GoPro for Android. 2023 Update Best 10 GoPro Video Editing Apps for iPhone/Android

[2023 Update] Best 10 GoPro Video Editing Apps for iPhone/Android

Choose the best GoPro video editing app from this list of top software options for Android and iOS. Learn about their features, uses, and pros/cons.

  • 1. Top Apps to Adjust Video Speed
  • 2. Top Apps to Merge Video
  • 3. Top Apps to Rotate Video
  • 4. Top Apps to Add BGM to Video
  • 5. Top Apps to Add Text to Video
  • 6. Top Apps to Trim Video
  • 7. Top Apps to Add Audio to Video
  • 8. Top Apps to Compress Video
  • 9. Top Apps to Cut Video
  • 10. Top Apps to Crop Video (iOS)
  • 11. Top Apps to Crop Video (Android)
  • 12. Top Apps to Reverse Video
  • 13. Top Apps to Flip Video
  • 14. Top Apps to Enhance Video Quality
  • 15. Top Apps to Increase Volume
  • 16. Top Apps to Change Aspect Ratio
  • 17. Top Sports Streaming Apps
  • 1. Top Apps to Add Emojis Stickers to Video
  • 2. Top Apps to Brighten Dark Videos
  • 3. Top Apps to Blur out Faces in Video
  • 4. Top Apps to Record and Edit Slow Motion Video
  • 5. Top Apps to Add Video Effects
  • 6. Top Apps to Add Video Filter
  • 7. Top Apps to Slow Down Music
  • 8. Top Apps to Add Green Screen
  • 9. Top Apps to Edit GoPro Video
  • 10. Top Apps to Edit TikTok Video
  • 11. Top Apps to Make Stop Motion Videos
  • 12. Top Meme Apps

Video making and editing are highly lucrative activities today, especially with so much FOCUS on digital media. Professionals create stunning videos with stylistic effects and visuals when using the GoPro tool.

However, if you are looking for editing, you have to choose a specific type of GoPro video editing app. They hold top-notch editing features, with some suitable for specific experience levels. To know your options, read on!

Part 1. 5 Best GoPro Video Editing Apps for iOS

Particular GoPro video editing app types are suitable for iPhones and iPads, due to strong iOS compatibility and functions. Here are the main options.

GoPro Quik

You can use this GoPro video editing app to import videos you take using GoPro and then edit them with intuitive features. There are multiple exclusive filters and effects available that you can add to your videos to optimize their thematic look.

Also, add the best shots to the video from your device through the Mural feature and organize all your clips in one location.

Rating: 4.8 stars of 5 (Apple App Store), 4.3 stars of 5 (Google Play Store)

Compatible Platform: iOS, Android

Price: USD 49.99 per year for a GoPro subscription.

gopro, android, 2023, update, best
  • Import videos/photos from cameras, library, or GoPro site.
  • Automated highlights for video sections.
  • Store videos with Cloud support.
  • Auto-sync video with background sound you add.
  • Use a single tap to adjust the speed of the video.
  • than dozens of effects and filters are available.
  • Standard editing functions like trimming, color correction, etc.
  • Unlimited backups are only available for GoPro Quik subscribers.
  • The services of this app are available in certain locations and audiences only.

Best For: GoPro users can use this tool for advanced video editing of their GoPro-based video footage.


Splice is another top-level GoPro video editing app that iOS users can download and use for their video editing work. This app makes it easy to cut, trim, and merge video clips to form a full short video in some seconds.

Features like its speed adjustment settings make it a suitable mobile application for professional-level video editing.

Rating: 4.6 stars of 5 (Apple App Store), 4.7 stars of 5 (Google Play Store)

Compatible Platform: iOS, Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases starting at USD 1.99.

  • You can add title slides, outros, and text overlays.
  • Built-in voice recorder for narration and voiceover addition.
  • Adjust slow-motion effect or fast forward rate for videos.
  • Get access to 6,000 royalty-free tracks for background sound input.
  • Get access to pre-built tutorials and videos from community members for an easier learning curve.
  • Add masks and overlays to videos.
  • Use Ken Burns effect for animations.
  • Splice can share/disclose users’ data in certain situations like corporate undertakings, regional legal regulations, etc.
  • You can add certain iTunes-based songs based on the site’s terms and conditions.

Best For: Influencers in social media and home users can utilize Splice to create, share, and edit professional-quality video clips in minutes.


Magisto is a high-quality video editing app that people use to create short video movies, collages, and musical slideshows. It is easy to add photos and video clips in this premium-level editor and incorporate audio clips in the background as a soundtrack.

The app has strong editing functions and a wide range of preset templates for quick editing.

Rating: 4.6 stars of 5 (Apple App Store), 4.1 stars of 5 (Google Play Store)

Compatible Platform: iOS, Android

Price: Premium- USD 4.99, Professional- USD 9.99, Business- USD 34.99 (all monthly plans)

  • Prepare videos with effects and filters with a 10-minute duration length.
  • All users can expect an unlimited download option for their edits.
  • Advanced editing functions like layouts and commercial music.
  • Easily share to social media platforms like. Vimeo. YouTube, and Google.
  • Smart editor functions are available.
  • Output your videos in HD quality across all plans.
  • Free trial available for Business and Professional plan users.
  • Only Business plan users get VIP-level technical support.
  • Premium plan users do not get logos, preset fonts, colors, or scenes for editing.

Best For: Business professionals use this app to create promotional videos, slideshows, video blogs, and PowerPoint-type presentations.


iMovie is a good GoPro video editing app for creating robust movie-like videos right from iPads or iPhones. There are pre-built templates and storyboards for a theme base during video editing. The multi-touch gesture support makes it easy for users to prepare custom videos with a few clicks.

Rating: 3.9 stars of 5 (Apple App Store)

Compatible Platform: iOS

  • Around 20 preset genre-centric Storyboards are available.
  • Picture-in-picture and split-screen viewing options are there.
  • Edit and prepare videos in Cinematic mode.
  • Thirteen different filter options for thematic editing.
  • You can get personalized app support through a dynamic community and support team.
  • Adjust the speed of action shots.
  • Over 100 built-in choices of sound effects.
  • A bigger app size at 618.2 MB- can lag device performance.
  • Devices like iPhone 7/SE (2 nd Gen), iPad (6 th Gen)/Mini/Air 3, and iPod Touch (7 th Gen) onwards support 4K at 60 FPS.

Best For: Professional editors who want to make movies, short stories, or trailers directly from mobile devices.


InShot is a Smart iOS-based app for GoPro video editing with standard-level features. You can easily cut and trim videos into shorter clips and merge shorter sections.

Users can access free music for vlogs and even add sound effects or voiceovers. There is a fully-functional timeline and a wide range of animated titles/stickers.

Rating: 4.9 stars of 5 (Apple App Store), 4.8 stars of 5 (Google Play Store)

Compatible Platform: iOS, Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases starting at USD 1.99.

  • Easily merge video clips.
  • Remove any unnecessary parts from the middle.
  • Adjust speed to slow or high rates.
  • Multiple filters like Glitch, Film, etc.
  • Easily share edited videos to linked social media accounts.
  • Straightforward performance with basic video editing features like animated texts and stickers.
  • Add music or voiceover directly.
  • Standard functions compared to other options in this list.
  • Customer support only available via email.

Best For: Social media influencers looking to make blog-type videos or short videos with direct social media sharing can use this app.

Part 2. 5 Best GoPro Video Editing Apps for Android

If you have an Android phone, you should opt for a GoPro video editing app with features suitable for such devices. Here is a list of those apps.


FilmoraGo is a GoPro video editing app that is a strong option among those on the list and works for Android and iOS well. We tried out the app and checked its diverse editing functions, like transition adding and trimming ability, finding all at high-grade conditions.

You can play the video in reverse to see the flow and change the speed of the video to slow or fast rates with some taps.

Rating: 4.5 stars of 5 (Google Play Store), 4.7 stars of 5 (Apple App Store)

Compatible Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free with in-app purchases starting at USD 1.99.

  • Adjust the speed of the video with speed ramping.
  • Split videos into multiple parts.
  • Change the aspect ratio via Canvas.
  • Stunning filters/effects for visual styling of the video clips.
  • Suitable standard and advanced video editing operations like trimming and merging.
  • Reverse the video for a preview.
  • Add custom texts and stickers.
  • The app collects app activity and performance information of users.
  • Data security/privacy rules can differ in certain states/regions.

Best For: Users looking for a comprehensive app with robust editing functions, an eclectic selection of songs, and a high-quality output guarantee can use this.

Video Crop

Video Crop is an Android-centric app that users can opt for to crop and edit their short videos. It is a simple and easy-to-use application that comes with strong cropping functions. You can upload the video from your device gallery into the app and adjust the video’s aspect ratio.

Rating: 3.8 stars of 5 (Google Play Store)

Compatible Platform: Android

  • Choose the aspect ratio of the video during editing.
  • Cut out unwanted video sections during trimming.
  • Scale the video section to trim in longer videos by dragging the cursor.
  • Preview video before sharing.
  • Very simple to use for beginners.
  • Directly sync and post a final video on Instagram.
  • Get pre-built frame size options for videos.
  • The quality of video after cropping can reduce.
  • Limited functionality compared to most other video editing apps.

Best For: Beginner-level users can use this simple app to crop and edit short clips for Instagram.


VideoShop works as a GoPro video editing app that you can use to import videos taken with cameras or phones. You can easily cut unnecessary parts and merge multiple clips into a seamless video.

The preset filters and transitions are usable for a better flow between scenes.

Rating: 4.5 stars of 5 (Google Play Store), 4.9 stars of 5 (Apple App Store)

Compatible Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free with in-app purchases starting at USD 0.99.

  • Create animated titles, GIFs, Snippets, etc.
  • Standard video editing tools like rotating photos, merging video clips, trimming, transitions, etc.
  • Include special video effects like distorting, stop motion, and superimpose.
  • Advanced editing functions like reverse video playback and freeze frames.
  • Edit videos with multiple preset licensed songs from the library.
  • Easily create videos with voiceovers or lip-syncing.
  • Export videos and clips to any social media.
  • The Snippets function for video memes is not available in the Android version.
  • Adding too long videos or elements can reduce processing speed.

Best For: Social media influencers and regular users creating blog-like videos and edits can benefit from this GoPro video editing app.


You can create visually entertaining videos using the dynamic PowerDirector app for Android and even iOS. Here, you can add stylish special effects that would create movie-like videos right from mobile devices. The chroma key support of the app makes it easier for editors to add objects or characters into videos against customized backgrounds.

Rating: 4.3 stars of 5 (Google Play Store), 4.6 stars of 5 (Apple App Store)

Compatible Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free, Monthly- USD 5.99, Yearly- USD 34.99, Quarterly- USD 9.99

  • Choose from different transition styles for a clip-to-clip seamless shift.
  • Color match video elements for a unified video look.
  • Customize video titles and input text.
  • Different types of animated stickers are available, including 14 new options.
  • Pan and zoom videos for better editing.
  • Add different background music and sound effects.
  • PiP overlay-based video and photo collages.
  • 4K resolution-based video editing support is only available on select devices.
  • Users have to get the subscription plan to get advanced features like new effects, content packs, etc.

Best For: Professional editing experts looking for modern editing styles like seamless transitions and effects.

Adobe Premier Rush

Adobe Premier Rush comes with the Creative Cloud Express version under Adobe, which you can avail of. This is usable on mobile devices for shooting videos with portable devices.

It is a simple GoPro video editing app that you can utilize to develop flexible videos with motion graphics and audio to pull in different audiences.

Rating: 3.2 stars of 5 (Google Play Store), 4.6 stars of 5 (Apple App Store)

Compatible Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Premium Rush Starter- Free, Adobe Express- USD 9.99/month

  • Export an unlimited number of edited videos and photos in different formats.
  • Custom-create animated video titles.
  • Keep or adjust the video aspect ratio and share easily across different social media platforms.
  • Import audio from the library and edit them with features like audio ducking.
  • Get access to helpful content like tutorials, artist stories, and Livestream events.
  • Free library of sound bites and songs.
  • Simple effects and editing functions.
  • You would get 100 GB of Cloud-based storage support with the premium plan.
  • Get access to Creative Cloud Express content after upgrading to paid version only.

Best For: Professionals who want an all-in-one editing software for illustration, graphic design, photography, and video editing.

Part 2: Best GoPro Video Editing Program for Mac/Windows PC. Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is a complete steadfast tool capable of piecing together all your video editing problems. The program is enriched with invaluable host of capabilities ranging from simple basic to crucial advanced features. The up to par speed and the intuitive interface is simply the highlights of a horde of the aforementioned capabilities. This potent tool is surely unmatchable and millions of users have not gotten it wrong. Just download, install it in your PC and start enjoying the amazing GoPro video editing experience.

Recommendation: Filmora Video Editor

  • Best video editing software for beginner and semi-professional, that comes with powerful editing skills like trimming, splitting, rotating, editing, etc.
  • Advanced video effects like green screen, PIP, audio mixer, etc. can also be found and applied to your video within few clicks.
  • 500 free special video effects to customize and create an awesome movie by yourself.
  • 1000 standalone effects downloading resources to make videos in all kinds of styles.
  • Record voice in real-time: you can have you voices recorded in realtime and instantly add them to the video files.
  • Save/Export video: At the end all of editing, Filmora gives you multiple options to keep the video or even share it.

Step 1. Import GoPro Videos

Before importing GoPro videos, make sure you transfer them to a suitable location in your PC. Now, launch Filmora video editor and navigate to the “Import” button on the toolbar. Choose the “Import Media Files” option and subsequently select the respective GoPro videos to be edited from the file explorer window displayed. Click “Open” to upload them to the “Media Library”.

Step 2. Edit your GoPro Videos

Drag the clips one by one to the Timeline and make sure not to place one on top of another one as this would simply spit the video clips.

Start editing your videos and preview them by simply playing the preview window. The various edits include trim, split, add filters, and add transitions, overlay and texts among others. Just select the respective icon and perform the editing task flawlessly.

Step 3. Export Edited Videos

When done, press the “Export” tab then “Create Video”. From the output window, choose the target format, save path, and resolution if necessary and hit “Export”.

Part 4. Conclusion

All of the apps in this list are top-notch in their capabilities, like GoPro Quik. For specific uses, though, you can benefit from certain apps for reverse effects, like FilmoraGo and VideoShop. PowerDirector, Magisto, and Adobe Premier Rush include diverse filter choices.

Options like iMovie and Splice are high-quality iOS-centric apps with suitable editing functions like preset storyboards and Hyper-lapse/timelapse effects. Try each of them out at least once to see which app best suits your GoPro editing requirements.

GoPro Announces New ‘Open GoPro’ API for 3rd Party Apps/Devices

GoPro has just announced a new open API for 3rd party companies/apps to use, called Open GoPro, allowing them to integrate with their cameras, starting with the GoPro Hero 9. The API (Application Programming Interface) allows a slew of functions over wireless interfaces, including control as well as transfer of media. Most notably, the API is not ‘gated’ behind some corporate partnership deal, instead, anyone can get to work creating apps to integrate with it.

If a GoPro API sounds familiar to you, it might be. It was a mere half a decade ago that GoPro announced their GoPro Developer Program. In theory, it covered many of the same features as today’s program. But in practice, it wasn’t open. So we saw some companies, like Polar, actually implement it in their products (ok, a handful of products). So did some drone companies, including 3DR AirDog. But it required GoPro to set up a partnership there with all the complexities that brought with it. Other companies, such as Wahoo though, couldn’t get into the program (they tried, hoping to integrate it with the Wahoo bike computers).

Whereas, this new open program resolves that, as there’s no longer a gatekeeper to the program. It’s just an open interface anyone can use.

And the potential is massive for people wanting to develop Really Cool Stuff™. For example, in reading through all the documents, in the sports realm, one could develop:

– A Garmin Connect IQ App for your bike computer or watch to control the GoPro – A desktop app to automatically connect wirelessly to your GoPro and offload all the content to a local computer or NAS device – FPV drone control integration, without having to hack things apart

And in fact, at launch, there are five specific scenarios that are being lit-up by 3rd party companies:

– Amazfit watches will have GoPro camera control from the wrist. – Sena cycling helmets will have voice control of your GoPro – Centurion Boats: wirelessly control a GoPro from the boat’s helm control screen – Orqa: FPV goggle control (drones) to see camera status in goggles – Pixellot: They do sports broadcasting, this controls all the GoPro’s and handles content transfer

However, there are some limitations that, at least in this first iteration, mean the world isn’t entirely your oyster. There’s no support for capturing the video stream live, nor is there any API connectivity into GoPro’s online platform, formerly known as GoPro Plus (to access your stored media there). Still, maybe later.

For the geeks in the crowd, press on. For everyone else, fear not, I’ll circle back when I find some cool apps down the road worth mentioning (after developers have a chance to develop them).

A Quick Explainer:

Obviously, this is gonna get geeky…really geeky. But not as geeky as it could be. I’ll leave it to you to dive into the full code examples and demos, as well as actual API documentation. Instead, I figured I’d get the highlights out of the way. Invariably though, like any development project, it takes a bit of coding to really start to understand the potential (and limitations).

GoPro says that for this iteration, they’re focused on these key camera areas, all at the device layer. Meaning, talking directly to the camera (versus talking to the GoPro app or GoPro Cloud):

– Wireless connectivity – Camera status – Camera command and control – Preview – SD card access

At present, this is launching on the Hero 9, but I’m gonna take a guess we’ll see it expand backwards to other cameras, just like they did with GoPro Labs (now supported on the Hero 7, Hero 8, Hero 9, and Max). It makes sense to start small. Plus, they even have a table in their documentation that lists just a single entry. No point in having a table for listing one item.

Now GoPro’s media e-mail states both wired and wireless connectivity, though all the documentation just mentioned wireless. So my guess is wired is coming soon too. For the wireless side, there’s two ways to interact with the camera:

– Via Bluetooth Smart – Via Wi-Fi

However, in order to get access to Wi-Fi, you’ll need to enable it via Bluetooth Smart. This is how GoPro cameras have worked for years, in that your phone typically initializes the connection via BLE, turning on the Wi-Fi (thus, saving battery). Back in the ‘old school days’, pre-BLE, Wi-Fi was just on all the time (and, then, the cause of some interference issues with certain bike computers too…). As usual, a GoPro keeps its BLE service running in the background for 8 hours after the last button press/going to sleep (meaning, even after you power it off, it’s still sending BLE advertisements for 8 hours, which is how you can find it when you lose it).

In order to connect to BLE, your app (or device, like watch) will establish a pairing with the camera, in the same way you pair the GoPro app. It’ll save this pairing for subsequent pairings.

Meanwhile, for the Wi-Fi side, authentication to the camera merely requires inputting the GoPro’s unique Wi-Fi SSID password, making it relatively easy to connect to for apps and/or devices. However, based on everything I can understand right now in the documentation, the limitation is that you can’t have the GoPro connect directly to your own home network and leverage the API that way. That would have been very useful for offloading footage directly onto your network (akin to what it does for GoPro’s Cloud solution, but to them). With the way it’s implemented today (assuming I’ve understood everything correctly), an app connects directly to the GoPro, and then pulls data via that direct Wi-Fi connection over a small HTTP server that the GoPro runs.

Once connected, there’s a number of umbrella operations, which are as follows:

  • Capture photo/video media
  • Get media list
  • Change settings
  • Set date/time
  • Get camera status
  • Get media metadata (file size, width, height, duration, tags, etc)

However, within those, you can access tons of settings or file operations. For example, there’s a table of some 113 different status codes at present that you can query to find the state of the camera. Here’s a small snippet of those:

The proper snarky answer to status code 6 is always ‘1’. I kid, I kid…mostly.

Now, in a nutshell, all the Комментарии и мнения владельцев that GoPro has exposed essentially allow you to pretend to be a user on the device itself. That means you can change settings, start/stop recording, change resolutions, look at file properties (like videos or photos), and even download those videos. In fact, you can even trigger so-called ‘Turbo’ mode for faster Wi-Fi downloads of media.

The company has published all of this over on GitHub, including walk-through tutorials in Python and Bash. And then demos in C/C, C#, Python, and Swift.

The tutorials especially are very well made, chunked first into chapters:

And then they dive through each step of what’s going on, and are chunked into different chapters. Here’s a tiny snippet of one chapter:

Lastly, for fun, it’s worth noting that in the documentation there’s plenty of cleverly worded implications about what a GoPro Hero 10 might look like feature-wise (assumed for ~September). For example, in the ‘Chapters’ section, there’s this seemingly innocuous tidbit:

Except, as one that has written plenty of technical documentation on how things work when you know the next version will change it (but want this document to still be valid when you forget about it later), you say stuff like this. Otherwise, you’d simply say “All GoPro Cameras limit file sizes…”, which is true, till today anyway.

Of course, even that’s a bit untrue, as one of the GoPro Labs options is to tweak this setting and do far larger file sizes, which is available on a number of past cameras. In any case, my suspicion here is that the Hero 10 will finally do away with requiring 4GB file chunking, which is frankly just a solid annoyance in 2021.

Oh, and remember you’ll need to ensure your Hero 9 is on the latest firmware, which just came out today, in order to support this.


This is awesome. Simply put. Sure, I’d love to see it on more cameras (hopefully soon, as the documents seem to imply), but having this at all is a huge step forward for the company. While GoPro labs was great for power users last year (and some of those features grew up to normal features, and new Labs features in 2021 too), this API is actually great for normal consumers too – even if they don’t realize it yet. With GoPro launching today with companies like Amazfit doing watch control, and even a boat company (Centurion Boats) enabling GoPro control directly from the boat’s helm, these are real-world solutions that people will actually use.

My two personal hit-list of apps that I’d love to see are:

A) Garmin Connect IQ app to control a GoPro (or, even better, native integration): Sure, native integration is great since it appears Garmin is done with their VIRB foray. But Connect IQ wouldn’t require any Garmin intervention at all, any random developer could do this. Hit me up if you do, and I’ll write about it, pronto! This would be killer within the newer GoPro Hindsight feature on the Hero 9, since it’s doing a rolling 30-second buffer, so that I could tap something on my bike computer to grab whatever crazy event just happened.

B) File offloading to a NAS: Within their press kit, they mention that Pixellot is using this for offloading of content into their sports broadcasting platform. I want basically that, but at my office. I want to be able to walk into the DCR Cave with a pile of GoPro’s, plug them in, and have the content offload quickly via Wi-Fi to my NAS server. Or at worst, a directory on a computer. I don’t want to use my phone to do this. A Mac or PC driven app is where this would live (well, ideally it’d automatically do this without any app driving it, but that’s not plausible here).

I’m sure other folks will have other ideas. But those are the big ones for me, especially the file offloading bit. Even right now, coming back from a run, I’m sitting here wishing the videos from that run were already accessible to my Mac PC, rather than dealing with fiddling with the GoPro app to get them synced over to my phone (taking up space, where the GoPro app currently occupies 80GB of storage on my phone), then duplicating that content into the phone’s Photos, and having my phone be preoccupied while it’s doing all that.

Of course, I probably could just write this app myself. Or, I could eat ice cream. Both are valid choices.

With that – thanks for reading!

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GoPro for Android

This article describes tools for replacing the GoPro Quik and GoPro Studio software. Both GoPro apps have been discontinued on desktop platforms and do not (properly) work anymore with the latest GoPro models.

Fortunately great alternative apps exist which allow you to use your GoPro from a Mac, desktop PC, and Raspberry Pi. Most tools are also available for Android and iOS.

The following tools are references in this article:

  • Camera Tools: Available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Raspberry Pi. This app supports camera remote control via Bluetooth, live preview, and media download.
  • Camera Suite: Available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Raspberry Pi. This app supports camera remote control via Wi-Fi, live preview, and media download. The Camera Suite app is only recommended if you are using an old camera (e.g. a Hero 3 or 4) or if you do not have a Bluetooth adapter.
  • Live Streamer: Available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Raspberry Pi. This app allows you to use the GoPro Hero live streaming mode for live streaming to YouTube, Twitch and other services.
  • Webcam Tool: Available for macOS and Windows. This app allows you to use your GoPro camera as a Wi-Fi webcam.
  • GoWatch: Available for Apple WatchOS. This app allows you to control your GoPro camera from an Apple Watch.

The following sections describe different use cases and the best software for each use case.

Use case: How to show the GoPro camera live video preview.

The live video preview is always transmitted via Wi-Fi. Both, the Camera Tools and the Camera Suite app can be used for live video preview.

Note: Live video preview does not work during video recording for Hero 8 and newer models. This is a camera restriction which cannot be circumvented.

Use case: How to activate Protune.

Protune can be activated with the Camera Tools and the Camera Suite app.

Use case: How to change camera settings such as frame rate, resolution, Protune, etc.

Camera settings can be changed with the Camera Tools, the Camera Suite, and the GoWatch app.

Use case: How to change the GoPro camera mode or camera preset.

The camera mode (video, photo, multi-shot) can be changed with the Camera Tools, the Camera Suite, and the GoWatch app. Camera presets, which are available with Hero 8 and newer models, can be changed with the Camera Tools and the GoWatch app.

Use case: How to download photos and videos from the GoPro camera.

Media, such as photos and videos, is always download via Wi-Fi. Both, the Camera Tools and the Camera Suite app can be used for downloading media from your GoPro camera.

Use case: How to live stream to YouTube from your GoPro camera.

The Live Streamer app can be used for live streaming from one or multiple GoPro cameras.

Use case: How to control your GoPro camera from an Apple Watch.

The GoWatch app can be used for controlling GoPro Hero 5 and newer cameras from an Apple Watch.

Use case: How to capture long time-lapse series with a GoPro camera.

The Camera Tools app can be used for capturing long time-lapse photos and videos using either the built-in time-lapse tool, or the scripting language.

Use case: How to use my GoPro camera as a webcam.

The Webcam Tool can used for using a GoPro camera as a Wi-Fi webcam.

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Top 10 Best GoPro Apps For All GoPro Camera Users

Streaming video on live has now become very popular, and people worldwide are enjoying the Livestream video of different types. Also, creating cinematic videos has become the profession of many individuals. And to record videos, the GoPro action camera is considered to be handier. Basically, the GoPro camera is quite perfect for capturing live-action and cinematic video. This kind of camera is affordable, and so, people are getting more interested in it. However, if you already have one or are planning to buy one, the list of best GoPro apps maybe help you a lot.

Best GoPro Apps to Control and Edit the GoPro Camera Video

Indeed, there are not many GoPro apps for iPhone and Android available out there. In fact, most of the available ones are not adequately capable of helping you at all. But to be accurate, there are some apps you must love to use for specific features regarding the GoPro camera. And so, we have collected them all to form the list of recommendations. The adjacent features to the listed names will also help you choose the appropriate one as well.

GoPro Quik: Video Editor

Once you have a GoPro action camera, you must love to try the official GoPro app, right? GoPro Quik the just the app I am talking about. To control your camera, no other apps work so perfectly and provide so many options. While synchronizing with your GoPro camera, this app works perfectly. Just a few taps confirm transferring video files from the camera to your smartphone. Also, whether you are an Android user or iOS, this app will be there for you, and it is free. beat-synced

Important Features

  • This app comes with a beat-synced system that lets you add your music with the video taken by your GoPro camera.
  • A set of full-featured editing tools will let you edit all the videos using this app.
  • There are lots of free video frames available here. You can indeed use any of them to customize your video.
  • Eventually, you can change the environmental effect using lots of filters.
  • Synchronizing with your GoPro camera, you can see this app for live streaming.

Pros: Using this app, you can ensure unlimited Cloud storage backup for your GoPro action camera.

Cons: Some users face problems while uploading media on it.

Splice – Video Editor Maker

The next option is Splice, a video editor for GoPro. This powerful video editor comes with a standard synchronizing system with your action camera and provides tons of tools for video editing. You can simply share the video file of your GoPro camera to your Smart device and do all essential editing with it. This app is offered for iOS users only, and the iPad performs the best with it. However, this app will also save the raw and edited files of all videos captured on your GoPro camera.

Important Features

  • You can use all the essential tools here to trim, cut, and customize your video files taken by the GoPro Camera.
  • There are more than 6000 free songs available in this app that you can use as the playback music of the video.
  • Eventually, you can adjust the playback speed and motion as well.
  • This GoPro editing software also lets you add titles, slide descriptions, etc. Eventually, it includes a powerful subtitle-making tool as well.
  • Using the free Chromekey option, you can initially get rid of the messy background of any video taken by your GoPro camera.

Pros: You can directly share video files from this app using almost all popular social media after making all the customizations. You can also upload video files on YouTube directly too.

Cons: Some users find it difficult to adjust the payback sound volume in this app.

ActionStudio-for GoPro videos

If you plan to manage and edit your action camera shots on your iOS devices, especially using your MacBook and iPad, just concentrate here. ActionStudio is one of the best GoPro apps for iPhone with all sorts of GoPro camera video handling and editing functions. This app also lets you control your action camera and drone cameras remotely.

At the same time, you can make tons of customizations on the videos taken by those devices using this app. Let’s check out more about this app.

Important Features

  • Tons of uncommon video editing tools are available here to trim, cut and adjust the video file.
  • You can synchronize your GoPro camera to your device just by using this app.
  • There are indeed eight different color and light control that you use to customize the video files.
  • This app supports all kinds of high-frame video from the GoPro action camera.
  • Balancing mixed video files to make a masterpiece is also easy with this fantastic app.
  • You can also add music as the playback from iTunes.

Pros: You can import video files from different from your GoPro action camera using this app. You can use hundreds of filter options to customize the video files.

Power Director – Video Editor

Let’s check out a GoPro video editor app for Android, Power Director. Basically, it’s a simple video editing tool you can use on your Android for free. But almost no other apps have the high functional video editing tools specially built for GoPro cameras and drones.

You don’t need a PC with high specifications to edit videos taken by your action camera anymore. Just transfer them to your Android and use this app to make all the customizations you need.

Important Features

  • This app lets you import and export video files of 4K video.
  • You can also fix Shaky video taken by the action camera using this app.
  • This app lets you use spectacular double exposure effects to make your masterpiece.
  • You can customize the level of brightness, exposure, saturation, and vignette effect very easily.
  • It will indeed help you add different types of playback music and let you customize the playback speed.
  • Unnecessary advertisements won’t disturb you while using this app.

Pros: After making all the customizations, you can simply upload the video files on YouTube and directly from this app. Also, you can share these video files with your friends now from here.

Cons: You can face problems regarding the audio customization of a video file using this app.

KineMaster – Video Editor

If you like to edit GoPro videos on your Android smartphone, KineMaster is undoubtedly the best choice for this purpose. This compelling app lets you edit almost all GoPro video files, including HEVC files, in the most comfortable way. KineMaster can edit files of all regulations that a GoPro can generate. Selecting and combining video clips are also hassle-free in this app.

Besides, you can add music or modify the background sound of the existing one with it. Again, it has a virtual store that is always jam-packed with the latest templates, music, and others.

Important Features

  • You can simply export files in any video file format you want.
  • It indeed lets you use more than 2500 images, stickers, effects, text, and more assets to your video. Apparently, you can make a complete pro-level video only with it.
  • The EQ presets, and volume envelope tools are also available in this app.
  • The whole editing area is quite handy. Eventually, all your editing tools are just near your fingertip.
  • KineMaster also comes with robust color controls that can make your GoPro videos more vibrant.

Pros: It features reversing, speeding up, slow-mo, and more to create unique visual effects. Also, you can directly share your GoPro video on any platform through it.

Cons: It can’t download files directly from the GoPro camera.

Myk Video Editing for GoPro

If you are a full-time GoPro vlogger, then you should have Myk Video Editing for GoPro installed on your phone. This app is available for both Android and iPhone. Also, it is truly a helping hand for travelers who love to make travel vlogs. You can simply swiftly transfer videos to your smartphone, and apparently, the process is relatively faster than any similar GoPro apps.

over, you can edit your GoPro videos just with your smartphone. This great app is also compatible with somewhat older Android or iOS versions as well.

Important Features

  • The video editor is the best part of this app, and it offers all the vital features you need for professional-level video editing.
  • With this app, you can instantly share raw or edited GoPro videos. Apparently, it is beneficial when you are on the road.
  • You can easily control your GoPro through this fantastic app.
  • The interface of this app is quite user-friendly and handy.
  • This GoPro editing software indeed lets you automatically add Telemetry to your videos.

Pros: You can simply use this as a wireless audio source while recording with GoPro. Initially, it produces pro-level audio from your videos, and also, you can export HEVC files through it.

Cons: It only lets you control HERO3, HERO4, HERO5, HERO6 HERO7 or later versions with it.


This app is highly recommended if you do live to stream often. LIVE4 GoPro offers buffer-free screen mirroring of what your camera lens sees, and you just need to tap once to start live streaming. Another impressive thing is, you can stream to not less than thirty different platforms with it. Additionally, you can read live Комментарии и мнения владельцев while live streaming on your GoPro.

Besides, it has a minimalistic interface and appealing look, which makes streaming more comfortable and hassle-free. Logging or signing on to social accounts is also painless with this app.

Important Features

gopro, android, 2023, update, best
  • Its live preview shows the exact stream what your audiences are watching. Apparently, this feature makes it easy for you to know when to readjust the position or refocus of your GoPro.
  • Almost all the “GoPro Hero” cameras are indeed compatible with it.
  • You can change streaming privacy on Public, Friends, or even Only Me with this app.
  • The video will buffer if the cellular connection is lost and start automatically when reconnects. So, the audience will not miss any frame of the stream.
  • It also stores your streaming video so you can use them in the future.

Pros: This incredible app also works when the screen is locked. over, the video quality automatically adjusts according to the internet speed of your phone.

Bluetooth Remote for GoPro® Cameras

If you use more than one GoPro camera while shooting, then Bluetooth Remote for GoPro® Cameras is undoubtedly a valuable tool for you. It is a remote app that can connect with multiple GoPro cameras at the same time. You can easily set your GroPro camera in position and control most settings with only a smartphone.

The best part of this app is, it runs on older Apple and Android phones and supports most of the GoPro camera series. In addition, you can also create or edit presents of some new GroPro cameras with it.

Important Features

  • Adding cameras and syncing them with this app is simple. Eventually, you just have to tap on the “” button to add another camera.
  • It initially uses Bluetooth technology and consumes less battery power than your phone.
  • This powerful app can show the live preview in full-screen mode. Apparently, this feature is mainly helpful for self-presentation-style recordings.
  • You can quickly see the camera state on this app.
  • This app doesn’t require an internet connection to work.
  • It also offers a “Find Camera” feature with pretty loud beeps.

Pros: The buttons are moderate-sized, and you can tap them efficiently. Additionally, you can tag moments through it.

Cons: Sometimes, it may have a hard time detecting your GoPro.

MultiPro: GoPro ProTune Bluetooth Remote

MultiPro by Booman media is one of the lightest remote GoPro apps that might help you a lot. This tiny app for your GoPro camera can simply make your recording sessions more comfortable. With it, you can set your GoPro in an unreachable position and record video as well. It has tools for self-recording and wildlife video capturing too.

over, you can connect multiple cameras with it and control them at the same time. This “to-the-point” app offers the features you need to manage your GoPro cameras.

Important Features

  • It initially consumes less power from both your phone and GoPro(s) since it uses Bluetooth to be connected.
  • You can change all the basic settings of GoPro, like resolution, FPS shutter speed, etc., right from it.
  • The response of the remote system is speedy. Apparently, GoPro can start/stop recording as soon as you press.
  • Since it is a minimal app, it doesn’t put much pressure on your smartphone.
  • The FPV usage is also supported in this powerful app. You can initially adjust sharpness, color profile, etc., while the GoPro is used on a drone.

Pros: It saves your settings as preferences to apply multiple configurations to all your cameras. Besides, You can rename the file name from it.

Cons: It can’t show a live preview of the recording like other similar GoPro apps.

Media Commander for GoPro

Are you looking for a media center app for your GoPro? Then you must try Media Commander for GoPro by Shift QA Devs, and it’s the final recommendation today. This powerful app works as a remote media center for your GoPro action camera. You just have to connect your GoPro with this app, and you will see all your GoPro media on your phone.

It also connects with your GoPro with a strong Wi-Fi connection and lets you play videos buffer-freely. over, the interface is convenient and looks very organized.

Important Features

  • It simply offers full-screen video playing with a standard video player.
  • There is a low-quality video resolution video playing feature. Apparently, it is an excellent backup in case you face a low Wi-Fi connection.
  • This GoPro editing software runs on almost all HEVC supported Androids fluently.
  • There is no need for an internet connection to use this app.
  • You can also download videos and photos of your GoPro from it, and it eventually has a pretty good download speed.

Pros: It initially lets you delete media files of your GoPro from it. Also, it is relatively more minor in size and puts less pressure on the device’s ram.

Cons: There is no search engine available in the app.


Q: What are the best free GoPro apps?

A: Quik and Splice are the best free GoPro apps for iPhone and Android. GoPro Quik is available for both Android and iPhone. But Splice is only open for iPhone users, and Android users can also use PowerDirector as an alternative to Splice.

Almost all these apps are free to use, but you can buy their premium subscription if you wish to enjoy more premium features. However, GoPro Quik will let you control your camera while editing the video taken by it.

LIVE4 is another sophisticated app to control the GoPro camera just using your smartphone. But for editing GoPro videos, you should either try Splice or PowerDirector. There are also many apps good for the same purposes, including KineMaster, iMovie, etc.

Q: What is the best app to control the GoPro camera?

A: GoPro Quik, LIVE4, and ActionStudio are the best app to control the GoPro camera from your smartphone. Basically, GoPro Quick is the official GoPro app to edit GoPro video and to control the camera. But LIVE4 and ActionStudio are also capable of doing so. Both these apps provide a better synchronizing option for GoPro and let you use multiple functions for that.

Q: What is the best app to edit GoPro camera video?

A: Splice and Power Director are the best apps to edit video files captured by GoPro Camera. Splice is only available for iOS users, while you can use Power Director on your Android devices.

All of these GoPro editing softwares provide a handy set of video editing tools to edit any video file. Also, you can use almost any of your favorite video editing apps to edit GoPro camera video. But you just need to take the file to your smartphone from the camera.

Q: Is there any official GoPro app?

A: Yes, GoPro has an official app named GoPro Quik. It is available for both Android and iPhone and also, it is free to use. You can simply use this app to share video files taken by a GoPro camera, edit the video file, and control your GoPro camera.

Q: What is the best Quik alternative?

A: iMovie is the best Quik alternative for iPhone. But if you are looking for an Android alternative to Quik, then you should try Media Commander for GoPro. Both of these apps are good to edit video and controlling your action camera just with your smartphone.

Finally, Insights

So, from now on, most of the problems of using a GoPro action camera won’t bother you at all. Just make sure that you are using the most appropriate GoPro app for your device. If you want to enjoy multiple features, I wonder you need to try two or more apps from the above list. However, you can share our content with your familiar persons who also have a GoPro Hero camera. Also, you can share your feedback on the content to ensure that you are with us. Thank you a thousand times for your support.

Where Does GoPro Quik Save Files Android Phone

There is no doubt that the GoPro action camera is a popular choice for beginners and professionals because of its easy interface and usability. However, when using GoPro in a new way, there are some features that you may need help understanding, especially for beginners. The primary one is: where does GoPro Quik save files Android?

Recently, I visited GoPro’s forums and saw hundreds of questions about GoPro Quik file location Android, where are GoPro videos saved on Android, where do GoPro downloads go, and many more related to this topic.

The questions come from different people, but the answers to all the questions are the same. The problem is that these are not arranged in one place. So I thought, Let’s make a detailed guide on this topic, so everyone finds all solutions in one place.

In this guide, we discussed the GoPro Quik Android storage location and how to transfer photos and videos from GoPro Quik to a phone in detail, so let’s begin without further ado.

Where Does GoPro Quik Save Files Android Phones?

Before knowing how to transfer videos from the GoPro Quik app to a phone, Let’s first understand where does GoPro app save files. By default, GoPro Quik saves files in the below path location.

“Internal Storage/Android/data/com.GoPro.smarty/files/DCIM”.

One thing you should know is that this GoPro Quik storage location’s path may differ depending on the device. But mostly, the files are saved on the above path.

However, you can easily follow our shared step-by-step below to know where GoPro Quik stores file locations.

Step 1: First, click My Files or File Manager from your Android phone.

Step 2: Then you have to go to internal storage.

Step 3: After coming to Internal Storage, if you look down, you will find a separate folder called GoPro Exports; there, you can view and access the exported files that you downloaded or saved from the GoPro Quik app.

Where Does GoPro Quik Save Files iPhone?

Many people think the iPhone’s file location may differ from Android’s. However, you will be thankful to know that Quik videos and photos are saved in the exact file location on iPhone as on Android.

It means that after you go to the internal location if you look down there, you can see the folder labeled GoPro Exports. Basically, the files exported from Quik are saved there. You can share or access your computer or other space from there.

Where Does GoPro Quik Save Files iPad?

The same thing above also works on the iPad. On almost all iOS devices, the GoPro Quik app creates a separate folder called GoPro Exports in the internal storage, and the exported files are saved there.

For sharing files from GoPro to iPad, simply connect your GoPro camera to your iPad device using the appropriate cable or wirelessly. Then open the GoPro Quik app and follow the same process as we describe below for Android.

How to Transfer GoPro Videos to Android Phone (Wireless)

There is no option to save files or videos directly from GoPro to your Android phone. In this case, you need first to install GoPro’s Quik app from the Play Store. Then, we need to follow some instructions in the Quik app to download a video from GoPro and save it on Android.

Step 1: First, go to the Play Store, search for the Quik app, and install it. At the same time, turn on your GoPro camera. Then scroll down the shutter and click on Connections; after that, click Connecting Device, and then click on GoPro Quik App.

Follow This: Power On Scroll Down Connections GoPro Quik App.

Step 2: After installing the Quik App, you can click Continue as a guest from below; if you want, you can sign up using your name, email, and phone number which is recommended. Now if you look at the menu below, you can see a menu called GoPro. Tap there and click on Control Your GoPro. It will take some time; the GoPro Quik app will automatically detect your GoPro camera and connect it.

Step 3: After successfully connecting the Quik app to an Android phone, you can see a camera preview. This means you can now control your GoPro camera with the app’s help.

Since we are now discussing how to transfer GoPro photos and videos to an Android phone, let’s come to our main topic.

Step 4: Now, if you look at the bottom left, you can see the media icon. Click here, and now you can see all the videos and photos which are recorded from your GoPro.

Just hold the videos that you want to download from here for a while; if you want to download multiple videos, then select them one by one. After completing the selection process, click on the download icon below.

The files will start downloading; it will take some time for all the downloading to be complete.

Step 5: You still have work to do after the download is finished. These downloaded files have been saved in the GoPro app, not on your phone gallery, so to take them from the app to your phone gallery, you need to click on View Media from below, then you can see the Share icon on the top right side, click here, and then finally click on Save to Phone.

Finally, within a few seconds, the recorded videos on your GoPro have been saved in your gallery. Now you can easily edit videos with your Android phone and upload them anywhere.


How do I find the saved files in GoPro Quik on Android?

Navigate to this location on your Android device’s internal storage to access the GoPro Quik files you’ve saved: Internal Storage/Android/data/com.GoPro.smarty/files/DCIM.

Can I change the default storage location of GoPro Quik files?

The answer is yes; you can change the default folder for GoPro Quik files. Follow the below steps to change the default storage location or folder:

  • First, let’s install the GoPro Quik app on your device.
  • Then tap on the gear icon and go to the app’s settings.
  • Scroll down and select “App Settings.”
  • Look for the “Storage” option and tap on it.
  • Select the desired storage location where you want to change the default location.
  • Confirm your selection and GoPro Quik will save future files to the selected storage location.

By following the above steps, you will ensure that your files are saved in the preferred storage location.

What should I do if GoPro Quik is not saving files on Android?

If you are using Android and GoPro Quik is not saving your files, first check to see if your device has enough storage space, then check that you have granted the necessary permissions to the Quik app, and finally, restart your phone. Hopefully, the minor issue will be solved.

Are the saved files in GoPro Quik accessible outside the app?

The answer to your question is yes; the files that you save in GoPro Quik can be accessed outside of the app. You can find the files within the specified storage location and access them using other file management apps, or if you want, you can transfer them to other devices.

How can I transfer files from GoPro Quik to my computer?

Simply connect your Android device to the computer through a USB cable. Then access the GoPro Quik files on your Android device, and after that, copy them to the location of your preference on your computer.

Is it possible to recover deleted files in GoPro Quik?

Sadly, GoPro Quik does not have a built-in feature allowing users to recover deleted files. You could try the file recovery process by making use of third-party Android data recovery software. These software programs can scan your device’s storage and potentially recover deleted files.

Final Verdict

The GoPro Quik app makes it easy to manage and transfer video footage from your GoPro camera to an Android device. For effective management of your GoPro recorded footage on Android, you must be aware of where does GoPro Quik save files Android. This Quik app will save files to the internal storage of your Android device by default; however, you have the option to change the storage location to an external device.

In this above comprehensive guide, we have included a detailed guide so you can confidently navigate the file storage system and the app’s features.

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