Hacked Apple Id, What To Do

Hacked Apple Id, What To Do

Literally every day, as if from a cornucopia, requests “pour in” to us: “Hacked Apple ID, help.”. In 100% of cases, targeted hacking is accompanied by blocking of all devices connected to your Apple account, it can be an iPhone, iPad or a Mac (dinosaurs like iPod Touch are of no interest to anyone). For what purpose? Trite. ransom.

In order not to respond with common phrases in comments, feedback or personal messages on the site, under the cut I will tell you what to do if your Apple ID is hacked.

Hacking Apple ID is in full swing. dishonest people use the careless attitude of the vast majority of owners of iPhones and iPads to the security of their personal data, and do not disdain to make good money on it (unlocking an Apple ID with an iPhone connected costs 1000 rubles). How to hack and how to protect ourselves from this we will tell you another time. Now we will solve the problem “post factum.”

Why hack Apple ID?

The reasons may be “exotic”, but in 99% of cases they are commonplace:

  1. Lock iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers with Lost mode or completely erase them in iCloud.
  2. As a result, receiving a cash reward for unlocking Apple ID and devices connected to it.
  3. Theft of personal data from iCloud cloud storage.

The bulk of the attackers do not care about your personal data stored in iCloud, they either turn on the lost mode on iPhone, iPad and Mac computers, or erase them if you can’t lock the device with a password (it happens if the victim’s device has Touch ID and lock password )

How do I know if your Apple ID has been hacked?

There are 2 ways:

    A message from attackers after blocking the iPhone, iPad and Mac computer is unexpected.

A message from Apple that your Apple ID was used to sign in to iCloud from a web browser or in the Find iPhone app.

We will not consider the first case (no need), but the second is interesting.

Remember the iCloud celebrity hacking scandal and the leak of intimate photos last year? After that, Apple introduced the e-mail notification function when entering iCloud from a web browser and into the “Find iPhone” application, which cannot be disabled.

Check the operation of alerts:

  1. On a Mac or Windows computer (or on a tablet or smartphone), launch any web browser, such as Google Chrome.
  2. Go to http://icloud.com and log in (enter your Apple ID and password).

The email address matching your Apple ID will receive a message with the subject: “Your Apple ID was used to log in to iCloud from a web browser.”

The following content:
“If you have not recently logged in to iCloud and think that someone else could have access to your account, you need to reset the password on the Apple ID page at https://appleid.apple.com.”

If the message did not arrive, check the Spam folder of your mail service and add the address “noreply@insideicloud.icloud.com” to the list of spam filter exceptions.

If there are no messages in your inbox and in spam, clear the cookies and delete the site data in the web browser:

    Google Chrome: “Settings. Show advanced settings. Content Settings All cookies and site data. Delete everything”.

Safari: “Settings. Confidentiality. Delete all website data. “

So, if you received a notification that your Apple ID was used to log in to iCloud from a web browser or to the “Find iPhone” application and it wasn’t you. 100% of your Apple ID was hacked.

It will take time for the attackers to change the Apple ID and confirm the changes, but they will do it faster than you can react and change the password for the account. Therefore, exit 2.

Hacked Apple ID, what should I do?

Imagine for a second that:

  1. Attackers have cracked your Apple ID.
  2. A notification has been sent to the primary email address (aka Apple ID) that is specified in your account settings.
  3. You tried to enter the Apple ID settings and change the password, but to no avail. the identifier and password changed faster than you.

All that remains for you is:

    Wait for messages from cybercriminals demanding a ransom for Apple ID. It will be something like this: “The bourgeois apparatus is locked and all backups are erased. If you feel sorry for throwing your device, then write to the mail. “.

Inexperienced crackers leave a contact phone number, Skype, ICQ or other contact information by which you can contact them and get further instructions. Contact Apple Support, provide the password for your Apple ID and answer the security questions that you selected when registering your account. After that, control over the Apple ID will be returned to you quite quickly (if you call, rather than write to the mail).