Honor Band 4 Watch How to Change the Language

In early autumn 2018, a new smart watch model of the Chinese company Huawei, Honor Band 4, was introduced. Despite the affordable price, the bracelet is equipped with an expanded set of functions that allow it to compete with more expensive models.

Technical specifications Huawei Honor Band 4

According to the instructions, the Honor bracelet has the following specifications:

  • the official release date is September 2018;
  • color options. black, pink, blue;
  • display size. 0.9 ″;
  • screen type. AMOLED;
  • display resolution. 240×120 pixels;
  • processor type. Applo 3;
  • type of operating system. proprietary;
  • RAM capacity. 384 KB;
  • the amount of internal memory. 16 MB;
  • wireless connection method. Bluetooth 4.2 LE;
  • types of sensors. infrared sensor, optical heart rate controller, six-axis accelerometer;
  • battery capacity. 100 mAh;
  • battery life. up to 2 weeks (when using only basic functions), up to 6 days (when monitoring of cardiac activity is turned on);
  • dimensions. 43×17.2×11.5 mm;
  • weight. 23 g.
Honor Band 4 Watch How to Change the Language

Overview of the fitness tracker Huawei Honor Band 4

Before describing the functionality of the device, you need to consider what is included in the package. The package contains the following items:

  • smart watch;
  • Charger;
  • short USB cable;
  • user’s manual.

Appearance and Ergonomics

Externally, Honor Band 4 is similar to the previous model of fitness watches in this series. The device has the following elements:

  1. Body. It features a rectangular shape, equipped with removable straps, available in 3 color options. The fastener is reliable enough, the tracker will not fall off when playing sports. There is the possibility of installing other standard straps, which allows you to create an unusual accessory. The build quality of the case is good, it does not creak, it is not damaged.
  2. Glass. Unlike its predecessor, this model is coated with durable, scratch-resistant organic material. Glass is not damaged even with strong impacts.
  3. Sensors and controls. An optical heart rate monitor and a connector for connecting a charger are located in the lower part of the case. The battery can only be charged with the original device, so you will have to take an auxiliary accessory when traveling. The battery does not require frequent charging, so this slight inconvenience is not considered a disadvantage.


The device is equipped with a high-resolution AMOLED color screen. It holds up to 45 badges. The previous model had less capacity.

Users will also like the high brightness of the backlight, which is very different from that of other fitness trackers. There are 3 levels of adjustment. In most cases, the lowest brightness is enough. The parameter can be adjusted automatically, which helps to save battery power in the dark.


Sports watches provide users with the following features:

  1. Displays information about the date, time, and day of the week. The device performs the same functions as a simple clock.
  2. Auto heart rate tracking. The screen displays both the actual value of the parameter and the results of daily monitoring.
  3. Support for multiple sports modes. The device monitors the state of the body when running, walking, swimming, cycling. Any function can be activated without pairing with the phone. There is no option to automatically recognize workouts. Type of training set manually.
  4. Sleep tracking. The function works in 2 modes. standard and advanced. In the first case, only basic information is displayed on the screen. The breakdown of sleep into phases is conditional. When TruSleep is enabled, the device acquires additional features. It not only tracks the phases of sleep, but also controls breathing.
  5. Heart rate monitor. You can set up continuous monitoring of the state of the cardiovascular system. The bracelet measures readings every 2 minutes. The device notifies the user of a change in heartbeat. You can select multiple heart rate zones. The measurement accuracy is not much different from the capabilities of the previous model. At rest, the device works quite accurately, interference may occur during training.
  6. Pedometer. The device is able to determine not only the number, but also the length of the steps. The indicator is calculated taking into account the growth of the user. If the step length determined by the tracker differs from the actual one, you can configure it by visiting your profile.
  7. Calorie Counting. The application first determines the nature of the metabolism. The bracelet does not have special sensors, the calculations are performed using a formula containing data on age, weight and height. The data of the heart rate monitor and accelerometer are taken into account. The calculations are not accurate, the error is at least 25%.
  8. Receive notifications. Notifications about messages from the social network, incoming calls, SMS appear on the device’s screen.
  9. Smart alarm clock. This function monitors the phases of sleep, choosing the optimal time of awakening. It helps to wake up in a cheerful state.
  10. Weather forecast. Accurate data can only be obtained when synchronizing with the phone.
  11. Timer and stopwatch.
  12. Search function. Allows you to quickly find a phone tied to a bracelet.
  13. Remote control camera phone.
  14. NFC Contactless payment technology is used only in China. In our country, it is useless.
  15. Pressure measurement. The results are not accurate enough. The device provides only approximate blood pressure values.


Communication with the smartphone is carried out using the Bluetooth module.


When you turn on all options, the battery lasts for 6-7 days. In standby mode, the bracelet works for at least 4 weeks. When using only basic functions, you can charge the device once every 2 weeks.

Water resistant

A value of 5 atm means that the device has passed the test by static action of a water column 50 m high. When hit in a wave, the pressure reaches 3 atm. You can swim in the pool without removing the bracelet. Do not use the device when scuba diving, expose it to boiling water and salt water.

Huawei Health app and instructions for connecting to the phone

You can set up the bracelet and synchronize it with the phone by installing a special application. The tracker works in conjunction with the program Huawei Health, compatible with smartphones based on ANDROID and iOS. The software is downloaded for free on the App Store or Google Play.

Connecting the bracelet Huawei Honor Band 4 is as follows:

  1. Open the application. At the top of the screen they find “”, start adding the device.
  2. In the list that opens, select the smart watch Honor Band 4. Click “Connect.”
  3. Confirm sync wirelessly. Allows the app to determine the location of the user. You will need a function to get weather information.
  4. Confirm the synchronization on the bracelet using the icon that appears. Click the “Done” button. After establishing a connection, update the software, configure it. After synchronization with the smartphone, the interface of the bracelet will be translated into Russian.

How to enable or disable Honor band 4

To turn on the tracker for the first time, press and hold the touch key at the bottom of the display.

You can reboot or deactivate the device through the menu. To do this, go to the “” section, find the “Shutdown and Reboot” item.

How to change the language

The bracelet interface is offered in Chinese. When synchronizing with the phone, the smartphone language is automatically set. If the device has an unsupported interface, the wristband includes the default settings. The language will be Chinese.

Key features and capabilities of the Huawei 4 fitness bracelet

The instruction for the Honor Band 4 Pro bracelet describes the activation of the basic functions of the device.


The device is equipped with 4 types of dials. On the main screen there is information about the time, date, day of the week. Additionally, you can see the number of steps taken, the weather forecast, the status of the wireless connection. The second type of interface displays time, distance and calories burned. The arrow version contains only the date, time, day of the week.

This section of the menu contains information about sleep mode. Here you can connect the TruSleep function. It will automatically determine the time of falling asleep, the phase of sleep. The bracelet gives recommendations for improving the quality of sleep.


The sixth section of the menu is designed to turn on the heart rate monitor. The function is activated by touching the screen with your finger.


In this section, they set the goal of the training, set intermediate notifications. Data is transferred to the Huawei Health app. If desired, the results of classes can be shared on social networks.

Set up notifications

In the “Messages” section notifications not viewed by the user are stored. If the notification is opened on the phone, it will be deleted on the tracker.

Weather setting

The weather forecast is transmitted by the Huawei Health app, which reads location data. To display the correct information, you need to synchronize the bracelet with the phone. The app needs to be excluded from charge optimization.

Smart alarm clock

To activate this feature, you need to configure the estimated wake-up time in the application. The bracelet will begin to monitor the depth of sleep, the alarm goes off when the fast phase occurs.