Honor 10 Network disappears

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On the phone or tablet (Android), the Internet has disappeared or is arbitrarily turned off. It does not connect to Wi-Fi, or the network disappears when data transfer is turned on.

First of all, it’s worth trying to figure out why it may happen that, more recently, a perfectly working smartphone or tablet running the Android system began to “act up.” For example, it stopped connecting to the Wi-Fi network that it had previously known, or it either connected to it, but the Internet didn’t work at all, or the Internet stopped working even when “data transfer” was turned on on the device, well, or, problems with communication (network) appear on the smartphone, when “data transfer” is enabled, or when connected to Wi-Fi.

The fact is that in addition to the processes visible to us, processes that are responsible for the functioning of the core of the system itself are constantly running in Android. What are these processes: all the functionality of our gadget is constantly based on auxiliary system functions inside the kernel of the system, and, without these functions, it simply cannot work. Any function that we launch immediately accesses the core of the system and interfaced with its work throughout the entire time. And, even as soon as you launch the gadget and it turns on, all functions of the kernel have already begun to work.

Over time, various kinds of system garbage remain inside the system (kernel). It appears inevitably on any Android device, whether it is a tablet or smartphone. And, periodically, it must be “cleaned up”. Therefore, the system, working in a stable mode, is becoming more and more difficult, and, over time, “brakes”, “lags”, “glitches”, etc. appear. This can be reflected on anything. on any functions and capabilities of your tablet or smartphone. Figuratively, it’s as if the “gears” that used to spin and interact inside the device were perfectly clean and lubricated, now everything is dust and sand, and the rust has gone through them. Imagine how, for example, a watch would work with such a mechanism. Same thing with the Android system. A notable feature of this kind of malfunction is that if the “problems with the Internet” started on the gadget, then the same “mote” inside the system of your device will most likely create obstacles for all functions associated with this area ( network, wi-fi, data transfer, etc.)

Honor 10 Network disappears

And, in order for the gadget to work without such failures, it is necessary to keep its system clean and tidy. There are 2 ways to do this:

  • METHOD. 1. The first does not require any third-party programs and utilities, and is available for absolutely any user to execute. To clean all the working nodes of the system of your gadget, you need to do a “full reset” every three to four months, depending on the intensity of use. This feature is in every device running on Android. As a rule, it is located in the “settings” section. “archiving and reset”. we go there, and every few months we select the “full reset” item (restoring default settings with deleting all data). However, using this functionality, you should first save all the necessary data, because, after you perform a “reset”, the system will not only clean itself, but also delete all files, contacts, etc. stored on the gadget. If, however, this option is not acceptable for you, see “Method 2”.
  • METHOD. 2. It involves the installation of specialized software. Installing an application that will constantly monitor the correct and unhindered operation of the system, constantly cleaning it without your participation. There are a lot of applications with this kind of functionality today. However, the most effective today is Utility. Multi Cleaner, download, install, from google play, and just familiarize yourself with the functionality of which you can HERE.
  • In addition, it is worth cleaning the system using a NORMAL antivirus. Best of all, copes with this task. Kaspersky Anti-Virus, which can be downloaded HERE. Unlike the multi-cleaner, Kaspersky Lab software is paid, because if you don’t have the opportunity to install such protection, you can skip this step

If it turned out that it was not possible to achieve the desired result, unfortunately, everything is somewhat more complicated and, first of all, it is worth “reflashing” the gadget. that is. change the android operating system as a whole. However, if you do not have the skills to change the OS in devices on the android platform, it is not recommended to do this according to the instructions that came to hand. Because, changing the operating system (“flashing”) your gadget is not at all a simple procedure that requires special skills and not a lot of experience. By doing a “flashing” of the phone yourself, you can easily disable the gadget completely. In Service Centers, this is called “get a brick.” Therefore, be careful and attentive if, nevertheless, decide on this.