Honor 8 Firmware Emui 8 How to Install

The famous Chinese company Huawei does not stop pampering its customers with various new products in the field of mobile phones. In its devices, the company is used to using the latest technical developments. This applies not only to the internal filling, but also to the software. In particular, Huawei supplies smartphones with the latest versions of operating systems. This time we will talk about the latest version of Android 8.0 Oreo, which will be equipped with smartphones brand Honor. In many models, this OS will already be available right out of the box, but in Honor 8 Android 8 will appear after a system update.

The Android 8.0 Oreo operating system was announced by George Zao, Honor‘s CEO, in early 2017. Already in May of the same year, several beta versions of this OS were released, and in August 2017 the company held an official release of Android 8. It is not yet specified when the update for Honor 8 will be released, but it is emphasized that this will happen in the near future. time. Users will have the opportunity to “make a leap” from an earlier version of Android to version 8. The beta version of this OS for Honor 8 is currently being tested.

Honor 8 Firmware Emui 8 How to Install

Android 8 (OREO)

As mentioned above, Android 8 is being tested for Honor 8 from Huawei, but now you can find out what this OS will be and how it will be better than previous versions. Innovations begin with the name itself, which became OREO. This continues the curious tradition of naming the new version of Android in honor of the popular sweetness, and this time the OS is named after the world-famous OREO cookie.

The OS received not only obvious updates that the user will be able to notice already in the interface itself, but also system ones, due to which the phone’s working capabilities, its security and performance will be improved. Below we consider in more detail all the most basic innovations.

Visible innovations

The new version of Android 8, which will soon acquire Honor 8 phones, has received a number of updates that significantly expand the capabilities of this OS. The most obvious innovations include:

  1. Updated settings menu. Now the interface of the root menu of the system has become even simpler: the number of items in the menu has been reduced from 26 to 13.
  2. Added mode “Picture in Picture”. Due to this function, the user will be able to work simultaneously with several applications. For example, you can, without stopping watchings on YouTube, chat in the messenger.
  3. There was a “smart” selection of text. The essence of the innovation is that with its help it will become much easier to work with text and the context menu. Namely: when selecting any address, the context menu will prompt you to immediately copy and open it in Google Maps. Also, copying the phone, the system will offer to call the subscriber, without having to copy the number to the device;
  1. The list of emoji replenished with 60 new pictures;
  2. Now you can configure access to applications directly from the lock screen;
  3. The design of the design of some items from the interface has changed. In particular, the panel in the application “Play Music” has acquired a wide color palette.


Google removed option from Android 8 version “Allow unknown sources”. Due to this, protection of users from potential malicious software is implemented, which can be installed on the phone under the guise of important system updates from a third-party source. Option “Install Unknown Applications” it is now tied to an application, before installation of which the system will ask the user for installation permission.

This ensures that the user can independently control the installation of programs without the risk of unauthorized installation of potentially infected software. The Verify Apps application, which checks installed applications for hidden security risks, has also been significantly improved. If the program notices any risk, the applications will not be installed on the phone.

Bootloop Protection

There are times when Android is overtaken by software problems, among which one of the most common is a cyclical reboot of the phone without the ability to correctly start the system. This is called Bootloop. This phenomenon occurs due to damage to the OS system software. A common cause of the bootloop is the installation on a smartphone of software incompatible with the system, custom firmware, as well as malware infection.

Previously, to deal with the Bootloop problem, the user had to contact a service center. In this version of Android, an option is provided in the firmware “Rescue Party”, which controls the process of loading the phone and in case of several repeated reboots of the phone, it boots the system in safe mode. This function significantly increases the safety of the data installed on the phone.


In this OS, special attention was paid to performance features. In particular, the developers said that all smartphones running Android 8 will receive double the speed of the entire system, so that downloading files, as well as the whole application will be faster. These statements confirm the results of OS testing in various benchmarks, where it demonstrates high performance indicators.

Thanks to energy-saving technology “Doze»Significantly increased battery life. This technology is responsible for the economical consumption of battery power. Also, some system applications are equipped with technology, due to which the load on the processor of the device is significantly reduced.

In addition, the system has improved communication capabilities of smartphones in terms of Bluetooth and WI-FI. For example, when connecting other devices to the phone via Bluetooth, the smartphone will display the battery level of the data of the connected devices. Regarding WI-FI, in the considered version of Android there is a new technology called Neighborhood Aware Networking, which provides “communication” with other Android devices that are close to each other, without additional equipment (routers or access points).

And what about the Easter Egg?

Android developers always pamper their users with an original hidden message. the Easter Egg. An Easter Egg (Easter Egg) is a type of secret that is made in software or games. This time it is presented in the form of an octopus, which can be moved to different corners of the screen. Most likely, the developers chose this mollusk due to the fact that the number of its legs coincides with the version number of Android. 8. In order to launch the Easter Egg, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Go to the section “Settings”;
  2. Select item “System”;
  3. Go to section “About the phone”;
  4. Finding item “Android version”, you need to tap it several times. Then a circle appears on the display, in the center of which you also need to tap and immediately hold your finger. After all these actions, an octopus will appear on the screen, which can be moved in all directions.

It is interesting that in previous versions of Android, Easter eggs were presented in the form of small games. In some, it was necessary to control the Android robot and guide it through obstacles in the form of symbols of the OS version: marshmallows (in Android Marshmallow) and lollipops (in Android Lollipop). But in Android Nougat, users could search for virtual cats on their smartphone.

EMUI 8.0

As mentioned above, Honor 8 smartphones will soon be able to upgrade to Android 8. The transition immediately to EMUI 8.0 is made in order to further avoid problems with the confusion of which version of Android is used on the phone. The updated EMUI 8.0 will include both all the general innovations of Android Oreo, as well as new proprietary options. In particular, functions based on machine learning will appear in the shell, due to which system resources will be distributed as rationally as possible, based on user activity.

Also, using this shell, the user can connect his device to another screen and use the desktop.