Honor Play Waterproof Or Not

In 2018, five years have passed since the day when Honor ceased to be a series of Huawei smartphones and became a separate manufacturer. How do you live in independence and sovereignty?

Honor Play Waterproof Or Not

Honestly, it’s a sin to complain. for 2018, Honor sales in China grew by 100%. And we took off by 300% and now in second place in terms of market share, and in first place in terms of online sales. I think this is the best evidence that we are doing everything right. from the characteristics of smartphones to pricing.

Honor sales growth

By the way, outside the home market, most of all Honor is bought exactly. Therefore, we will reciprocate this attention, make smartphones as affordable as possible and begin sales as soon as possible after their launch in China.

And the partners, which are already there, are also glad of such progress. both Russian and Chinese.

Honor success in the world

But will Russian network sellers rejoice that after several years of cooperation with cellular stores Honor made friends with TMall (Russian branch of Aliexpress. approx.ed.) and, as it seems from the outside, trying to start selling smartphones without the participation of guys outside of China?

We didn’t have, and don’t have any “favorites” with special privileges, because such tactics spoil everything. Our goal now is to sell low-cost smartphones wherever possible, and not create additional barriers for customers that have to be “overcome”.

If we begin to adhere to the principle of “everyone is equal, but some are more equal”, all networkers will gradually quarrel with us, except for these most privileged partners. As a result, smartphones will be sold in smaller quantities. A smaller circulation of smartphones. a higher price.

Honor 8X. the first in a long time the all-new Honor mid-range smartphone. Ferra approves

Honor releases a lot of smartphones with similar characteristics and capabilities. What, for example, is the meaning of the existence of the Honor Play smartphone since the GPU Turbo technology (acceleration of work in games) ceased to be exclusive to this particular model?

No, Honor Play is not a passing series. When we decided to create a fast and affordable smartphone for gamers, we had to start somewhere, and it was Honor Play that became the first carrier of the flagship processor Kirin 970 at the lowest price. It was initially more affordable than Honor 10, which already has a wider specialization. Of course, nothing prevented us from campaigning for young people who love games, to pay extra for expensive flagship smartphones. But we decided that if we have the opportunity to make a specialized “combat” model cheaper, we need to do just that, and not hope that buyers will run to overpay for functions that they do not need. This is the first.

And secondly, this fact may not be obvious at first glance, but Honor Play is different from other available models on the Kirin 970 and is constructive, because it is a smartphone with a special cooling system specifically for games. For most users of technology, including, possibly, you and me, it may not matter how much the smartphone is laid out in games. The game is most often evaluated “by eye”, whether it works without slowing down, or with smoothness of work, everything is clearly bad.