Headphones hiss when connecting to a microphone. Using external tools

Reducing the noise level in headphones

How to connect and configure headphones to a computer with Windows 10 Instruction you connected headphones to a computer or laptop, and instead of pleasant and your favorite music, hear irritating hissing or crackle, who will like this? However, you do not understand why there is a noise in the headphones, where did he come from and what to do with it.

The most unpleasant in the effect of noise in the headphones is that it is very difficult to find out why it appeared and how to eliminate it. There may be a lot of reasons for the cod in headphones, the usual algorithm for finding the cause of poor performance of the headphone lies in the consistent intake of potential noise sources, their exclusion or isolation and further verification. In theory, it looks simple, but in practice it is impossible to fully implement a similar algorithm.

For example, you have only one computer that is connected to a socket, which is equipped in a concrete wall, a repair is made in the apartment for installing a computer in another place, or another room, it is impossible, t.to. there is no place for him. And therefore, we are not able to exclude all the possible causes of extraneous noise in headphones.

However, we can start with the simplest and most obvious potential causes of interference in headphones, and there is their test will not give a result, then we will only hope that in the future this problem will be selfless. For example, the neighbors will turn off the peorator, or after a while you buy a voltage stabilizer through which connect the computer.

So, let’s start finding the cause of hissing in headphones.

How to connect wired headphones to a computer or laptoping

Changing the port of the headphone connection

This test method refers only to the owners of computers, since only one connector for connecting headphones is present on laptops. If you connected the playback device through the port on the front panel of the case, try to stick it directly to the motherboard, and vice versa. This action will help to understand whether the appearance of noise is an exclusively connector problem.

Search for the reason

Having no idea what to sin, I decided to look for solutions on the Internet. Reading forums on this problem, as it turned out to be quite common, indicated possible reasons:. tip from the power supply;. audio codec (as a hardware);. cable from the sound board \ motherboard to the front panel of the PC case. As a solution, a replacement of the PSU, audio card was proposed, and in the latter case of the entire case. This approach to solving problems is fundamentally does not suit me. In any case, you must first check.

I started in order, took out a power supply from which no such problems was observed from the reserves, installed it, but it was no better at all. We go further.

Focusrite How To Fix Audio Interface | Static, Distortion Headphone Playback, and Microphone

I connected the headphones to the back panel, the noise completely disappeared, but it did not suit me, the speakers live there. I took from a friend a sophisticated sound, which was still a sophisticated sound, installed the front panel, it didn’t get better, even got worse.

The last point remained, there was nothing to check, all the cables available were the twin brothers of the established. Therefore, it was decided to try to film it, as the forums claimed “this wire can be caught” Mayak “.

Elimination of the cause

In the article I read, to start the action, I had enough phrase “Charges located outside the screen, did not affect the electric state of the cable veins”, I read the rest and did not really delve the rest due to the lack of the necessary baggage of knowledge. I was not going to film each wire in the cable, and besides it seemed to me that the problem was not in the mutual action of the conductors on each other.

Let’s start

Without going into details, the screen is foil. Where to get foil? That’s right, chocolate! We take out the chocolate from the package and remove it away before the end of the work. Leave the desired. foil. I decided to wind foil as an island, so that some semblance of a corrugated hose is obtained, and due to this, get some freedom in flexibility, foil is fragile. For convenience, I decided to cut the foil into pieces, along the edges of which I attached the isolet. Having wiped off pieces of this screen on the cable and the connectors themselves (which I pre.wrapped simply with electrical tape to exclude foil of metal latches), I received what I wanted. 1-vinity of the celebration. 2-rush foil with isolet. 3-tied foil for a cable. 4-confrontation version of the cable. Connected the cable, turned on the headphones in full and and did not hear any noise. I was quite surprised by the result, because the implementation is quite amateurish. Skype interlocutors are happy no less than mine. I cannot be completely sure of the effectiveness of this method, but I hope to someone my article will help. Thank you for your attention.

The most popular causes of background noise in headphones

Simple ways, how to remove noise in headphones that must be tried before moving on to more complex actions. In 90% of cases, the problem lies precisely in them, while it does not matter which headphone model is used: expensive Airpods or Sony Pro, or budget Airdots from Xiaomi

Energy saving mode

The energy.saving regime on the transmitting device provokes the occurrence of extraneous noise. This problem is most often found on laptops, but it can also occur on PC or smartphones. When the battery is enabled to include the mode of saving, the system redirects all resources to important devices, and the sound card may not have enough energy to operate the built.in amplifier or other equipment.

This reason can be eliminated by choosing a “high performance” circuit in the computer power settings, or by turning off the battery charge mode on the iPhone or ammartphones.

If a change in the type of power supply has not led to an improvement in sound, it is worth returning a balanced scheme (or energy.saving. on phones) so as not to spend wasted a battery charge.

Discharged battery on the headset

When the battery of Bluetooth hotels sits down, the device does not have enough energy for a full-fledged reception and reproduction of the signal, so the sound in the speakers can be lost quietly or with background noises. To check whether the hooked battery affects the purity of playback, you should completely charge the headset, and re.connect to the PC or smartphone.

Why do it interferes in headphones

Hissing, wheezing and other unpleasant sounds in good headphones can occur due to the activity of other gadgets or even household appliances.

Extraneous noise in headphones due to other devices

  • Included columns, which are close to the headset, often phones on the headphones. You can get rid of their influence by simply turning off the power, disconnect the speakers from the sound card.
  • Bluetooth devices. Noise in wireless headphones often occurs when other Bluetooth gadgets connect. To eliminate the problem, turn off all third.party devices and re.connect the headset.
  • USB devices can also interfere with the system, you can exclude third-party influence by freeing all the USB ports PC or laptop.
  • Computer elements. Crackle, white noise or squeal in speakers can appear due to the influence of DVD drives, drives, or video cards. To identify the “culprit”, it is necessary to turn off the devices alternately, checking each time if the sound has changed.
  • Household appliances can also radiate electromagnetic waves. You can check its influence as in the case of small gadgets. alternately disconnecting devices.
  • Cellular and TV tape. If the rumble against the background of playing music or a telephone conversation through the headset appeared while moving along the street, then the cause of third.party noise is a cell tower or other device that interferes. In this case, just move to the distance from the source of the extra signal.

Sometimes, after turning off the background device, it is required to overload the wireless headset so that the sound quality comes back to normal.

Crack in the speakers from mouse movement

Loud background noise in headphones sometimes occurs when the mouse wheel is scrolling, in which case it is impossible to work normally to the music or play a computer game. To eliminate the problem, you can try:

  • Switch the manipulator to another connector.
  • Change the type of connection of the mouse with USB to PS/2 or vice versa (so as not to buy a new gadget, you can use the adapter).
  • Replace the mouse with a new (preferably wireless).

Sometimes interference in headphones can occur due to devices of neighbors, for example, if they turned on the peorator or other phony device closely behind the wall.

Noise in headphones from an active microphone

The noise in the headphones from the microphone of the sound card can be heard, even if nothing is connected to the connector. This happens if the port is activated in Windows settings. its empty nest can. You can remove the interference of the microphone by turning it away:

  • Expand the settings menu (through the corresponding icon in the “Start” menu).
  • Open the section “Sound”.
  • Click on the line “Sound control panel” in the right menu.
  • Go to the “Record” tab.
  • Select the microphone and press the “Properties” button.
  • On the level “Levels” tab, click on the pictogram with a drawn speaker so that a red deactivation icon is displayed.

The device must be disconnected, a simple decrease in volume level will not solve the problem.

How to fix the noise in headphones on the phone when listening to music

Android users often complain about the noise problem in headphones. To cope with the shortcomings:

  • Thoroughly inspect the headphones for marriage, connect to other devices, to a computer and check the performance.
  • After making sure that the headphones are in good condition, put the insert into the smartphone to the click, the wire should not leave.
  • Download the Poweramp program.
  • Install the program, go to the evalizer, then into the volume. In this case, the balance of the left-right headphone will appear.
  • Put the pointer closer in the right or to the left side.
  • Turn on music and noise disappear.

When listening to music with the help of a standard player, noise may resume. In this case, the gadget is checked for mechanical damage. To do this, carefully examine the device, determining the presence of dents, cracks check the ports and control buttons. If damage is detected, you need to try to repair the headset on your own or take headphones to the service center. The help of professionals will be needed if there is no experience and knowledge in the repair of electrical engineering.

We correct the incorrect work of drivers and

Noise in headphones (on Windows 10 or earlier versions) can be caused by incorrect work of programs and / or drivers. Firstly, it is worthwhile to figure it out, the headphones hiss only in a particular situation (when listening to music through a specific player, for example) or all the time. If only in one program, naturally, we check the settings of this application, you can contact Support.

If interference in headphones is during the operation of any program on a computer, it is worth checking the work of the drivers for sound. Control panel. Device Manager (in Windows 10 we simply type in the search bar), we find our sound card.

If there is an exclamation mark opposite her, then we update the drivers. Right click on the line. context menu. If the automatic update does not help, we go to the manufacturer’s website of our audio card (for example, Realtek), download the necessary ones and update forcibly. Before that, it is worth deleting all available sound drivers and you can generally remove the device in the dispatcher.

You can update drivers when the same exclamation mark is missing. Sometimes it helps. In addition, you can update the drivers using a special software that analyzes the system and, if necessary, can download the right drivers. For example, IOBIT DRIVER BOOSTER.

Extraneous noise in headphones on a laptop can be caused by the energy saving mode. If it is included, the sound card in certain moments may not have enough energy, the built.in amplifier will not work incorrectly, and so on.

Changing the energy conservation regime

Kill the Mic Noise. Hiss, Hum and Buzzing

Management panel. system and safety. power supply. Choose “high performance”, reboot the computer (just in case, not necessarily) and listen to whether the crack was missing. If you do not disappear, we return the balanced. We save.

USB device

Strange sounds can appear after connecting additional devices to a USB. So, a mouse or even a keyboard can become source of problems. In this case, you will hear clicks every time you press the key. This happens for the following reasons.

  • Increased load when transmitting information. Correct the situation can switch the plug to the neighboring port. You can find a suitable bias, repair old connectors for connecting or switch to wireless devices.
  • Out of the system. As mentioned above, you can call the master to repair worn details. In real life, users operate ports until only one remains in working condition, after which the branch is bought, and all the necessary equipment is connected to it. In addition, modern devices are designed for high loads, manufacturers take into account all the subtleties, and the ports are created as reliable as possible.

The problem with the drivers

When the drivers are not installed at all, then most likely the sound will be absent. The option is possible when the drivers are installed, but not those. This will pull the wrong work of the sound card, and as a result, the noise in the headphones. The same situation often has to be observed after the rearrangement of Windows or its update. At the same time, she reports that the problem with the drivers has.

In order to diagnose this problem, open the “Audio Exit and Auditating” tab in the device manager. If there is a conflict, then opposite the devices there will be exclamation signs of yellow and red colors. If they are absent, then there are no serious problems.

How to find and eliminate the problem with the noise in a computer headset

Find the cause of interference in headphones on a computer and it is quite difficult to eliminate it, since it is impossible to predict what measures will correct the situation. Therefore, it is necessary in order to sort through all potential sources of third.party noise, starting with the most common and obvious.

headphones, hiss, connecting, microphone, using, external

Control of the integrity of the cable and the correctness of the connection

The wired headset in the most obvious and often encountered cause of trouble is the poor quality of the connection. With prolonged operation, the wire can break through, then the headphones hisses instead of the expected sound production. So, most often damage to the integrity of the wiring occurs at the base of mini-dynamics inserted into the ears, or near the connecting plug. To diagnose this malfunction, you need:

  • carefully check the cable along the entire length for the integrity of the braid;
  • to the touch make sure that there are no tubercles or ganglins inside;
  • Control the density of the plug in the computer connector.
headphones, hiss, connecting, microphone, using, external

On a note! With certain skills, a damaged cable can be independently replaced or soldered. But this requires experience in subtle works and basic electrical knowledge. Therefore, it is easier to use other headphones.

Sound card service check

If everything is in order with the integrity of the headphones, it is recommended to carry out the procedure on the PC by means of the operating system: “Elimination of malfunctions with sound” (for the 10th version of the OS) or “Elimination of malfunctions with sound reproduction” (in other versions of the system).

You can check the correctness of the sounding of a computer using the system tool “Device Manager”. Near the point “Sound and video devices” and near the objects opened there should not be badges with an exclamation mark of yellow or red color. Otherwise, through the “Properties” mode, you should see information about the state of the problem object responsible for the sound.

On a note! The system master will help to conduct diagnostics, sequentially offer several options for the occurrence of problems and will tell you how to eliminate them. Using the service, you can identify an audio card breakdown. The master will report the following: “It was not possible to fix the problem? Seek for help from a specialist “.

As an option to solve the problem with sound in the case of an audio card breakdown, you can connect an external sound card to the computer and connect the headset along with other audio devices to it. How to connect to PC correctly. in the article “How to connect and configure headphones on a computer”.

Elimination of grounding problems

Computers and peripherals, including headphones, are very sensitive to power quality. connecting such a technique to an unanimified outlet is fraught with various kinds of interference in work and breakdowns. If there is a suspicion of a grounding problem, it is recommended to purchase a network filter or UPS, and this device is used when connecting a power supply to power supply.

Checking the interference option from sound columns

If both multimedia speakers and a headset are connected to the front PC panel, in which case headphones are buzzing precisely because of the interference created by the columns. The sound periphery of the budget class, as a rule, is not distinguished by the quality of the assembly, and can create electrical background disturbances, to which the headphones “noisy” react. To verify/refute suspicion, you need to turn off multimedia speakers for the duration of the headset.

Elimination of interference from third.party USB. periphery

Any external USB.device connected to PC can also create electromagnetic waves that enter the headphones through the computer and are reproduced in the form of third.party noise that interfere with comfortable listening.

Advice! To search for the “culprit”, with the headphones weaned, take turns to turn off one device after another from PC. If, after disconnecting the entire external periphery, the devices are still noisy, then the source of trouble is some other, and the search should be continued.

Analysis of the correctness of drivers and the correct sound settings on PC

The headset drivers are the latest versions of Windows. As a result of system failures or viral attacks, a sound driver may be damaged, as a result of which a sound with passes is reproduced. In addition, such situations can indicate incorrect work when minidnamics in the ears are cracking or wheezing. Sometimes users about echo.

There are several ways to correct the situation, each of which should try.

  • You need to start with the configuration of the PC sound system. it is possible to disable incorrectly working updates and filters through the “sound dispatcher” will relieve extraneous noise and echo.
  • Pay attention to the volume in the settings. Installation of the maximum values ​​of this parameter in combination with a simple headset can also cause noise. You should choose a comfortable volume value for yourself.
  • The installation of the current version of the sound board drivers is recommended to be performed if the sound tincture has not solved the problem. Software should be taken from the official resource of the manufacturer. You can facilitate the task of finding the right driver using the Snappy Driver Installer utility.

Influence of power supply on the noise in headphones

On the laptop, many users in order to save battery charge set up the corresponding power supply mode. For a headset, with such a circuit, there may be elementarily lacking voltage, and the sound can be quiet at best, but more often accompanied by third.party noises. This problem is solved by the reconfiguration of the power circuit with economical to more productive.

Computer power saving mode

In Windows, you can choose several operating modes regarding the electric power mode. Initially, the operating system works according to a balanced meal scheme. With its help, with low loads on hardware blocks, it is possible to reduce electricity consumption. This option is optimal for laptops. As for the stationary computer, it does not matter in its work, since it works with constant connection to the network. But if this mode is all the same, then some of its devices can work in a sparing mode, and this can pull the problem such as noise in headphones.

To eliminate this, enough select the “high performance” mode in the “Power Power” point in the Windows Management Panel. After that, it is advisable to reload the computer. If the interference was present due to the power regime, then they will disappear immediately.

Connection of third.party devices

Sometimes interference when transmitting sound can form due to the connection of additional devices to the computer. So, for example, noise can occur when scrolling the mouse wheeled or pressing the keyboard buttons. Try connecting the device that forms interference to another connector. In most cases, it helps. If the obstacle remains, then the only solution to the problem will be to replace the device itself or a change in the type of connection.

Sometimes the noise from scrolling the wheel from the mouse “gets” into the audio butter and is heard in the columns. Sometimes such a noise can be strong enough and listening to music during work is simply impossible.

If the sound of the mouse is heard in the columns, then I recommend taking the following series of measures:

Causes of noise and hiss in headphones on a computer

In order to determine why crackling arose in the headphones or they began to make other unpleasant sounds, study common problems.

Malfunctions in drivers and software

PC work is impossible without control programs, drivers. Problems in their work are a common cause of extraneous sounds in Bluetooth headphones. Fix the problem will help adjusting, updating the driver, using the program manufacturer’s programs.

To verify the availability of the latest version of the sound driver on the computer, you need:

  • Go to my computer and select a section with devices dispatchers.
  • Choose a section with sound, video and gaming devices in the window that has arisen.
  • Determine the sound card.

If an exclamation mark is located near the sound card. the driver must be updated. But even if there is no warning, the program is recommended to reinstall.

To update the driver on PC, you should click on the name of the sound card of PKM. After that, choose an update and wait until the master automatically finds updated drivers on the Internet. Driverpack Solutions also use the program on a laptop or computer to set up a program.

Phones internal components of a laptop/computer

Squeaking, crackling and noise in headphones are often associated with components of the computer. To determine the reason, they perform a alternate shutdown:

Sound connector malfunction

If you connect the headphones through the cable to another device, for example, to the phone, and there will be no more extraneous sounds, the quality will be restored, which means that the reasons for the computer.

First you need to check the condition of the connectors, connect the headphones to each of them.

  • Equally pull out the cord;
  • Contacts are soldily soldered;
  • internal shielding of the wires was disturbed;
  • The plug does not fully enter the nest. There are models when connecting which occurs a gap of 1 mm in size.

PC is equipped with two auditors: on the front and rear panel. If the sound in the headphones worsens when in contact with one of the connectors, then you should use a good option.

Malfunctions in the sound card

The quality of music playing the state of the sound card affects the quality. If the part is malfunction, the computer will not have the opportunity to transmit sound signals, therefore, instead of normal sound:

Only replacing a faulty element will help to cope with the problem, then there will be no extraneous noise.

Headphones are noisy due to microphone and other PC connectors

Violations arise if the user does not pay much attention to the work of the computer. Because of this, gradually USB-divisions fail, and one is left. A splitter is connected to it and it suffers from increased load, which also affects the sound.

Interference can appear under the influence of a microphone. This phenomenon is not considered a malfunction. For listening, they use high.quality profiles for stereo warecs, and for ordinary monoartures, Bluetooth is used. This during a conversation worsens sound quality, but the user will hear the interlocutor well.

If the headphones began to work worse under the influence of a microphone entrance, then the problem will help to turn off the sound of sound from it. For this you need:

  • Visit microphone volume settings.
  • Find the section “Equipment and sound”.
  • Select a sounding item.
  • In the sound settings select the “Record” tab, find the microphone on and select properties.
  • In the “Levels” tab, move the volume slider to the left until the indicator reaches zero.
  • You can also press the blue speaker icon located on the right side of the volume level indicator. At the same time, a crossed sign will appear near the speaker, indicating a complete shutdown. The sound is better to completely remove, not lower the level. This will relieve the problem with the sound.

Problems are often due to the fact that the microphone input and the microphone itself are very sensitive. To solve the problem, it is better to enable the noise reduction mode. This mode is of modern sound cards.

Interference in headphones due to other connected devices

The appearance of cod in headphones on the Windows 10 computer is due to the fact that the device connected to it is included in the electrical circuit of the equipment. This means that it receives power supply.

With poor design, violation of the assembly quality, the effect of electromagnetic waves, the mouse, keyboard, column or other connected device can interfere with the computer that will affect the work of the headset. This will not affect the work of the computer.

This effect occurs with increasing loads on a USB port and reaching the maximum of the possibility, for example, when connecting a powerful and fast external hard drive requiring a lot of electric power. This happens if you connect an external camera that transmits a lot of videos in the process of working on a computer.

To check which device is interfering, you need to turn off one USB-approval after another with headphones.

headphones, hiss, connecting, microphone, using, external

If all the devices are turned off, and the creak, whistle or hum does not pass, then. The problem is not related to USB devices.

If, when you turn it off to the computer or laptop of inexpensive multimedia jbl columns, the sound began to rattle, it is necessary to turn off the speakers and check if the sound has recovered.

The problem is that in the composition of inexpensive speakers there are cheap elements, when assembling which they save on soldering, design features. Therefore, in the inside of the columns there is poor contact or closing, interfering with an electric circuit. As a result of this process, an extraneous noise may appear that disrupts the sound quality.

Echo suppression in “Discord

It is possible to eliminate the interference arising when using the microphone in this program using the means built into it.

  • Open the application, press the settings icon. Go to the “Voice and Video” section. Here the sound parameters and transmission of the image in communication are configured.
  • Go to the “echoing” tab, move the slider to the right. Pronounce something in the microphone, evaluate the sound quality.

If ECHO in this way is not possible to eliminate the ECHO in this way, the means built into the operating system are used.