Honor 10 Screenshot Knuckles

Screenshot on Huawei Honor are a few simple ways. On this page you will find information on how to take a screenshot on Honor 9 and similar Android devices. You can save a screenshot from the Honor screen in several ways, you can not only simply screen the screen, but also take a long screenshot with a scroll screen, for example, when you need to take a screenshot of the entire web page.

Honor 10 Screenshot Knuckles

The first method is usually suitable for all Android smartphones and tablets, including Honor. You must simultaneously press and hold the button “Nutrition” and button “Volume down” few seconds. With a successful screenshot, you will see a notification on the screen and hear a click as when taking photos. If this is your first time taking a screenshot on a smartphone, you may have to make several attempts.

The second method also allows you to use the screenshot function on some Huawei Honor smartphones. Need to press and hold the button “Power / On” until the menu appears on the screen where in the list you need to select “Screenshot” in front of which an icon with scissors will be visible. This method is not supported by devices, but you can try all possible options and choose a more convenient one.

The third way. To take a screenshot of the entire Honor 9 screen, you need to open the notification panel and quick access on the phone by pulling down from the top of the screen, then click on this icon and you’re done.

The fourth method allows you to take a screenshot on Honor using your knuckle. To take a picture of the screen, double-tap (knock lightly) with the knuckles of the screen, as shown in the attached picture below.

The fifth method makes it possible to take a screenshot of part of the screen of a smartphone. It is necessary to touch the Honor 9 screen with the knuckle of the screen and without releasing to circle the required part. The screenshot retains what is inside the line you circled. Look at the picture below, you can select one of the suggested forms at the top of the screen that you want to save a screenshot. To save the screen, click on this icon.

The sixth way how to take long screenshots on Huawei Honor is by using an icon or knuckle.
We open the notification panel on the smartphone by pulling the screen from the top to the bottom and click on this icon and we get a regular screenshot. Next, we need to click on this icon, after which you will see how, as a long screenshot is taken, the screen will automatically scroll. (Attention is important! After taking a screenshot, the icon must be pressed no later than 3 seconds).

To save a long screenshot from the Honor 9 screen with a knuckle, you need to touch the screen with your knuckle and do not let go draw the letter “S” then remove the finger. Next, you will see how automatic scrolling starts on the screen. When you see that the part of the screenshot that has already been scrolled is enough for you, you can stop scrolling by touching the screen, after which the screenshot will be saved on the phone.

The screenshot taken from the Honor 9 screen can be edited immediately if necessary. To do this, click on this icon and save it. Look at all the screenshots taken in the gallery where you usually see other photos.