How do I know the size of the photo on the iPhone

How to know the size of photos on the iPhone

Greetings! Have you noticed that on the iPhone (the iPad, too, by the way) it is impossible to view any photo data with the standard means? To be honest, I never paid much attention to it. So you can’t and you can’t! However, all my “indifference” worked only up to a certain point.

Just the other day this very moment came. I needed to see the date of creation of a photo. And here we have a little problem. The main question that came up was how to do it? You can’t see the so-called “file properties” on your iPhone, because of the way the operating system works. Panic! Sentinel! Have you gone completely nuts in Cupertino??!

Don’t worry too much, though. there is a way out of this situation. What? Let’s figure it out!

How to quickly find out the file size on your iPhone or iPad

iOS shortcuts are an excellent tool for automating actions. They also help you do things that aren’t in the system by default: like find out the size of a file. Usually you have to upload a photo, video or document to the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox) or to iCloud via the Files app.

It’s too long, but there’s an easier way.

Download the “Quick Commands” application (it is pre-installed in iOS 13).

In the app, click on “Create command” or “” button on the main screen.

In the window that opens, specify a name (e.g., “Learn File Size”). Select “On the export page” so that the command is available when you click the share button.

In “Export Types” you can limit the types of files the command will work with. This way you will not have an extra button pop up when you want to share a webpage via AirDrop.

Now we have to add the actions. Go back to the command editing page (the “Done” button) and click on the “” icon. Find the “Get File Details” action and click on it.

Click on the word “Detail” to select the type of data to be displayed. in this case it is “File Size”.

We have taught the program to get the file size from the output data, now we only need to teach it to show us the data. Click on the “” icon again to add a new action. “Show notification”.

Done! This is what the finished command looks like:

To launch it, open the file you want (for example, an image in the Photos app) and click the “Share” button. Tap on a command and a notification will appear with the size of the file.

You can do the same thing with a PDF in the Books app, for example.

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How to quickly find out the file size on your iPhone or iPad

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How to change the size and resolution of an image on your iPhone or iPad

Open Image Resizer on your iOS device. Click on the Photos button and choose an image from any photo album stored on your device.

After uploading an image, swipe right to access the image size editing menu.

You can change the resolution of the image as a percentage or in pixels. And for both, you can choose proportional or non-proportional resizing.

After you’ve changed the resolution of an image, press the Share key. The most commonly used services for exporting will appear here.

How to compress photos on your iPhone

Launch the program and allow access to photos in the gallery.

Select multiple photos to compress.

Use the sliders to set the compression and reduction of the photo size.

For starters, we recommend compressing a few photos for a test and viewing the final quality closely with maximum magnification. I don’t recommend to compress photos by less than 75%, and to use a size of 80% or more.

See the result of compression. If you are satisfied with it, delete the original photos. After that don’t forget to clean the Recently deleted photos folder in the Photos app.

The compression algorithms in the app are pretty good. If you turn the sliders to the recommended minimum (75% and 80% respectively) you can compress photos up to 8-9 times. With more forgiving settings pictures are compressed by 2-3 times.

This way you can easily reduce the size of your media library on your device and free up disk space for new photos.

Note that the free version of the utility compresses up to three photos at a time. If you want to remove this restriction, you’ll have to pay an in-app purchase: 299 for a year or 899 for a one-time purchase.

In any case this is an acceptable price for the ability to reduce your collection of photos on your smartphone by several times.

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How to quickly determine file size on your iPhone and iPad

It’s all done! To find out the file size, you need to go to the corresponding app, open the desired file, and click on the “Share” menu.

A “Quick commands” option will appear in the action list, within which you can select the “Determine file size” operation. After activating this script, a small notification will appear on the screen, indicating the exact size of the file.

How to know the file size of an iOS photo

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know, size, photo, iphone

This article explains how to determine the size of a photo (for example, in megabytes) on an iOS device.

Download Photo Investigator from the Apple Store.2. Open Photo Investigator.3. Click on the photo icon (bottom left corner of the screen).4. Click OK to let Photo Investigator access the photo.5. Tap All Photos.6. Select the photo, and then look at the File Size entry (at the bottom of the screen).

know, size, photo, iphone

Open the App Store. Click the blue App Store app icon on one of the home screens.

Click on Download. This button is to the right of “Photo Investigator: view, edit, delete metadata”.

Connect your iOS device to your computer. Do this with the USB cable that came with your device.

  • Windows. Double-click My Computer, and then under Devices and Drives, double-click the connected device.
  • Mac OS X. Double-click the connected device icon, which appears on your desktop.

How to reduce the file size of a photo using the shortcuts app on your iPhone

Before you start this process, make sure you have iOS 12 or later installed on your iPhone or iPad. And that the Allow untrusted shortcuts option is enabled. You can’t do this by selecting “Settings” → “Shortcuts” → “Allow untrusted shortcuts”.

Load the Change image quality shortcut and your device. Go to the link below and click “Get shortcut” → click “Add untrusted shortcuts” in the pop-up dialog box (this will add the shortcut directly to the shortcuts application).

Launch the shortcuts app on your device and click on the shortcut you just added. This will ask you to grant access to your photo library, you must click “Allow access” in the pop-up window.

Once accessed, you can select the image you want to reduce. Once the selection is made, click Done.

Select the size that suits you best and a common sheet will appear, press ” Save ” and the image will create a new image with modified quality.

It’s done, and now you can delete earlier photos.

I hope I was able to help you with this lesson. Let me know if you have another way to change the image file size on your iPhone or iPad. Either save space on your device or increase the file size and print out all your memories right now.

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