Honor 10 Poor Internet Catching

Honor 7c” (regular and light) are inexpensive smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer “Huawei” that run on Android. Due to their low price and good characteristics, they are very popular. However, many buyers face a number of problems when trying to connect to the Internet: from slow speeds to no connection at all. How to configure the Internet to “Honor 7c” and the model “7a”?

How to enable mobile Internet on Huawei

Enabling Wi-Fi on the Honor 7c is easy. To do this, you must:

  1. Open the notification window by pulling it down;
  2. Click the Wi-Fi icon and hold until a list of available networks appears;
  3. Select the desired network, enter the password if necessary.

How else to connect the Internet to Honor 7a? The second option: go to “Settings” and select “Wireless Networks”. “Wi-fi”. After the first connection, the phone will remember this network and will offer it for connection.

Important! When changing the network name or password, it is necessary to overwrite the data: press and hold the network name until the “Change” or “Delete” line appears.

Turning on mobile internet is a bit trickier. First you need to choose which SIM card to connect to:

  1. You must enter the settings and select “Wireless Networks”;
  2. Select a section in which you can change the SIM card;
  3. Opposite the desired SIM card, select “Data Transfer”;
  4. Save changes.

Two SIM cards allow the user to choose the most advantageous connection: he can use different tariffs or different operators: for example, call from the first number, connect to the Internet from another.

How to turn on the Internet on the Huawei phone? This is done in a few steps:

  1. You need to go to “Settings” and select “Wireless Networks”;
  2. Click “Mobile Network”. “APN Access Point”. “APN” stands for “Access Point Name” or “Access Point Name”. This is the telephone identifier, the name of the settings that the service provider reads and on the basis of which it provides access;
  3. Select the “Functions” tab and create a new access point;
  4. Enter all the necessary parameters: name, password, data channel. A function of automatic filling based on known data is possible, you can also request information from a telecom operator;
  5. Save settings and check internet availability. If the smartphone does not connect, you must restart it.

Internet settings on Honor smartphones for different providers

Information for Internet settings can be viewed on the operator’s website. For residents of Ukraine and customers of some operators, you will need to fill out only the line “APN Access Point”. For example, to connect to Kyivstar (Djuice), you need to specify the address. for subscribers on a contract basis it is www.kyivstar.net, for prepaid subscribers www.ab.kyivstar.net.

Important! For subscribers of some operators (for example, “MTS Ukraine” and “Life”), you need to enter only “internet”.

Below are the most popular carriers, as well as how to turn on the Internet on your Huawei phone.

MTS customers must drive the following information:

  1. Username: mts;
  2. Password: mts;
  3. Data Channel: GPRS;
  4. APN: internet.mts.ru.


For users of Megafon, the information will be different:

  1. Username: do not fill out;
  2. Password: do not write anything;
  3. Data Channel: GPRS;
  4. APN: internet.tele2.ru.


Similar data is needed when connecting to the Beeline network:

  1. Username: beeline;
  2. Password: beeline;
  3. Data Channel: GPRS;
  4. APN: internet.beeline.ru.

Tele 2

Tele 2 users need to enter less information:

  1. Username: leave blank;
  2. Password: do not enter anything
  3. Data Channel: GPRS;
  4. APN:


When connecting the Rostelecom network, the following data will be required:

  1. Username: leave the field blank;
  2. Password: none, no need to write anything;
  3. Data Channel: GPRS;
  4. APN: internet.rtk.ru.
Honor 10 Poor Internet Catching

Why Mobile Internet May Not Work

There are several reasons why a smartphone suddenly stopped catching the Internet:

  1. Phone malfunction: the problem may be in the “Honor 7c” itself, for example, in a settings failure. It is necessary to restart the smartphone and try to establish a connection again;
  2. Poorly catches the network itself: perhaps the phone is outside the 3G / 4G coverage area. You can check by looking at the network icon in the upper corner: for good reception there should be at least 3 bars. It is recommended to move a few meters and check the quality of communication again;
  3. Data transfer is not turned on: if the icon is off, data exchange may not be turned on. The icon itself looks like two parallel arrows in a circle directed in opposite directions. You can enable it “Settings”. “Wireless Networks”. “Mobile Communications”. “Permanent data transfer”;
  1. Error in the access settings: it is worth resetting all the settings in the settings (tab “Access Points (APN)”, rebooting and hammering all the data again;
  2. The problem on the part of the provider: perhaps the problem is completely on the side of the operator. It is worth contacting him and checking;
  3. Restriction of communication services due to lack of money in the account: you can verify this using the short number or personal account on the operator’s website;
  4. Airplane mode activation: this mode restricts calls and data exchanges over the Internet. When the mode is on, the airplane icon will light up from above. After the connection resumes.

Why does the mobile Internet catch poorly

If the Internet is connected to Honor 7s, you can find out its speed using the burning icon in the corner. Depending on the signal, it will be different:

  1. G. the signal is weak, up to 170 Kbps, it can disappear;
  2. E. speed up to470 Kbps;
  3. 3G. maximum speed 470Kbit / s;
  4. H. 8 Mbps;
  5. H. 42 Mbps;
  6. 4G. up to 100 Mbps.

Also, for convenience, you can display the display of the communication speed on the screen. To do this, go to “Settings”. “Screen Settings”. “Other Settings”, then check the box next to “Display network speed.” This will help to more clearly see the level of communication and, if necessary, track.

If the “Honor 7a” does not work well on the Internet, the problem may be related to:

  1. Being in an area with poor coverage. You can correct the situation only by going to the zone with a good reception;
  2. Change the tariff to a faster one: you can do it yourself through your personal account online or by contacting the operator;
  3. Check if background programs, which consume most of the communication, are turned on;
  4. Check if there are any restrictions in the tariff for connection speed.

The Chinese Honor 7s smartphone is an inexpensive and high-quality phone with many useful features. Setting up the Internet on it (Wi-Fi and mobile) is not particularly difficult and is done in a couple of minutes in the settings.