Has Been Poor Internet Work On Phone

The Internet on your mobile is more vulnerable to environmental conditions than laptops and computers. The signal largely depends on the coverage of 2G and 3G, Wi-Fi points, the power of the broadcasting stations, weather conditions and your personal karma. Very often, the mobile Internet slows down or even disappears at the most inopportune time. Bad luck or should you seriously talk to your mobile operator?

Let’s figure it out!

The main reasons why the Internet may slow down or disappear:

1. The mobile traffic has ended, the speed will be reduced until the end of the day.

If you are an active user of mobile Internet, you have already encountered such a nuisance.
What to do? There are several options: switch to expensive unlimited tariffs, buy traffic. In general, the solution in this case is simple. pay money and command the speed.

2. Weak connection signal via Wi-Fi. You are far from the router or too many people use the channel.

What to do? Stop catching the Internet under the windows of the institution, go inside and order something. And there will be a Wi-Fi blessing to you.

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3. Weak signal of a cellular network. does not catch a 2g / 3g network. Now 3G coverage of mobile operators is very small. Kiev and several other regional centers (Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv, Dnepropetrovsk, etc.).
What to do? Get out of the forest and move to areas where there is definitely a good signal. For the most patient and persistent. stock up on products and wait until the widespread 3G coverage appears in Ukraine.

4. Too many applications. When you close the application, it remains hanging in the background to speed up access to it the next time you use it. Everything would be fine, but some applications also load your Internet channel and eat RAM.
Therefore, use programs that shut down applications and delete temporary files. For Android. Du Speed ​​Booster, Advanced Task Manager / Killer. IOS closes and freezes background applications on its own. In general, delete unnecessary applications. They may conflict with each other.

5. The browser “eats too much RAM.” As with applications, you may have installed too many widgets and extensions.
What to do? Remove the extensions one at a time and figure out the “saboteur”. Or just tear down all unnecessary extensions. And the browser will load faster.
Also try changing your browser.

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6. Any operational errors, viruses or glitches. If the previous methods did not help, you may have caught some virus or glitch.
What to do? Take it to a service center or specialist, they will help you.

7. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Say you’re trying to go online at lunchtime. In the mall. Sitting in the food court area. It’s not like mobile Internet, even Wi-Fi is hiding and not flashing.
What to do? Remember that you only need to find a slightly less densely populated room. In general, exit crowded areas and catch a signal.

Volumes of mobile traffic are growing faster than operators manage to build networks.

Mobile traffic is generally consumed very unevenly. If you can reply to a message or check a map while running, then watching a or working with applications is much more convenient in a relaxed sitting state. On average, between 70 and 80% of mobile traffic is generated indoors.

Has Been Poor Internet Work On Phone

2 magic ways to get internet speed back
(in addition to the above)

1. Disconnect your Internet connection, and then turn it back on. Doesn‘t help. restart your phone. This magical procedure has a calming effect on the body and really helps in some cases. If this does not help, breathe a sigh of relief. you did everything you could. The problem is not with you, but with the technology or injustice of the world.

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2. Follow the link and check the speed of the Internet using the mobile version of the SpeedTest service. You will immediately understand where the problem is. there is no connection, the problem is on the network or inside your phone. If the speed obtained by the test results does not suit you, contact your provider and ask for help or require an explanation.
Stable to you mobile Internet and good mood.