Honor 8c Battery How Much

Honor 8c Battery How Much

The Honor family from the Chinese manufacturer has always stood out with good performance parameters for a reasonable price. The new flagship Honor 8 was no exception to the rule, attracting with its beautiful glass case and powerful filling. The last parameter, as a rule, results in sideways due to battery life. Let’s see what autonomy the Honor 8 battery will show us.

Before starting, we recall that the glass flagship is powered by a 3000 mAh battery, which by today’s standards is not as much as we would like. However, the smartphone has support for fast charging Smart Power 4.0 using a 9V / 2A charger and a USB Type-C cable, which can recharge 40% (47% was announced by the manufacturer) of the capacity in just 30 minutes, and a full charge lasts a little more than 70 minutes. If you have at your disposal an ordinary 2A charger, then you can completely fill up the discharged device in 2 hours.

The Honor 8 battery test will probably start from synthetics. First of all, the device was passed through a special script, which consists in using a mobile device in one of the modes: talk time, web surfing and playback. In the first case, all applications are closed and the screen is turned off. The second only involves the use of a Wi-Fi connection, a browser, and the brightness slider is set to 50%. In the third test, it was also set to 50% brightness and the “In Flight” mode was turned on. The working time of Honor 8 in the dialer mode was 18 hours 17 minutes, the user will be able to view the page on the Internet for 10 hours and 40 minutes, and you will be able to watch your favorites for 8 hours and 56 minutes. The overall result is as much as 70 hours, provided that the owner will use the smartphone for 1 hour in each of the modes.

Such a battery life of the Honor 8 is ensured when the “Productive” mode is installed, which does not impose restrictions on the hardware platform. The “Standard” mode will add a couple more hours of use, and the energy-saving “Ultra” mode will hold the device’s charge for an even longer time. Using a phone with two SIM cards will take 5 hours from the total result.

The battery test of Honor 8 was also carried out using the PCMark benchmark. In ideal conditions, where the device was next to the router and we constantly received any alerts from different applications, the synthetics showed 9 hours 34 minutes.

Of course, synthetic battery tests cannot show a reliable picture of using a smartphone in harsh user conditions, where frequent switching between Wi-Fi access points and mobile Internet occurs, there are places with a weak cellular signal, as well as the need to adjust the brightness of the display depending on the lighting.

In case the owner Honor 8 acts as an integral part in his life, that is, does not let his device out of his hands, the battery life of the Honor 8 will be enough for more than 11 hours under these conditions:

  • From 300 to 400 messages in instant messengers
  • 30 minutes to work with mail
  • 1 hour for reading news on sites
  • 1 hour to answer calls
  • 1 hour for navigation
  • 30 minutes to watch online
  • 2 hours to listen to your favorite music
  • 30 minutes to play
  • Rage not higher than 70%

For normal purposes, the average user of a mobile device, the battery life of the Honor 8 will be several hours higher. If you limit the work of applications in the background and prevent them from automatically updating when connected via Wi-Fi, this will significantly save battery power. This approach can be used at night, because waking up in the morning, the owner will notice a decrease in capacity by only 1-2%. The full picture has more than 16 hours for:

  • Shooting 50 photos
  • 2 hours listening to music
  • 1 hour for games or navigation
  • 1 hours of watching a
  • 2 hours of page views on the Internet and social networks
  • 20 minutes of calls

For users who prefer to use the smartphone as a player, there was a constant switch between Wi-Fi and mobile Internet, the physical activity tracking application worked in the background, and other functions are used occasionally, the Honor 8 battery life shows more than 23 hours and it looks like thus:

  • 10 hours of music (continuous playback)
  • 20 minutes of calls
  • 1 hour of surfing the Internet and replies in instant messengers
  • 30 minutes of games
  • 30 minutes of photo and shooting

Using a smartphone for games is the toughest with respect to battery consumption. In heavy games, the Honor 8 battery loses about 30% of the charge in 1 hour of operation, and runners consume about 25% in the same period of time with Wi-Fi and mobile Internet connected. Screen brightness is set to 100%.

A slightly different picture emerges when energy-saving modes are activated. For example, when switching graphics from Full HD to HD 720p, energy consumption in games is reduced by 15-20% slower. For 2 hours of a resource-intensive game without switching graphics, it consumes about 63%, and when HD is activated, the capacity will decrease by 50%.

There is also a power saving mode that turns a smart phone into a regular dialer. Of course, in this case, Honor 8 can only receive messages and calls, but the increase in autonomy at the same time increases by more than 2 times.