Hard Reboot Iphone 5s What Will Remove

Hello! In many articles, I write that in order to solve some problems (and just for prevention) of the iOS operating system, it is necessary to perform a hard reboot of the device. over, from article to article I constantly briefly describe how to do this. Honestly, I’m sick of it. Well, how much can you write the same thing?

Therefore, a strategic decision was made. once to write detailed instructions on how to perform a hard reset (Hard Reset, as some call it) iPhone and iPad, and then just give a link to it. In my opinion, this is just a brilliant train of thought. after all, it is almost impossible to think of such a thing! How I did it I don’t know 🙂 Okay, stop joking and joking, let’s go to the main point.

So, a hard reset is a forced reboot, which may be necessary in the following cases:

  • The device is stuck, slows down and runs slowly.
  • Any errors fly out.
  • Problems with wireless networks, keyboards, programs, applications, etc.

I draw your attention to the fact that such a procedure does not affect any user data, all information will remain in its place, nothing will be deleted. If the goal that you are pursuing by making a hard reset is to erase everything from the iPhone or iPad, then you need to perform a slightly different operation, namely, a complete reset of settings and content. more details here.

Standard hard reset of iOS device

Why does the title say the word standard? Because before the release of the iPhone seventh model, all iOS devices must have had these two mechanical buttons. So if your gadget is younger than the “seven”, then here is a way to force it to restart:

  • iPhone or iPad must be turned on.
  • At the same time, we hold two buttons. Home (round under the screen) Power (turn on and lock).
  • Without releasing them, we are waiting for the moment until the iPhone or iPad turns off.
  • We continue to hold them until the screen lights up.

Hard Reboot Iphone 5s What Will Remove

. How to hard reboot iPhone 7

In iPhone 7, Apple added a lot, but also removed a lot. In particular, the Home key has ceased to be mechanical and most likely, so it will now be in all new models. So the old way, holding the home button does not work (there’s nothing to press). How to hard reset your iPhone now?

  • The device must be turned on.
  • At the same time we hold and hold two buttons. Power (on) and “Volume down”.
  • We continue to hold both keys until the screen turns black, and then the Apple logo appears.
  • Release the buttons.

Thus, all the manipulations are almost the same as in the old models, except that now instead of the Home key the “volume down” button is used.

How to hard reset iPhone 8 and iPhone X

Apple, having released the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, completely changed the combination of buttons to force a restart of these devices. Now, in order to make Hard Reset you need to use as many as three buttons, and even press them in a certain sequence. Ready to stretch your fingers? Go!

So, a hard reset of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X is performed like this:

  1. Press and release the “volume up” button.
  2. Press and release the “volume down” button.
  3. Press and hold the side (power) button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Please note that everything needs to be done quickly enough. Pressed. released, pressed. released, clamped and hold.

How to Hard Reset on iPhone XS, XS Max and XR? Instruction!

This time, Apple did not come up with anything. the buttons for a hard reset of the new iPhone models of 2018 remained exactly the same as in the iPhone X.

Your iPhone is frozen, you can’t scroll down this article a little higher and see how Hard Reset is done? Nothing wrong! I can tell you again. It’s not hard for me.

So, the instruction. Force and hard reset the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR:

  1. Press and release “Volume Up”.
  2. Immediately press and release “Volume Down”.
  3. Immediately press and hold the “On” button until the “apple” appears (this will take about 10 seconds).

I repeat, all actions are completely identical to the iPhone X (see the picture just above).

Hard reset iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

Waiting for something new and unusual? Did not wait.

Forcing a reboot of the iPhone 11 (Pro Max) is done exactly the same as in previous models (starting with the iPhone 8).

Yes, yes, yes, the buttons and the procedure has not changed. Three easy steps:

  1. Press and release “Volume Up”.
  2. Press and release “Volume Down”.
  3. Hold the power button.

After 10-15 seconds, your iPhone 11 (Pro Max) will restart. Congratulations, you have successfully completed Hard Reset!

Agree that there is nothing complicated in all of the above manipulations. everything is very simple, quick and easy. But despite this simplicity, one cannot underestimate the significance of this procedure. how many times have I used it to treat stuck iPhones Oh, there were times 🙂 But this, of course, is a slightly different story.