How Iphone 5 Differs From 5s Main Differences And Characteristics

How Iphone 5 Differs From 5s Main Differences And Characteristics

Smartphone manufacturers often release several versions of the same phone model. Sometimes the differences consist in changing the amount of memory or changing the processor and other “stuffing”. Apple especially liked this idea. Each device released by the company has its own twin brother with slight differences.

Options iPhone 5s and 5c

In the box of both devices, the buyer will find the same picture. In terms of configuration, iPhone 5 differs little from 5s. The delivery set includes a branded headset, a USB cable, instructions, a charger, a paper clip and stickers.

The difference between the equipment is still present. Despite the same delivery and absolutely identical boxes, in the 5s set the instruction and the paper clip are packed in an envelope.


Even with the naked eye it is quite simple to determine how iPhone 5 differs from 5s in appearance. Changes were made to the Home button, the thickness of the device and the material of the case. The last feature is especially noticeable.

Model 5s turned out a little thinner than his brother. This was influenced by the material from which the smartphone is made. The regular fifth version is made of plastic, and the advanced 5s is made of anodized aluminum. That is why the thickness of the S version is 7.6 mm, and not 8.97 mm, as its less advanced counterpart.

Having wondered whether the iPhone 5 and 5s differ in size, the user will be convinced of their identity. Both devices are made of anodized aluminum. The weight of the 5s and 5 is only 112 grams, and the lightweight fifth. 132 g. The difference is as much as 20 g, which is quite noticeable when working with the device.

Changes affected the colors of devices. The metal device with the prefix S is available in silver, dark gray and even golden tones. The budget version of “C” has received even more colors. Now on the shelves you can watch a blue, white, green and yellow iPhone. And the fifth iPhone, without prefixes, comes exclusively in white and black versions.


External elements have not changed their location. The only change happened with the Home button. In 5s, she plays the role of a biometric lock. This greatly increased the protection of the advanced version of the device from third-party access.

Security. exactly what the iPhones 5, 5s and 5s differ in. The finger scanner is present only in the expensive model S.


The matrix has not been changed and is 8 megapixels. However, the quality of the pictures. One of the features than iPhone 5 is different from 5s. In the advanced version of the device, aperture 2.2 is installed. This significantly increased the camera’s sensitivity to light, by as much as 33 percent.

Additional features have also been modified. The 5s has significantly improved face recognition, now the smartphone is able to track up to 10 people at the same time. Added some filters, autofocus adjustment. In addition, it became possible to record coordinates, which was not in the initial version.

recording. Another feature than iPhone 5 is different from 5s. The advanced device, like its predecessor, shootss with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. However, an optical stabilizer was added to the new product, which significantly improved the quality of the.

The front camera for each of the devices received a 1.2 MP matrix. The front camera is perfect for self-portraits. Also, the front camera is capable of recording in a resolution of 720 pixels.


You can’t find in the display specifications how iPhone 5 differs from 5s. Both devices work with the Retina screen, which has proven itself in previous models. The device screen is 4 inches with a similar resolution of 1136 by 640 pixels. Both in iPhone 5 and 5s, an IPS matrix is ​​implemented.

The display in each of the models shows itself quite well. The user will not encounter pallor of the screen in the sun or image distortion. The manufacturer simply had nothing to change in a perfectly balanced display.


The main thing, how iPhone 5 differs from 5s, is located in the hardware. Previously, the company used a powerful A6 processor. The crystal was used not only in the state-owned 5c, but also in the regular 5. The 5s model underwent dramatic changes. The manufacturer has equipped the smartphone with the new A7.

Changing the processor made 5s twice as productive as its predecessors. The most interesting thing is that change has not increased energy consumption. In addition, a coprocessor was created, which is responsible for small functions and significantly offloads the main one.

Both 5 and 5s got two cores at their disposal. The performance of each of them is 1.3 GHz. But replacing the processor brought the 5s into a big lead in terms of performance.


All fifth models are running iOS 7. However, the owner of standard 5 may have to upgrade the platform. The system has undergone significant changes. The standard device was redesigned, unnecessary applications were removed. By adding OpenGL ES 3.0, the visual effects have improved significantly.

The update also affected the interface. The layout of the buttons has changed, and the shell has become more saturated and pleasant. They also added the automatic execution of small tasks, making it easier to work with the device.

Audio playback in both models is identical. Phones received three microphones each. The speaker and main speaker are loud and high-quality.


Each model received an internal battery, but the capacity is noticeably different. In 5s, a battery is installed at 1570 maH, and in its predecessor. only at 1440 maH. The duration of work is also noticeably different and far from in favor of a standard device.

Although in the advanced version, the battery is slightly strengthened, but its characteristics are significantly improved. Surprisingly, with a powerful processor in standby mode, the 5s will last 250 hours, and iPhone 5. only 225 hours.

In the work, 5s is also noticeably superior to the usual five. Enhanced Talk Mode “will live” 10 hours. A standard smartphone can boast only 8 hours.


Some specifications have not been changed and are standard. The fifth iPhone is available with a native memory of 16.32, 64 gigabytes. The exception was only 5c, which can be 16 or 64 GB.

Costs like similar phones are incredibly different. You can buy the fifth model for 18-20 thousand rubles. However, the buyer will have to pay extra for the S prefix. The cost of 5s is as much as 30 thousand rubles.

Of course, the superiority is noticeable, but the manufacturer definitely overestimated the cost. The buyer will be forced to rush not only between devices with different amounts of memory, but also choose a series of devices.

It’s not so difficult to figure out how iPhone 5 differs from 5s. Photographic specifications, changes in the filling and small additions definitely attract attention. Of course, 5s is based on the standard five, but he has something to surprise even an experienced user.