How long can you lock your iPhone

Auto-lock on iPhone: how to enable, disable, why not active

There are a huge number of ways to increase the battery life of iOS devices, ranging from the simplest to radical ones that will limit the functionality of the iPhone and iPad. Today we will talk about the time after which the automatic blocking of apple gadgets occurs, we will tell you how to change it and what can affect it.

The display of iPhone, iPad and any other gadgets, regardless of manufacturer, is one of the most energy-consuming components. Its brightness and operating time significantly affect the operating time of devices on a single charge.

To save energy, you can dim the brightness and activate the Auto Brightness function by going to Settings → Display and brightness.

Starting with iOS 11, this switch has been moved under Settings → Accessibility → Display and text size.

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How to change or turn off auto-lock time on iPhone and iPad

An equally important parameter is the time after which the iPhone and iPad will be automatically locked and, accordingly, the display will go out. For all, this indicator is initially set at one minute.

You can adjust this parameter by going to Settings → Display and brightness → Auto-lock.

The time interval can vary from 30 seconds to five minutes, and there is also an option that allows you to completely disable automatic blocking, however, we recommend using it only in exceptional cases.

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Why auto-lock on iPhone is not active?

A no less popular feature in iOS 9 is the power saving mode, thanks to which the operating system partially restricts the operation of some services. So, in the case when it is activated (you can do this by going to Settings → Battery or from the Control Center), the ability to change the display lock time will be disabled, and the indicator will automatically be set for 30 seconds.

After turning off the power saving mode, the parameter will return to its original value (for example, for one minute).

iPhone (iPad) is disabled. Repeat in.

The device starts blocking after the fifth attempt to enter the password:

  • after the sixth incorrect entry. blocking for 1 minute
  • after the seventh incorrect entry. blocking for 5 minutes
  • after the eighth incorrect entry. blocking for 15 minutes
  • after the ninth incorrect entry. blocking for 60 minutes
  • after the tenth incorrect input. iPhone, iPad will require you to connect itself to your home computer.

over, if you have the option “Erase data“, then after the tenth incorrect input, all information from your iPhone, iPad will be deleted.

Reset Lock Time (Wrong Input Counter) iPhone, iPad

Yes, there is such an opportunity. To do this, you need a file manager that sees the directories of the iOS gadget.

You need to follow the following path:

  • Private / var / mobile / Library / Preferences

We are looking for a file com.Apple.springboard.plis and save it to your computer.

Now download the program plist Editor and open the above file. Click on the “Convert” button and get a new file, which can already be opened in a standard notepad or any other text editor.

  • Are looking for PasswordProtected 1
  • and change the value “1” to “0”.

Copy the resulting file using the file manager to the iPhone, iPad directory

  • Private / var / mobile / Library / Preferences

Right-click on our com.Apple.springboard.plis and set the Mobile parameter to 600 in the attributes.

After the performed procedures, you need to restart the device and you can safely enter your lock password again. This method of resetting the lock time has one small drawback. all the settings of your iPhone, iPad will be reset.

How long is the iPhone, iPad locked when the password is entered incorrectly??

If you are one of those unfortunate users who have forgotten the iPhone or iPad lock password, then you need to reset the password, but if you remember the password, then it is important to know how long the device is locked if the password is entered incorrectly.

Disabled: iPhone / iPad connect to iTunes

“Disabled: iPhone / iPad connect to iTunes”. this notification will be seen by iPhone, iPad users with an outdated version of iOS. Previously, the device disconnected itself after the password was entered incorrectly many times.

There is only one way out of this situation. iPhone, iPad recovery via DFU mode. How to enter this mode, read the following article: How to enter DFU mode on iPhone, iPad?

If you didn’t find the answer to your question or something didn’t work out for you, and there is no suitable solution in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below, ask your question through our help form. It’s fast, simple, convenient and doesn’t require registration. You will find answers to your own and other questions in this section.

How many times can an incorrect password be entered on an iPhone?

Apple does not specify such information on their website, at least I did not find.

But people have forgotten and will continue to forget passwords, so from user experience the scenario will be as follows:

  • first, enter the wrong password 6 times and a message appears. “iPhone is disabled, repeat in 1 minute”;
  • when this period of time passes, we enter again and now we see. “iPhone is disabled, repeat in 5 minutes” (this is already 7 attempts);
  • we wait again and after another attempt, a similar text appears. “iPhone is disabled, try again in 15 minutes” (8 attempts);
  • after thinking a little, we are wrong again, and now. “iPhone is disabled, repeat in 60 minutes” (this is already 9);
  • after a whole hour, we enter the wrong 6 (4) digits and now we observe. “iPhone is disconnected, connect to iTunes” (10).

Thus, you have as many as 10 attempts to guess your password. After the last time, the device turns off and the only way out is to connect your iPhone to iTunes.

How many times can an incorrect PIN code be entered. How long is iPhone, iPad locked when the password is entered incorrectly? What happens if entered incorrectly

iPhone is considered the safest device. This applies to the iOS system on which the phone is running, as well as in case of loss or theft, the owner can block the phone remotely and the attacker will not be able to access the phone in any way. It is essentially a brick. It remains to return it to the owner, throw it away or sell it for spare parts. But there may be times when you forgot your password, or just wondering how many times you can enter the wrong password on iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

How is the iPhone locked by entering the wrong password? There are intervals that gradually increase until the phone is completely locked.

  • If you enter the password incorrectly 5 times in a row, the phone is not locked.
  • If you enter the password incorrectly 6 times in a row, the phone is locked for one minute
  • After 7 times in a row. for five minutes.
  • After 8 times in a row. for fifteen minutes.
  • After 9 times in a row. for sixty minutes.
  • After 10 times in a row, the phone is completely locked, to unlock you need to connect the iPhone to the computer and unlock the device via iTunes.

If at least once the phone has synced with the computer, there is a chance to reset the password using a backup, but some users were unable to reset the password this way. Perhaps this is affected by the firmware version.

If you do not want data from your phone to fall into the hands of intruders in case of loss or theft of your phone, there is a wonderful function in the settings that, after 10 unsuccessful attempts to enter a password, will delete all data from the phone.

Of course, it is better not to lose your phones and do not give a chance to the varish to steal your phone and do not forget passwords, otherwise problems may arise.

Also, please note that the number of attempts may differ due to the firmware version.

Almost everyone uses a bank card. It is charged with wages, a pension or a scholarship. But what if you entered the PIN code of your bank card incorrectly 2 times and you urgently need to withdraw money? In addition, we will consider how to change the secret code on the card.

Upon receipt of a plastic card, it does not matter at all whether it is personal or not, each client is given a pin code to it. The secret code is required to enter:

Employees of the financial company strongly recommend that when receiving the code, remember it and not carry it with you. If third parties recognize him, then the card holder may simply lose his funds. In simple terms, the pin code from the card is a kind of keys to your apartment, which you will never give to anyone.

Technical malfunction of the device

The second reason why funds are not issued is simply a technical failure of the device or card. In such a situation, it is better to put a temporary block on the card, call a toll-free phone and contact a specialist. If the money was not received due to a malfunction of the ATM, the card will be unblocked and you can collect the required amount at the cash desk or through another device. If the problem arose due to a malfunction of the card, then it will be reissued free of charge. This happens due to a chip or magnetic stripe malfunction. At the time of re-release, you can receive funds at the cash desk or request a temporary one, without specifying a name.

How to Lock an iPhone

Entered correctly but not accepted

As practice shows, every second person got into such a position when they enter the correct information on the card, but the ATM refuses to carry out the operation. If you are completely sure that you are entering the correct data, then you should think about it, since the problem can arise for various, including not always good, reasons.

How to change your PIN

If you need to change the code, you need to contact the office of the financial company. You must have a card and passport with you. As practice shows, for registered cards, especially credit cards, it will not be possible to change the code just like that. In this case, you should write an application for a new card. It should be borne in mind that if the problem occurred through the fault of the holder, then the bank has the right to charge a fee for receiving a new one. In practice, the reissue amount does not exceed 800 rubles. Everything is much simpler with instant cards.

how many times can i enter a wrong password on my iPhone and got the best answer

Answer from If you enter 5 times incorrectly, it will be blocked for 1 minute, then for each incorrect one it will be increased. There will be 5 minutes, then 30 minutes, then 1 hour 30 minutes, etc. At the end, after 20 or less incorrect entries, it will reach the point that it will require you to connect to iTunes. Solution, if you previously connected to iTunes, then just connect and click restore iPhone, if you did not connect before, then enter the recovery mode by holding homepower for 10 seconds, then release power and hold home for another 5 seconds and a lace will appear

You will wait for an answer from sister Winchester [guru] again, if you have completely forgotten the password, you need to change the firmware if you enter a lot of times (like 20), the phone will be locked and again the only way out is to reflash the phone, if you have already managed to set up the email, then you will be able to enter it with the help of e-mail. mail there you enter login and password and the password disappears

Reply from Costa [guru] The time will just increase, nothing else. Unless, of course, you have it in the settings: delete data after 10 attempts to enter the wrong password. Then after 10 attempts, the data will be deleted.

Answer from Violetta burmitsrova [newbie] 5 OR 10 LOOKING FOR WHAT VERSION

Answer from Alina Rusilo [newbie] after 10 attempts to enter the wrong password is automatically initiated

You know those people who pick up your iPhone and start trying to guess the password. Try after try and friend stops iOS, which says disconnect device for 1 minute.

After that, the person usually gives the smartphone away and everything ends well. But for sure you have always been tormented by the question, but what will happen if you enter the wrong password many times, how it all can end.

Let’s deal with this situation. It’s better to know right away what the consequences can be after such jokes.

How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your lock password?

Different things can happen, so I’ll tell you right away what the user should do to reset the password. There is nothing complicated, but there are nuances that you need to know.

As you understand, you simply cannot do without erasing data, and if for some reason you do not have backups of your device, then you can forget about contacts and other data.

In any case, you should not get upset ahead of time, because you can use your device again and this is already a positive moment.

Detailed instructions are written on the Apple website. Forgot your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch password, or the device is disabled. Read it carefully and follow what is written.

How many times can a wrong password be entered

As practice shows, all financial companies give their client only three attempts to enter the secret code. After the third incorrect code entry, the card is simply blocked. It should be borne in mind that if the entry is incorrect, the corresponding inscription will always appear on the ATM screen, with a request to indicate a different code. After the second attempt, experienced bank specialists recommend not to take risks and look for a sealed sheet at home, which contained classified information. If the card is not personalized and the password was set independently, then all that remains is to remember or contact the lender for a new one.

What happens if entered incorrectly

As mentioned above, if you enter an incorrect PIN, the ATM will simply issue a check, which will indicate that this operation is not possible. Also, the check will contain the reason, namely, the wrong access code. The same information appears on the screen at ATMs. As for the withdrawal of the card, in practice, only the ATM of the Savings Bank can seize it, after three unsuccessful attempts to enter. It will be possible to get the card back only if you have a passport.