Headphones Do Not Fit Phone

With each phone or smartphone, it may happen that the device ceases to recognize the headphones. It should be noted that this problem is not always solved by replacing the headset. In our article, we will talk about exactly this: what to do if the phone “does not see” headphones, and how to eliminate this unpleasant situation.

How to fix the problem

The first step is to connect and check the headset on a computer or laptop. If they work there, then the matter is in the phone. Let’s try to figure it out.

Deciding what to do if the phone “does not see” headphones, it is worth considering that this accessory with a 3.5 mm jack is divided into 3 types:

  1. Mono having 2 pins.
  2. Stereo, with three pins.
  3. Stereo with headset (4 pins).

And it happens that some devices, including smartphones, cannot recognize a three-pin headset.

So what if the phone “does not see” headphones? You need to make sure that they are correctly and completely inserted into the phone, check the cleanliness of the connector or increase the sound volume. If all the standard procedures did not help, then you will have to reset the factory settings and format the smartphone.

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And what if the phone “does not see” headphones even after that? This situation can only be resolved by a specialist. The wizard will either replace the firmware with a more modern version, or the connector channel where they are inserted.

Why phone “does not see” some headphones? As mentioned above, the cause may be an inappropriate contact phase. And if this audio accessory does not work when connected to the phone, taking into account all the stated methods for solving the problem, then the matter lies with the manufacturer or brand. A headset of a certain manufacturer may not be suitable for a phone of a certain brand. They simply cannot simply “act together.”

How to choose good earphones for your phone

Modern man cannot imagine his daily life without music. To keep her always there, you need headphones. They should be compact and not cause inconvenience to their owner. And most importantly, they value quality sound.

Headphones Do Not Fit Phone

The modern acoustic market offers hundreds and even thousands of headset options. Good headphones for the phone should be chosen just for you. Under your individual traits. For example, a person who runs and does not take them with ears that are too big. A fan of playing computer games prefers headphones with a microphone, etc.

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In any case, all phones are sold with the appropriate set of accessories. If they do not suit the buyer, he can replace them with more suitable ones. It all depends on the material state of the lover to listen to music. Well-known, or so-called branded, headphones cost mainly from 5 thousand Russian rubles. But it’s no secret to anyone that there are 50 thousand or even more.

The main characteristics and advantages of headphones “from five thousand and above”

The operating frequency range of high-quality and expensive headsets can reach up to 30,000 Hz! This means only one thing: the owner of such “ears” will receive a sound of excellent quality. They also stand out with strong bass and a cool designer look that will celebrate the creativity and style of its owner.

But in pursuit of the popularity of the model, the buyer in some cases does not pay attention to the cable. Depending on the model, it may turn out to be too thin and will become easily tangled or rude and inconvenient, which, for example, will not fit in your pocket at the right time. So the cable largely determines the degree of durability of the entire headset.

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Alternative ways to connect headphones to your phone

In order to connect the headphones to a phone or smartphone, you do not need much knowledge in the field of advanced technologies. Let’s look at alternative ways to connect headphones:

  1. Connecting a wireless bluetooth headphone. In this case, the situation is very simple: turn on the bluetooth on your phone and click on search for bluetooth devices. At the same time, do not forget to turn on the bluetooth headphones! After the phone finds the headphones, you can start listening to music.
  2. USB headphone connection. The second option on how to connect the headphones to the phone is suitable for the most advanced users, since here you will definitely need a USB adapter. Only through it can connect. Another unpleasant moment of this type of connection is that almost all USB-headphones require the installation of additional software.