Honor 9 Lite Camera How Many Megapixels

Recently, Huawei has been developing by leaps and bounds. This is noticeable both in its boisterous activity and in statistics, which show that this company is the 3rd in the world in sales of devices. In this regard, the attention to it is very large. If earlier Huawei products were compared with Samsung products, today the models of this company are compared among themselves.

Let’s compare Honor 7x and Honor 9 lite, which performed very well. It’s hard to choose which is better: Honor 7x or Honor 9 lite, because smartphones are very similar. But still they have some differences that will help us choose the best option.

Honor 9 Lite Camera How Many Megapixels

The main differences between the models

When comparing, the first thing to do is list the main differences between the monitored models. The first thing that catches your eye is the size of the screen. Unlike Honor 9 light, 7x has a 5.93-inch screen, which, on the one hand, is large and convenient, but on the other, it makes the device larger and, accordingly, more weighty. The 9 lite has a 5.65-inch screen, which makes it a little more compact, easier and positively affects the battery, but more on that later.

Honor 7 X and Honor 9 Light differ version of the operating system. OS information is often underestimated. But in fact, a lot depends on which OS is installed, since the optimization of hardware depends on the software, the device’s functionality, battery life, and much more, so you should pay attention to this.

Android 7.0 Nougat

So, Honor 7x is based on version 7 of Android. This is an old operating system, it has established itself as a convenient and stable. But still there is a newer version that is installed in Honor 9 lite, and this is Android 8. In this version there are more functions, it is more convenient, and, in general, there are much more emotions from using a smartphone based on Android 8.

Honor 7x and Honor 9 light have different batteries. The 7x has a 3340 mAh battery, while the competitor has only 3,000 mAh. On the one hand, the difference may seem significant, but on the other hand, there are other factors that can affect the battery life. For example, remember the size of the screens. a larger diagonal needs more energy. Therefore, in principle, the autonomy of the devices is the same, although the battery capacity is different.

These models also have differences in the camera. They are not very significant, but still play some role in the quality of the shoot. Both models have a dual camera, the second module has a resolution of 2 megapixels. This lens module helps the devices improve the color gamut, make a good bokeh effect and generally improve the quality of the pictures. Smartphones are similar in this. But the first camera module is still different. The 7x will have a slightly better camera, since its first module has a resolution of 16 megapixels. The competitor has only 13. This does not affect the camera very much, but still this is a difference, and it was worth mentioning.

In addition to the main cameras, there are significant differences in the “front cameras”. It’s the other way around, 7x with the best main camera has a front camera of 8 megapixels. This is a lot, just this may not be enough for high-quality selfies. In 9 lite, in turn, the front-facing is doubled, the first module is 13 megapixels, and the second is 2 megapixels. These are good characteristics for a selfie camera, since it will produce really high-quality portraits.

The main differences end there. But, to find out which smartphone is better, you need to compare all the characteristics and identify the advantages of each model.

Who is better?

We have listed all the main differences between these two models. And based on this, you can point out the positive aspects of each smartphone.

The confrontation between Honor 7x vs Honor 9 lite is worth starting with operating systems. We won’t talk much about them, since it has already been noted that 8 Android with 9 lite is better than Android 7 with 7 X. This is a logical conclusion, since the older model should be more convenient, better balanced, have more functionality. Even the styling of the G8 looks very nice in comparison with version 7. Here, 9 lite definitely wins.

Honor 9 light and 7x have 2k displays, but they differ in size, which, at first glance, is insignificant, but if you look closely, this difference plays a very important role. The larger the screen, the lower the pixel density. But this is invisible to the naked eye. The larger display at 7x entails some disadvantages in terms of ease of use. The main disadvantage of the large screen is the increased size and weight of the device, which can affect the usability of the gadget with one hand. Therefore, in this regard, 9 lite wins again.

Honor 9 lite

It is difficult to compare Honor 7x and Honor 9 light in terms of batteries, as models have different amounts of mAh, but there are some factors that equalize the operating time of the devices. Firstly, the fact that the 7x has a larger screen negatively affects its battery life. And it affects quite a lot. Secondly, Android 7 is slightly less optimized than Android 8, which can also negatively affect battery performance. In this regard, we can safely say that the devices have a draw in terms of autonomy.

In terms of cameras, any Honor is a good option, since this lineup has really excellent optics. Both devices have a dual-format camera, which makes them equally good in terms of colors and bokeh shots. 7x has as many as 16 MP in the first camera module, which is clearly better than 13 MP in the Nine. But there is also a front camera, which the “seven” is not in the best condition. Here we see 8 MP against 132 MP in 9 lite. The difference in the main cameras, of course, affects the quality of images, but not as much as the gap in the front. Although the 9 lite has a worse main camera, it can still take good pictures, but the 7x does not work on the 8-megapixel front camera for 7x, so 9 lite wins in terms of cameras.

Honor 9 lite

Each model has several modifications. Honor 7 X on the market is presented in 3 versions: with 32, 64, 128 GB ROM. In all cases, the RAM is 4 gigs. Honor 9 light has only 2 modifications: on 32 and 64 GB of storage, the younger version has 3 GB of RAM, and the oldest. 4 GB. But the processors are the same everywhere.

Our findings

First, let’s find out the price of these devices. We will compare modifications with the same amount of RAM and ROM, that is 4/64 GB. 7x will cost about 270 dollars. And 9 lite costs 240. Given the disadvantages that 7x has, this is clearly not the best choice in this price category.

Honor 7X

Of course, Honor 7 X is a good device. It has an excellent screen, a good processor, a good battery, and this is a relatively recent model. But if you compare it with 9 lite, then the difference is painfully visible. Honor 9 light has a better camera, it is more compact, more convenient, and most importantly. cheaper. The price plays a major role in choosing a model, and paying a couple of thousand just for the fact that the screen will be slightly larger and the battery will be slightly better is clearly not worth it. In addition, the “nine” is a little newer, it has the best software.

What to choose. Honor 7x or 9 light, of course, it’s up to you to decide, but still, when choosing a model, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons. And in our opinion, the “nine” wins in the confrontation between Honor 9 lite vs Huawei 7x, because this is the best value for money.