS, with active use, keeps charging from morning to evening. The iPhone XS Max has a slightly better situation (about 30%).

How long does it take to charge iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

And finally, sixth iPhones! Does it make sense to pay the price they are asking for? Has there been a qualitative leap in operating time? Let’s take a look!

And here are the results. Agree, the battery capacity of the “plus” is impressive, and the “sixth” has distinguished itself, both the talk time and listening to music have considerably increased. This alone prompts the purchase of a new gadget.!

iPhone X

The autonomy of the phone is completely similar to that of the 8 Plus. Battery capacity. 2716 mAh, standby time. 384 hours, when talking via 3G. 21 hours, while listening to music. 60 hours.

What to do if the iPhone battery does not hold a charge?

To keep your iPhone charged until the evening, you can use the following tips. They will help you conserve battery capacity:

  • Avoid completely draining your battery, charge your iPhone at 10-20% battery. But once every 3 months it is worth completely discharging. to charge the device, this will reset the “threshold” of the battery charge.
  • Avoid the temperature impact on your iPhone. Do not leave the device in the heat, use a heat-resistant cover in the cold.
  • Use the original charger. Minor savings when buying a Chinese counterpart loses its meaning against the background of the cost of replacing the battery.
  • Use the following ways to programmatically save battery:
  • activate power saving mode (network activity is disabled, additional animations, background application updates, etc.);
  • decrease the display brightness (the difference in operating time between the minimum and maximum brightness is 1.5 times);
  • disable: parallax (icon animation); background updates; unnecessary pop-up notifications in the “Settings”. “Notifications” menu; Internet with a weak network signal using airplane mode; automatic search for Wi-Fi using the menu “Settings”. “Wi-Fi”. “Request to connect”. “Off”; Airdrop, if you don’t need the function; geolocation for unnecessary applications; Apple Product Improvement feature; tracking frequently visited places.

iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus

On average, the batteries of the older versions have a volume of 2800 mAh, which is 65% more than that of conventional models. The battery life is also increased by 65%, and at the end of the working day, with moderate use, the battery remains about 30% of the charge. The operating time of older versions in standby mode is 384 hours. But the optimization of applications in new versions has worsened, if on the iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus you can listen to music for 80 hours, talk over 3G for 24 hours, then on the 7 Plus and 8 Plus. only 60 and 21 hours, respectively.

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Which iPhone battery holds the charge better??

Before the release of the iPhone X, Apple adhered to the concept of the younger and older versions of the iPhone in the series, which differ significantly in autonomy. But the XS, XS Max and XR have roughly the same battery life. Subcategories of already released iPhones by autonomy:

  • The standard versions of the previous iPhone series are 6, 6S, 7, 8. With active use, devices may not be enough for the rest of the day. The same goes for the SE model.
  • Improved versions of iPhones of the previous series. 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus. With active use at the end of the day, the devices have about 30% of the charge.
  • IPhones of the new series. X, XS, XS Max, XR. These are phones that, with active use, will have enough charge until late at night.

The iPhone XS and XS Max have almost the same battery life. The XR, on the other hand, is the record holder, the best iPhone ever in terms of battery life, although its battery capacity is even lower than the XS Max. The reason for the excellent battery life is the energy efficient LCD screen technology and the lowered HD resolution. 1,792,828 dots.

Apple still doesn’t have a smartphone that can be used for several days without recharging. iPhone is all about stable operation with daily charging, and due to the small battery, the devices remain compact and light. If you need the iPhone to be guaranteed to live through the night even with very active use, choose the “plus” or new version. For stable, but not voluminous work, “junior” options are suitable.

Order an iPhone battery replacement at the “X-Repair” service center

If the tips for increasing the autonomy of the iPhone did not help you, then this means that there are problems with the battery of the device, and it needs to be replaced. The experts of the X-Repair service center will carry out free diagnostics of your iPhone, determine the cause of the malfunction and carry out repairs. For finished work, you will receive a guarantee of 30 days or more. Also with us you can exchange your iPhone for a new one with a surcharge. Our branches are located near metro Arbatskaya and metro Bagrationovskaya. If it is inconvenient for you to reach us, order delivery in Moscow. To clarify the details, call by phone or order a call back.

iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8, SE

These are representatives of the younger versions of different generations. They are equipped with batteries with an average capacity of 1830 mAh and are optimized for moderate use throughout the day. IPhones 6, 6S, 7 and 8 have 240 hours of standby time, 14 hours of 3G talk time and 40 hours of listening to music. iPhone SE lasts longer than, for example, iPhone 6. This is due to the fact that not only the battery capacity (1624 mAh), but also the screen of this smartphone is smaller. Such a smartphone provides up to 13 hours of Internet access or video playback, up to 14 hours of talk time and up to 50 hours of music.

iPhone XS, XS Max and XR

The autonomy of iPhones is about the same. The operating time of the XS Max in the network is 13 hours, the battery capacity is 3174 mAh, for the XS. 12 hours and 2658 mAh, for the XR. 15 hours and 2942 mAh, respectively.

How Long Will The iPhone 7 Last?

Does your iPhone run out of battery very quickly? All solutions!

Hello everyone! First, you need to decide what is meant by the phrase “my iPhone battery is running out quickly.” It’s just that everyone’s use scenarios are different. someone watches movies through the cellular network (and then it is clear why the battery is discharged almost instantly), and someone makes two calls for the whole day and rightly wonders why this charge is barely enough for one day?

In order to still understand whether the iPhone keeps charging normally or not, read this article. True, there is one caveat. all the data indicated in it are declared (when tested in conditions close to ideal) directly by Apple. This means that you should not accept them as the ultimate truth. But still, they will help you navigate how much approximately (plus or minus 10%) your iPhone model should keep charging.

So, you compared the battery life of your smartphone with the one announced by the manufacturer and realized that the battery on your iPhone just runs out very quickly and it shouldn’t be that way. What to do? To begin with, check how much capacity the battery has at the moment. Do this even if you bought your iPhone recently. You never know, maybe there is some kind of marriage in the battery!?

If the capacity is much less than the declared one, then you shouldn’t be surprised that the iPhone is discharging very quickly.

Dropped capacity. nowhere to store energy. short runtime.

If everything is fine with the capacity and the battery is not very worn out (but at the same time continues to discharge quickly), then it’s time to act!

  • Carry out calibration. The action is very useful and necessary. it perfectly helps with all kinds of general problems with the battery. And also this is just a necessary procedure in the case when the phone turns off at half the charge (there is still interest, but it took it and turned off!) And, in general, does not behave in the most appropriate way :).
  • Follow at least most of the tips for increasing iPhone battery life.
  • Erase jailbreak (required!). If it’s a pity, then delete tweaks one by one, thereby determining the one that contributes to a quick discharge.
  • Go to Settings. Battery and see which of the applications consumes the most energy. It so happens that you do not use this program, but it hangs in the background and due to it the battery runs out faster than expected. In this case, uninstall this game or application. It is important to remove completely!
  • In the same settings (at the very bottom), pay attention to the work-standby time. Sometimes they coincide almost completely (what to do?), Which means that even in a “simple” iPhone consumes energy. there is nothing surprising in the fact that it very quickly sits down when you are not using it.

All of the above methods of dealing with a discharging iPhone are quite simple and do not require much effort.

However, in the case when they did not bring success, we are left with two more difficult paths:

  • Reflash via iTunes. Thus, the latest software is downloaded and installed, the phone is completely clean of any additional programs and applications. Just in case, don’t use a backup and check the battery life. If nothing has changed, then
  • Look for the reason in the “pieces of iron”. The most common options are a battery (even though we checked its capacity and it is correct, it may not be the only problem) and a power controller.

As you understand, problems with “hardware” are very difficult to solve at home.

Therefore, we are not lazy and take the gadget to an authorized Apple service for diagnostics. It’s great if your iPhone is under warranty and is subject to service in the Russian Federation (find out which models they are). You hand it over for repair and, in most cases, after a short period of time you get a new device for replacement, which certainly will not discharge so quickly!

Why iPhone runs out of battery quickly?

The fact that the iPhone has a much longer battery life than the age-old Android competitors is just a myth. IPhones also usually do not have enough energy to “stay awake” offline for more than a day. over, the percentage of the charge of the “apple” gadget can “leak” literally before our eyes. probably every iPhone user noticed such a “sin” behind his mobile device. If you do not understand the reasons why the iPhone runs out of battery quickly, but really want to fix this problem, the article will definitely be useful to you.

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iPhone does not hold a charge: reasons and how to fix it

Some of the common reasons why an iPhone started to run low on battery power quickly include the following:

Geolocation services activated. To pinpoint a user’s location, the iPhone uses Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and location data from cell towers. imagine how much power it takes! Disable geolocation, and you will notice that the smartphone will “live” without charging 1.5-2 times longer.

Follow the path “Settings”. “Privacy”. “Location Services”. Here you will find a list of applications that use GPS to track your location:

Move the sliders next to the apps you don’t use to the Off position. We recommend that you leave Find iPhone and Maps enabled (so you can navigate). If you are a selfie lover, leave the “Camera” slider also activated. then geotags will be attached to your photos.

Scroll down to find the “System Services” section and enter it.

Deactivate all sliders except “Calibrate compass” (this is again useful for navigation).

Unfortunately, system services do not bring significant benefits. the same “Traffic jams” are not available in Russia. Therefore, disconnecting services from geolocation can be quite decisive.

If you do not use navigation, are not a photo lover and generally have no idea about geolocation, it is better to turn off geolocation services completely.

To do this, it is enough to deactivate the very first slider in the “Geolocation Services” submenu:

High brightness of the display. Obviously, the brighter the display, the faster the energy is consumed. Adjust the brightness like this:

Go to the “Settings” of the gadget and select the “Wallpaper and brightness” section. Here you will see the “Brightness” slider and the “Auto Brightness” toggle switch.

Set the “Brightness” slider to about 1/3. this is enough to comfortably use your smartphone.

Activate “Auto Brightness”. thanks to this function, the backlight will be automatically added depending on the degree of illumination of the room. Use the “Brightness” slider to set the minimum allowable backlight level.

Many experts recommend, on the contrary, not to turn on “Auto Brightness”, arguing that this will save even more energy. This is true, however, using the gadget in this case will be uncomfortable.

Content update and automatic download of applications. The function of automatic content update first appeared on iOS 7. Undoubtedly, this function is convenient, because when you launch the application, you immediately see its latest version, and do not wait until its download is complete. However, each new update requires a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, so the cost of the user experience will be fast energy consumption. Updating apps can drain your iPhone overnight.

Disable automatic content updates like this:

Follow the path “Settings”. “General”. “Content Update”.

In the “Content Update” section, deactivate either the main (of the same name) toggle switch, or the sliders opposite those applications that you do not need to automatically update.

There is a similar, no less energy-consuming function “Automatic downloads”. Its essence lies in the fact that if you have access to 3G or Wi-Fi, it downloads to the gadget everything that was purchased from iTunes and the AppStore, even if the purchase was made from another device.

Turn off “Automatic downloads”. this will also have a positive effect on the battery life of the gadget. This is done like this:

In the “Settings” find the section “iTunes Store, App Store” and go to it.

Move the sliders in front of “Music”, “Programs” and “Updates” in the “Automatic downloads” section to the “Off” position.

Wireless networks. If your gadget is connected to a Wi-Fi network, it needs a 3G signal. turn it off through the “Settings”! Remember the rule: if you have a choice between Wi-Fi and 3G, always choose the former, since Wi-Fi is not only free, but also more conserving of the device’s battery.

Go to “Settings” and find the “Cellular” section.

iOS 14 on iPhone 7. How Does it Run?

In the “Cellular” section, move the “Enable 3G” slider to the “Off” position.

For information: in large cities with ubiquitous 3G coverage, it is not necessary to turn off the signal. Quite another matter is small settlements, where 3G is constantly being replaced by EDGE (E). It takes a lot of energy to switch from one standard to another, so if you want your gadget to “live” for a long time, learn to get by with the slow “E” or change the operator.

If you are out of the Wi-Fi hotspot, take the trouble to turn it off too. It’s easy to do: open the multitasking menu with a bottom-up swipe and click on the icon with the well-known Wi-Fi icon. If the icon goes out, then Wi-Fi is turned off.

Push notifications. Intrusive notifications from apps, which the user has long forgotten about, not only drain the battery, but also distract the owner of the gadget during work and rest.

You can turn off push notifications as follows:

In the “Settings” find the “Notification Center” section and go to it.

Scroll down to the Include box. You will see a list of all applications that send you push notifications.

Open the submenu of the application from which you no longer want to receive notifications. You will see something like the following:

Scroll down, find the “In the notification center” toggle switch (in the “Reminders” block) and turn it off.

Do the last two operations with all applications that annoy you with notifications, but do not turn off everything in a row. leave at least “Phone” and “Messages” alone.

Applications: whether to close?

The opinion that applications that continue to run in the background after the user forgets to close them are the main charge sinks is highly controversial. The thing is that when starting a program “from scratch” it takes a lot of energy, so closing an application that you use all the time is not only inconvenient, but also impractical.

However, keeping it in the background is not recommended, for example. This mobile program automatically tracks the user’s location. due to geolocation, battery consumption is very significant. considered one of the most energy-consuming mobile apps.

The phone is charging, but it still runs out. what’s the matter?

Such an unpleasant situation is possible if the iPhone “distributes” Wi-Fi. from the point of view of energy consumption, the distribution of a wireless signal is far ahead of all other operations. If the gadget “distributes” a signal and is charging at the same time, then you will be able to observe that the percentage of charges arrive very slowly. After the smartphone also heats up decently, it is possible that the outflow of energy will exceed the inflow.

In “Settings” select “Modem Mode”.

In the “Modem Mode” section, switch the toggle switch of the same name to the inactive position.

If the “Modem mode” is already disabled, most likely the matter is in a malfunction of the battery or power controller. you should contact the SC for diagnostics. No other operation can drain the charge so quickly with a good battery.

Probably, the developers of the iPhone wanted to boast about how versatile the device they created is. which is why most of the gadget’s functions are activated by default. Disabling useless (from the point of view of individual user requests) functions falls on the shoulders of the user himself. if he responsibly approaches this work and listens to the recommendations given in the article, he will be able to extend the battery life of his gadget up to 2 days.