Hidden Features Of Huawei P8 Lite

A number of Huawei smartphones have EMUI 5.0 software. (The new P10 and P10 Plus, by the way, already have EMUI 5.1.) It stands for Emotion User Interface 5.0 and works in conjunction with Android 7.0. The new version of the interface reworked more than 2000 settings and more than 100 work scenarios, which made the user’s work much more convenient, efficient, faster. According to the manufacturer, the main feature of EMUI 5.0 is that more than 50% of all functions can be opened with two clicks.

KV.by has collected 13 EMUI 5.0 features that will be useful to learn about and which it is time to start using.

Themes and Design

Hidden Features of Huawei P8 Lite

The abundance of themes and design options in EMUI 5.0 is amazing. You can change the style of icons, desktop wallpaper and lock screen (and much more) just for the mood. It supports downloading themes offline.

Now more and more often you can hear about security on Android devices. There are not so many viruses on Android as on Windows, but they still exist. If the smartphone behaves unpredictably or slowly. run the antivirus that is already in EMUI 5.0. He will check the phone for vulnerabilities and potentially dangerous applications.

Application Cloning

A very entertaining feature that is rarely seen on flagship smartphones, and on the iPhone there is not even any talk of such excesses. EMUI 5.0 allows you to create a clone of WhatsApp, Facebook. Thus, it is possible to work in two accounts simultaneously. For example, on the P9 or Huawei Mate 9, or even on the P8 lite 2017, this will be especially convenient. because there is support for 2 SIM cards. The function is located in the Settings. Clone Application section.

Vision Protection Mode

It’s no secret that the blue emission spectrum of modern displays in smartphones, tablets and other gadgets negatively affects vision. This effect is especially pronounced when the user works with the smartphone in the evening or at night. In some cases, the “load” of the blue spectrum of the screen can cause increased fatigue.

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Huawei has resolved the issue of protecting the health of the owners of its devices in its own way. In EMUI 5.0, you can turn on the blue filter (“Vision Protection” mode) and, moreover, set the schedule for what time of day this mode will be activated. After turning on the filter, the colors become soft and do not hurt the eyes in the evening. In a word, enjoy reading. social media feeds!

Prevent launching individual applications

A very useful innovation for those who care about the problem of data privacy on a smartphone.

We choose which applications we want to restrict access to, for example, Google Chrome or Viber. Then we assign how unauthorized access to the application will be blocked: by pin-code or by fingerprint. You don’t have to worry about the privacy of your browsing history. this information will be available only to you.

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Knuckle management

All smartphones and tablets have a feature. “Take a screenshot”. As a rule, to do this, just press the power button and the volume down key. However, Huawei went further and made it possible to take a screenshot or record by tapping the knuckles on the screen.

So, two easy taps on the screen. taking a screenshot from the screen. You can take a long screenshot by tapping two knuckles twice on the screen. To record, you also need to tap the screen twice with your knuckles.

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Mode “Do not disturb”

Mode “Do not disturb” became more perfect. It allows you to turn off all phone notifications (with the exception of some or at certain times). You can set up a list of applications that can send notifications when the smartphone is in this mode.

In the “curtain” from above it became very easy to control incoming notifications. If the application bothers with constant notifications, long enough to click on it to display 3 options:

Mute sound and vibration

Sound and vibration on

Block everything from this application.

Lock screen

The lock screen has become beautiful and functional. Light swipe from the bottom of the screen up. and shortcuts for quick launch are at hand: a calculator, a flashlight, a stopwatch, a QR code scanner. Desktop wallpapers can constantly change, loading from the gallery or the Internet. It is possible to fix your favorite screensaver, or choose another without blocking your smartphone.

Create an encrypted folder

EMUI 5.0 implements the “Personal” function. In the corporate file manager, you can create an encrypted folder, access to which will be limited. There you can copy confidential documents, photos,s. This section is protected by high-level encryption, so breaking it will be very problematic.

Collapse a call and switch to an application

Minimize an incoming call and switch to another application. Really unusual feature. just why haven’t other companies thought of it before? Huawei implemented it in EMUI 5.0, for which many thanks to her. With an incoming call, simply click on the “rectangle” of recent applications and switch to the desired application, for example, “Music”. Here’s how it works:

Application List Display Modes

Now, in the shell from Huawei, you can select 2 modes for displaying the list of applications. First: all application icons are displayed directly on the home screen. Second: by clicking on the icon the user enters a separate screen with a list of applications. Everyone likes their own version, but both are implemented in EMUI 5.0.

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As in the previous version, there is a simplified appearance of the shell, which is suitable for elderly people or those who switched from Windows Phone to Android.

Fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner in EMUI 5.0 is used in a wide variety of situations. This greatly facilitates the work in everyday tasks. You can enable photo capture by clicking on the fingerprint scanner or answer a call. If you hold the top-down sensor. a “curtain” of quick settings will appear. In the gallery of photos, the scanner plays an important role and allows you to scroll through the pictures, touching the sensor. A convenient feature that you will not find among competitors.

Work in two screens at the same time

Yes, it’s also possible: watch the match and comment on it by sending messages to friends on Viber. To do this, open the first application you need (for example, a photo gallery), then click on the “Home” touch button and open the second application you need at the moment (for example, the same Viber). And do not collapse. Then, by long pressing the “Menu” touch button, we divide the screen into two active parts and # continue to work, but already in two windows at the same time.

And below you can watch an incredibly beautiful about the Aegean Sea and EMUI 5.0. Huawei was inspired by him when creating his shell: