Honor View 10 Wireless Charging How To Turn On

Faced the question: “Does the Honor 7c / 8s / 8x / 9/9 Lite / 10 / 10i / 10 Lite / Play / 20 / P20 Lite / 20 Pro and Huawei Smart 2019 / Mate 20 / P20 Pro / P30 Lite support wireless charging? / P30 “? New technology charges the smartphone using a special receiver. Qi receiver. a station that fills the device’s battery. Now put the phone on the platform, without additional wires and connections. Unfortunately, not all mobile phones support this option. A large role is played by the model and body of the phone. To find out if a function is available, use the list.

Honor View 10 Wireless Charging How To Turn On

What is wireless charging?

The technology of contactless restoration of battery performance allows you to forever abandon long wires. Each user has encountered broken cables at least once. They are easily damaged and stop working. In addition, the more often you carry with you, the faster the wire gets tangled and wears out. For the smartphone itself, there are also negative aspects. With constant recharging, the device port deteriorates. You have to contact the service center more often to troubleshoot. Thus, portable charging eliminates the problem. However, on the other hand, it has some disadvantages.

  1. The first minus is the expensive cost. Smartphones with a built-in option cost an order of magnitude higher. This is because the receiver itself is included in the kit.
  2. The second drawback is the use radius of 3-5 cm. Wearing the gadget around the apartment and charging at the same time will not work. The device must lie on the platform.
  3. Another drawback is that it will not be possible to call, write SMS and communicate on social networks while increasing the battery.

Otherwise, the QI standard device is a profitable acquisition for users of the brand of the same name.

Which Honor and Huawei phones support wireless charging?

As mentioned above, not all flagship smartphones support this feature. Now developers of famous brands are gradually introducing an option on devices. We suggest finding the device in the list of Honor and Huawei phones that support wireless charging. At the moment, these are the following models:

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