Headphones Do Not Work On Ipad

Headphones do not work on iPad at the most inopportune moment, any iPad user may experience a malfunction in the headphone jack. For those who use the tablet to make calls over the Internet or like to listen to music on it, this is usually a big problem.

There are several possible problems with the sound device:

1) a malfunction of the headphones themselves;
2) iPad sound card malfunction;
3) headphone jack malfunction.

The most common cause of such crashes is the misuse and inaccurate use of the iPad. In the event of a fall, shock, strong shock, or improper storage, mechanical damage to the jack to which the headphones are connected may occur.

If you notice that the ipad headphones have stopped working as before, first try to figure out what this problem is related to. Connect other headphones to the iPad, and if everything works fine, and the sound is transmitted high-quality, then the problem lies in just the old headphones.

There are frequent cases of breakdowns of the internal elements of the iPad audio device. This problem cannot be solved on your own, you need to contact the service center, where he accurately diagnoses the problem. Most often, a replacement sound card is required. IPad headphone problems may also be due to the fact that the cable has moved away from the headphone jack.

It happens that the problems in transmitting and playing sound in the headphones are related to the fact that dirt or moisture gets into the connector for them. IPad makers have partially solved this problem by making this connector waterproof.

Ipad headphones may stop working due to a malfunction in the tablet software. Sometimes it helps to simply restart the iPad or undo all changes in the settings. But if this does not solve the problem, then the tablet needs to be reflashed.

In order to minimize the risk of a problem with malfunctioning headphones, follow these operating tips:

  • Do not drop the tablet (even, for example, on a soft bed) and try not to drop it from your hands. If you did this earlier and everything is fine, remember, one of the crashes can be fatal. a shock or a strong shock to the iPad can damage both the sound card and the headphone jack.
  • do not give the tablet to small children. they can cause damage to it unknowingly.
  • Keep the earphones out of the reach of children and animals, as they may tear or bite the wire.
  • Make sure that no dust gets into the headphone jack. From time to time, use a brush or a dry cotton pad to clean this connector.
  • When connecting the headphones to the tablet, do not use excessive force, as this may damage the cable.