Honor wireless earbuds won’t connect to phone

Distance from phone to headphone

Wireless headphones should be within 10 meters of the phone. Remember 10 meters is a confident, unobstructed Bluetooth coverage area.

If the phone is in one room and you are listening to music in another, significant interference or signal loss may occur. This technology has a weak signal strength, so it should be used at a limited distance.

Reasons why they don’t connect

There are the following reasons why the Android phone does not see the Bluetooth headphones:

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  • Headphones are not connected correctly.
  • Bluetooth is disabled in the phone.
  • Battery discharge.
  • Headphones are connected to a different phone.
  • Broken Bluetooth module.
  • Distance from phone to headphone.
  • Phone technical problems.

Below we will look at ways to solve all these problems.

Correct connection of wireless earbuds to Android phone

If you correctly connect Bluetooth headphones to the gadget, then the likelihood of malfunctions is significantly reduced. Let’s take a look at the instruction:

    We activate the Bluetooth headset, and then we pair the devices. To do this, hold down the power key and hold it until the indicator starts blinking or changes color. Detailed information can be found in the instructions for the phone.

  • We unlock the gadget. To do this, go to “Settings”, then select the item “Bluetooth”.
  • We activate the Bluetooth module. just move the slider in the corresponding line.
  • The phone will automatically search for nearby devices. They will be shown in a separate list.
  • Select the desired device from the list. Then click on its name to connect. If you are prompted to enter a password, then the default is “0000”.
  • Honor choice X1 earbuds malfunction, left earbuds doen’t connect

    Device pairing is complete. If connection problems persist, go to the next method.

    Phone technical problems

    If the wireless headphones are fully functional, then we perform the following actions:

    • We check the health of the smartphone contacts. Turn off the gadget by holding the power key for about 10. 15 seconds. Then we take out the SIM card and memory card. Now we can remove all the panels, unscrew the bolts and check the contacts.
    • Make sure the contacts are not oxidized.

    Also, the phone may not connect Bluetooth headphones due to clogged RAM. In this case, you will need to perform a factory reset:

    • Go to “Settings”, click “Reset” or “Restore and reset”.
    • Click “Reset all parameters”.

    Hard Reset will delete all videos and photos. We recommend that you transfer all important files to a memory card or computer before performing a factory reset.

    Wireless Bluetooth headphones won’t connect to my Android phone

    Now I will tell you what to do if your BlueTooth wireless headphones do not connect to your Android phone. Let’s consider the causes of the problem and their solution. This also includes wireless Bluetooth speakers.

    This article is suitable for all brands that produce phones on Android 10/9/8/7: Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Meizu, Fly, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Nokia and others. We are not responsible for your actions.

    Attention! You can ask your question to a specialist at the end of the article.


    Very often, the reason that it is not possible to connect wireless headphones to the phone is the user’s inattention.

    In the instructions with headphones, there is almost always an instruction, where it is not only written, but also clearly shown in pictures how to connect and what to press. Passwords will also be indicated there, if such are needed when pairing devices.

    In this article, we cannot give clear and precise instructions for your case, since there are an incredible number of headphones and phone models. You can read our article and apply the obtained data directly to your case. All interfaces and actions are similar to any device and differ only in names and appearance.

    Bluetooth is disabled in the phone

    In the latest versions of Android, the Bluetooth menu is entered using the quick access curtain. To activate it, just hold down the icon.

    Users simply forget to activate this feature. As a result, after a couple of minutes of waiting for available devices, the list will not be.

    In the shortcut menu, you can activate the module. To do this, click on the icon with the symbol shown in the screenshot above. If the search for devices does not start automatically, then we use the appropriate command by clicking on the “Refresh” or “Search” button.

    Battery discharge

    A common cause of this problem is a discharge of the built-in battery in the headset. The device is turned on by pressing and holding the power key.

    During operation, it constantly gives a light signal, the signal flashing frequency is 3. 5 seconds. If, after holding down the corresponding key, the LED does not light up, then it is necessary to recharge the battery.

    In this situation, damage should also be considered, which is associated with wetting or dropping the wireless headphones. Their diagnostics should be performed at the service center.

    What you need to know before connecting Bluetooth headphones to Honor?

    As you know, the vast majority of modern wireless headsets to connect to an Honor phone or PC use Bluetooth technology. Now there are 5 main specifications of this technology with sub-versions (the latest 5.1). On which of them the headphones you connect work, you can read in the technical characteristics of this device.

    Most modern smartphones supporting the modern Bluetooth 5 standard are backward compatible and perfectly interface with ancient devices based on Bluetooth 2.1, for example. The exceptions are Honor smartphones that use a low energy version of Bluetooth called “Bluetooth Smart”. Bluetooth Smart devices are not backward compatible and will not support older devices using classic Bluetooth.

    Gadgets that use Bluetooth Smart will only work with a smartphone or tablet that also uses Bluetooth Smart (or Bluetooth Smart Ready). Therefore, if suddenly the headphones you connect work on the basis of this technology, you will need an Honor smartphone with its support.

    Preparing the wireless device for use

    Before pairing wireless earbuds with your Honor phone, follow the preparatory steps.

    What needs to be done: Explanation:
    Understand if your Honor meets the requirements. Make sure you are using a new device that supports the latest Bluetooth specifications.
    Charge your smartphone and the headphones themselves. This will avoid sudden disconnection of devices at the time of pairing.
    Turn on your headphones. Trivial advice, but some users forget about it.
    Perform pairing by placing your phone next to the headset. The closer your devices are, the stronger the signal and the more reliable the connection process.

    After following the above tips, proceed to the pairing process of the Honor earphones and mobile phone.

    How to connect Bluetooth headphones to your Honor phone

    Today, wired and inconvenient to use headphones have unconditionally yielded the palm to wireless counterparts. It doesn’t matter if these headphones cost 30 or 300. they connect to your phone using the standard Bluetooth algorithm. If you are a happy owner of an Honor phone, have purchased a Bluetooth headset, and do not know how to pair it with your gadget, then this material is for you. In it we will tell you how to connect modern wireless headphones to your Honor, and what we need for this.

    How to connect wireless earbuds to an Honor smartphone

    The procedure for connecting Bluetooth headphones to your Honor phone is as follows:

    honor, wireless, earbuds, connect, phone
    • Turn on your phone and unlock it;
    • Swipe from top to bottom to open the quick access panel;
    • There, click on the icon in the form of the letter “B”, which usually indicates the Bluetooth module. This icon will light up, which means the Bluetooth module will be activated;

    ️ 2. Making wireless Bluetooth headphones visible to the phone

    Pairing differs depending on the model, this can be specified in the instructions for your headphones (included in the kit). Here are the main options:

    • Just open the case.
    • We open the case and take out the headphones. One or two.
    • Open the case and press the button on the case. If she is.
    • We take out the headphones and press the buttons / sensors on them. There are already few such models. Usually you need to hold down the buttons / sensors on both headphones for a few seconds.

    After entering the pairing mode, the indicator on the headphones changes its state flashes / changes color / lights up / other.

    This is true for the first connection of the headphones. If they have already been paired with another source, you first need to make sure they are not connected to it. How to find Bluetooth headphones in this case. just below.

    2.1. Connecting wireless full-size, “non-TWS” headphones:

    How do I enable pairing mode on non-TWS headphones? That is, on ordinary wireless headphones with a headband or a wire between the bodies. There are two main options:

    • From the off state, hold down the power button and hold it (as in the picture above), without releasing it, for another 2-5 seconds after turning it on. There will be a corresponding indication and / or voice / sound notification that the headphones have switched to the desired mode.
    • If there is a dedicated button for connection. usually, it is indicated by the Bluetooth icon. Turn on the headphones and press it 1 or 2 times (or hold it for a couple of seconds).

    How to connect wireless headphones?

    Let’s figure out how to connect wireless headphones to a phone (on Android). These instructions for connecting Bluetooth headphones are relevant for ANY models: classic Bluetooth headphones (full-size or on-ear) and TWS headphones (in-ear and Airpods-type in-ear).

    Before connecting your wireless headphones, be sure to charge them and turn them on.

    Connecting wireless TWS headphones to the phone, differs from full-size / overhead, only by switching to pairing mode.

      Connecting wireless headphones to the phone, for the first time, is more difficult than the second and subsequent times. This is done for safety from hacking and third-party connections of left devices to your phone or headphones. In the 2nd and subsequent connections of Bluetooth headphones, you will need no more than 5-10 seconds. Turn on Bluetooth on the phone and turn on the headphones, after which they connect automatically.

    How to connect wireless headphones. video if you are too lazy to read:

    We connect any TWS headphones:

    We connect any wireless headphones:

    Turn on Bluetooth on your phone (Android)

    Go to the Bluetooth settings on the phone and turn on Bluetooth: upper curtain → hold down the Bluetooth icon → turn on Bluetooth.

    Or through the settings: main menu → settings → connections → Bluetooth (set to On).

    The name and location of items may vary depending on the shell and version of Android.

    Instant connection. NFC, proprietary application, Google Fast Pair, “magic” on compatible phones

    Sometimes you can hardly think about how to connect headphones to a smartphone. There are additional options for this. Some are more convenient and faster than the standard version, but some are no better.

    • NFC. If your phone and headphones support NFC, then there is no need to think about how to enable pairing mode on the headphones. We just activate NFC on the phone and bring the headphones close to the phone. The place with NFC on the headphones is marked with a special icon (usually on one of the earcups for full-size or on the case for TWS). On the phone. usually the top side of the back cover.
    • Branded application. It may be able to connect headphones even if they are not paired with a phone. All you need to do is turn on Bluetooth. But rarely is it faster than a regular algorithm.
    • Google Fast Pair. Supported by some headphone models and available on Android smartphones with Google services. When the headphones are turned on and next to the phone, an invitation window appears (almost “magic”). A pair of touches and headphones are paired. And linked to your Google account.
    • “Magic” on compatible phones. Popularized by Apple. When the headphones are turned on and close to the phone, a beautiful animation window appears. You just need to confirm the pairing. After that, with each connection, an animation also appears. Usually this method is available between the phone and headphones from the same manufacturer (Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.).

    Choosing wireless headphones:

    How to connect wireless headphones i9, i11, i12. to the phone

    How to connect i9, i11, i12 Chinese wireless earbuds to the phone? Some Chinese TWS earbuds do not turn on automatically when removed from the case, you need to press the buttons.

    Connecting i7s Wireless TWS Earbuds:

    • We take out the Bluetooth headphones from the case.
    • We turn on 1 earphone by holding the power button on it. Before the indicator starts flashing, there is sometimes a voice notification of switching on.
    • After switching on, press 2 times, short pressing the power button.
    • Turn on the 2nd earphone by holding the power button on it.
    • After switching on, press 2 times, by short pressing the power button on the 2nd earphone.
    • Then the 1st earphone is connected to the 2nd earphone.
    • 2nd earbud remains blinking, in pairing and search mode. This earphone is active and it is he who connects to the phone.
    • We take the phone and turn on Bluetooth in the upper curtain. By pressing the Bluetooth icon or through the settings, go to the Bluetooth settings.
    • I7s headphones should be displayed in the list of available devices.
    • Click on i7s and connect i7s wireless headphones.

    To turn off the i7s headphones, just turn off 1 headphone by long pressing the on / off button. After turning off the 1st earphone, the 2nd will turn off automatically.

    Video on connecting wireless headphones i7s

    In the Bluetooth settings on the phone. search for and connect Bluetooth headphones

    We search for devices in the Bluetooth settings on the phone and select your Bluetooth headphones in the available devices (pairing).

    The phone may additionally ask for connection when pairing for the first time. Click “Yes”.

    Usually, headphones in available devices are named something like the official name on the box. But sometimes the Chinese budget TWS (no-name and minor brands) can be called strange: just a Mac-address (numbers and letters separated by colons), hieroglyphs or a name that is not related to the “name” of the model. Sometimes it makes sense to “pierce” several available options.

    Only very old or strange models in the last step require you to enter a pin code. If this happened to a friend, the standard one is 0000 or 1111. Or it is indicated in the documents. How do I connect True Wireless headphones to my phone? As you can see, it’s easy.

    How to connect wireless headphones to another phone?

    The above is an instruction on how to properly connect the headphones for the first time. If they have already been paired with another phone, then the instructions are the same, but there are nuances:

    • If there is a paired phone (laptop, TV) within the Bluetooth range (about 10 m), then the headphones are connected to another phone (with which it was previously paired) automatically. And in most cases, connecting another device will not be possible. Checking this moment.
    • The headphones must be disconnected from the connected phone. To do this, in the list of Bluetooth devices, click on the name of these headphones and confirm the disconnection. You do not need to unpair the headphones. Another option is to simply turn off Bluetooth on the phone with which the headphones are paired.
    • Usually after that, the headphones will automatically go into search mode. All that remains is to connect them to a new phone.
    • If the headphones themselves did not go into search mode or did not connect to another source, but still do not go into availability mode automatically, we force them to be transferred, as indicated above.
    • If none of the above helps, you need to reset the headphones to factory settings. How to do this is written in the manual for a specific model. Usually this is holding the power button for a long time (10-15 seconds). After that, we follow the basic instructions.

    There are models with multipoint function. the ability to simultaneously connect to 2 phones. How to connect headphones to a new phone in this case? Exactly the same: we transfer them to the accessibility mode forcibly and connect. After that, the headphones will connect to two phones: a new and an old one.

    Disconnect headphones from another phone, iPhone or laptop

    Another common reason that a smartphone cannot find and connect to Bluetooth headphones is their active connection with another device. a phone, laptop, TV, etc. Most models are designed in such a way that they automatically remember the last gadget they worked with. And immediately after switching on, they are connected to it, if this device has a Bluetooth module enabled.

    Therefore, you must first disconnect them in the settings from another smartphone or laptop, or simply turn off Bluetooth on it.

    Then you can try again to find the wireless headset (or speaker) in the list of devices to connect

    Why Wireless Headphones DO NOT Connect to Phone via Bluetooth. Android Smartphone Can’t See Headset or Speaker

    I have been using different models of wireless headsets and Bluetooth speakers on a regular basis for more than two years now. Not to say that often, but sometimes I come across a situation when Bluetooth headphones do not connect to an Android phone, or the smartphone does not see them at all. Why is this happening, and what to do in this case? Let’s talk about this in this article, which is universal for all Android phones (Xiaomi, Redmi, Honor, Samsung, etc.) and any wireless headphones with a Bluetooth module. JBL, Airpods, Huawei and others.

    Disconnect the speaker or other headphones from the phone

    Now let’s look at a few errors related to the phone itself, due to which it does not see or does not connect to a wireless headset or speaker. Most often, there is a situation when the smartphone is already connected to other headphones or an audio device via Bluetooth. The fact is that most models can work with only one sound-reproducing device at a time. And as we already know, when Bluetooth is turned on on a smartphone, it can automatically connect to the last headset or speaker on which music was played from it.

    Therefore, you must first go to the Bluetooth settings on Android, iOS, Windows or Mac OS and disconnect the current connection.

    Or even remove headphones or a speaker from memory altogether

    Then you can connect your laptop or smartphone to the desired wireless headphones

    Bring close to your Android phone

    Also, if your Android does not see wireless headphones or speakers, then you need to take into account that, according to the Bluetooth 5.0 standard, the communication distance is no more than 10 meters in line of sight. In practice, when used in an apartment, due to numerous obstacles in the form of walls and doors, it does not exceed 5 meters. Therefore, for correct detection of the headset, you need to bring them close to the smartphone.

    Charging the earbuds

    Let’s start with the reasons that are directly related to headphones. First of all, you need to make sure that the headset is sufficiently charged to be able to connect to your smartphone. Many models are designed in such a way that they turn on immediately after you take them out of the case. As a result, we take them out on the machine, insert them into our ears, but in fact, the case has been discharged for a long time, and the headphones simply do not work.

    Turn on the headphones and put Bluetooth into connection standby mode

    The second mistake of newcomers or those who have previously used Airpods and their analogues, which turn on by themselves after they are removed from the case.

    For some wireless headphones, this is not enough. they need to be forcibly turned on so that they sync and go into standby mode for connecting to the phone.

    Depending on the model, the headset can be turned on with a button inside or outside the case

    Or you need to press a function key or touch sensor on the headphones themselves

    Why can’t my phone see Bluetooth headphones? Main reasons

    First of all, I would advise you to find out what the main reason is. in the wireless headphones or the smartphone itself. To understand this, try connecting the headphones to another phone, iPhone or laptop via Bluetooth.

    • If nothing else works, then the headphones are to blame.
    • If another phone sees them and connects, then the problem is in the first smartphone

    Fix Connecting Issue of Wireless Bluetooth Headphone in Android Phone

    Broken headset

    Concluding the analysis of the problems associated with the operation of the wireless headphones themselves, it is impossible to exclude the possibility that they can be trivially broken. For example, if they began to play quieter a little earlier or the sound on one of the modules disappeared. In this case, only contacting the service center will help.

    Fixing problems when connecting Bluetooth headphones

    When connecting the headphones using Bluetooth technology to your mobile phone, other problems may occur. You can strictly follow the instructions, reconnect and pair devices. But as a result, nothing appears in the window of connected devices via Bluetooth. This situation may arise due to the connection history in your mobile device. If you have previously connected via Bluetooth to other devices or connected other devices to the phone. all of them will be displayed in history.

    Sometimes this list is the cause of problems. The connection manager can help with this. Bluetooth Pair.

    Or a similar manager for Bluetooth. Their task is to amplify the radio communication signal of the built-in technology, as well as more quickly find the nearest device. You can find and download it in the Google Play Market or the App Store. In the running application, all devices will be signed. If these are headphones. in brackets you will see this.

    The list of devices is created in descending order. The devices that are closest to the smartphone will be at the top of the list. Try using this app if you are having trouble connecting your headphones to your phone. If the Bluetooth Pair app is not the right tool for you, its interface is too complicated, try using others in the market.

    What to do if the earbuds won’t pair with your phone

    Now let’s solve the problem if, according to the instructions above, it was not possible to create a pairing between the Bluetooth headphones and the mobile device. When creating such a complex gadget as Bluetooth devices, software developers face a lot of tasks.

    For example, organize the work of the headphones so that you can reconnect them to another device. Since connecting to one phone for the first time, they will not automatically connect to another. Which appeared within the Bluetooth range.

    If you are using Bluetooth on multiple mobile devices (such as phone and tablet), the headphones need to be reconnected. In order to force them to search for a device in range again, try holding the power button. Hold it until the indicator starts flashing quickly, two to three times per second.

    This will mean that the headphones have started searching for a new device to connect. To pair with the one you need, you need to select the headset model in this device. And also click on the button “Connect”, “Connect”, etc.

    The way to properly connect a device via Bluetooth

    So that in the future there will be no unnecessary questions about how to synchronize headphones via Bluetooth correctly, let’s look at this process.

    Most models connect to smartphones in the same way:

      There is an activation button on the headphone case. And also an indicator that notifies us about the status of the device;

    The device name should be displayed in the main window of the technology settings.

    To go to it in Android devices, hold the Bluetooth activation icon in the shortcut menu (by pulling the curtain down).

    When you plug in headphones or a headset, try turning on the radio or music on your smartphone to see if you can do it.

    Why the phone does not see Bluetooth headphones

    When connecting the headphones to a smartphone or other device via Bluetooth, you may find that it does not connect. Although Bluetooth technology is universal, it often happens that users cannot configure the device correctly. There are several reasons for this. First of all, it is the battery charge level. Since wireless headphones work autonomously, they have their own battery. If it is discharged, the connection may not work.

    Despite the fact that the process of connecting headphones is pretty simple in almost all cases, some important details may be missing. A mobile device may also be out of charge. It also often happens that wireless headphones have already been paired with other devices. And the device will not see them as there is no radio communication. Devices may have different modes enabled that prevent connection.

    Why bluetooth headphones won’t connect to my phone

    Bluetooth headphones are very popular due to their ability to use the device wirelessly. Regular wired headphones are a lot of hassle. They are always confused in our After that, instead of enjoying music from a smartphone, we persistently disassemble this whole tangle. But a wireless device can sometimes piss us off. In this article, you will learn why Bluetooth headphones sometimes won’t connect to mobile phone.

    Easy ways to sync with your phone

    Now let’s move on to simpler, perhaps even trivial, recommendations to connect a Bluetooth headset to a mobile device. Regardless of your age of “communication” with digital devices, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with them. And check everything again. For example, make sure Bluetooth is active on both connecting devices. But first, put the headphones and smartphone on recharge to immediately cut off possible problems with the charge level.

    Wait until the devices are fully charged. Then try connecting the headphones to the phone again. When activating pairing on the headphones, make sure they are responsive to your actions. The indicator should start blinking the moment you hold down the power button. If you are trying to connect headphones to a laptop, turn off the power saving mode. Which can block connected devices when working without a connected power cable.

    • You need to open the control panel. Press the WIN R keys together and type in the word “Control”. Click the “OK” button to continue;
    • Then, at the top right, select Small Icons. This is necessary to quickly find the item “Power supply”;

    How to sync two headphones?

    • Hold the button on the headphones and hold until blinking
    • When one of the headphones stops blinking, turn on Bluetooth on the smartphone and search for headphones through the device search, the name should be the same as the model
    • Select headphones in the search for your smartphone’s Bluetooth devices
    • Confirm sync
    • Ready

    Why wireless headphones won’t connect to iPhone?

    Make sure the Bluetooth accessory and the iOS or iPadOS device are close to each other. Turn off and then turn on the Bluetooth accessory. Make sure the Bluetooth accessory is turned on and fully charged or connected to a power source. If the accessory uses batteries, check to see if they need to be replaced.

    How to put the headphones into pairing mode?

    Activate pairing mode on the Bluetooth headphones. Press and hold the power button or ID SET button. When the indicator starts flashing quickly, release the button. Bluetooth headphones enter pairing mode.

    What to do if Bluetooth headphones won’t connect to the phone?

    To do this, follow these steps:

    • Open “Settings”.
    • Tap Connections and then Bluetooth.
    • Then turn on bluetooth and wait for the list to show the list of devices.
    • Click on the gear icon next to the device, then “Disable”.
    • Repeat for all devices.

    How to reset Bluetooth headphones?

    To reset both the over-ear and over-ear wireless headphones, unplug them. Then press the three buttons simultaneously (Call, Volume and Mute) and hold for 3-5 seconds. Wait until the indicator light flashes red or blue 1 time.

    How to pair headphones with each other Redmi AirDots?

    Press and hold the buttons on both earbuds for 15 seconds. After the indicator flashes red and white alternately three times (then flashes again), release the buttons and return the earbuds to the charging case. Remove Redmi AirDots from the list of paired devices on your smartphone, if they are there.

    How to connect wireless headphones to iPhone 7?

    Once you have activated the pairing mode, on the iPhone, go to the Bluetooth menu. Find your headphones in it among the list of gadgets within Bluetooth range. Click on the name of the headphones, and the inscription “Connected” will appear next to it, and the headset can additionally reproduce an audio signal.

    Software update required

    If you have not updated the software on your Android phone, it is most likely for this reason that you cannot pair it with the headphones. Here’s how you can check for updates on most Androids:

    • Open “Settings”.
    • Find the “Software Update” section.
    • Install updates if they were sent to you.
    • After completing the Android phone update, turn on Bluetooth and pair the headset.

    Headphones and smartphone are weak

    Often times, you cannot connect wireless headphones to your phone because there is not enough charge on both devices. This problem is especially inherent in wireless headphones, since they require a large amount of charge to pair with a smartphone.

    An iPhone or Android phone can turn off Bluetooth when it is running low or power-on. This is why you must charge both devices. Otherwise, it will be difficult to connect wireless headphones to the phone.

    Wireless headphones won’t connect to your phone: top reasons

    Problems with connecting to a smartphone are often very simple and it is not difficult to solve them on your own. Here are some common problems with quick fixes for iOS and Android smartphones.

    Reset iPhone Settings

    Factory resetting your iPhone might fix the headphone pairing issue if all the other methods above didn’t work.

    Important to remember! This will erase all data, including pictures and contacts, from your iPhone, so be sure to back it up. How to Factory Reset iPhone?

    Huawei Honor Bluetooth Not Working Problem Solved || How to Fix Bluetooth Problem in Huawei Honor

    • Back up all files using iCloud or iTunes.
    • After that go to “Settings” and select “General”.
    • Click on “Reset” and then “Erase content and settings”.
    • enter password.
    • Click “Delete iPhone” when the pop-up window appears.
    • Enter Apple ID.
    • Wait for the reset and restart your device.
    • After you restore the backed up data, you can re-pair.

    I am sure that now you will definitely not have the question “What to do if the wireless headphones do not connect to the phone”.

    If you have any problems when working with Airpods, then below I have compiled a list of the main problems of users:

    Headphones are not compatible with your phone

    As you already know, Bluetooth is backward compatible. This means, for example, older models with Bluetooth 2.1 will not connect to a newer phone that supports Bluetooth 4.2 or 5.

    However, if you have a smartphone with an older Bluetooth version than your gadget, you will not be able to connect them. For example, iPhone 4 only supports Bluetooth 2.1, so it will not pair with headphones that support Bluetooth version above 2.1.

    So make sure your phone has a higher bluetooth version than your bluetooth wireless earbuds. Otherwise, you cannot avoid problems with connecting the headphones to the phone.!

    Power saving and flight modes

    If you’ve turned on power saving mode on your phone, chances are you won’t be able to use Bluetooth, as this mode often turns it off to save power. Turn off power saving to reconnect your smartphone to wireless headphones.

    Go to the control center or notification panel on your smartphone. Then press the battery logo to deactivate the power saving mode. If the logo is missing here, go to Settings and find Battery and Power Saving Mode to turn it off.

    Also, some phones automatically turn off Bluetooth when they run out of power, so make sure your phone is charged. In addition, if you have turned on airplane mode, Bluetooth is automatically turned off in smartphones.

    So make sure Airplane Mode is off. You can do this by going to the control center or notification panel and clicking on the airplane symbol. Now try to connect the wireless headphones again, there should be no problems.

    Many devices in the Bluetooth pairing list

    Another quick way to update Bluetooth is to delete other devices that your phone was previously paired with. To do this, follow these steps:

    • Open “Settings”.
    • Tap Connections and then Bluetooth. For older versions, just search for bluetooth in settings.
    • Then turn on bluetooth and wait for the list to show the list of devices.
    • Click on the gear icon next to the device, then “Disable”.
    • Repeat for all devices.
    • Now turn on your wireless headset and try to pair them with your Android smartphone again.

    Read the instructions

    If you’ve just bought a wireless gadget, it is recommended that you read the user manual first. Didn’t you read the instructions? What to do if you can’t connect headphones to your smartphone?

    Before you give up trying to pair, read the user manual. Find the iOS or Android section and follow the instructions written to connect the headphones to your smartphone.

    Device compatibility

    But usually smartphones and Bluetooth headphones work in the same frequency range, compatibility problems arise in the following cases:

    • Why won’t bluetooth headphones connect to my phone? Perhaps the devices are not compatible for some reason. A similar problem arises if the smartphone was flashed, that is, the old software was “demolished” and new, pirated software was installed. In this case, the standard sync protocols have been removed, and the new ones do not support wireless connections.
    • Connecting a Bluetooth 5.0 device to a smartphone supporting Bluetooth 3.0 or 2.0 will not connect.

    To eliminate these options, pair the headset with another Bluetooth-enabled phone of the corresponding specification.

    How to fix the problem

    If your phone does not find a Bluetooth headset, follow these steps:

    • Connect the earbuds to the charger and leave it on for 2-3 hours. See the instructions for the exact time.
    • Connect Bluetooth headphones to another device. The problem may be related to incompatibility between headset and phone.
    • The headset and smartphone are not Bluetooth compatible. When purchasing, check with your retailer for the wireless specification.
    • Check if the Bluetooth function is activated. To do this, in the “Settings” find the item “Wireless networks”. Here, put the slider on.

    If the above methods do not help, perform the recovery procedure. To do this, go to “Settings” → “Reset all parameters to default values”.

    Bluetooth headset won’t connect to Android phone

    If you followed the instructions correctly, but the pairing did not happen, first check if the device is charged. When connected, the red-blue indicator should blink, if it is off, charge the headset. The charging time is indicated in the instructions or on the packaging, usually at least 2 hours. Didn’t help, consider other reasons.

    What to do if the phone does not see the Bluetooth headphones on the Android platform:

    • The headset is not properly paired with the smartphone. The device is activated by pressing and holding the Answer button for 2-3 seconds. A blinking signal will indicate that the headset is ready for use.
    • Wireless headsets connect to the phone automatically for the first time, but for the second, third and subsequent times, forced pairing is required. It is possible that the device was previously used with another gadget. To fix the problem, press and hold the button until a field appears on the smartphone screen where you need to enter the password. It consists of 0000, some manufacturers indicate the code in the instructions.
    • The battery level has dropped. If the headset is close to low, the pairing function is disabled. So it is recommended to charge the headset when reconnecting.

    Why won’t the phone connect and see the bluetooth headphones?

    Wireless headphones and mono headsets are some of the most common optional accessories for smartphones. Now you can talk with your interlocutor, listen to music or audiobooks without using hands and wires. The devices connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, are affordable and easy to manage. I’m having trouble syncing my smartphone and headset. Today we will figure out why the phone does not see Bluetooth headphones and how to solve the problem yourself.

    Headset problem

    Check if the headphones are empty. So please charge your device before use.

    But the most common problem has to do with resynchronization. The first time the headset connects automatically, but the second and subsequent devices require some effort. When connecting, enter the standard password. 10000.


    Consider why the phone does not see the Bluetooth headset or the connection is not made.

    Phone problem

    If everything is ok with the headset, check the status of your phone. Go to “Settings”, find the Bluetooth item and make sure that the toggle slider is in the “on” position. After that, reconnect by selecting the desired device in the search field.

    If this time it was not possible to connect the two devices, contact a specialist.

    Check if your headphones are in the list of connected Bluetooth devices

    The headphones may be plugging in, but there is no sound. Without closing the Bluetooth settings, we look for our headphones in the list of devices.

    • If they are connected, as in the screenshot above, we add sound in the phone and on the headphones. It happens that it is simply twisted to a minimum. If it does not help, you can disconnect (not mark pairing) and reconnect from this menu.
    • If they are not connected, but are visible in the available devices, we pair them. It happens that pairing is lost for some reason. And need to reconnect like the first time.

    What to do if the headphones won’t connect to the phone?

    Bluetooth headphones won’t connect to your phone? It’s okay, we’ll figure out what to do if the phone can’t see the headphones. It is enough to perform a couple of simple actions that will take no more than five minutes, and everything will probably work.

    The situation when the headphones do not pair, especially often happens with budget Chinese models. Which is not surprising. But everything is fixable.

    • You don’t have to complete all the steps. If at some point the headphones are connected to the phone, we stop. You can bookmark the site, it will come in handy
    • And first of all, check out our instructions on how to properly connect Bluetooth headphones to any phone.

    We connect headphones to another phone

    If the phone does not see the Bluetooth headphones when pairing, there may be a problem with the headphones. Will they connect to another phone? Checking. If the other phone does not see the headphones, and the connection was according to our detailed instructions, then you need to deal with the headphones, perhaps repair.

    Trying to connect other Bluetooth headphones

    It happens that the phone does not connect to some headphones, but connects to others. If you have another model at hand, we connect it according to the basic instructions.

    If some headphones stop connecting, this does not necessarily mean that all the others will not connect.

    Make sure the headphones are in pairing mode

    Maybe the Bluetooth headphones are not connecting to the phone because they are not in pairing mode. Accidentally left it or this mode is turned on somehow unobvious. Check this point on the instructions for the headphones.

    • Usually, to enter pairing mode, you need to hold down the power button or a special Bluetooth button from the off state. In TWS headphones, this is a button on the case.
    • Read more about this in our instructions for connecting headphones.

    Check if Bluetooth is turned on. turn on

    What to do if Bluetooth wireless headphones won’t connect to my phone? First of all, we check if they are charged. And if they are not very far from the phone. To be sure, place them 1 meter or closer. After that, go to the Bluetooth settings.

    It happens that headphones are not connected due to the fact that Bluetooth is turned off in principle. Turn on: upper curtain → hold down the Bluetooth icon → turn on Bluetooth. Or through the settings: main menu → settings → connections → Bluetooth (set to On).

    If enabled, the headphones will not connect to the phone for other reasons. continue. At the same stage, to be sure, you can restart the phone.

    honor, wireless, earbuds, connect, phone

    Reset the settings on the headphones and reconnect them to the phone

    If, after all the actions, the headphones do not pair, you should try to reset their settings to the factory settings. It is best to see how this is done in the instructions (included in the kit or on the manufacturer’s website). General recommendations are:

    • If these are “classic” wireless headphones (with a wire and / or a headband between the headphones), then you need to turn them off, then hold down the power button for 10-20 seconds or more. The headphones should turn on, do not release the button and wait for an additional signal: the indicator will change, perhaps there will be sound / voice confirmation. For some models, you need to clamp the Bluetooth button.
    • If these are completely wireless TWS headphones, then you need to hold down the button on the case or on both headphones (there are buttons or sensors). The logic is the same, we turn off the headphones (put them in the case or turn them off outside the case according to the instructions) and hold the buttons / sensors until a sound signal or indication. Usually also 10-20 seconds, maybe more. Read more in the instructions.

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