How Google Play differs from Sberpay. How to connect sberpay

Compare the QR code, NFC chip and sberpay for payment

After Apple Pay and Google Pay, the business began to look for alternative ways of receiving payment using a smartphone. Now there are several ways to realize this in the market: through a system of quick payments using a QR code, as well as a Life Pay NFC microchip and Sberpay payment. Compare services and select the most suitable.

We offer to figure out in contrast to the payment methods for the QR code and the NFC microchip from Life Pay. They work through a system of quick payments (SBP).

Already a familiar way: consider a QR code of a mobile phone camera, go to the bank’s application and pay for a purchase in it. At the same time, it is important for business to connect SBP to your cash desk. At the time of payment, you can form a code at the checkout or send a link to a printed code nearby.

The buyer should perform a number of actions: open the phone camera, consider the link from the QR code, log in by Faceid in the bank application, enter the amount to payment and click on the “Pay” button. It takes about 1 minute. much longer than applying a bank card. At the same time, the cashier does not control the amount of the payment that the client introduces and does not track the status of a transaction.

Life Pay NFC microchip offers an alternative way to pay through SBP-with one touch of the phone. It is a plastic sticker with a sewn chip inside, which can be placed at the cash register.

The client applies the phone to the NFC chip. It automatically “calls” the bank application with the amount to payment. It remains only to click on the payment button. The operation time is only 14 seconds. At the same time, Frod is practically excluded: the cashier himself enters the amount of payment tracks the status of a transaction.

To accept payments through SBP-by QR code or NFC microchip-profitable for business: until the end of 2022, the commission is 0%, unlike classical acquiring on a map with a rate of 2%.

In the case of the payment system from the Sberbank, the cashier also uses the QR code (as in the case of SBP). but it is essentially acquiring. The client reads QR, goes to the Sberbank application, enters the amount and pays. But there is one nuance.

Each transaction is taxed by the commission. from 2.1%, as with regular payment on the card. For entrepreneurs, these are additional costs that can be leveled by offering customers alternative payment methods without the participation of a bank card.

It turns out that the Life Pay NFC microchip is much more convenient and more economical than Sberpay and even a QR code.

What is the meaning of the service

At its core, Sberpay is no different from the analogues created by Google, Apple and Samsung: this is a payment system that allows you to use a smartphone to make contactless and online payments that uses a bank card for this.

In this, it is not like earlier EPS, using its own conventional units, such as Webmoney or Qiwi.

On the one hand, no unnecessary registrations, verification and other source of negativity are not required: almost everything has already been done by the bank.

On the other hand, the user’s funds are quite reliably protected thanks to the appropriate smartphone systems: to steal money by getting someone else’s apparatus is almost impossible.

And another factor relevant in the conditions of the pandemic: there is no contact with the cash, which in theory can be the source of infection Covid-19.

Why is it necessary

For the same, why is the most ordinary plastic bank card, which the whole world has been using for more than one decade.

  • Pay the purchase at a outlet equipped with a POS-terminal that supports contactless payments. Public transport, public catering, gas refueling. everywhere contactless payments allow saving time.
  • Remove cash at an ATM without using a card.

Sberpay work after imposing sanctions

Visa departure and mastercard from influenced the work of Sberpey Service. Now, who has payment systems of payment systems, will not be able to make payment. At the same time, new sanctions did not affect the work of the world cards. Users still pay with the help of their purchase. There are no restrictions.

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Sberpay service has an alternative to Apple Pay and Google Pay for customers. This platform is domestic. Any sanctions to this service will not lead to a disconnection of payment. All infrastructure was created on the basis of technology. Foreign companies do not have access to this platform for blocking.

Sberpay and other bank cards

Sberpay refers to Sberbank. Therefore, those who have cards of this organization will be able to use the service. Cards of banks are not supported.

over, it does not matter what plastic is working on the basis of what payment platform. Visa, MasterCard or the world. They will not be tied in any case. Such a restriction excludes the ability to use the Tinkoff, VTB, Alpha Bank, etc.D.

Perhaps the payment service will add a connection. But so far there is no official information about the start of work in this direction. Sberblara website says that such an opportunity is absent for today. You can connect to the service “so far” cards issued by Sberbank.

Mir Pay

Mir Pay. Service created specifically for contactless payment using cards of the world. With it, you can pay a telephone in 2022 in any terminal where the world is accepted. that is, in all of all the banks are issued cards of this payment system: Sber, Opening, Gazprombank, Alpha. You can also release a virtual card, if you do not need plastic, such an option is offered by Tinkoff.

To use the Pay world to pay the phone, you need to install the appendix of the same name on it-it can be downloaded from Play Market or App Gallery (even Huawei smartphones without Google services). The main thing is that the gadget works on the Android version 6.0 or higher and supported NFC technology.

  • Install Mir Pay on a smartphone from an application store convenient for you.
  • Open the program and scan your world card or add its data manually.
  • Following the tips on the screen, activate the card in the service and make it the main way of contactless payment.
  • To make a payment, you just need to unlock and bring the smartphone to the terminal. Additionally, the application of the world is not have to open the application.

PAY wallet

Another service for contactless payment is integrated into the application for storage of discount cards of a wallet. You can also add a bank card to it and pay it for purchases via NFC. We talked more about how it works in a separate article, but in short, we will describe the main features of the application. so that you can pay the phone now.

Firstly, the wallet can also be downloaded in Play Market and App Gallery. Separately, we emphasize that non-contact payment through this service is available only for Android Smartphones. That is, you can download the wallet application in the App Store to your iPhone and even add a bank card to it, but pay it with NFC. it will not work.

Secondly, the payment service supports only MasterCard or Visa cards. If your main card is released in the world system, use MIR PAY.

Adding a card to the application and making it the main way of contactless payment is quite simple:

  • On the main screen, click on the plusk in the upper right corner.
  • In the “Add You” section, select “Banking Card”.
  • Enter the details of the card manually or lean it against the smartphone so that the application considers its number and validity period.
  • Accept the conditions of the application and enter the verification code that will come to SMS from the bank.
  • The wallet will ask if you want to use it as the main method of payment. Confirm the action. and you can pay for purchases with a smartphone.

Many popular banks are already working with the Pay wallet: Alpha, Tinkoff, Raiffeisen, Gazprombank, Russian Standard. However, the service does not accept Sberbank cards. which is quite logical, because this bank has its own Sberpay.

Pros, cons, possible pitfalls

In general, the Mir Pay system gives the same possibilities as the departed from Google Pay. also on the same platform. You can bind to the service the Payment Card of the Mir system of almost all large and medium.sized banks, and pay a smartphone through any terminal with support for contactless payment.

Accordingly, the pros and cons of Mir Pay and Sberpay are the same as that of the Mir cards themselves:

  • the ability to tie any map of the Mir system;
  • Support for both online payments (for Sberbank) and payment of purchases with a smartphone in the store;
  • support in all terminals with a contactless module;
  • reliable protection algorithms;
  • Easy to tie the card quite easily;
  • the ability to pay for purchases without access to the Internet;
  • for MIR Pay. the ability to accept and confirm requests for payment from sellers.
  • Only Mir cards are supported;
  • All this works only on smartphones on the Android system and only with the NFC module;
  • does not work abroad;
  • Not all banks are connected yet.

There are no pitfalls as such in this case. in fact, payment services repeat the main possibilities of the departed Apple Pay and Google Pay, only for the Mir cards and only within the country. Therefore, all the main disadvantages are the continuation of the minuses of the Mir payment system.

However, it is worth considering that you can pay through Mir Pay without problems only in. how payment will work in countries where the Mir cards are formally accepted for payment (Turkey, Vietnam, etc.D.), it is very difficult to say. Nothing is said about this on the payment system’s website. therefore it is better not to take risks, but to pay just a card. And even better. to have cash with you, because even in these countries the Mir cards are supported at the level of individual banks, and at a particular retail outlet, payment may not pass.

Подключаем SberPay на Huawei и Honor

Additional settings

For maximum convenience, it is recommended to make a Sberpe with the default application. To do this, go to the “settings of the device” and select the “connection” menu item item.

First of all, it is required to activate the NFC module if this was not done earlier. In the same section, you must go to the “contactless payments” section.

Install the Sberpay service “by default”.

Sberpay. how to use

An important feature of payment using the Sberpay service is a double submission of the device to the payment terminal. You can even pay for Google Pay without unlocking the screen, while the payment cannot exceed a certain amount.

When using sberpay, this possibility is blocked. This is done in order to prevent a fraudulent of the funds that the attackers can carry out, simply bringing the terminal to the smartphone, even if it is blocked and lies in a purse or of clothing.

There are two ways to pay Sberpay:

  • Open the application and bring the device to the terminal. After that, information about payment will appear on the screen. Next, you need to unlock the smartphone in the way that is set by default, whether it be a password or fingerprint. After that, it is necessary to bring the device to the terminal a second time.
  • Open the Sberban Confer application and select the “Payment of Sberpay” section in advance. Unlock the device and bring it to the payment terminal.
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Such payment methods may not seem convenient, however, they give reliable protection against unauthorized write.offs and prevent the actions of scammers.

How to work to banks in a new reality: payment systems and stories without Apple and Google

Some banks have already fallen under sanctions: their applications were removed from the App Store and Google Play, others also fear this. The most common payment systems Apple and Google Pay are banned or work with interruptions. Many banks are looking for alternatives to Apple and Google storage services and stories. In this article we will talk about them. Some of them are already using our bank customers already use.

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We talk about this in our cases.

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There are already many services for contactless payments on the market and are sure that there will soon be even more. They do not use Apple and Google services, which will allow them to use, regardless of sanctions.

Mir Pay. a mobile application designed for the Mir payment system for payment by a smartphone. Owners of Mir cards need to install the application on their smartphone and you can use contactless payment. Available in Google Play and Huawei Appgallery. There is one minus. you can use it only for Mir cards. But there is a plus. now more and more banks are beginning to issue cards based on the Mir payment system. Can be used in ATMs and terminals that support contactless payments with cards.

Sberpay. Payment Service from Sberbank. While it works only with Sberbank cards, but perhaps in the near future the Sber will finalize it so that other banks can use it. For payment, you need Sberbank online application for a smartphone. This service only works on Android, iOS does not support.

In the Kid Courage Appendix you can add a bank card and make contactless payments. The system works correctly with Android, but there may be difficulties for iOS users. The application is suitable for smartphones with NFC support. Now the Kid Walker application is preinstalled by all Huawei and Honor smartphones for the market.

SBPAI service operates without Apple and Google. This is the development of the Central Bank that complements the fast payments system (SBP). Already now we are adding this tool for quick payment to the applications of three large banks. Features of integration with SBPAI are not much different from the introduction of SBP into the bank application. Banks will have to comply with the requirements of the SBP of the organization. the national system of payment cards (NSPKs) for several main moments:

  • harsh requirements for SBPAI screens;
  • For payment, a strict sequence of requests is used, which cannot be violated, even if it contradicts the logic of the bank application;
  • Integration with SBPEI must be agreed with NSPK.

About the features of integration with SBP and the pitfalls that banks are found, said in this article.

SBPEI can be installed on Android versions smartphones at least 6.0 and iOS, starting with 13 versions. It can be used to pay for the QR code and through the payment button on the site.

For the work of SBPEI, you do not need data from bank cards. all payments are made from the bank account of the application user. This system is suitable for all banks and, most likely, in the near future many banks will be interested in integrating with it. But it is worth making a reservation that so far it is limited only by operations within the framework of SBP.

Another promising service is Huawei Pay. It is available on devices that support NFC. By the end of 2021, Gazprombank, Solidarity Bank, and Eastern Bank (now. Sovcombank) were already working with the service. In the future, the list will most likely be replenished with other large market players. In addition, due to the blocking of the App Store and Google Play, most likely many mobile applications will move to Huawei Appgallery-the third application store in the world in size.

google, play, sberpay, connect

Samsung Pay payment service is designed specifically for smartphones of the brand of the same name. It does not depend on Google and Apple Pay and works on all Samsung smartphones. With it, you can pay for purchases in online stores and applications, make money transfers by phone number or card.

Devices on the Android operating system are least subject to changes due to NFC wireless transmission technology. With its help, any bank can create its own service to pay.

SberPay / How to connect Sberbank Pay (SberPay)

There are more alternatives for Android devices, but choosing an analogue for Apple Pay is much more difficult. So far, unfortunately, users have only one option: use the physical card of the bank. Or change geolocation in the phone settings for any foreign.

Huawei Appgallery, Samsung Galaxy Apps and others. What alternatives App Store and Google Play are on the market

Another problem that banks faced is the threat of removing their applications from Apple and Google storage. Let’s see what way out banks in this situation can find for themselves and where to place your application.

There are several alternatives to the stroke of Google:

  • Many large manufacturers of smartphones have their own application catalogs. the most famous are Huawei Appgallery, Samsung Galaxy Apps, Xiaomi Getapps. This option may have some restrictions. For example, the Huawei stor is only suitable for the same telephones, since to download the application to it you need to replace all Google services with Huawei services.
  • Large IT companies also offer their sturs. For example, for some time there was a Yandex store.Store (was closed in 2020), Amazon. AppStore has its own application store. True, while its popularity is small.
  • You can publish Android Application Package (APK) for Android on the Bank website. In this case, the user can download it from the site directly and install it on his smartphone. Banks that fell under sanctions are the first to go along this path.

Below, we will dwell on the features of the storage of smartphone manufacturers in more detail.

I must say that before the imposition of sanctions, many banks, our customers, posted their applications at the Huawei Appgallery site. She is part of Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

Appgallery is an application distribution platform developed by Huawei for Android. Appgallery Connect is a universal platform to support the entire life cycle: development, distribution, management, testing and analysis.

Sberpay differences

The payment platform from Sberbank has the following features:

  • Inaccessible on iOS devices. While the application only works on Android smartphones from 7.0 and above.
  • Bank cards of the world are available for binding. Previously, there was the possibility of payment through plastics visa and mastercard. However, now this option does not work.
  • You can pay for goods and purchases using cards that are released by the Sberbank. The linking of plastics is not available.

The most advanced functionality is available in Yandex Pay. Here you can bind cards of various banks and make payment online. In addition, many online stores work with this site.

But this does not mean that Sberpay and Tinkoff Pay are not interesting. First of all, these services are useful to customers of Sberbank and Tinkoff Bank, respectively. For use, you will not have to download anything additionally. The entire payment process takes place on the basis of Sberbank Online and Tinkoff Bank Online.

If you have questions about Sberpay, Tinkoff Pay or Yandex Pay, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and our expert will definitely answer you.