Habit tracker Apple Watch. 15 Best Habit Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android

Best Habit Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android

Have you ever wondered why it’s so important to watch your habits? The answer is simple: certain habits can undermine your health. By keeping track of your habits, you can identify patterns and figure out what triggers your bad habits. That way, you can change your behavior before it becomes a problem.

Habit tracker apps are a convenient way to monitor your daily activities and break them down into smaller chunks. For example, if you want to stop procrastinating, a habit tracking app will send you timed notifications and motivational quotes to keep you accountable. They let you know when you have been slacking or not sticking to your plan to make sure you stay on top of your game.

Habit Tracker: THIS is the App to Track Your Habits

Before we take a look at the best habit-tracking apps, let’s take a look at some basics.

What are the Benefits of Habit Tracking?

Habit tracking has many benefits that can help you in different areas of your life. Some of the benefits of habit tracking are:

15 Best Habit Tracking Apps: Build Good Habits with These Habit Trackers in 2020

  • Helps you stay focused and motivated while working on your goals
  • Helps you improve your work ethic
  • Helps you improve your quality of life
  • Helps you stay organized and keep track of your progress
  • Helps you stay connected to your goals

How to Choose the Best Habit Tracker App?

When choosing a habit tracker app, there are a few things you should consider:

  • The app should send you notifications to remind you of your habits.
  • The app should be easy to use and portable.
  • The app should be personalized to your needs.
  • The app should have a range of features to help you track your progress.
  • The app should be compatible with a variety of devices.
  • The app should sync with other apps.

Best Habit Tracker Apps [Free and Paid]

Tired of keeping track of your daily activities with paper diaries and spreadsheets? Then you should check out our list of the best habit tracker apps available right now.

Fabulous Daily Routine Planner

Fabulous is a self-care and daily habit tracking app that uses behavioral science insights to help you develop routines and habits that allow you to live your best life. Your Fabulous coach shows you how to develop routines that work toward your goals and compete with people who share your interests.

The app includes daily affirmations, breathing exercises, and meditations to help you stay focused and calm. The premium version of the app allows you to access coaching series organized by topic, unlimited suggestions for morning and evening routine suggestions, and new journeys for better mental health, self-care, and fitness.

Key Features:

  • Goal tracker and a to-do list to track your progress.
  • Daily coaching, short workouts, and meditation sessions to keep you motivated.
  • A gratitude journal to record your thoughts.
  • Monitor your mental well-being and participate in live community challenges.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone), Android


Habitbull is a habit tracker that helps you stay organized and cultivate good habits. The idea behind Habit Bull is simple: if you can get someone to stick to a habit, they will stick to it forever. The app works by building a “chain” of habits. You start with one habit and add another until you build a streak.

Once you have created your streak, HabitBull monitors how often you perform each habit and tells you if you are on track. With a premium subscription (free for the first week), you can add more than five habits and sync your data across devices.

Key Features:

  • Track multiple habits, repetitive tasks, or stats in their own calendar.
  • Streak counter and percent successful for each habit.
  • Flexible goals and reminders multiple times per day/week/month, only on certain days of the week, etc.
  • Sync with multiple devices, widgets, Cloud backup, and Google Fit integration.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone), Android


Timecap is a free and powerful habit-tracking app that helps you develop good habits and cut back on bad ones. The easy-to-use UI allows you to adjust your habits to the goal you want to achieve.

In addition to tracking habits, you can also add notes to each habit and see how you did. This free habit tracking app is free from distractions and ads, so you can FOCUS entirely on building your habits. With the premium version, you can access all the app’s features.

Key Features:

  • Choose between different customization options like dark mode, colorful themes, emojis, and font formats
  • Analyze your progress using charts and graphs, and a built-in calendar
  • Track your success percentage or your streaks with a streak counter
  • Sync your data between your iOS and Android devices.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android


Habit is a free app only for iOS that helps you create new habits or improve existing ones. It reminds you when it’s time to do something, tracks your progress, and provides useful statistics about your habits.

You and your friends can build habits together by sharing your progress and encouraging each other. Habit reads data from your Apple Health app, such as step count, walking, running, etc., and sends it to Habit via the API.

Key Features:

  • Group habits of comparing and competing with friends
  • Powerful stats with detailed data and a unique yearly view that combines daily results
  • Customizable reminder sounds, location reminders, repeated reminders, and a FOCUS timer
  • Cloud backup syncing across iOS devices and Safety lock to protect your privacy
habit, tracker, apple, watch, best

Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch)


Habitify is a simple habit tracking program that helps you develop habits that stick. You can set up automatic reminders, track your progress, and share your habits with friends and family.

You can break your tasks into small steps and track goals for each task. The app reminds you when it’s time to complete your daily tasks and rewards you with streaks for following through. The premium version of Habitify features infinite reminders, habits, check-ins, timers, skips, reflection notes, and privacy controls.

Key Features:

  • Organize, manage, skip, and get stats on habits.
  • Customizable display of habits and habit areas, as well as a planner for daily routines.
  • Detailed progress tracker with trends, completion rates, calendar, etc.
  • Habit notes to analyze your good habits and make plans for developing new ones.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad/Mac/Apple Watch), Android

Loop Habit Tracker

Loop is a free app that helps you develop and maintain long-term healthy habits. You can track your progress and see how your habits improve over time. With Loop, you can set goals and reminders and receive notifications when you break a habit or reach a goal.

Loop is ad-free, open source, and has a minimalist user interface. Since the free app includes all the features, you don’t need a premium subscription.

Key Features:

  • Get a habit score based on successful streaks, and don’t lose progress if you break a streak.
  • Create flexible schedules, view detailed graphs and statistics, and add widgets.
  • Review, dismiss or snooze any habit right in the notification.
  • Works offline, requires no registration, and does not sell your data.

Habit Hunter

Have trouble tracking your habits with a regular app? Habit Hunter is designed to turn any habit or goal into a real RPG game. Its unique gamification technique motivates you to keep your habits throughout the day without getting bored.

The free version of the app contains ads. You can remove them and get more coins through in-app purchases.

Key Features:

  • Break down larger goals into smaller to-do lists or milestones.
  • View the daily schedule and to-do list and create Smart reminders for each task.
  • Form habits with friends and family by fighting monsters and unlocking rewards together.
  • Complete tasks and level up your Hero to win prizes.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android


Quitzilla is a simple habit breaker and tracker app that helps you break bad habits and make positive changes in your life. If you’re struggling to quit drinking, smoking, or any other addiction, Quitzilla can help you do just that.

Quitzilla’s premium subscription unlocks more customization options and addictions to track.

Key Features:

  • Addiction tracker to record your struggles and get interesting stats.
  • Sobriety counter to track your sobriety days.
  • Daily quotes and a motivation tab to track habits and stay focused
  • Rewards for money saved, such as 100 as a weekly reward if you spend 100 on gambling each week but don’t gamble for a week.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone), Android


Avocation is a habit tracking app that works offline and requires no registration. Avocation allows you to plan your day, create habits and manage your daily routine. When you complete a task or habit, tap the habit circle to see how far you have progressed.

The free version of the app gives you access to unlimited courses, up to 5 habits, custom reminders, etc. Premium membership includes custom habit colors, unlimited habits and reminders, and additional karma points.

Key Features:

  • Complete habits and watch your plant baby grow.
  • Receive customized notifications when you complete a habit or reach a milestone.
  • Customize your experience with different habit colors, icons, and routines.
  • With Avocoach, you can evaluate the goals you set, discover the science of habit formation, and more.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone), Android


HabitShare is a social habit tracking app that lets you share your habits with friends for added motivation and accountability. You can share any or all of your habits with a select group of friends and family.

You can use Habit your own or invite friends to join you. They can see your progress and encourage you along the way. They can also send you motivational messages and funny GIFs to help you stay focused.

HabitShare is completely free and does not require a premium subscription.

Key Features:

  • Create daily and weekly goals
  • Create charts, add notes, and share your habits with friends and family
  • Set up reminders and track your progress over time
  • Track your habits across multiple devices

Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android


Momentum, as the name implies, is about maintaining momentum. It’s a simple habit tracker based on the principle of “Don’t Break the Chain.” Every day you successfully develop a good habit, your chain gets longer. The longer your chain becomes, the less likely you’re to break the habit.

Momentum is only available for iOS devices. With the free version, you get three free habits. For unlimited new habits and additional features, a premium subscription is required.

Key Features:

  • Set up reminders and flexible schedules.
  • App badge shows the number of habits remaining for the day.
  • Today view widget provides instant access.
  • Sync your data across multiple iOS devices with iCloud.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch)


Rabit is a simple habit tracking app that helps you FOCUS on your daily routines and build healthy habits. You can set reminders for yourself and track your progress.

The premium version includes an alarm clock, routines to group your habits, and goals to organize all your dreams.

Key Features:

  • Use a Streak map and a to-do list to track your habits.
  • Grow your little plant as you progress to get a bigger streak.
  • Features a colorful user interface and a dark mode.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone), Android


Productive Habit Tracker is an easy-to-use app that helps you create a routine of positive, healthy habits. With a task tracker, you can create and manage to-do lists and set up task reminders.

With the premium version, you can access additional productivity features, such as an infinite number of habits, enhanced task reminders and habit lists, and motivational habit-specific statistics.

Key Features:

  • Create, complete, pause, or stop habits and add notes to them.
  • Complete guided tasks and compete against other users.
  • Set up Smart reminders, receive daily habit tips, and motivational prompts.
  • Get personalized expert insights and ADHD help.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch), Android


Habitica is a freemium open source habit tracking app that uses retro RPG elements to gamify daily habits and productivity. You can create your own avatar and then add habits and tasks you want to do. Tick them off as you complete them in real life and earn in-game rewards along the way!

The free version offers full functionality, but you can sign up for a premium subscription to support the developer team.

Key Features:

  • Color-coded tasks, automatic task scheduling, and streak counters.
  • Avatar customization and a wide selection of collectibles.
  • Connect with friends via guilds to work together on tasks.
  • Widgets, regular updates, and dark modes.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android


Proddy is a habit tracking app that uses cognitive strategies and positive habits to help you develop a routine that you will actually follow. It’s important to start slowly and FOCUS on small positive habits that add up over time.

The app offers curated recommendations for tracking habits and helpful audio lessons to help you along the way. The premium subscription grants unlimited access to all the app’s features.

Key Features:

  • Track your progress with Smart analytics and powerful visualizations.
  • Gamify your progress by building streaks and advancing in levels.
  • Focus timer, mood journal, and easy-to-follow tiny habits.
  • Simple, uncluttered UI and dark mode.

Platforms: iOS (iPhone/Mac), Android

What are some common mistakes people make when tracking their habits?

There are a few common mistakes people make when tracking their habits:

  • Not finding a specific app that works for them
  • Not understanding their motivators
  • Relying on outer accountability
  • Forgetting to remove the apps

Not every habit tracker app will work for every person. It’s important to find an app that matches your needs and personality.

For example, some people need more motivation than others to stick to their goals. Gretchen Rubin, author of “The Four Tendencies,” recommends tracking habits by writing down three positive things you did every day and one negative thing you did. This helps you become more aware of your progress and keeps you accountable.

What is a Habit Tracker?

A habit tracker is a way to help you track how well you’re sticking with daily, weekly, or monthly habits. A good habit tracker can come in many forms, from a sophisticated app to a sheet of paper and a pen. In the end, it doesn’t actually matter what form your habit tracker takes. What does matter is that you find a habit tracker that works for you and your lifestyle. One that makes it easy for you to update and fits in with the way you usually do things.

What is the best habit tracking app?

Here are the 5 best habit tracking apps for 2022 are:

habit, tracker, apple, watch, best

Is there a free habit tracking app?

5 free habit tracking apps for 2022 are:

Do habit tracker apps work?

We all want to be healthier, fitter, and more productive, but we don’t always know how. That’s where habit tracker apps come in. They make it easy to track your progress and stay on top of your goals. But do they really work? Yes, they do, provided you choose the right one.

Habit tracker apps are a great way to keep you motivated and help you achieve your goals. They also give you a sense of accomplishment when you complete a task or milestone that is important to you.

Is there a free habit tracker app with unlimited habits?

The habit tracker apps Loop and HabitShare are completely free to use and do not require a premium subscription. And yes, they let you create, log and track unlimited habits.

How do I stick with habit tracking?

Here are some tips on how to stick with your habit tracking:

Pick a specific goal that you want to work on, whether it’s drinking more water or going for a run every day.

Track your progress in a way that works for you, whether it’s with an app or just writing down when you did it in your calendar.

Reward yourself for sticking with the habit for at least one week so that it feels like it’s worth the effort of maintaining.

How do you choose a habit tracker app?

Some factors to consider when choosing a habit tracker app include:

What habits should I track?

There are many different habits that you could track, but some may be more beneficial to you than others. Here are a few examples of good habits to track:

How do you track daily habits?

Tracking daily habits can be done in a number of ways. One way is to use a physical diary or journal that you can write in every day. Another way is to use an app on your phone or computer that will track your habits for you.

The best part about using an app to track your habits is that you don’t have to remember to do it every day; the app does it for you. You just have to make sure that the app has all of the information it needs and then let it do its job.

“Done” App Review: My Favorite Habit Tracker

I’ve always had miserable success with tracking habits until I found an app called Done. I would always start off strong, then the number of days in a row I would log would taper off until I stopped completely.

I’ve tried spreadsheets, a pen and planner system, and a variety of apps, but I couldn’t stick to any of them (until Done).

Why track your habits at all? Because seeing your progress and not wanting to break the number of days (or weeks) in a row you’ve done your habit is a strong motivation in and of itself.

Making progress is satisfying, and visual measures provide clear evidence of your progress. As a result, they reinforce your behavior and add a little bit of immediate satisfaction to any activity.

James Clear, Atomic Habits

So obviously the most important thing in a habit tracking system is one that you can stick to — no matter how it looks or how it works.

The other systems and apps didn’t work because they were either too much work to fill out each day (friction) or weren’t fun to use (not rewarding).


First, Done has dark mode. Already a huge winner there.

The app has an awesome design. I like the icon, I like the bright colors, and I like how the home screen looks on both my iPhone and on my Apple Watch.

You can customize the color of your habits, too. If you want to use all the same color or groups of colors to signify a type (e.g. good vs bad habits), the app lets you do that.

I rate the design an 8/10. It’s great, especially compared to competitors. It’s more than good enough to keep me comfortable using it.

Ease of Use

It took me a few minutes of exploring to get used to how the app worked, but was pretty intuitive once I learned the overall structure.

habit, tracker, apple, watch, best

There are a ton of different options to set up how you want to track a habit. You can set a goal for x number of times per day, week, or month, which gives you the flexibility to track daily habits or a habit you want to do 3x per week.

It’s also easy to track bad habits you want to limit or all out quit. For example, you can add a bad habit and set the limit to 3x per week (what I do for video games), or to zero times per day if you want to quit it.The Apple Watch app is also a great way to quickly mark a habit as done while on the go right in the moment (unlike a spreadsheet or handwritten tracker).

Done Apple Watch App

Once you set up your habits on the iPhone app, you can use the Watch app to mark habits as done while on the go and at the moment of completing the habit.

So if you set up Habits for work, you can mark them done while at work right from your watch. The app lists your habits in the order you choose on the iPhone app and always displays the goal for each habit.

As for complications, Done only has the small icon complication for quickly opening the app from your Watch face. It would be nice to have a larger complication show you the next habit you have up to complete for the day.

It doesn’t do anything else, but it doesn’t really need to either.

How It Works

To mark a habit as complete, you tap the habit once on the home screen. The habit will turn from a light gray to the bright color you selected. This small subtle change does feel rewarding in itself. Everyday I want to turn all my habits their bright color.

For habits with a goal of 3x per week for example, Done thought of a neat little trick that looks like a progress bar. Only a portion of the “habit bar” will turn a color signifying there’s still some way to go (see my Gym habit below).

On the app’s home screen, Done gives you two different customization choices to display the information you care about most: 1) the big number on the left of the habit to display streaks, count, or left-to-goal, and 2) a line of text below the habit name for motivational notes or time since last completed.

For me, I care most about my streaks so I display it in a large number. Streaks are the number of days in a row you complete a habit (weekly habit streaks are counted as weeks in a row). So each day I complete a habit, I can see the streak rise by one which is also pretty rewarding.

I also care about how long it’s been since I last completed a habit. This is better for habits that are set up as an X number of times per week so I can see how long it’s been since I last did it. I also switch every once in a while to displaying notes at the bottom of each habit to reinforce that each habit is contributing to my desired identity — an important technique for sticking to habits I learned from the book Atomic Habits.

Start small and track a few new actions until you feel ready to take on more. No need to overwhelm the process by tracking every new action right away. It’s easy to get excited when starting any new endeavor, but avoid overwhelming yourself too early in the process.

Track only those actions that are most important to you. Add one at a time as you get the hang of it and achieve your habit goals.

Remember that habit tracking will be nothing more than a short-term sprint unless you are strategic about the process and prepare for success. And success means starting small and building over time.

Try James Clear’s 2-minute rule

Let’s talk about James Clear’s 2-minute rule, which focuses on starting small and building habits over time. You’ll break down your habits to 2 minutes of action a day.

Scale down your habits to actions you can perform in 2 minutes or less. This way, you’re showing up every day in a small way, and the process doesn’t feel overwhelming. Then, track the new habits and scale them weekly and monthly until habit building becomes a common practice. Clear talks about his system in more detail in his book, Atomic Habits.

Let’s say you want to exercise more and get fit. Instead of committing to 30 minutes of exercise each day, start with a 2-minute cardio routine or a few pushups. Stay consistent for 1–2 weeks. Once you’ve mastered this, scale up to spend more time on the action and set weekly and monthly goals. You’ll feel more confident as you scale because you’ll be entering the process with a few wins.

If at first, you don’t succeed…

While we can go on and on about achieving success with habit tracking, we both know that things don’t always go as planned.

If you get tripped up, you have a bad day or week, or your dog eats your to-do list, it’s OK. Consider these gaffs as new opportunities to try again.

Notice what tripped you up the first time so you can rectify it the second time. Maybe you’ll do better using an app instead of an analog method? Perhaps you should start with fewer habits (or just one) until you feel more empowered? Try to keep in mind that cementing your next great habit may just be a matter of finding the right tool or method that works for you.

James Clear suggests that you don’t miss twice. He states:

The first mistake is never the one that ruins you. It is the spiral of repeated mistakes that follows… Missing once is an accident. Missing twice is the start of a new habit.

Habit trackers help you level up and find your personal flow

You don’t need an app to track your habits, but we highly recommend using one. It will be your guide as you progress, and help you stay motivated and on track. Apps are especially beneficial if you struggle with procrastination (both hands raised). And if you have trouble staying focused, you can combine habit tracking with concentration apps for better results.

One goal our community focuses on is a more streamlined email inbox. If you feel out of control and overwhelmed when you log into your email every morning, it might be time to create some new habits and behaviors.

Thankfully, it’s not difficult, and Superhuman has you covered.

Superhuman can help you get through email fast and furiously, and empower you with the tools to change your relationship with your inbox. Feel more freedom as you eliminate email clutter and learn how to fly through your emails in record time.

With features such as Split Inbox, Instant Intro, and Snippets, the app rewards you with email speed and power, making you feel like, well, a Superhuman!

Let’s talk about 7 more habit tracker ideas to help you level up and find your flow. The other apps on our list are designed to help you to turn actions into habits while receiving some assistance and accountability to motivate you.

Bullet Journal

Even the best habit tracking apps aren’t for everyone. If you often find yourself reaching for a pen and paper to capture your ideas, bullet journaling might be for you.

habit, tracker, apple, watch, best

What it does: The Bullet Journal (aka BuJo) organizes information into modules or collections for an easy and streamlined journaling experience.

How it fits into habit tracking: Your Bullet Journal habit tracker can be a fun and visual experience. It allows you to be creative and craft a habit-tracking style that works for you. It helps you set monthly goals and intentions, tracking your progress along the way.

Why we love it: The system uses Rapid logging to alleviate some of the shortcomings of handwriting. It’s a sophisticated and streamlined habit-tracking system for those who still get creatively inspired using pen and paper.


What it does: Habitify is a simple habit tracker that helps you stay accountable and master your goals. Habitify is a minimalist app that doesn’t include the bells and whistles other apps do, but it’s still highly effective. The app syncs with multiple platforms: web, Android, macOS, iOS, and watchOS.

How it fits into habit tracking: Set up habit reminders and keep track of your wins and losses. Monitor your progress to recognize when you’re the most productive and adjust your tracking schedule to get the most out of your habits.

Why we love it: We like how Habitify makes habit tracking easy. Using Siri shortcuts, one tap marks your habits as done. Also, group habits into categories (areas) to declutter and organize new habits as you add them to the app.


What it does: Streaks is an app that empowers Apple product users to track habits successfully by maintaining habit streaks, hence its name. An Apple design award winner, Streaks is available on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac.

How it fits into habit tracking: Track daily, weekly, and monthly habits and set recurring due dates. You can also get data on your habit streaks to monitor your progress, adjust according to your performance, and celebrate your wins along the way. Streaks isn’t just for creating new habits, either — a streak can be days you go without engaging in a bad habit you’re trying to quit.

Why we love it: We like how Streaks integrates with Apple’s Health Kit. Set habits based on your Apple Watch or iPhone data, such as your walking steps or hours of sleep. It also brings your habit tracker to your home screen, somewhere you’re more likely to see your progress daily and hold yourself accountable for staying on track.


What it does: Productive is an app that not only provides basic habit-tracking functionality, but assists users with managing the behaviors associated with forming new habits. Productive is available on iOS and Android.

How it fits into habit tracking: Like other habit-tracking apps, Productive helps you set goals, track your progress, and build habit streaks. In addition, the app offers helpful content that caters to your personal goals and provides guidance to help you stay on track.

Why we love it: Productive provides a lot of built-in templates and examples to cater to the user who wants guidance with the process. A standout feature is challenges with built-in activities to help you get acclimated to tracking behaviors. You’ll start small and adopt more habits as you succeed. Challenges also allow you to achieve small wins, which keeps you motivated. The app also offers daily content to help you succeed.


What it does: Habitica wants to gamify your life. The habit and productivity app is available on iOS and Android, and uses an RPG-style gamification approach (in-game rewards, punishments, quests, and monster battles) to help you achieve your goals.

How it fits into habit tracking: Habitica will motivate you to track your healthy habits until you achieve your goals. Join a tight community of Habiticans and enjoy in-game rewards (and punishments) to help you stay accountable and on track.

Why we love it: We’re especially drawn to Habitica’s video game-inspired design and functionality, which makes habit tracking enjoyable and motivational.

Side-note: no surprise that we love a game-inspired app! Superhuman is built using principles of game design to make email organization fast and fun!


What it does: Momentum is a feature-heavy app focused on keeping you motivated and moving forward with momentum. Momentum is only available on iOS.

How it fits into habit tracking: The app allows you to set weekly targets, reminders, and notifications and take notes for daily journaling. Momentum is based on Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity method: complete tasks every day and create a visual chain. As the chain grows, you won’t want to break it. The technique is simple but effective: as you achieve small wins, your chain grows along with your momentum.

Why we love it: The app is super efficient: check off your habits and review your progress without even opening the app or unlocking your phone. Going on vacation? No problem. Momentum has a skip functionality feature that allows you to skip habits without breaking your chain.


What it does: StickK is a goal-setting app that functions a little differently than similar apps in the space. Developed by Yale University behavioral economists, the app motivates you to achieve your goals by creating a commitment contract with yourself.

How it fits into habit tracking: Use the commitment contract to help you stay accountable to turn your actions into good habits. You can even assign a friend or family member to review your progress and motivate you.

Why we love it: StickK is a unique concept and a good option if you’ve tried other habit-tracking tools, but you haven’t found your motivation sweet spot. And for some extra added fun, you can even bet money on yourself!


What it does: Coach.me bills itself as a home for ambitious people. By combining free habit tracking tools with a premium version that includes personal habit coaching, it creates extra accountability to help you stay on track.

How it fits into habit tracking: Coach.me is great for anyone who has trouble staying on track themselves. A personal coach provides an extra layer of accountability and guidance, plus personalizes the entire process.

Why we love it: The customization Coach.me provides is a great feature. You can use it as a basic habit tracker or choose a more premium coaching plan, but the important thing is you get to design the experience that will help you achieve your goals.


What it does: Habitshare turns habit tracking into a social experience, allowing you to track your goals and share your progress with friends for extra accountability and motivation.

How it fits into habit tracking: Habitshare not only allows you to track your own progress, but encourages check-ins with friends so you can see each other’s progress and help encourage and motivate one another.

Why we love it: Not only will Habitshare help you reach your goals, but it has a built-in way for friends to help you celebrate reaching new milestones.


What it does: Habitbull is one of the most feature-rich habit trackers on this list, offering data-driven tracking, syncing between multiple devices, a personal dashboard that records your progress with graphs and other visual aids, and more.

How it fits into habit tracking: Habitbull goes beyond a simple habit list and offers options that make your habits as trackable as possible. Set reminders, share your habit information via the Cloud, or export your data in CSV format.

Why we love it: Having robust and comprehensive data creates better accountability (and seeing a graph trending in the right direction is super motivating!). We also love that an Android widget allows you to add Habitbull data to your home screen, making it accessible at a glance.

Loop Habit Tracker

What it does: Loop is an open-source habit tracking app modeled after the rings on Apple‘s Health kit — for each habit you work toward, you work on closing the loop.

How it fits into habit tracking: Loop is incredibly simple, yet beautiful. Each positive habit you choose to work toward is displayed next to a loop that gets closer to closing every time you put in work toward your goal.

Why we love it: Loop is completely free, allowing you to track unlimited habits. No matter what you want to work on, Loop offers a beautiful and simple way to visualize and work toward your goals.

How to choose the right habit tracker

We provided several habit tracker apps to help you with your search. What makes a good one?

    It’s flexible and easy to use.

How do you choose among our app recommendations? Here’s some advice.

The Bullet Journal is a good option for the person who likes the analog approach and keeping a physical journal to track habits.

Habitica is perfect for the person who wants to win and have some fun, while Momentum can help those who are more visual reward themselves with a view of their accomplishments.

StickK is for you if you need more accountability than a typical habit tracker provides. Create a commitment contract with yourself, or get your friends and family involved.

Try Streaks if you’re tracking health habits and want to sync with Apple’s Health app. Or consider Productive if you want more hand-holding and assistance while tracking habits. On the flip side, Habitify is ideal if you like simplicity and don’t need all of the bells and whistles.

Don’t give up on the process if a habit tracker doesn’t work for you. The app might not cater to your workflow and style. Each app will cater to a different type of person, so try another app or method until you find the right fit.

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How We Used the Science of Habit Formation to Create Our New App

When we first started thinking about building a Ritual app for Apple Watch, a virtual habit companion immediately made perfect sense—after all, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to remember to take your vitamins.

But we also wouldn’t be us if we didn’t make sure it was scientifically optimized—and that meant syncing up the mechanics of our app with the mechanics of the Habit Loop. As a reminder, the Habit Loop is the framework for how habits are formed in our brain, and it consists of three parts: Cue (a trigger that reminds your brain to engage in the habit), Routine (engaging in the habit itself), and Reward (the benefit your brain associates with the habit). With enough repetition, this loop becomes automatic in your brain—and, boom! A habit is born.

So from our POV, the best way to describe how our app works is in relation to the Loop:

Speaking of habits…

Let’s talk about your multivitamin.

Cue: Psst! Your watch buzzes with a reminder to take your vitamins. (Set your reminder for the time you’re most likely to make it a habit, since you can take our vitamins at any time of day.)

Routine: Take your vitamins, and then tap your watch to check off your task for the day.

Reward: As you continue to take your vitamins every day, your streak will continue to grow—and better yet, you’ll get to see how your streak stacks up to other users in your state and across the globe. (Fun fact: Research suggests that friendly competition is a great way to keep us motivated.)

Another reward, in our book: knowing that your multivitamin is helping you meet your nutrient needs. The Ritual app syncs with Apple Health, so you can see how your vitamin is helping you fill the gaps in your diet.

This all said, one big part of habit formation is anticipating setbacks and learning to power through. That’s why you can also look out for tips and pointers from our team to help you troubleshoot along the way—so that your next vitamin-taking streak is your longest one yet. (How about for life?)

The Ritual app is now available on the Apple Watch App Store.

Meet Our Expert

Dr. Mastaneh Sharafi, PhD, RD, VP of Scientific Affairs at Ritual

Dr. Mastaneh Sharafi has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and is a Registered Dietitian. She received her training from Penn State University and University of Connecticut where she researched dietary patterns, chemosensory perception and community nutrition. Her dietetic work is focused on promoting healthy eating habits by translating the science of nutrition into practical information for the public.

Dr. Mastaneh Sharafi, PhD, RD, VP of Scientific Affairs at Ritual

Dr. Mastaneh Sharafi has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and is a Registered Dietitian. She received her training from Penn State University and University of Connecticut where she researched dietary patterns, chemosensory perception and community nutrition. Her dietetic work is focused on promoting healthy eating habits by translating the science of nutrition into practical information for the public.

Meet the Author

This article was written by our content specialist.

Need Some Help Reaching Your Goals? Try These 5 Habit-Tracking Apps

W e could all use a little help tracking the habits we want to make, like learning a new language, while stamping out the ones we want to break, like that post-lunch e-cigarette break. Whether it’s hitting the gym regularly, reading more often before bed, or just remembering to drink plenty of water and get enough sleep, habit-tracking apps can help us remember — and stick to — our goals.

Of course, there’s no one habit-tracking app that’s going to work for everyone, so here are five to choose from. The best part about using them? The more often you track your habits, the closer you’ll likely get to your overall goal, no matter which habit-tracking app you pick.


Streaks makes managing multiple habits at once simple without sacrificing more advanced features. With a colorful, minimal interface, Streaks supports up to a dozen custom habits, complete with a helpful assortment of cute icons to make each new habit your own. It also provides multiple options to check off a habit, reducing the friction that comes from tracking, well, anything. Tap a habit to keep your streak going on any iOS device you’ve got, or use Siri Shortcuts to announce you’ve “quenched your thirst,” or whatever custom phrase you want to assign to your newly tracked habit of drinking water.

You can customize your habits with more granular settings, like assigned days and number of completions per day, or timers for tracking activities like reading or meditating for a certain period. If you’re trying to get your steps in or drink more water, Streaks also integrates with Apple Health, automatically updating your progress when you log it in either Streaks or whatever health app you’re plugged into. Can’t complete your habits on time? Haven’t visited a task in a while? Streaks will make some helpful suggestions to get you back on track, like asking if you’d like to start with smaller habits and build from there.


Habits are easier to build when you’ve got a friend along for the journey. That’s why we like the free HabitShare app, which connects you with your friends to track your habits together and motivate one another. While it’s part social network, you can control HabitShare’s privacy settings easily, and choose what to share and with whom, if anyone at all.

Tracking a habit with friends lets you see their last check-in date and send messages to them commenting on their performance, hopefully with something encouraging. Its options for habit customizing are pretty barebones, though you can set reminders and specific tracking days.


Tally bills itself as the “anything tracker,” which makes sense considering how deceptively simple the counting app is. Whether you’re counting the cups of coffee you guzzle or how often you do that weird thing with your elbow, Tally lets you track as many habits as you’d like, and offers some pretty advanced tools to keep on top of your habits.

Tally supports both widgets and Apple Watch complications, lets you create groups for similar habits, set reminders, and filter your list to see particular habits. You can also make notes in each habit to add some context to each tally. Furthermore, you can sync them to either Dropbox or iCloud so you have a record of your progress.

Tally lets you reset your progress at certain intervals, specify which days you’re tracking a habit, set tallying targets, and get notifications to make sure you stay on track. You can see your progress represented visually through some colorful line graphs, too. Its free version is limited to tracking three habits, but a 4.99 in-app upgrade lets you track as many as you’d like, and unlocks a few extra features, like multiple reminders and passcode protection.


Love charts, graphs, and lines? Well, you’ll get a kick out of Strides, a habit-tracking app that presents your progress and projected results visually, making it easy to understand how much (or little) progress you’ve made. It lends itself particularly well to long-term habits, like saving money, tracking gym progress, or tracking sleep.

Tracking falls into four categories: habits, targets, averages, or projects, each with its own set of tools for the job. You can build daily checklists, see all your habits on a dashboard, and get reminders for unfinished habits so you don’t break your streak. Strides lets you tag bad habits, set goal streaks, and pick from a list of example habits ranging from calling your mom more often to stretching daily.

Its graphs also show helpful information like pace lines, rolling averages, projected completion dates, and current streaks. Strides can also track projects, showing you each aspect’s progress so you know where to FOCUS. Subscribing for 4.99 per month lets you track an unlimited amount of habits, and allows for syncing across iOS devices and Strides’ web interface, so you can check on your goals from work or home.


Available on: iOS, Android, Web

Habits are a real chore, but not all chores are terrible. Some come with the promise of gold coins and cool weapons, at least if you’re logging said chores in Habitica. It’s a to-do list and habit-tracker that doubles as an RPG, giving you experience points and other game-related goodies for the chores or habits you complete (and costing you hit points when you miss one).

Habitica splits your activity into four categories: To-Dos, Habits, Dailies, and Rewards, each one offering benefits and punishments for completion and missed activities, respectively. Presented as a pixelated game character, you can customize your avatar with weapons, armor, and animal mounts as you gain experience. You can team up with other Habitica users on group goals (like going to the gym daily) and battle monsters as a group. Since it works on iOS, Android, and in your web browser, you’ll have an easier time finding someone to join you on your quest for self-improvement. Miss a day? Everyone takes some damage. How’s that for accountability?

Habitica is free, but you can support the app with a monthly subscription or one-time purchase of gems used to acquire items. You can also sign up for paid group plans if you want to get your entire family or small business on board.