Honor 10 Fell Into Water What To Do

What to do if a Honor or Huawei phone falls into the water? The situation is quite common, and can happen to each of us. In some cases, the device is subject to “resuscitation”, in others. it will not be possible to restore. But actions to save the device definitely need to be taken.

What to do if Honor or Huawei fell into the water

The first recommendation that needs to be given here is to carry the device to specialists. But if this is not possible, you have to fix the gadget on your own.

Remove smartphone from water, disconnect and disassemble

To get started, remove the phone from the water and quickly turn it off. Having got wet with a dry towel, you need to remove the SIM card and memory card. We focus on the fact that you can’t try to take it apart or even get the battery out if the cover is not removable.

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If the phone is not separable

If the back cover of the device is removed, then remove it and remove the battery. Independent attempts to disassemble the smartphone will lead to the complete impossibility to restore it.

What you should not do after water gets into the phone

There are actions that harm your device. Among them are those that are constantly advised by craftsmen, such as a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner. Few people know, but such methods will only harm the gadget, and will lead it to a condition that cannot be repaired. Also, immediately after disassembling, do not try to turn on the device if it is turned off. To start, you need contact between the internal microcircuits, which are now wet.

Paper towel

If you blot a wet or wet phone with paper material, it partially dissolves from moisture. Separated pieces of towel may remain on the chips. After drying, when you try to turn it on, this leads to shorting and burnout of the contacts.

It is better to use a cotton fabric without rhinestones and stripes for these purposes, so as not to scratch anything. You can only put a device on paper material so that the paper absorbs moisture.

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Hair dryer or vacuum cleaner

A hairdryer or vacuum cleaner is strictly prohibited as methods to dry the phone. Hot or cold plentiful air flow, although they will help to remove the liquid, will harm the contacts inside. The absorption of moisture with a vacuum cleaner will not end in anything other than mechanical damage. This occurs under flow pressure.

The safest and most effective method is to let your smartphone dry naturally.

Absorbent or rice

Rice or a substance that absorbs water is a more effective method to remove moisture particles from the device. To begin with, we remove the abundance of liquid with a towel, carefully blot. All drops cannot be removed by this method, therefore it is recommended to leave the phone in a bowl of rice. This cereal requires a lot of fluid, so in a few hours it will take all the remaining moisture.

What to do if the Honor phone falls into the water and does not turn on

Most likely, the modules responsible for the screen and sensor were damaged. Dry it first. If after drying it does not work, carry it to the workshop.

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Fell into water and vibrates

Wet vibration is a clear sign of a gadget shorting. Remove it from the water, put it on a dry cloth, wipe with a towel. Do not leave under the lamp and in direct sunlight. After a while, the vibration response module will stop working. Then try turning on the device.

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To save a Huawei or Honor phone if it falls into the water, it is better to resort to contacting a service center. Specialists will be able to objectively evaluate the performance and condition of the gadget, fix breakdowns, give advice on further operation.

Honor 10 Fell Into Water What To Do

The main problems when water gets into the smartphone

The most serious problem is the closure of contacts, which then will need to be changed. If moisture has got on the modules in an insignificant amount, then there is a chance that after drying it will function normally. If you tried to turn it on wet, then the risk of burnout increases by 96%.

It is also strictly forbidden to put a wet or wet device on charge. Risk. from short circuit to fire.

After contact with moisture, the phone may function normally, but some of its elements often stop working. The most vulnerable are the speaker, microphone and battery. Almost always after severe wetting, they require cleaning or replacement.