Honor 10 Lite How to Insert a Sim

Recently, Huawei smartphones have become very popular. This is not surprising, because they have excellent technical characteristics. The smartphones of this company boast good cameras, even in budget-class models there is an optics that can not always be found on the flagship. High-quality builds, good quality firmware. Huawei smartphones can clearly please you. And they cost much less than the products of companies such as Samsung and Apple.

Honor 10 Lite How to Insert a Sim

As with any other smartphone, Honor 9 Light uses Nano SIM cards. In Honor 9 Lite, a SIM card is inserted into a hybrid tray, which, on the one hand, is very convenient, and on the other, has some drawbacks, which we will talk about today.

Product Specifications

For a not very large amount, you can get a very good 5.65-inch screen with 2k resolution. This is the first thing that catches your eye. Inside is a good Kirin 959 processor with 8 cores, 4 of which operate at a frequency of 2.36 GHz.

In addition, the device has good cameras. There are already 4 of them in the device: two pairs (front and main). 132 megapixels. Everything is fine with memory: 3/32 GB and 4/64 GB versions are available.

If you do not understand how many Honor 9 Light SIMs there are, due to the peculiar tray, then it is worth noting that you can insert two SIM cards: one for the Internet, for example, and the second for calls. The SIM card in the Honor 9 Light smartphone is inserted very easily, but sometimes difficulties may arise associated with the same hybrid tray, which has some disadvantages.

Hybrid tray. Simple and convenient

First, a little talk about the hybrid tray. It is basically convenient and compact. Thanks to hybrid trays, manufacturers have the opportunity to make ultra-thin and waterproof smartphones.

But you can face a number of problems. Firstly, the trays can get stuck, and then they are very difficult to get. This is a very common problem in budget devices, but it also occurs in flagships. Secondly, improper installation of a SIM card can lead to the fact that it will simply drop out. If you were wondering how to insert a SIM card into Honor 9 Light, then you have encountered the last problem.

To successfully install a SIM card, first you need to open the tray using the tool that comes with the smartphone. If it gets tight, then try to push a little harder, but do not press too hard, otherwise you simply break the tool and can damage an important element of the device. After you get it, insert one or two SIM cards and hold them with your fingers so that they do not fall out. After that, just push the tray back.