Honor Band 5 Screen Not Working

Why does Honor Band 5 not turn on? A popular question among smart watch users. On user forums, customers are faced with similar questions. Article will help to understand a question. It is worth starting with the fact that smart watches are a useful device that everyone needs. Malfunctions occur in the operation of each device. Most often they are associated with technical problems with the device. The solution to the problem is posted below.

Honor Band 5 Screen Not Working

Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet does not turn on: reasons

Tea has a number of functions. They monitor the quality and duration of sleep, calories dropped, pulse at rest and activity. In addition, they are used for fitness training. The new version of the bracelet has a useful option for determining oxygen in human blood. Hour reliably fasten on a hand and do not crush skin. For accurate health data, we recommend wearing them around the clock. The information received is useful for improving health indicators. Does Honor Band 5 not turn on? Let’s try to find the cause of the failure. To begin with, we will understand the main problems. The list is as follows:

  1. Outdated firmware that slows down the device.
  2. Lack of connectivity with a mobile phone.
  3. The device contacts were oxidized, which led to the complete discharge of the accessory.

Before going to the service center, we offer to solve the problem yourself. Try these troubleshooting methods:

  1. Turn on the charging with the original cable and put the phone. After 20 minutes, turn on your smartphone. Wait for the full download and activate pairing.
  2. Remove the back cover and check the Contacts. Wipe them off dust and dirt. After that, connect to the power supply system.

Honor Band 5 charges but doesn’t turn on

This model allows you to skip on mode, as the display activity is a couple of seconds. It is not possible to remove these settings. No need to worry. Use the brief instructions for use:

  1. We carry out a quick reboot and click on the “Shutdown” button.
  2. Now connect to the smartphone again.
  3. Re-download the Huawei Health app.

These simple steps will help solve the problem.

Discharged and does not turn on

Does the fitness bracelet not turn on after the battery is completely discharged? Try this method:

  1. Put the phone on charge. Use the “native” cord. This will help to quickly restore the charge.
  2. Remove the pairing between the gadgets and download the program again.
  3. 15-20 minutes after this process, you need to reset the settings to the factory state.

Doesn’t turn on after update

Sometimes the watch stops functioning after new updates. This means that the updated settings are not suitable for a mobile phone and a bracelet. In this case, it is recommended to return the device to the initial settings. What to do?

  1. We remove the connection with the clock.
  2. We connect to the power supply system and hold the shutdown key.
  3. After that, run the settings folder.
  4. Click on the reset item.
  5. Now we do a new pairing and download the application on the smartphone again.
  6. Install the desired language.

What to do if the screen does not turn on on the Honor band 5?

In the updated version of the accessory, the display works by touch. It is easy to turn on the screen by pressing the “Main button”. Nothing happened? In this situation, follow the recommendations:

Use proven tips and techniques to quickly fix the problem.