How can you connect your phone to your TV

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the main ways you can connect your phone to your TV to watch YouTube

There are several ways that you can connect your mobile phone to your TV. Some of them are able to turn the most ordinary smartphone into a Smart set-top box. These methods will especially interest those people who watch videos on YouTube every day.

Enable on smart TV devices

Technologies are improving every year, so you can find the Smart TV function on modern TVs. Smart TV allows modern TV sets to interact with set-top boxes and other suitable equipment. You can use Smart TV to view videos, photos or games from the phone memory on the TV screen.

How To Mirror Phone To TV (No Wifi, Cable or Chrome Cast Needed)

You can connect a smartphone using:

How to Connect iPhone to TV Screen Mirror! (2021)

  • USB cable;
  • HDMI;
  • via Wi-Fi.

With the USB and HDMI methods, everything is quite simple: plug in the cable and select the appropriate connection. As for Wi-Fi, first you need to connect your TV and mobile device to your home network. Then find in the menu a special application from the manufacturer that directly connects the devices.

The most commonly used is Wi-Fi Direct. This technology allows gadgets to communicate with each other, without a router and home network.

  • On the mobile device, select “Wireless networks”. Then point “Wi-Fi Direct” and activate this function.
  • Now you need to go to the TV menu, select “Network” and “Wi-Fi Direct”.
  • After that, the TV receiver will find all devices available for connection. Among them will be the desired smartphone. Select it.
  • The phone will ask you to connect to the TV.

Broadcast video via WI-FI

To broadcast video from your phone to a TV using the wireless Internet, you need to download and install special software in advance. There are many apps for connecting your smartphone to your TV, so there are plenty to choose from.

  • To start watching a video on a big screen, you need to connect your TV and your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Next, launch the pre-downloaded application.
  • In the main menu, select the desired TV receiver, and only then play files and videos.

USB Viewer

This is the most affordable and easiest way to connect.

  • First, all modern devices are equipped with USB inputs.
  • Second, this cable is included in the basic package of devices. To a greater extent, it is an integral part of the charger.

Remember that you will not be able to start viewing content online, since the mobile device acts as a regular flash drive.

  • One end of the cable plugs into the jack on the phone.
  • We connect the other end of the cord to the TV. It is very common for manufacturers to install connectors on the back of the equipment.
  • On a mobile device, open notifications and choose to use it as a storage device.
  • On the TV set, open the menu and select USB.
  • The screen will display folders and files that can be opened with the remote control.

Usually the interface resembles a mobile file manager. The process itself is no different from connecting a USB flash drive.

Ways to Connect and Stream YouTube

Once the smartphone is connected, you can start using all its functions on the big screen. Those. the phone is transformed into a projector to transmit the image to the TV. This will allow:

  • Run games and other applications.
  • View photos, videos and other content.
  • Arrange presentations.

As for watching YouTube (YouTube) on TV, you can do this through a smartphone or tablet. There are two methods:

In the first case, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Launch the app on your phone.
  • Click on the screen icon at the top of the window.
  • Select the device (TV) on which you want to broadcast videos.
  • After that, a message confirming the pairing will appear.

The connection details depend on the selected method. There are other options for connecting the device to a TV receiver. It:

  • Via HDMI.
  • Via USB.
  • Wi-Fi.

Display picture using HDMI cable

HDMI cable is the easiest connection option. Suitable for those who have a special mini HDMI interface on their smartphone, which connects a cell phone to a TV. If there is no such connector, then an adapter can be used.

  • On the TV set, open the source selection menu and select HDMI.
  • Use a cable to connect your smartphone to the device.
  • The system will automatically adjust the image resolution. If the picture is not adjusted, then carry out manual adjustment.
  • All subsequent actions are performed on a mobile device.

Why Android Smartphone Won’t Connect to Computer?

One of the most common problems for an Android device user is that the computer cannot see the phone. The reason can be hidden both in a normal cable breakdown and in malfunctions. But in order to achieve the successful operation of the gadget and the computer determined it, you need to activate the correct type of connection in the settings.

  • Damaged cord / cable. These products do not have good strength, therefore, after a couple of months they may fail.
  • The USB port on the computer is damaged. Such mechanisms are also susceptible to various mechanical damage.
  • Damaged phone jack. For example, water could have entered.
  • Drivers of USB ports have flown.
  • The firmware of the phone flew.
  • Also, the smartphone may not be detected by the computer due to viruses. Viruses block work with external drives.

Currently, any modern TV has a Smart TV function. With it, you can access the World Wide Web and view the contents of smartphone folders. But in order to do this, the devices must be connected to each other using a cable and without wires.

Connecting via Miracast

Owners of budget models of blue screens that do not have Wi-Fi should not be upset. There are special adapters that help transfer information from the phone to the TV at a fairly high speed.

Technology such as Miracast allows devices to be connected directly without a router. But it is important to remember that Android only supports this technology from version 4.2, and starting from 8.1. and Windows Phone.

In your TV, plug the Miracast adapter into the HDMI port.

On TV, select HDMI. After that, the connection properties will appear.

Set up picture broadcast on your phone.

connect, your, phone

Connecting to TV via USB cable

Considering this particular type of connection, keep in mind that the mobile device will actually work like a USB flash drive. You can admire photos on a TV screen or play separate media files, but only if they are stored on your phone.

Take a USB cable and plug into the TV port.

Connect your smartphone to the second connector of the cable.

Your phone screen will prompt you to select options via USB. Select drive mode.

Select the USB adapter on the TV remote control. Usually, this is done by pressing the Sourse button and further. USB.

An additional benefit. with this connection option, your mobile will be recharged at the same time.

MHL connection

If you need to not only open files from your smartphone, but also “surf” the Internet, then you should spend money on an MHL adapter or MHL wire.

over, if the TV works with MHL technology, then a cable will be enough for you. And if not, then you will need an adapter.

Go to the TV settings, find the signal sources and there select HDMI (MHL).

Insert the smaller end of the adapter into your smartphone (microUSB).

MHL plug, which is larger, connect to TV to HDMI port.

Plug the adapter’s power cord into a power outlet.

In the TV menu, select “Auto change MHL input” and the setting is On.

How easy it is to connect your phone to your TV

Connecting your smartphone to your TV is pretty simple. This is done in several ways, using a USB connection, HDMI cable, special adapters, Bluetooth or WI-FI.

Let’s take a closer look at each option.

Connection via “tulips

For very old TVs, without USB, HDMI ports and Wi-Fi support, the option to connect via RCA outputs is available. Of course, you won’t be able to play games or have fun on the Internet, but view photos or even local video files without any problems.

Connection is elementary:

Insert the tulip wires into the appropriate inputs on the TV (they usually match in color).

Connect the other end of the wire to the phone.

Please note: to connect you need to use microUSB. RCA wire.

Connecting to a TV via SlimPort

Streaming from phone to TV via Slimport is most likely interesting for those who have old models of phones with Android OS. The average user will not feel any significant differences from MHL. The only downside is that your phone is not getting any battery power in Slimport. However, the adapter itself has a micro-USB port, you can connect a charger to it. A prerequisite for this connection method is the presence of a microUSB-HDMI adapter.

connect, your, phone

Connect HDMI cable to adapter and TV.

Then connect the adapter to your smartphone.

Use TV remote to select HDMI as source.

HDMI connection

This is one of the simplest methods that allows you to broadcast all the actions from your phone to your TV. This means that it will be possible not only to watch personal photos, but also YouTube videos, pictures from Instagram, or even play an online game.

It is important that your smartphone model has an HDMI connector. Visually, it differs little from USB, so do not confuse!

Connect the phone to the TV with a cable.

Press on the remote Sourse and then in the menu. HDMI.

Next, automatic configuration will occur, the image from the mobile will appear on TV.

If the image does not appear, then we advise you to change the screen resolution in the smartphone settings. this should solve the problem.

Such a connection gives a good picture quality, and its specific parameters will depend on your phone and the TV matrix.

Lightning communication

How can owners of Apple branded devices with a specific Lightning connector cast their phone screen to a TV? They can also purchase the corresponding adapter.

Most often, a Lightning AV adapter (ideally from Apple) is used in conjunction with an HDMI cable. This option works great for all iPhones.

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Connect the adapter to the corresponding connectors of the smartphone.

Insert the HDMI cable into the other end of the adapter.

And connect the free end of the cable to the TV.

The advantage of the method described above is that the image will be reproduced almost without delay. And even a projector can be connected as a monitor.

How to connect your phone to a TV via Bluetooth?

Download a special application for device synchronization to your smartphone. Activate Bluetooth in the TV settings or connect the adapter to the USB connector. Launch the application on the phone and wait for both devices to connect.

How to stream video from Android to TV?

How to set up Android screencast

  • Make sure your tablet or mobile is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast.
  • Launch the Google Home app.
  • Select device.
  • Tap Cast Screen Cast Screen.

How to stream video from phone to TV?

To display a smartphone screen on a TV, use one of two methods:

  • Go to the settings of your smartphone. Find the item “Connected devices”. “Broadcasts”.
  • Open the shutter and click on the icon with a square (a phone or waves can also be drawn on it, like the Wi-Fi icon).

How to connect your phone to your Samsung Smart TV?

On your TV, open the Sources menu and go to the Screen Mirroring tile to enable the mobile data function. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, swipe down from the top of the screen and turn on Smart View or Screen Mirroring from the menu.

How to cast phone screen to TV via WI-FI Direct?

I offer you general instructions for displaying a smartphone screen on a TV:

  • Open “Settings” or “Options” (depending on the model)
  • Select network connection options
  • Click on “Wi-Fi Direct”
  • Select the TV name on your mobile device
  • Establish a wireless connection
  • Confirm connection

How can you watch movies from your phone on TV?

The easiest way is mechanical. To do this, you need to connect your phone to the TV via a standard USB cable. Wi-Fi Direct

  • On phone: open Wi-Fi settings, select advanced settings. other connection methods. Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Select your smartphone on the TV and connect to it.
  • Ready!


Understanding how to connect a smartphone to a TV, it is worth saying that this technology combines the best of the two previous ones, and is also characterized by an open standard and wireless communication based on WI-FI Direct. However, this standard is still quite new, so not all devices support it, but only top-end smartphones and TVs from LG, Sony and Panasonic. The latest TV models began to be equipped with NFC technology, and it provides an opportunity to initiate screen mirroring technology in the simplest way by placing the device in close proximity to the tag or remote control.

Samsung AllShare Cast

Speaking about how to connect a smartphone to a TV, it is necessary to talk about specialized devices. AllShare Cast has the same functionality as the previous one, but at the same time it is an exclusive standard that only works with Sony brand products. In addition, this company has produced a separate HDMI adapter, which is characterized by compatibility with all modern brands of TVs.

Intel Wireless Display (WiDi)

If we talk about how to connect a smartphone to a TV yet, then it is worth noting that this technology is supported exclusively by Intel laptops with Core I processors. the second and fourth generations based on Windows.

Netgear has developed its own WI-FI adapter, which is designed to provide support for the technology in the presence of HDMI.

Apple AirPlay

This proprietary technology can be easily used if you use the Apple TV set-top box. With it, you can display an image from an iOS device via wireless communication. Optical audio outputs allow you to connect your device to your home theater system.

Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL)

Connecting a smartphone to a TV can be done using the specified technology. It is currently one of the most widely supported open mirroring standards. MHL is available on most smartphones, tablets and TVs, excluding Panasonic branded products.

Its use will require an additional MHL adapter connected to a mobile phone via a traditional USB interface. In addition, the adapter has an HDMI connector, which is designed for connection to a TV, as well as an additional micro-USB, which allows you to charge the battery.

How to connect a smartphone to a TV? Connecting a smartphone to a TV

Sometimes you want to show the whole family or company at the same time the photos or videos available in your smartphone, then you can use the connection of the device to a regular TV. This does not take long, but your guests will be able to enjoy a high-quality image, sharing pleasant memories with you.

How to do it?

If we talk about how to connect a smartphone to a TV, it should be noted that previously DLNA technology was used for these purposes, which allowed only photos, videos or music to be transmitted. But now that screen mirroring technology exists, the range of available content has expanded significantly, which includes games and other applications in high resolution, accompanied by stereo sound.

Connecting a smartphone to a TV at the moment is carried out in various ways, because today the electronics market provides a considerable choice in this area. All the options presented are actively competing with each other. There are specialized wired devices as well as their wireless counterparts. Some of them assume absolute openness, while others are aimed only at working with certain brands, which must be taken into account when choosing.

How to control a TV with a smartphone

The development of the Internet and the connection of TVs to it has led us to a new era when you can use your smartphone as a remote control. Through the phone, you can select the channel you need to watch, adjust the volume, and also use a more convenient keyboard for surfing the Internet.

So, if you already know how to connect a smartphone to a TV, then you should consider using it for control. This opportunity is most relevant when you want to take advantage of the intellectual capabilities of your gadget. Not all TVs support remote control via smartphones, but more and more models have been released that are equipped with this feature recently. To know for sure, you should visit the website of the TV manufacturer, where you can read its specifications.

It is worth considering not only the issue related to showing the smartphone screen on the TV, but also how to establish a connection between these devices to obtain remote control capabilities.

Using Wi-Fi requires an installation procedure. Next, you need to go through the network settings menu. First, there is a step-by-step installation in the TV menu, after which the home wireless network that was previously installed is selected. Next, you need to enter a password to enter, after which everything will be ready to work. You must now download the Remote App for your smartphone. The choice of this or that application depends on the brand of the TV. For example, you need to connect your smartphone to an LG TV, then you should find this particular brand in the list.

Before you start using your phone for control, you will need to pair it with the TV. To do this, you need to open the application, and then clearly follow the instructions. Now you can use the new features.

There are also certain restrictions. The most important thing here is the lack of Wake-On-LAN functionality on most TVs. This means that it is not possible to turn on the TV from a smartphone.

Ways to connect Honor and Huawei to TV

The most common ways to synchronize a smartphone with a TV are only 6: 1. Connection using a USB cable. 2.Using an HDMI cable. 3. Configure access via shared Wi-Fi, but this is only possible with SmartTV. 4. Option Mirror Share, which allows you to create a high-quality projection. 5.Chromecast for TV. 6.Smart TV Box. The choice of connection method depends on the mobile phone model and the capabilities of the TV itself.

Why connect a phone to a TV

After synchronizing your smartphone with TV, you will be able to: transfer YouTube clips to the TV screen, watch movies from any site in good quality. Today, when the picture quality of TV is as realistic as possible, it is much more interesting to watch your favorite movies or YouTube interviews on a wide screen; watch videos and photos taken on Android on the big screen. Even the smallest details can be seen on a large monitor and, importantly, in good resolution; broadcast games. The most favorite item for real gamers is the ability to transfer the game from the small screen of your Huawei or Honor to the wide screen. This makes the details more visible, the effects and graphics look more realistic. In this case, the smartphone is used as a joystick or steering wheel, if today you are a racer in “Need For Speed”; use a gadget instead of a PC. Such an opportunity is not provided in budget smartphones Honor or Huawei. But for owners of a mid-range phone and above, this function is available. Read the instructions for your gadget to learn about additional options.

Telephone. TV remote control

Such a function on Android will allow you to forget about the problem of a lost remote control and replace it with a smartphone. You do not need to download an additional application to switch TV channels. You just need to use the installed virtual remote control. To activate the remote control: 1. Launch the “Virtual Remote” application. 2. Click on the “” sign at the bottom of the screen. 3. Select the type of device you want to connect. 4. Find the brand of TV (Samsung, Phillips, etc.). 5. After choosing a model, follow the further instructions of the application. In the application, you can save all the settings and use the remote control at any time.

How to connect an Honor or Huawei phone to a TV

The question “How to connect a phone to a TV” arises when people want to use their smartphone not only for communication and social networks. Having made friends with the phone with TV, you will have the opportunity to broadcast movies on the big screen, hold work presentations, view photos from your vacation or simply recharge your device. The process is simple and has several options. The article describes the most common ways to connect a smartphone to TV.

Via Wi-Fi

A prerequisite for connecting a smartphone using Wi-Fi is the Smart-TV function on the TV. To connect: 1. Open the TV settings, turn on the Wi-Fi function. 2. On the phone, we find “Settings”. the tab “Wireless networks”. “Wi-Fi”. “Wi-Fi Direct”. 3.After scanning the available devices, select the required one and connect to it.

With an HDMI cable

This method of synchronizing the phone and the wide screen turns the smartphone-TV bundle into a single computer and allows you to view all files from your phone on the TV screen. Some phone models have a mini-HDMI connector, but this is rare. If your phone does not have this, you will need an adapter: for example, a USB Type-C to HDMI cable for more expensive smartphones will do. The very process of connecting a gadget to a monitor is simple. It is enough to connect the devices with a cable.

Via USB cable

The classic way that suits almost all types of gadgets. It is possible to connect an Honor or Huawei phone via a USB cable if the TV has a corresponding USB input. Most modern TVs, even inexpensive ones, have a USB input. To connect you need: TV with USB input. smartphone based on Android. Type-C / USB or microUSB / USB cable Attention! If the TV has an input for USB 2.0, then the cable must be appropriate. At the same time, the USB 3.0 input is more universal and is suitable for both the first cable and the second.

The algorithm for connecting the device looks like this: 1. Connect the cable to the phone and to the USB input of the TV. 2.Click on the screen of the mobile phone in the window that appears, the item “Use as a memory storage device (as USB)”. 3. In the menu on the screen, we find the item “USB devices” (as a rule, this is the Source button) and in the drop-down menu we click on the phone model. You can control the screen using the arrows on the remote control. Please note that the menu differs in different TV companies, so you will have to study the instructions or delve into the settings.

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If you sync your Samsung phone and display, you can:

  • Play mobile games that will be displayed in full screen. By pairing a mouse, keyboard or gamepad via Bluetooth, you can build a semblance of a console for Lite-versions of games.
  • Watch movies, videos, photos and other sources of information running on your phone.
  • Search for information on the Internet through the phone, looking at the display of a larger diagonal.
  • Control content on TV via smartphone.

Let’s take a look at all the possible wireless pairings. There are many ways to connect Samsung Smart-TV with iOS and Android phones.


While the previous options are based on Wi-Fi Direct (pairing two devices using one router), Miracast allows you to pair two devices directly, regardless of the network from which they receive Internet.

The only condition is that both gadgets must support Miracast technology. To sync:

  • Activate Mirakast on your TV device.
  • In the gadget on Android, lower the curtain, enable the corresponding option.
  • In the new screen, click “Start”.
  • After detecting the gadget and pairing with it, a stable connection will be established.

There will be a delay. it is especially noticeable during dynamic scenes of a movie or game. It is difficult to achieve perfect synchronization wirelessly, especially in high definition. If you need a stable, high-quality picture without gaps, connect the TV to your Android device via a cable.

Wired connection

Create a wired connection to duplicate your smartphone screen with minimal lag on your Samsung TV.

MHL to HDMI adapter

If both devices support MHL technology, they can be connected using an MHL to HDMI adapter. In this case, the devices can be of any company, not just Samsung. The adapter can also be called HDTV.

  • Plug the adapter into the Micro-USB port of your phone.
  • Use a quality HDMI male-to-male cable to connect the adapter to the TV.
  • Connect power using a detachable Micro-USB cable. You can connect to the 220 network, you can also connect to a portable battery.
  • Turn on the TV and select the playback source. via the desired HDMI port.

DeX station

There is a special accessory that allows you to connect Samsung Galaxy phones (j5, j7, a7 or other line) with any TV. The accessory is called: “Dex-station”. Works in two variations:

  • The smartphone duplicates the image on the screen with a large diagonal.
  • The smartphone is used as a mini PC, and the “Dex” shell appears on the screen.

This accessory connects to any TV via HDMI cable. It is a hybrid phone docking station combined with TV-Box functions for large displays.

  • Use an HDMI cable to connect the station to the TV.
  • Place the phone on the stand by connecting it to the MicroUSB port.
  • On TV, select this station as the source.
  • On an Android device, specify the type of displayed information. “Duplication”.

Screen mirroring

Technology for mirroring the screen of a Samsung master to a slave. This option is available on many smartphones. For example: Galaxy S8, A5, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc. TV series: F, J, K, M. support this option. To connect:

  • Turn on Smart TV.
  • Press the “Sources” button on the remote control and select “Screen Mirroring”.
  • Do the same on your smartphone. Unfold the notification shade completely and activate the option.
  • Select your TV in the found devices.

In later firmware versions, the desired function may be called: “Smart View”. If the device does not detect additional devices, check that:

  • TV was connected to Wi-Fi, internet and was in pairing mode.
  • The mobile was in the same WI-FI network.
  • The router worked fine and the devices were in good coverage.

Smart View App

To connect to the TV from any Android and iOS device, the developers provided the above option for other models as an application. Consider a more detailed instruction on how to connect your phone to a Samsung TV:

  • TV and mobile must be on the same Wi-Fi.
  • Download the Smart View application from the Play Market or AppStore and launch it on your phone.
  • Nearby TVs will appear in the software menu. Select your device and click “Connect“.

It is noteworthy that the option works adequately with iPhone 7, 8 and older versions.

In addition to the screen mirroring function, you can:

  • Control Smart-TV with a smartphone instead of a remote control.
  • Use touch dialer as an analogue of a gamepad.
  • Turn off TV or put it on standby (sleep).

How to connect a phone to a TV via a cable?

The wired method is best used, of course, at home, since few smartphone users always have the right cable with them. Well, except that they deliberately take it with them, because the main advantage of the wired connection method can be considered a high-quality image transfer from a “smart” phone. So, there are several connection options:

If we talk about how to connect a phone to a TV via HDMI, then this is one of the most popular types of connection. HDMI cable is appreciated for its high speed and excellent data transfer quality. It will be possible to watch video or listen to audio files on your screen. True, this method can be used only if there are suitable connectors on both representatives of technology. a smartphone and a TV.

Through USB, the TV uses your smartphone as a flash drive, reading from it not only audio and video files, but also text documents and even presentations. So using your TV as a presentation board is as easy as shelling pears! Connecting a smartphone is simple: the mini USB / micro USB cable is inserted with the desired end into a suitable input on the phone, and the second into the USB port of the TV.

I would like to point out that when connected by a wired method, both devices first turn off.

How to connect your phone to your TV?

Modern technologies are developing by leaps and bounds. We do not even always have time to get used to the old, when something new appears that can turn our idea of ​​the surrounding technology upside down. So, for example, for another decade it was impossible to imagine that a telephone could be connected to a TV. However, modern smartphones cope with this task quite well. This opportunity is often used to show a photo or video from the gallery on the phone, a favorite movie from an online service, etc. So, we will talk about how to connect your phone to your TV, and by the way, in various ways.

How to connect your phone to your TV wirelessly?

This method of connecting a smartphone to TVs is based on the use of Wi-Fi data transmission technology. This means that no cord is needed. Therefore, you can view the files you need from your gadget at any time without any tools at hand.

True, you will have to talk about how to connect your phone to a TV with Smart TV. After all, such a connection is possible only with TVs that support this platform for interacting with the Internet.

First, you will have to download a special application on your smartphone that allows you to establish a wireless connection. The choice depends on the TV manufacturer, for example, for Samsung you need Samsung Smart View, for Panasonic. Panasonic TV Remote 2. The connection itself is possible when both devices are connected to your Wi-Fi point. On the phone screen, the application scans the network and detects the TV.

On some Android devices, the Wi-Fi Miracast protocol is supported, which, as it were, mirrors what is displayed on the smartphone screen. IPhone owners can connect to the TV via AirPlay technology. True, for this you need to purchase a special attachment.

A direct wireless connection without being tied to a home network is provided by the now popular Wi-Fi Direct technology. However, to launch both devices. a smartphone and a phone. must support it. If so, proceed as follows:

  • Wi-Fi Direct is first launched on the phone by finding it in the settings under the wireless network section.
  • We repeat the procedure, but already in the TV menu, we also look for Wi-Fi Direct in the “Network” section and activate.
  • When the TV finds your phone, send a connection request.
  • All that remains is to accept the request on your smartphone.

How to connect a phone to a TV. all the ways

Today’s telephones surpass the first computers in their capabilities. Apps, games, social media, and the internet have become standard features on any smartphone. Some users sometimes need to connect their phone to a TV. There can be many reasons, but most often such a connection is made to view phone files on a large TV screen.

On the TV, you can play multimedia files from your phone, and you can also use the phone’s memory as a flash drive. There are several ways to connect your phone to your TV. It all depends on which connectors your equipment has and which connecting cables are available. Choose the most convenient connection method.

It should be noted that the easiest way to connect your phone to a TV is via an HDMI connection. To do this, it is necessary that the TV has a free HDMI port, and the micro. HDMI (outwardly it is very similar to micro. USB, but these are different connectors). All you need is a cable with a standard HDMI (Type A) connector on one end and a micro connector on the other. HDMI (Type D). Turn off both devices and use a cable to connect the corresponding connectors. After that, turn on the TV and the phone, use the remote control to enter the TV menu and select HDMI as the signal source. If there are several HDMI connectors, then select the one to which the cable is connected. Now you can run videos, music and applications on your phone. With this connection, both image and sound will be transmitted. Please note that not all applications support screen mirroring.

If nothing appears on the TV screen, there may be a problem with your phone settings. Usually, all settings take place in automatic mode and do not require intervention. If this does not happen, you can manually configure the transmission. Go to phone settings and select HDMI. then we are looking for HDMI format. In the window that appears, select the resolution and refresh rate that your TV supports.

It may happen that your phone does not have a micro connector. HDMI. In this case, you can use a special m icro-USB converter. HDMI. It connects to the m icro-USB connector on the phone. After that, you can connect your phone to your TV using a regular HDMI to HDMI cable.

Connect your phone using a wireless connection

The issue of wireless connection between TV and phone is very interesting. However, it is difficult to talk about such a connection in general terms. Many TV manufacturers have developed applications that allow you to connect your phone over Wi. Fi. LG has Smart Share. With this function, you can transfer videos, music and pictures from your phone (LG brand. Smart Share compatible) to your TV. To do this, both devices must be on the same network. There should not be any particular difficulties, because TVs with Smart Share probably have a built-in Wi module. Fi.

For Samsung TVs, this is the AllShare feature, which also makes it easy to connect your phone wirelessly. There is also Wi-Fi Direct technology. If both your TV and your phone support this technology, you can connect them directly wirelessly for information exchange, synchronization, and file sharing. Thus, it becomes obvious that you can connect your phone to your TV using Wi. Fi is possible. You need to familiarize yourself in more detail with the capabilities of your devices and find suitable software.

Most modern TVs have a USB port. Using it, you can connect a phone, however, with this connection, the phone is defined as an external carrier (roughly speaking, like a flash drive). Displaying a picture or video on the TV screen will not work. All you need is a USB to micro-USB cable. Connect the appropriate connectors with the equipment off and you’re done.

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We’ve covered the basic ways to connect your phone to your TV. Surely you will be satisfied with at least one of them. Watching photos or videos on the big screen, listening to music or playing games are all possible. As you can see, connecting your phone to your TV is not that difficult. With the right cable, you can easily cope with this task.

How to connect an Android phone to a TV via HDMI?

High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is an interface that transmits high definition and quality video and audio. What does it mean? This means that you can, for example, display an image from a laptop on a TV. In this case, on the TV screen you will see everything that happens on the laptop screen. Of course, this is only possible if your TV, like your laptop, supports HDMI technology. Is it possible to connect a smartphone to a TV using HDMI? You can, but there are some nuances.

What to do?

You are probably perfectly familiar with the first three devices, but few people know what an MHL adapter is. Let’s analyze in more detail.

In order to connect a smartphone and a TV with an HDMI cable, the TV must have an HDMI port, and the smartphone must have a microHDMI port, and an appropriate cable is also required. The problem is that only a small number of smartphones have a microHDMI port. manufacturers simply do not see the point in installing it, because it makes the device more expensive and takes up extra space in the case. Here is this port on a smartphone, it looks like a MicroUSB port, but they are similar only externally (for example, BlackBerry Z10):

If your smartphone does not have a microHDMI port, you probably think that it is impossible to connect it to a TV. Fortunately, this is not the case. Some time ago, Mobile High-Definition Link technology, or MHL for short, appeared. MHL is an interface standard that combines the functionality of HDMI and MicroUSB. In other words, with the help of this excellent technology, you can connect your smartphone to a TV using HDMI technology using a special adapter. There is also an MHL cable. The difference is that the adapter is powered by an external power supply, while the cable does not require additional power.

It also houses an additional microUSB port for receiving power.

So, in order to connect a smartphone to a TV using HDMI technology, you need to connect an MHL adapter to a smartphone. Then a regular HDMI cable is connected to the adapter. The second side of the HDMI cable connects to the TV. on its back or side wall you can find a port or ports for connection.

Have you connected? Wonderful. Now it all depends on the TV model. There are models where, when you connect the cable to the HDMI port, the picture from the device you just connected is automatically turned on. If this does not happen, pick up the TV remote control, press the Source button and select the HDMI section.

After that, you will see a picture from your smartphone. Everything that is shown on its display, you will see on the TV screen. You can watch a movie or even play games. Very comfortably!

Just remember that in some cases it is worth completely disabling the screen off function on the smartphone or setting the maximum possible time, otherwise its display will turn off when it is idle.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in connecting, but you need to stock up on an MHL adapter in advance. Of course, only if your smartphone does not have a separate microHDMI port.

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Several ways to connect your smartphone to your TV

Smartphones that have appeared relatively recently are developing by leaps and bounds, offering users an ever wider range of opportunities: high-speed Internet access, all kinds of applications, social networks and exciting games have long become the norm for the owner of a “smart” phone. In search of expanding the capabilities of their gadgets, users are increasingly looking to learn how to connect a smartphone to a TV in order to use the latter as a solid-sized display. This will allow you to watch movies (stored in the memory of the gadget) on a full screen, take a completely new look at your favorite games and bring communication with friends on social networks or via Skype to a new level.

The purpose of this article is to acquaint you with the basic methods of connecting a smartphone to a TV. If you came to this page, you probably know why you need to create this type of connection. Therefore, it makes no sense to waste your time on a long introductory part, it is better to go straight to the description of specific methods and actions.


This method is not in vain made in the first place: HDMI has recently gained immense popularity, and connectors of this type can be found on most modern electronic devices (smartphones are no exception). HDMI is loved by users for its high quality and bit rate in digital format. Just one cable allows you to set up “sending” both video and audio signals to the TV.

It is not difficult to guess that a prerequisite for connecting your smartphone to a TV via HDMI will be the presence of the same-named connectors in both devices (in smartphones you can find micro-HDMI or mini-HDMI). You can verify their presence by reading the instructions, or visually (on the TV they are located on the back panel, in the smartphone, most often next to the USB connector).

The connection is created as follows: turn off the tablet and TV, then, after connecting both devices with an HDMI cable, turn them on. In most cases, after switching on, the connection will be automatically configured, the result of which will be the activation of the “mirrorring” function, in which the image from the smartphone display will begin to broadcast to the TV.

If the automatic configuration did not happen, you can do it manually: for this, go to the menu of both devices. In the TV set, select the signal source “HDMI” (if there are several HDMI connectors on the back of the TV, indicate the number of the one used), and on the tablet, activate the signal transmission function via HDMI. That’s all. This completes the connection process. Let’s move on to the next method.

Important! If your phone does not have a micro-HDMI connector, you can use a special micro-USB to HDMI converter. It is able to convert the signal from micro USB and prepare it for sending to the TV in such a way that the latter recognizes it without any problems.

Wireless connection methods

The development of wireless technology has provided a wide variety of ways to connect in this way. Each TV manufacturer is trying to release a unique application that provides a connection with a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

So, LG TVs offer the ability to connect via Smart Share, a software product that allows you to connect a compatible phone of the same brand to a TV via Wi-Fi (due to the fact that LG Smart TVs in most cases are equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module, no problem should not occur with the connection). It is enough to have a configured home Wi-Fi network, connect both devices (smartphone and TV) to it and activate the Smart Share function on them.

How to Connect Android Phone to Smart TV | Screen Mirroring | Wireless Display

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Another giant of the entertainment industry, Samsung, offers its users the AllShare function (as a simple and reliable way to connect a smartphone to a TV). The essence of the connection is not much different from LG models (with Smart Share): set up a home network, connect both devices to it and activate the function responsible for the wireless connection.

Apple users have the option to connect a smartphone (usually an iPhone) to a TV via AirPlay. The technology implies the use of a special set-top box for the TV, thanks to which the connection is established in just a few clicks on the phone, does not require even the slightest adjustment from the user, and also provides high quality information transfer. The only condition for smooth operation is that the connected devices must be in the same Wi-Fi network.

We examined the “unique” ways to connect a smartphone to a TV, inherent in any one manufacturer of equipment. It remains to say a few words about universal connection methods that also use Wi-Fi wireless technology.


This method is also possible to connect these devices. Yes, it will not allow you to duplicate the image from the tablet display to the TV, but you will be able to use the gadget as a USB drive acting as a signal source. In this case, data management is performed using a TV interface, and a modern TV is able to “read” not only most video and audio formats, but also common formats of text documents and presentations. Thanks to this, you can turn your TV into an advanced whiteboard for presentations and slideshows from your favorite photos.

How to connect? It’s very simple: take a “micro USB” cable (or “mini USB”. depending on what type of output your smartphone has), plug one end into a special connector on the phone, and the other into one of the USB ports on the back of the TV Do not forget to turn off both devices in advance so that when you turn them on, you get a working connection that does not require any edits.

This concludes the “wired” connection methods, we pass on to the description of the wireless ones, through which it is possible to establish the operation of the devices.

Wi-Fi Direct

This technology allows you to do without using a router with a configured home network, that is, you can connect the tablet to the TV “directly”. The main thing is that your phone and TV support Wi-Fi Direct technology. The main algorithm that allows you to connect a TV to a tablet in this way:

  • Launch Wi-Fi Direct on a smartphone. To do this, go to the device settings menu, select the “Wireless networks and connections” tab, then look for Wi-Fi Direct, opposite which you need to click on “activate” (or “OK”). You should see a message about the successful launch of the function.
  • We put the smartphone aside and go to the TV. Here we also go to the menu and, through it, we get to the “Network” tab (you can often find a special button on the remote control that facilitates access to this menu item). Among the connection methods, we look for “Wi-Fi Direct” and activate it. After activating the function, it will be possible to select a device for connection (in our case, this is a smartphone that we set up a couple of minutes ago). Select your phone (be guided by the “device name on the network”; it can be set in the gadget settings) and send a connection request. In just a few seconds, the smartphone will “catch” the request and offer you to complete the connection setup by pressing the “yes” button.
  • That’s all. You can start using Wi-Fi Direct technology at your pleasure.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to connect a TV to a smartphone. You need to clearly understand the goals that you are pursuing and know the technology that you can turn to in your case (which connection method is supported by both the TV and the smartphone). It only remains to take a couple of steps to connect the devices, and you can start using them “in pairs”.