Hikvision camera reset

Hikvision camera reset

The first method: we connect the computer to a local network with a video recorder.

Opening the web interface of the DVR in Internet Explorer.

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Go to Settings / Network / Add. settings / Other. In the window that opens, we activate the virtual hosting in order to be able to go to the camera’s web interface. We save the settings.

Next, go to System / Camera Management / IP Camera. In the window that opens, select the camera we need and press the “Change” button.

In the opened window for connecting an IP camera, you need to switch the “Adding Method” (the method of adding a video camera to the DVR) to “Manual”. We save the settings by clicking the “OK” button.

Then we click on the link of the virtual hosting of the required video camera.

We get to the web interface of the camera. Enter the username and password that were set when the DVR was activated.

Go to Settings / System / Maintenance / Update and Settings. In the window that opens, press the button “By default. “. which resets the camcorder settings to the factory settings.

We repeat this procedure for all cameras on the DVR, after which we re-ask the DVR and reset it to an inactive state.

Next, we activate the recorder through SADP, or directly through the monitor (GUI interface).

The second way: we connect the computer to the POE port of the DVR.

We connect the computer with a patch cord to the POE port of the DVR.

We go to the GUI interface of the DVR and go to Configuration / Camera / IP camera. In the window that opens, find and click “Edit. “.

In the opened window “Edit. IP cameras “in the” Add method “item, select” Manual “.

Next, you need to change the IP address on the computer. To do this, go to the “Network Connections” tab. Press the right mouse button on “Ethernet”.

In the menu that opens, select “Properties”.

In the “Ethernet: Properties” window, go to “IP version 4 (TCP / IPv4)” and click “Properties”.

In the window that opens, set the IP address subnet mask and gateway We save the settings by clicking the “OK” button.

Then open SADP where the IP addresses of all cameras are visible. Here we go to the web interface of each of them, where you can reset the video camera settings to an inactive state or export a file to reset the password.

When all the cameras have been dropped into an inactive state, we install a new firmware on the DVR and reset its settings to the factory settings. Then we activate and set the activation password for the cameras, after which the recorder will activate all the connected cameras by itself.

Resetting Hikvision Camera Via Web Browser

If you don’t have direct access to the camera, just use your web browser to open the IP camera menu and look for restoring the default settings:

Navigate to: Maintenance Default Configuration Restore.

You can restore all camera settings, but keep the IP address used by the camera.

This is a great idea, especially if you are working remotely and do not want to lose access to your IP camera when restoring to factory default settings.

How to Reset Hikvision Camera (Factory Reset)

There are various ways to reset Hikvision camera to factory settings.

If you have an IP camera, just open it and look for the reset button.

Update the firmware to the latest version

After resetting the Hikvision camera, it is recommended to update it to the latest firmware version available on the manufacturer’s website.

There are some security issues associated with older firmware that can cause a hacker to break into your camera even without using a password. You can find more information about this issue in the article: How to hack a Hikvision camera.

How to reset Hikvision IP camera

Hikvision cameras with hard reset button

Hikvision cameras with reset button include the R6 family, G1 family and the new EasyIP 3.0. Just make sure you are using some of these models.

Hikvision camera full reset

On Hikvision cameras, the reset button is usually located next to the memory card slot. You can easily find it even without any directions as it is a push-type button.

Step by step to restore your Hikvision camera to factory settings:

  • Disconnect camera power;
  • Press and hold the reset button;
  • Connect the camera to a power source;
  • Hold the reset button for 15 seconds;
  • Release the reset button.

After resetting the camera, you need to use the SAPD tool or web browser to re-configure it as it will lose all previous configuration.

In case you have any problems with your Hikvision camera, below are the links that can help you.

  • Hikvision Error Code 8200 (Solved).
  • Hikvision error code 153 (how to fix)
  • Hikvision Error Code 17 (Solved)
  • Reconnect HCNetSDK.dll Error Code [91] (Solved)
  • Hikvision “Please click here to download and install the plugin” resolved

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How to reset Hikvision preferences

Password recovery using programs

If you have a model in which the RESET button is not provided in the interface, then you will be able to restore only using programs. Let’s consider a recovery option with you using the same software as for resetting the settings. SADP. Strictly adhere to the following instructions:

We get the xml file that is needed to reset the password:

  • run the installed SADP program;
  • in the list of devices, find the one you want to restore and tick the box;
  • in the lower right corner you need to find the “Forgot Password” button;
  • then click on the “Export” button and save the file in xml format;
  • the program and device must be active.

It is necessary to send the form to our mail, indicating the following data:

  • surname, name, patronymic;
  • the name of the equipment;
  • the serial number of the equipment;
  • phone number for feedback;
  • indicate the essence of the problem. reset the password of the Hikvision camera;
  • attach the resulting xml file.

In just a few days, we will send you an xml file, which you will need to save, where is the reset software.

  • highlight the “Import File” tab, click on the folder icon;
  • you must select the saved file that you received from us;
  • enter a new password and confirm it. click on the “Confim” button.

This recovery method is suitable for absolutely all CCTV cameras that do not have a built-in reset function using the RESET button.

  • A warning
  • What do we need?
  • Algorithm of actions for resetting settings
  • Password reset
  • Manual password recovery
  • Password recovery using programs
  • Possible problems
  • Get key error
  • Reset password failed error
  • Hikvision’s products are becoming more and more popular among Ukrainians, which is associated with high efficiency while ensuring security at the facility. High popularity contributes to the fact that more and more people are asked how to reset Hikvision in order to return to factory settings or change the password.

    As practice shows, it is rather difficult to explain everything over the phone, and we are ready to provide professional assistance only in Kiev and Dnipro. In this article, we will walk you through how to reset Hikvision settings and reset your password. Following the instructions, you will be able to independently restore the operation of the equipment without any problems, carry out a Hikvision factory reset if you forgot your password or made a mistake during the settings.

    Manual password recovery

    It is the manual password recovery that is as simple as possible for the user and can be carried out independently without third-party help and software. It should be borne in mind that this method is only suitable for those devices from Hikvision, which have a special button for resetting the password, you need to:

    • find the Reset button behind the camera, which is sometimes difficult to see right away;
    • when the power is off, you need to hold down the button for 15-30 seconds using a screwdriver or other device. You cannot even release the button for a second, connect the power supply and hold for another 15 seconds, after which you can already release the button;
    • if you did everything correctly, then the password in your camera will be reset and the camera will be inactive again.

    As you can see, this method is as simple as possible for password recovery, and you can carry out new configurations of equipment to create an effective video surveillance system. This button is present in the following models of CCTV cameras:

    Possible problems

    There are situations when following the instructions, the user cannot reset the password. This occurs for several reasons:

    Algorithm of actions for resetting settings

    First, you will need to find out the IP address of the device. If everything is known, then this step can be skipped. If not, then:

    • install IP Finder;
    • start the SADP program;
    • press Enter in the window;
    • an IP device with a personal network number will appear in the window.

    Connect to CCTV camera

    • you need to go to “Start”. “Execute”;
    • write the cmd command and press Enter;
    • in the window you need to register TELNET and press Enter;
    • click on “O” on the English layout and Enter;
    • enter the network address of the IP device and press Enter;
    • enter Login root and press the Enter button;
    • enter the hiklinux password and press Enter. When you enter it is not displayed and the space is also a symbol, so be careful;
    • you need to go to the davinchi directory, so type cd davinchi and press Enter;
    • view the resulting list of files using the ls command and press Enter. you need to find the devCfg.bin file, then go to the next step;
    • start resetting by entering rm devCfg.bin and press the Enter button;
    • reboot the device by entering the reboot command and press Enter;
    • this is the end of the procedure, you just need to close the command line and the device will work at factory settings with a standard network address., login. admin and password. 12345.

    If you did everything correctly, then the Hikvision camera was reset to factory settings. You can now re-configure your site security.

    Through the Reset button

    Some models of Hikvision devices are equipped with a Reset button that allows you to return to the factory settings. Mostly these are old versions of gadgets, released before the transition to software version V5.3.0.

    If the device supports a hard reset, follow these instructions:

    • Find the Reset located on the back of the camera body.
    • Disconnect power.
    • Press the reset button and hold for 15 seconds.
    • Without releasing Reset, turn on the power of the device.
    • Hold the button for another 15 seconds.

    Factory reset Hikvision IP camera

    The device will then become inactive again and the user-defined password will be reset. To work with the gadget, you will need to install a new one or use the factory.

    Using a GUID file

    You can configure this password reset method only if you know the set code. You need to act according to the following scheme:

    • Go to the “Remote configuration” tab of the iVMS-4200 client or similar sections of other IP camera control programs.
    • Press the button “Export GUID-file”.
    • Save it to your computer.
    • go to the iVMS-4200 client;
    • go to the list of devices and check the box next to the one that you want to deactivate;
    • click on the “Foggot Passewod” button;
    • change the value of the line “Check mode” to “Check GUID file”;
    • load previously created file.

    What you need to know before the procedure

    When resetting the password, the camera must be online. If the procedure is carried out using an xml file, you need to remember that its validity period is only 2 days.

    By answer to the security question

    When the device is activated at the time of its first connection via SADP or iVMS-4200 client without a registrar, after setting the password, the user gets the opportunity to ask security questions, the correct answers to which will allow you to reset the current password and return the camera to an inactive state.

    You can configure this function through the “Remote configuration” tab of the iVMS-4200 client. Requires at least 3 questions.

    When using this feature, if you lose your password, the value of the “Verification mode” line should be changed to “Verify by security question”. In the field that appears, you need to enter the answer.

    Get key error

    If this does not help, you need to eliminate the potential causes of the problem:

    • using more than 1 switch that does not support the multi-cast function to connect devices;
    • the gadget is connected to a computer through a router with NAT mode enabled;
    • changing the PC IP address during operation (requires restarting SADP).

    Using third-party programs

    The newest Hikvision IP cameras cannot be hard reset to increase security. If the user has not configured the recovery function at the time of activation, he can regain the ability to control the gadget only using the xml file.

    You can get it through SADP application or iVMS-4200 client. In the first case, you need to follow the following step-by-step instructions:

    • Run the program.
    • Open the list of devices and mark with a tick the name of the one for which you want to reset the password.
    • Click on the Forgot Password button located in the lower right part of the screen.
    • Press the Export button and select a folder to save the generated file. In this case, you must use the.xml format.
    • Without turning off the device that requires a password, and without closing the SADP program, we send an e-mail request to technical support. The xml file generated in the previous step should serve as an attachment to it.
    • Having received the answer, we save the sent xml file to your computer.
    • We return to the camera access program and go to the Import File section. In the list that appears after clicking on the folder icon, select the file received from technical support.
    • Setting a new password.

    When using iVMS-4200 client, follow the same scheme. The only difference comes down to the name of the program tabs.

    Contacting technical support should contain the following information:

    • Full name of the applicant;
    • name and serial number of equipment;
    • contacts;
    • the reason for the request (in this case, the need to reset the password);
    • documents confirming the purchase of this gadget.

    For the old version of the camera firmware, you can generate a password using services posted on the Internet. They will only require you to specify the serial number and the date of manufacture of the gadget.

    Self-resetting methods

    You can reset the password on the Hikvision camera yourself only in 2 cases:

    • an outdated model with a Reset button is used;
    • the zeroing method is set when the gadget is activated.

    Password reset on Hikvision cameras and DVRs via SADP Tool.

    To reset the password on Hikvision cameras and DVRs, you need to download and install the SADP Tool utility.

    We find the device we need by model or IP address.

    Marking it with a checkbox and click on the inscription “Forgot Password” in the lower right corner.

    Next, you will see such a window with instructions.

    Press the “Export” button and select the folder where the exported file will be saved.

    At the end of this process, we will see a window with the words “Exported”

    Important: the device cannot be rebooted after exporting the file.!

    Next, go to the selected folder and look for a file with the extension “.xml” there. Its name will contain the device model, serial number and at the end the date and time of unloading.

    We send this file to our support, along with confirmation that you bought the device from us.

    After your application is approved, a new file “datetime.xml” will be sent in response to the letter.

    Then choose in “Step 2”. “Import File” and specify the path to the sent file “xml”.

    Next, set a new password, which must consist of at least 8 characters (upper and lower case letters of the English alphabet, numbers, special characters).

    If everything is done correctly, we will see a window with the inscription “Reset password succeeded” and the specified password will be set on the device.

    We hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions, write to the chat or call our technical support.

    Password reset via authorized support

    The average time for processing requests for password reset in the authorized support service is from 30 minutes to an hour and a half, on weekdays during business hours. Device passwords are reset only when you provide a photo sticker (nameplate) of the device.

    Passwords will not be reset without a photo attached to the application. To perform a reset, you must fill out a password reset application containing the following data:

    With attached files: a photo of the nameplate and XML or XLS (X) depending on the reset method (1 or 0, respectively) ATTENTION! Without attached export file, device nameplate picture file and completed form. password reset is not performed.

    To correctly fill out the application and carry out the password reset procedure 1) First, install the latest version of the SADP software. 2) Take a photo and save a photo of the sticker, with a barcode on the device itself.

    3) Run SADP as administrator

    After opening SADP, the program will scan your local network and display a list of found devices. It is worth paying attention to the “Security” column, the device on which you need to reset the password must be “Active”. the device is active and the password is set.

    Then you need to check the box next to the device, the password of which should be reset and click on the link “Forgot Password”.

    After clicking on the “Forgot Password” link, a window will open, the appearance of which depends on the firmware version installed in the device.

    4) Follow the steps according to the reset method:

    With the first two mistakes

    • Reinstall software;
    • Disable anti-virus software and firewalls;
    • Reboot the device;
    • Restart PC.

    Then do it all over again. If these steps do not help, try again on another PC.

    Self-service password reset by answering the “secret” question

    Similar to the previous method, in this it was necessary to foresee the answers to security questions in advance. To prepare for this method, you need to go to the Web interface or to the remote configuration in the iVMS-4200 or BatchConfigTool and in the user management section.

    By asking security questions during setup, you will be able to reset your password.

    By clicking on “Forgot Password” in the corresponding interface of the device, you will be offered a reset form:

    In it, you need to select the appropriate verification method. Resetting the password does not affect the archive and device settings.

    Self-resetting the password with the RESET button

    Unfortunately, this method is not applicable to most equipment due to the lack of such a button. Most often, reset buttons are present on IP cameras, but even then not on all.

    If the camera has a reset button, you must:

    • turn off the power of the camera (12V or POE);
    • press and hold the RESET button;
    • supply power to the camera without releasing the button;
    • release the button after 20 seconds.

    Reset made. camera Inactive. that is, reset to factory settings.

    The camera will have to be reactivated (see the article “Activating new Hikvision devices”) and set up, however, the records on the SD card, if used before, will be saved.

    But not all cameras like the 24th and 20th series have reset buttons on the outside. Many cameras have them under a protective cover or dome, which requires you to unscrew a part of the case with a screwdriver before using the simplified reset procedure.

    Method number 0

    For older firmwares (5.2 for cameras, 3.0.9 for DVRs and earlier)

    If an old firmware version is installed, the system will ask you to enter the code to reset the password to the factory (12345) as in the illustration below.

    To get the code, you need to do the following: For now, close the default password recovery window.

    You need to send the following information to authorized support:

    • Full serial number of the device (For example: DS-72xxABCD-XY / SN123456789ABCD123456789ABCD)
    • The value of the “Start time” field (For example: 2014-05-22 1:11 PM), which can be found on the right side of the table

    To obtain this information, you can use the data export. Check the box next to the required devices and press the Export button, a spreadsheet file (.XLS) will be created

    1) Create an email, fill out the form, attach the 2 required files and send the letter. Instead of XLS file, you can copy the data (serial number and start time) directly into the body of the letter after the required form.

    2) Do not turn off or reboot the device while waiting for a response. SADP can be closed until a response is received.

    3) Receive a response letter containing reset codes.

    4) Again, follow the steps of point 3) and enter the code sent from the list into the box corresponding to the current date. Usually 3-4 codes are sent for different dates. Each reset code is valid only for the specified days.

    Error: Reset password failed

    When exporting a key file, SADP says: reset password failed

    • You may be trying to use an already used or old xml key file.
    • You may have re-generated a new xml key for sending, in which case the old reset files are no longer suitable.
    • There may be problems with the file sent to you.
    • PC address changed while SADP was open.
    • Make sure you are using an up-to-date key file to unlock.
    • Make sure that you have not rebooted the device or program and have not generated a new file key for sending.
    • Request a new key file from the support service after doing it all over again.
    • When the PC and device are directly connected and the IP address of the PC has changed while SADP was open, just restart SADP

    How to reset passwords

    Hikvision has 5 ways to reset the password, the use of which mainly depends on the novelty of the equipment and firmware installed on it:

    • Reset via Authorized Support by Code and SADP Tool (deprecated)
    • Reset via authorized support by XML file and SADP Tool
    • Self-service password reset by GUID file
    • Self-service password reset by answering the “secret” question
    • Self-resetting the password with the RESET button

    Legacy Method 0 is only possible on older hardware released before 2016 that has not been updated with firmware. Since it is in many ways similar to method 1, which changed it in the future, we will consider it as an addition to method 1, calling both methods “Password reset through an authorized support service”.

    But we will start in the reverse order, since in this case we will practically get an order according to the degree of complication of user actions.

    Password reset methods on Hikvision devices

    Password recovery using the Reset button

    (suitable for Hikvision devices that have a password reset button)

    1) You need to find the Reset button on the device

    2) You need to disconnect the camcorder from the power supply and hold down the Reset button for 15 seconds. After that, without releasing the Reset button, turn on the power and hold for another 15 seconds.

    3) Release the Reset button. The camera will go into inactive state.

    Password recovery by GUID file

    This method is available for NVR from V3.4.90 model.EKI and Turbo 3.0 DVR from V3.4.80 model DS-HG, HQ, HUHI-F.

    1) For preliminary preparation, go to the recorder settings in the IVMS-4200 utility and select the System. User tabs. Export GUID file (for IVMS-4200). Save the file in a safe place on your computer.

    2) Then, when you need to recover the device password, you must click “Forgot Password” in the login menu.

    3) The interface of the device will offer you a reset form into which you need to import a previously saved file.

    Password recovery using SADP Tool

    1) You need to download the SADP Tool application to your computer and run it.

    2) Then you need to find the device on which you want to reset the password.

    3) Next to the device on which you want to reset the password, put a checkmark and in the lower right corner press the Forgot Password button.

    4) A window will appear with instructions for resetting the password in which you need to select the Export button. And specify the folder on your computer where this file will be saved.

    5) In the specified folder, you need to find a file with the extension.xml and send it to the mail that is indicated on the site along with the confirmation of the purchase of the device. The answer will be a file with the extension.xml and the name in the format of the serial number of the device and the date of the password reset.

    6) Save the file to your computer and load it into the Reset Password window. Step 2. Import File. After that, in the New Password tab, come up with a new password and confirm it in the Confirm Password tab. Confirm the actions with the Confirm button.

    7) If everything is done correctly, the device will be assigned a new password.

    Password recovery using secret word (SADP Tool)

    1) Download and open the SADP program. Choosing a device for password recovery. In the lower right corner, select Forgot Password.

    2) In the window that appears, select Sequrity Question Mode.

    3) In the list of secret questions, we give the answers that you indicated when activating the camera. We set a new password and confirm it. Be sure to check the box Reset Network Camera’s Passwords. If everything is correct, the camera will receive a new password.

    Password recovery using a secret word (web interface)

    1) To prepare for this method, in the device web interface, select the Settings tab. Account Management. Security Questions.

    2) Enter the current device password.

    3) We give answers to security questions and click OK.

    4) When you need to recover the password in the device login menu, select “Forgot Password”

    5) The interface will prompt you to select a password recovery form and answer security questions.

    6) It is necessary to register and confirm a new password. The device will be assigned a new password.