Hard Reset Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Hard Reset Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

As you can already understand, this instruction is devoted to how to hard reset Sony Xperia. We will consider several working options for performing this action and why it is necessary at all and in which cases it is useful. Hard reset itself is a complete reset of the system of your smartphone or tablet to its initial settings, of course with the complete removal of all personal data from the internal memory (everything remains in place on the SD card). The synonyms of this concept can be called the following: hard reset, factory reset, wipe data, and, in fact, these concepts determine the same action. rebooting the device with the system rolling back to its stock state.

There is even such a joke that “the hardress rescues from all troubles.” Here in what cases it is appropriate to make a hard reset (wipe data) Sony Xperia:

  • when the device is malfunctioning (maybe you suspect that the system is infected with a frantic virus);
  • if you want to reset the configuration and settings of the smartphone to the state “out of the box”;
  • the device’s memory is full, it is buggy and slows down, there is no desire to mess with cleaning;
  • you plan to sell your favorite gadget and want to delete all personal data and return its system to the stock state, or you yourself want to use the device, which is called from scratch;
  • also hard reset is applicable in case of resetting the password and unlocking the smartphone if you forget it.

It is worthwhile to understand that this manipulation will completely clear all your data, so before you do it, backup it, save photos,s, music, contacts and everything else. Well, now there are several ways to make a hard reset on Sony Xperia Z5, Z3, Z2 and other smartphones.

The first way is through the settings menu

The simplest and most effective method. Go to “Settings. Backup and reset. General reset”. Here you can choose to delete data from memory or not, simply by checking the corresponding item. If the smartphone is buggy, the memory is full, the system does not work as it should, then we recommend checking the box and pressing the “Reset phone settings” button.

The second way. through the service menu

Another simple way if the smartphone is not freezing and you can control it. We open the dialer and enter ## 7378423 ## in the dialing field, which will open access to the service menu. In it, select “Customization Settings. Reset customization. Reset customization and reboot”.

The third way. using PC Companion

On the computer of each owner of Sony Xperia, this application must be installed, which is universal for updating, restoring, creating backup copies, etc. To perform smartphone recovery, you need to run “PC Companion –Support Zone. Software Update. restore your phone / tablet”. We wrote about this in detail in the instructions for updating and restoring Xperia.

If the smartphone freezes, you can reboot it using the special button under the flap (usually near the table of the SIM card). If the smartphone does not turn on at all. what to do if Sony Xperia does not turn on.

Also, earlier for the hard reset the key combination “Power button sound up (sound down)” worked, but on new firmware no action occurs when they are clamped.