How Can I Delete Instagram Via Phone

Not so long ago, a lot of Instagram users were outraged by the new user agreement, in which the site management reserved the right to use the content for commercial purposes. A large amount of advertising, spam, dependence on social networks, as well as the aforementioned clause in the agreement prompted some participants in the project to decide to leave the once beloved site. In this publication, we will tell you how to delete a page on Instagram via phone, temporarily or permanently.

Can I delete my page?

Bad news: The ability to completely deactivate the account in the mobile version of Instagram was removed by the developers from the profile settings page. The ability to delete from Instagram is hidden from users in clause 5 of the “Storage period” section of the user agreement. Instead, the owners of the system suggest that instead of a complete removal, consider temporarily blocking the page.

The news is good: the ability to deactivate a profile from a mobile device exists, and then we will look at how to remove an account on Instagram via a phone running Android and IOS.

Temporarily block an Instagram page

First, consider the process of blocking a profile. It is quite convenient if you plan to suspend activity on Insta, but are not ready to finally break off relations in the photo network.

So, how to remove Instagram from the phone temporarily? To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the WEB version and log in to Instagram via the smartphone browser (the only way).
  2. Enter your profile by clicking on the “little man” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click the “Edit Profile” button.
  4. Scroll down and select the active link that offers “Temporarily block.”.
  5. Select a reason for blocking from the list or specify your own.
  6. Enter a password that confirms that the owner of the page is pausing it.
  7. Click on the button “Temporarily block.”.
  8. Confirm your intentions.

This procedure preserves your page and makes it invisible to other participants in the system.

Complete account deletion on Instagram from the phone

It’s worth immediately clarifying that it is impossible to remove from Insta from the phone. From the mobile version of the application, this functionality has disappeared. To complete this process, you need a browser, which is in any modern (and not so) mobile gadget running Android and IOS. Next, we’ll look at how to permanently delete an Instagram page from a phone using the example of an Android smartphone.

Android profile deactivation instructions

Removing on Android comes down to the following actions:

  • open a browser on a mobile device;
  • enter the address of the official site in the search bar.
  • log in and click “Login”;
  • open a new tab in the browser and enter the link to the deactivation page;
  • indicate the reason for deactivation (you can choose any from the list);
  • enter your password to prove that you are the owner of the page;
  • press the red button with the text “Permanently delete.”.

Confirm the action by saying yes. Everything, your page, content, subscribers and followers you no longer have. If you decide to use photo hosting again, then for this you will need to register a new account, start actively posting interesting content to attract the attention of users of the system. We strongly recommend that you use the services of proven integrated promotion resources on Instagram for a quick start on Instagram and an active audience: Pamagram, Zengram, Tooligram and Bosslike, Likemania cheat services.

Profile Removal Instructions for iPhone

How to delete an Instagram profile from a phone running iOS? No way! To deactivate the Instagram profile on devices with iOS, you must (as in the case of android smartphones) use a browser. On the “apple products”, by default, the Safari browser is installed, but it absolutely does not mean anything: the interface of the WEB version of Instagram, like all the actions that need to be performed, is identical in all browsers. In other words: the instruction for Android devices is fully suitable for devices running iOS.

  • launch the browser;
  • go to the official Instagram page;
  • log in;
  • drive into the address bar of the browser;
  • indicate the reason;
  • enter the password;
  • click the button to completely delete the account;
  • We confirm our intentions.

As you can see, the smartphone’s operating system from which deactivation is performed affects the appearance and functionality of the profile deletion web page.

How Can I Delete Instagram Via Phone

Recover Deleted Page

I immediately want to make a reservation that it is impossible to restore a deactivated page irrevocably. If you have taken a temporary account lockout, then to restore it you need:

  • open the Instagram mobile application on your smartphone or tablet;
  • enter your registration data;
  • press the login button.

Login with authorization will automatically unlock your account.

In conclusion

In this publication, we tried to tell in detail how to delete a page on Instagram via phone, despite all the efforts of the developers of this social platform. In principle, everything is quite simple if you know the address of the deactivation page and clearly go to the intended goal.