How can you track a child by phone. Geofensing

Track your child’s communication on social networks for free and anonymously

Raising children and caring for them is the main duty of any parent. There are many difficulties in this matter, and recently smartphones were added to them-it is not so easy to find out who the child communicates on the Internet with.Access to phones in children appears at an early age. By virtue of his naivety, a child may become a victim of fraudsters or accidentally publish compromising information. Fortunately, an attentive parent can prevent it.

The best way to find out about who your children communicate with will be a special spy application. It is enough to install one utility to read all the messages that the child receives or sends.

Cocospy spy application is the most advanced solution at the moment. It uses a unique technology that no other company can offer. All other applications require hacking the firmware, and only Cocospy does not.

Today, millions of people use this application in 190 countries. Do not let the child go on the Internet without control. careless actions can cause serious problems. Cocospy is a program that will exclude possible troubles.

An important advantage is that the program can be established without unnecessary time and financial costs. The application is installed absolutely free, and there is no need for jailbreak or Root rights.

How to track the child’s messages on iOS and Android

If the child’s activity on the Internet raises your doubts, it will help to dispel them Cocospy. Cocospy. an application that allows you to read text messages on iPhone and Android. No additional actions are required. after installation you get full control.

Today it is this multifunctioning application that is considered the most reliable, ease of use is its important advantage. No extraneous programs for him need. Cocospy will work on the iPhone without jailbreak. hacking is not needed.

The application gives access to detailed data. Next to each message indicates the time of its receipt and information about whom the child corresponded. It will not be possible to conceal anything. even remote correspondence is shown.

Test the demo version of the Cocospy application. all the advantages will immediately become obvious. Do not forget that to configure tracking applications on the iPhone requires registration data in iCloud.

Part: #1 The best application for parental control is Cocospy

Cocospy is an application for monitoring mobile phones in the world. This is an extremely reliable application that millions of people appreciated in 190 countries. You can use it to monitor your child’s telephone operations without their knowledge. Unique technology allows you not to do jailbreak or additional installations.Available for iOS and Android.

Cool and powerful Cocospy:

  • Call management: you can view all incoming and outgoing calls with a date and time mark. You can even block certain numbers from access to the child’s phone.
  • Registration of text messages: Read all messages: sent, received or deleted from the phone, as well as a mark on the date and time and contact information.
  • Social networks monitoring: Cocospy allows you to track social networks and messages for messaging, such as Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat. Viber, Line, Telegram, Tinder and others.
  • Trackinggps: you can always receive real.time updating in real time about where your children. If they sneak or return from school late, you will understand why.
  • Geo-citizenship: You can configure the physical filter around certain GPS locations. Thus, if your children cross this parameter, you will receive a notification.
  • View multimedia and galleries: you can check all the videos and multimedia messages that your children receive, as well as gain access to their telephone galleries.
  • Check the story of the browser: you can see what your children do on the Internet.

There are many other functions, such as reading email, tracking calendars and notes, etc.D. And all these functions do not require jailbreak or rooting your child’s phone!

Register for Cocospy for free or try Demo version is here

Part: #2 The best application for parental control is MSPY

MSPY. one of the most reliable applications for monitoring the child’s phone. It is used by millions of people around the world. You can try a free demo version before you purchase.

How to control a child through MSPY

  • Buy MSPY For your device. There are 3 packages: basic, extended or family, choose what you need:
  • The basic gives access to simple functions, such as maintaining a call log and text messages that are available without a jailbreak phone.
  • The expanded package provides you with access to additional functions, such as geosone.
  • Family package allows you to simultaneously control up to 3 children’s phones.
  • You will receive a link to the control panel. Choose which device you want to control.
  • If you do not want to do jailbreak, enter iCloud accounting for iPhone. If you want to make a jailbreak or get a Root-right, then get access to the phone and install the application in it.
  • Now you can go to the control panel and gain access to any function that you want.

the best applications for parental control on Android and iOS

The application from Google allows you to track how many hours the child spends in the smartphone, what applications it opens, what she downloads or is going to buy in Google Play.

Parents can remotely prohibit the loading of suspicious content, limit the time of use of the Internet, block the phone at night or at any other time. Regardless of the opinions of adults, Family Link arbitrarily cuts off users under 13 years of age access to YouTube services.

Through the application you can establish where your child is located and whether he is walking school. Unless, of course, he does not guess to turn off the smartphone or at least the Internet. By the way, it was the Family Link app was famous for the fact that modern children easily bypass his prohibitions.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Practicing psychologists participated in the creation of the Kaspersky Safe Kids application. Therefore, the main feature is more than 100 professional recommendations that you get using the service.

The free version contains tools that show that your child is looking for on the Internet, what sites he enters, what programs he uses and how long he spends on the network. If desired, all this can be adjusted, limited and disabled. True, because of the characteristics of the iOS system you will not be able to block children’s iPhone or iPad.

The premium version allows you to monitor the battery charge, monitor activity on social networks, view the history of requests on YouTube and make a schedule according to which the child will use the device.

For paid subscribers, geolocation with the ability to outline a safe perimeter for walking is also available. If the child tries to bypass the prohibitions or runs abroad beyond the territory indicated in the program, the system will instantly send you a notification.

How to monitor children by phone through mobile operators

Mobile operators also offer many services that allow you to monitor the young family member, that is, to control the child’s phone from their phone:

  • Service “Employees” from MTS. True, it is intended for managers who control teams, but it is quite suitable for supervision of the child. It is proposed to set geozones here, and when leaving them, the parent will receive a notification. You can make a separate request to clarify the location site. Package price. from 4.3 r per day
  • “Radar” from Megafon. With the help of the service, the parent will be able to track the movement of the baby. When leaving the designated geozone, a notification will come to the phone. Price “Radar”. from 7 per day
  • “Coordinates” from Beeline. This option provides the user with the opportunity to find out where the desired subscriber of the network is currently located (consent to such control is required). Interestingly, the service is quite cheap, and in the first week it is even free. After the test period, the subscriber will pay for the option from 1.7 per day
  • “Geopois” from Tele2. With the help of this function, you can monitor a person at least around the clock, but again, consent to this person is required. You can connect the service for free, but the subscription fee for it is from 3 per day

As you can see, download and install an application for tracking the actions of the child is much more profitable than connecting paid services from operators. And what applications do you use? Write to us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to find a child by phone number using operators

One of the listed applications also allows you to determine the location by phone number. The Mama Know program works with SIM cards of PJSC Megafon and PJSC MTS. It determines the location without a GPS tracker with an accuracy of 2000 m.

Cellular operators can determine the location by the method of triangulation. The operator determines 3 sectors of 3 base stations at which the subscriber signal is the most. With the help of the sector, it is impossible to determine the distance to the object, but only the direction. Three lines spent from 3 sectors in the direction of the subscriber will converge in one place. the location of the subscriber phone.

The most effective, for such a determination of location, use the proposals of the cellular companies themselves. For example:

There are many ways to track. Determine the goals of the control and select the option for yourself. Read the top of the applications and do not lose sight of loved ones.

important tips for the prevention of cyberbulling

Statistical data indicate that in a class of 30 students about 10 children came across an Internet traffic in one or another form. This means that almost a third of schoolchildren undergo insults and attacks in social networks.

Bulling existed before, but manifested itself in real words and actions. Accordingly, teachers and parents could notice the problem and take measures.

But today, Cyberbulling came to replace him, which is not so easy to track. Children do not want to complain to their parents about offenders. Unfortunately, studies suggest that many victims of the Internet collection have thoughts of suicide.

We must help children avoid attacks on the Internet. Here are 5 tips on this topic:

Do not forbid your child to use the Internet, but set restrictions

The psyche of the teenager is still immature, and it is difficult for the child to understand where the line between the real and virtual world. Children take threats and insults on the Internet to heart. They still cannot separate the present from the virtual.

However, it is impossible to completely deprive modern children of access to the Internet. the Forbidden fruit is sweet. The Internet has become an integral part of their generation life. A huge number of social events have passed into the online mode.

Many parents would like to hide all gadgets from the child until adulthood. But this is an extreme that is not justified by anything. Put yourself in the place of the child. You would like to lose the opportunity to communicate and play with friends on the Internet?

We advise you to talk with the child and establish the restrictions on the time conducted by him in social networks. Do not press on the child. Explain to him why such restrictions are needed.

The research results showed that children spending a lot of time on the Internet more often encounter cyber troll aggression and are more likely to perceive their attacks seriously. Contract to authoritative sources to convince the child to limit time in social networks.

It is also important to show the child that there are a lot of fascinating classes in the “offline life”. Write it on sections where he can study something interesting and at the same time communicate with peers. Let the child understand that the Internet does not replace the real world.

Teach your child to treat yourself with respect

A huge amount of aggression on the Internet is largely due to the opportunity to insult others anonymously and impunity. Parents must teach their children the rules of safe behavior on the network.

It’s good if parents themselves understand popular social networks and can tell children about their features. Help your child understand which information can be shared online and which one cannot.

Talk to your child more often

Children often do not want to tell adults about problems with Internet trolls. They think that their parents will not understand them. It is very important to maintain trusting and open relations with the child so that he can freely talk about both his joys and the troubles.

track, child, phone

Tell your child that a number of rules must be observed on the Internet to stay safe. Explain that people in social networks can easily pretend to be someone else, and that a beautiful photo on the avatar can be infinitely far from reality.

Advise your child not to respond to trolls

This item is very important! Online trolls and offenders literally “eat” the attention that they receive from their victims. Negative attention is also attention, and some are quite enough.

Tell the child that supporting the dialogue with the troll, he only helps him. Advise never respond to offensive and aggressive messages. Teach a child how to ban inadequate users and block receipt of messages from them.

Show your child how to make screenshots of strange messages so that the name of the sender is visible. These screenshots can be attached to the letter to Support social networks demanding to block the violator of the rules.

Follow your child’s actions on the Internet

Even if after the conversation you are not sure that the child understood and remembered everything, start monitoring his actions online. Cocospy’s application tracker will allow you to keep the situation under control and warn cyberbulling attempts against your child.


So, in this article we discussed the intricacies of parental control over the actions of the child on the network. Do not forget that if necessary, you can follow the child’s phone secretly from him. Using the Cocospy application, you can find out where your child is and read his correspondence in social networks.

I hope this article helped you answer the question “How to quietly follow my child’s smartphone?»Leave a comment on the article if you want to discuss this topic in more detail!

How to monitor the child through the phone

This used to follow the children, looking out the window. Now they look at the gadget or mobile phone screen where the supervision program is loaded.

One of the most popular applications. First you need to download it to your phone from Google Play or AppStore, add a child (or several children) in the profile, and then install the application on the children’s smartphone. Now online you can always see on the map where your child is, and also what places he visited. It informs you about the level of the battery charge on the children’s smartphone and sends it a signal if a mobile phone, for example, stands in sound mode, and you cannot get through. In addition, the application allows you to listen and record the sound around the child’s phone. And he will not even know about it!

track, child, phone

Pros: simple installation, minimum error in the location.

Cons: the application has become paid. Maximum wiretapping time per day. 5 minutes to extend it, you need to pay.

The application not only controls the whereabouts of the child, but also notifies parents if he left the “places” created by adults: a house, courtyard or section. A child came out of the “green zone” or returned. An adult receives a notification. It also warns of the discharged battery and shows the history of the child’s movements.

Cons: does not always definitely determine the whereabouts of the child. Users complain about a rapidly discharging battery.

Pros: SOS button: It is enough for a child to press it. relatives will immediately receive anxiety signal. The program can be used not only from mobile, but also from the computer.

per month.

For iOS and ANDROD, OS Windows

The only free “spy”-Appendix. Made by developers, has a simple and understandable Russian intese. The program makes sure that it does not leave the geozon outlined by adults, stores information about all movements. The only subtlety: different applications should be loaded on the phones of parents and the child. Adults are installed “Know Mom”, and children. “Mom knows: GPS-beacon”.

Cons: not updated, minimum functions.

Pros: does not eat the battery and requires minimal RAM resources on the phone. The program can also be downloaded to a mobile device with Windows OS.

Also an application, but already paid. Shows both the whereabouts of the child and the history of movements. There is a family chat, which is convenient, the service of notification about the low charge of the battery of the children’s smartphone. Plus an alarm button. Mayak works with mobile devices such as clocks, key fobs and collars, so using the program you can monitor not only children and elderly relatives, but also pets.

Cons: does not always definitely determine the geopolization. Many functions in the development stage.

Pros: A simple and beautiful integer.

The iPhone firmware already has a “find iPhone” program (you can’t even delete it), and it is free! To activate it, you need to enter your Apple ID, password and resolve the geopolia. They created it to protect the user’s data (they can be remotely blocked or erased) and quickly find the phone on the map, if it was stolen, lost (you can even reproduce the sound if you fell behind the sofa or is in sound mode). But with the help of this program you can see the whereabouts of children, spouses, unless, of course, they use iPhone. The account has a setting of family access, and the necessary numbers are added there. Important addition: by registering children’s iPhone, parents can track not only where the child is now, but also what is downloaded from the Internet: at the same time give consent or prohibit it.

How to Track My Kid’s Cell Phone Location. Realtime Location/Location History [2022]

Pros: Free, But only for Apple devices.

Android has its own Find My Device program, its functions are similar to Apple.

Smart clock with a GPS tracker

A separate topic. Smart children’s watches with a GPS tracker. A very good option with many useful functions for remote supervision. There is an alarming button. By pressing it, the child instantly notifies parents about the danger. They know where he is now, and hear what is happening there: the microphone automatically turns on the tracker.


What the operators offer

If you do not have a smartphone, you can use the special services of mobile operators. Yes, these options are paid, the location data can be approximate (depend on the network covering). And yet there is something to choose from.

Beeline Cordates: determines the whereabouts with an error of 250 m to 1 km. At the same time allows you to connect up to 5 people, but only with their consent. Price. 1.7 per day, and in the first week for free.

�� How Geofencing Tech Works?

“Child under supervision” (MTS): Here you also need the consent of the child to connect. The accuracy of determining the location. from 300 m to 1.5 km. Price. 100 per month (14 days. free test period), it is allowed to connect up to three subscribers.

“Radar” (Megafon): defines the location of relatives and monitors the route of their movements. Subscription fee for one number. 3 per day, for each additional room. Plus 1 per day.

Correctly call for help

This memo specially for readers “KP” was developed by the author of children’s training training, the head of the STOP threat school LIA SHAROV.

  • Nargeted people should not enter into a conversation under any pretext, offer something and call somewhere. “Sorry, they are waiting for me” or “I don’t talk to outsiders”. The best and universal answers options. Even if this stranger. polite grandfather or pretty young woman.
  • On the street, in case of danger, the child should immediately shout: “Help! I do not know this person!””. and run away to a safe place.
  • In the entrance, at any attempt to come close to close or even more so to grab a child, he should shout: “Fire!”It is” Fire!”, Not” help!””. People from the apartments will not leave for a cry for help. But on the cry “Fire!”, Accompanied by some kind of roar. can be pounded at all doors, but it is better to break the window. Everyone will instantly jump out onto the landing. And the criminal will be scared away.
  • Memorize two or three phone numbers with your child. parents and someone close. According to the statistics of the Stop Threat School of Security, half of the children 12 years old does not know these 10 numbers by heart, not to mention the kids.
  • Make friends with your neighbors. The best option. a pensioner who is constantly at home. Exchange phones with her, asking that in which case you can count on her participation. If the child needs help or he simply does not pick up the phone. Marya Ivanovna a couple of minutes after your call will stand at the door and report from the scene.

Sygic Family

This application can track the location of your family members in real time, as well as the level of battery charge in their smartphones. You can set safe zones, when the child leaves is from which you will receive a notification. You can configure messages when a person reaches a certain point, which will come in handy if the child goes independently for training or relatives.

Sygic Family also has a messaging system between family members, which allows you to send messages for free via the Internet. There is also a special SOS button, which allows you to send an accurate location with one click of the button. I never know when this may suddenly need.


Life360 has a large extent that the previous application has the same functions. So, there is a monitoring of the current position of family members using GPS, an alarm button, notification of the entrance or exit from a given area. It also allows you to quickly find out about the nearest place where you can get help in an emergency (hospital, police sites).

Life360 also built into the free group chat FamilyChannel, which successfully replaces the text message service. According to developers, this is the only search application working with ordinary phones, which allows you to track the location of even those members of your family who do not have smartphones. However, this function does not work in all countries.


Another excellent application to ensure the safety of your children. Of course, there are all the necessary functions for monitoring the location of your child. But additionally, Mamabear can track his behavior on the Internet. The application will notify you of the appearance of new friends in and the use of curses and rudeness in messages, which may be a sign of intimidation and hooliganism in relation to your children. You will also learn about all Chekins and marks in photographs with children.

track, child, phone

An interesting function of the application is an instant notification that the child moves with too fast speed, which may indicate movement on a car.


You can monitor the child. Receive notifications about coming to school or leaving it. Add family members and watch their geolocation. When you need help, the child can call parents the SOS button.

The application monitors the location of GPS satellites, Wi-Fi access points and towers of the cellular network. KidControl also transfers information about the state of charging the phone. The location is shown on Google maps. View mode can be changed to satellite pictures and 2D cards.

To connect the children’s smartphone, you need to install KidControl and enter a one.time code from the application on the parent phone in it.


MYFAMILY GPS integrator. Location by number, settings, editor of places.

Family GPS tracker to view the location of children and relatives. Shows a real position on the map. Can find users by phone number. In the application, important places are added, when visiting which a notification comes. SOS button for signal to relatives.

A single Myfamily application is installed on the phones. To unite in the family group, authorization of digital code is used, which can be invented independently and share with relatives.

track, child, phone

Free version is available. The window with a sentence can be closed by clicking on a small cross in the upper left corner of the display.

To refuse the subscription, click on the cross in the corner of the screen.