How Can I Charge My Phone If My Socket Is Broken

A mobile phone is an excellent means of communication and a multifunctional tool that every person needs. That’s why we regularly charge the phone and are afraid to stay with a dead battery. But over time, almost any mobile phone owner is faced with the fact that he begins to charge poorly or does not charge at all. We will figure out how to charge the battery if the connection socket is broken.

How Can I Charge My Phone If My Socket Is Broken

Why does the charger not charge the phone?

If you are faced with the fact that charging does not charge your mobile phone (the rule applies to other gadgets as well), you should first of all deal with the causes of the problem. There may be several:

  • The device for recharging failed. Often, chargers break off cords at the connector and in the place where the cord enters the case. Check this assumption will help another similar device (you can rent it with friends). If the charge is normal with another power supply, then this is not a slot.
  • The battery has deteriorated from long use. Over time, batteries begin to charge slowly or lose their ability to hold a charge. To check, put another battery in the phone.
  • USB socket failed. Unfortunately, it is also a common cause of charge problems. If it is proved that the matter is not in the charger and not in the battery, it remains to assume only this option.
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If the battery is low, and you need to make a call very urgently (“a matter of life and death”), use extreme methods: hit the battery several times with a solid object or heat it with a hot knife blade. The battery will fail, but there will be enough energy for 1-2 short rings.

Repair the socket fully able only in the service. But there are several ways that will help charge the battery bypassing the socket. Of course, these are half measures, but you can hold out like that for a while.

Can I charge the phone from the phone?

One of the interesting charging technologies is USB OTG (On-The-Go). It is implemented on the Android platform and allows you to quickly recharge the charge of one phone from another. You will need a device that has an OTG port and a capacious battery (we will use it as a power bank). You will also need a special cable.

By connecting one phone to the OTG connector and the other to a regular charging socket, we wait until charging takes place. Of course, it will not work to fully charge the battery, but it will be possible to get the necessary minimum for 3-4 calls of increased importance.

We are looking for the optimal position for charging

Often, a damaged socket does not fail completely. By moving the wire in the connector, you can find the position in which the charge continues to flow in a minute. Lock the phone in this position and charge the battery as before.

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The method cannot be called effective. it is used only in a short period before contacting the service. But it’s quite possible to hold out like this a week before a salary.

We use the “frog”

Another option is to purchase a universal device. In everyday life, it was called “crab” or “frog”. It is possible to charge with a “frog” even a device with a power connector that has failed, because the current flows directly to the battery terminals.

A frog is a plastic case equipped with a plug that plugs into an outlet. Also on it there is a place for mounting batteries and a pair of movable “legs”. After inserting the battery into the socket, the tabs are connected to the terminals with the correct polarity. A frog plugged into a power outlet charges the phone efficiently.

The method has several disadvantages:

  • You have to spend money on the purchase of a “crab”. At the same time, a high-quality device is expensive (more than what you have to pay in the service).
  • Low security, especially when using low-cost devices. Cheap crafts of unknown “craftsmen” from China do not burden your pocket, but no one can guarantee the safety of the battery.
  • While recharging, you won’t be able to use your phone.

Do not leave a crab plugged into an outlet unattended. Periodically (once every 20-30 minutes), check if the battery is swollen, if the case is excessively hot, and the charge indicators are on. These simple measures will protect the house from fire.

A much safer option to bypass the connector is to use a wireless charging station. But such technologies only support the latest generation of devices.

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Where to connect the terminals to charge the phone directly

Another option for charging directly will require some accuracy and knowledge of the basics of electrical engineering. To do this, the charger will need to cut off the connector with a knife and carefully strip the wires. The wire of red color. as a rule, “”, blue (or another, for example black). it is “-“.

All manipulations are carried out only on a device disconnected from the network! Before charging, make sure that there is another person at home who can assist you in the event of an electric shock.

Having cleaned the insulation, the wires are applied directly to the battery terminals. The main thing is not to reverse the polarity and not touch the metal with your hands. The wires are fixed with pieces of insulating tape. After that, the charger is inserted into the outlet.

The method is also only a temporary solution. It provides unstable contact, which spoils the battery, and is also unsafe from the point of view of the risk of electrical injury.

Whichever way you choose to charge the battery bypassing the damaged socket, you will almost certainly have to contact the service. It is better not to delay such treatment, because all “amateur” manipulations only increase the likelihood of battery damage. But if the lack of time or money does not allow you to repair the phone immediately, knowing these useful ways will be very useful.