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Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working (5 Fixes)

HP laptop does not work fn. Restoring the work of “hot” keys in HP laptops

In the modern world, many people have not only their personal computer, but also a laptop. This is not surprising, because it is much more convenient to use both at home and beyond. You can take a laptop on a trip, you can go out with it, you can sit in a cafe Not only the fact that the laptop is easy to endure, makes it more convenient. In fact, his entire system is arranged in such a way as to facilitate your life. There are special keys for this. Today we will talk about one of them. The key fn.

Most often it is in the lower left corner. It is located either to the left of the Ctrl key, or to the right of it. Often the FN key is highlighted in another color, for example, blue or red.

The name of this key comes from the first consonant letters of the word “function”. FN is really responsible for a number of functions that may vary depending on the brand of the laptop. Most often, the principle of hot keys converges in such brands: HP. Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, LG.

How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Not Working | Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

For example, on Lenovo laptops you can use the following key combinations:

  • FNF1. Introduction of a computer into sleep mode.
  • FNF2. Turning on/off the monitor.
  • FNF3. Switching the display to the connected module of the monitor, projector.
  • FNF4. The expansion of the monitor.
  • FNF5. Inclusion of wireless communication modules: wireless network adapters, Bluetooth.
  • FNF6. Turning/disabling the touch panel. Laptop mice.
  • FNF9. FNF10. FNF11. FNF12. Working with a media player. Resume/pause, stop, track back, track, respectively.
  • Fnhome. A pause in media files.
  • Fninsert. SCROLL LOCK.
  • Fn shooter up/arrow down. Increase/decrease in monitor brightness.
  • Fn shooter left/hand to the right. Reducing/increasing volume for media players.

Imagine how many functions only one key is capable of performing! If it doesn’t work for you, there are several ways to activate it. First, try the combination of fnnumlock. Another way. Enter Setup Utility, then follow the System Configuration and in the Action Keys Mode tab you need to click (Enabled) this FN function.

If these methods have not helped, and the key still does not work, then you can start it using programs. Most often use the Magic Keyboard program.

There are also a number of programs that are suitable for each brand separately:

  • For Sony laptops. Sony Shared Library, Setting Utility Series, Vaio Event Service, VAIO Control Center.
  • For Samsung. Easy Display Manager (a disk with a program comes with a laptop).
  • For Toshiba. Hotkey Utility, Value Added Package, Flash Cards Support Utility.

Even if this did not help, then you need to reinstall the driver for the keyboard. Most often they are included, but if not, then it is worth downloading them only from the official sites of the brand of your laptop!

I figured it out? Now feel free to start using the magic key!

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When the Windows 7 system is reinstalled in HP laptops (at least the HP ProBook 4XXHS series), it happens that after installing all the drivers (versions are relevant), “hot” keys (brightness control, volume control occurs, though without visual notation). I note that this problem has existed for a long time, at least a year now and continues to exist. This article proposes its decision.

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I used to believe that this problem consists in the wrong sequence of installation of drivers (in the crookedness of my hands. I installed them manually). However, having met the utility HP Softpaq Download Manager (proprietary utility from HP), which automates this process (very convenient by the way), it turned out that sometimes such a problem arises with such an installation. Since reinstallation of drivers does not help, I decided to find an alternative way to solve the problem.

So, having analyzed the configuration of the system, I found out that the service responsible for the work of these keys (HP Hotkey Monitor ) uses another service for his work (HP Software Framework ). It turned out that the service HP Software Framework does not start automatically when loading the system.

If you start the service manually, and then restart HP Hotkeys Support. Then the keys begin to work. T.E. It is necessary to make sure that when loading the OS is started first HP Software Framework. And after that. HP Hotkey Monitor. T.To. No dependencies between these default services are established, then I decided to install them.

To edit dependencies in Windows 7, it is necessary to edit the registry.

Launch Regedit And we find a branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CURRENTROLSET \ SERVICES. It contains these services: HP Software Framework. HPQWMIEX and HP Hotkey Monitor. Hphotkeymonitor. Open “HPQWMIEX” and edit the key “Dependonservice”, in the field of value we add the name of the framework service.”HPHOTKEYMONITOR”.

Why do you need FN at all?

In all laptops, the area has a restriction. For example, a place is needed for the control key with sounds, various devices, touchpad and so on. Hence, the creators of laptops, having consulted, came up with the use of a variety of combinations of computer keys while pressing the FN button to perform a variety of actions. If you think about it, they acted, right. But, everywhere there is a spoon of tar.

For example, if you click on the F11 button, you will not deploy the browser in the full display, and turn off the audio elementary. Interestingly, to determine the cause of the breakdown, you can spend several hours. There are many such cases.

How to enable the keys F1-F12

The functional key block is used both on the laptop and on many keyboards connected to the computer as the performance of the main functions of F1-F12, as well as multimedia. The FN button is used to control the mode switching.

FN key use on the laptop keyboard

So, in most cases, the functional keys by default are configured for the operation of F1-F12. To perform alternative functions, that is, so that you can use their brightness of the display, sound and other parameters, you also need to press FN along with the desired F-clavis.

Over, on some models of laptops (HP and others.) Functional keys are configured as multimedia, and you can use them in the usual mode of F1-F12 actions while clicking with FN.

Not all users can evaluate such creativity of manufacturers, since many prefer to mainly apply the primary options of the F-clavish, and not multimedia. For example, playing computer games, where the reaction rate is important, or, working with special software, for convenience, I most often use some buttons from a row F1-F12. It is not entirely comfortable to constantly press the FN for the necessary response, when it is more advisable to turn off the imposed multimedia mode and use the necessary keys immediately for its intended purpose. To change priority, setting functional keys on the laptop is performed in BIOS, where one parameter is required. To do this, do the following:

  • We go to BIOS. Pour the desired key or combination when the laptop is turned on, what specifically to burn the buttons depends on the device model. If you need to apply a functional key, fn pressing is not required here, since the main functions are performed before the start of the key.
  • We move to the System Configuration section.
  • Here we are looking for the Action Keys Mode parameter, click Enter, the value from “Enabled” needs to be changed to “Disabled”.

Changes in the functional keys in BIOS

Now the F1-F12 buttons will function in standard mode, and for the use of multimedia options you will need to press FN.

Mechanical breakdown

If the above recommendations did not help restore the functionality of the FN key, then this indicates its mechanical malfunction. At home, the user can only clean the key itself. To do this, it must be carefully placed with a plastic flat object (mediator, bank card), pull up. All components (plastic emphasis, “butterfly”) are carefully wiped with alcohol, collected in the reverse order.

IMPORTANT! Not all keyboards of laptop keyboards are removable. In the models where protection against spilling fluids is provided, the buttons are “drowned” into the case, and between them it is laid a sealed lining. In no case should you tear it off!

If the cleaning did not help, then the keyboard must be replaced (its repair is inappropriate). The average, but provided that the breakdown did not occur due to the ingress of the liquid into the laptop (leads to the oxidation of the connector, which is an order of magnitude more difficult).

Total, in approximately 98% of cases, FN does not work due to the lack of a driver. It is necessary to download it only from the official site, it is necessary for a specific laptop model (indicated on the label). If the breakdown is mechanical, it is better to contact the service center.

Hot keys on the laptop and ordinary PC do not work? 11 solutions!

Good afternoon friends. Today we will talk why hot keys do not work on a laptop and an ordinary computer? So, let’s look at 11 options for the occurrence of this problem. Perhaps the options that I tell you will help you in solving this problem. This problem arises from very different factors.

  • So, first of all, you need to check whether the Caps Lock key is included on your keyboard. If it is turned on, forget to turn it off. It can affect the performance of hot keys;
  • It is possible that the Russian layout is included on your keyboard, since some programs do not like it and the Civil Code stop working;
  • It is possible that you have Punto Switcher, about which I told you in detail. It also sometimes greatly affects the performance of these keys.

These are the most important reasons. But, if they did not help, we will continue further.

  • Very often a person cannot use hot keys due to other programs. For example, Skype, it loves to shine and block the Civil Code in every way in other programs. Therefore, if your Civil Code does not work, turn off Skype and see if the Civil Code have earned. The same applies to other applications.
  • The next paragraph is “sticking”. To turn off the “sticking”, you need to enter the “control panel” by writing this word in the input line. In this utility there is a line “Search”. We enter the word “sticking” into this line of search; After that, we need to go to the “Center for Special Opportunities”, scroll down the page and find the link “Relief of working with the keyboard”. In the new window there is a line “Turn on the sticking of keys“. If there is a checkmark above it, be sure to remove it. It is she who could be the reason for the refusal of the Civil Code. She greatly interferes with many users. I would even say. Infuriates.
  • If you have a laptop, you must definitely check the FN button, which turns on the media keys. If the media keys are active, they often interfere with the work of the Civil Code. When you turn it off, then everything will work (this key is not necessarily called FN, it can be called differently).
  • If all this did not help, you can try to connect another keyboard and see if the Civil Code will work. Maybe your keyboard just has a software failure or it has broken.
  • Also, in the end, just try to restart the computer. It may well be that after these actions the problem will disappear.
  • If nothing, from what I listed does not help, then you can advise the restoration of the system from the previously prepared version. I always advise my readers to make a backup system, but, unfortunately, few people listen to this, or restore from the recovery point. That is, every time you update Windows or one of the programs, or simply install a new program, this may affect the work of the OS (and you should have new access points, the system should put them by default if you are nothing to create them. Did not change).
  • It may well be that you have a virus on a computer. In this case, you need to scan the computer with your antivirus. If it has not helped, I advise you to scan the computer with a disposable antivirus DR.Web Curelt. At the same time, preferably from a safe mode.
  • Or, even better, download a similar antivirus DR from another computer.Web Livedisk and write it on DVD loading disk. Then, check the computer from this disk. If you do not have a DVD, then this antivirus can also be downloaded to the flash drive and check from it. As you can see, the creator of both antiviruses alone.


So, as is already clear from the name of the article, the essence of the problem is that on the laptop or on the keyboard of a stationary computer, buttons from F1 to F12 refuse to work. And, despite the fact that most users prefer to ignore the functionality that is offered by the keyboard unit, their actual inoperability causes bewilderment in almost all. To begin with, it will be useful to remind you that it is these buttons that are able to, and for more convenience, this functional list in the form of a table should be presented:

  • Calling a certificate in any software where similar functionality is provided.
  • Transition to the waiting mode “.
  • Allows you to rename the selected object (file, folder).
  • Entrance to BIOS in the vast majority of motherboards.
  • Turning off the adapter of the wireless network (transition to the “on the aircraft” mode.
  • Included in the list of hot “Key” in the office package “Microsoft Office”.
  • Calling a window with a search bar.
  • Included in the list of hot “Key” in the office package “Microsoft Office”.
  • The rapid closure of active windows in combination with Alt and Ctrl.
  • Repeat of the last action at Microsoft Office.
  • Carry out the function “update” on active pages of the browser, document, and catalogs Windows
  • Included in the list of hot “Key” in the office package “Microsoft Office”.
  • Moving the cursor to the address line.
  • Setting the brightness of the screen.
  • Used in the program “Total Commander”.
  • Verification of oographs in Microsoft Office.
  • Setting the brightness of the screen.
  • Used in the program “Total Commander”.
  • Highlighting the target line of the browser.
  • Switching the display mode.
  • Used in the program “Total Commander”.
  • In combination with the “FN” key on most laptops

  • Opening the “menu” section in most programs.
  • Sound shutdown on some models of laptops.
  • Decreasing volume level.
  • Opening full.Screen browser mode.
  • Performs the functionality of “save how”.
  • Raising volume.

As you can see, only the above functional abilities already indicate the high importance of these keys, and on this the list of their possible use is not limited.

ASUS laptops

For normal operation of the keyboard, you need to download and install from the official ASUS website.Com software and set of drivers. Atkpackege for your laptop model and the version of the operating system. At the same time, the HCONTROL utility should be in the auto start after installing the software.Exe, which will open when starting Windows.

Additionally update all available drivers for chipset (chipset) of the motherboard of laptop. Usually, after installing software and drivers, a reboot is required, after which you can check the operability of the FN key.

Problem: with the system inaction, the processor loads one core 100% “System” process, which leads to heating and noisy fan operation.

Solution: The problem is somehow related to the determination of equipment when connecting/disconnecting the periphery. Helps to launch in the remotener of the device “Update the configuration of equipment”.

If the problem is constant, then you can make a shortcut or automate the configuration update constantly, for example, on advice from a toaster