Google storage error

So you can fix the http 403 error on Google disk

Due to its ubiquity on Android devices, many users choose Google Drive due to numerous cloud alternatives. And this is the right choice, given that it looks great with the design of the material and does exactly what an ordinary user needs.

google, storage, error

However, from time to time users are faced with problems that completely undermine the reliability of the Google cloud service. One of them is the HTTP 403 error, due to which a vulnerable user cannot access certain files from the Google disk or download them.

We tried to shed light on this and, I hope, let us give you a decision.

google, storage, error

Ways to free up the storage space in Google photo

Although Google photo has been proudly offering a free storage of high.Quality photographs, the situation will change in 2021. Starting from June 1, all the “high.Quality” photos that you upload to Google photos will begin to count in the vault of your Google account.

If you rely on a free storage and are now worried about the lack of a place, you can prepare and not pay for additional space by freeing a place in Google photo.

Follow the tips below to make room for storage in Google photo. As a bonus, you will also clear your library of photos while you are in it.

Transformation into high.Quality photos

All the photos that you uploaded in Google photos in the source quality are taken into account in your quota of storage. You can quickly make room in Google photo by simply converting all uploaded photos with initial quality in high quality. This can be done from Google photo on the Internet.

Go to the Google photo on your computer, then click on the settings in the upper right corner next to the photo of your profile. In the settings menu, click on the restoration of the storage option. Google photo will provide an overview of how much space you free, converting the source photos and high quality videos. All your videos will also be compressed to 1080p to save space.

Keep in mind that this method will only work until June 1, 2021. After the new storage policy from Google enters into force, all high.Quality photos uploaded to Google photos will also be taken into account in the storage quota of your account.

You can export existing photos and videos from Google photo in full resolution, so that you have a copy before compression in the account to save space.

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Disconnect backup photos for WhatsApp and other devices folders.

Google photo can automatically create backups of photos and videos from WhatsApp, Instagram and other folders on your device. Although this may come in handy, these backup copies of carriers also take a place in the storage.

If you get a lot of unwanted information in WhatsApp or just do not want your Instagram messages to be copied to Google photo, it is recommended to disconnect the backups of such folders from your device in order to save place.

To do this, open the Google application on your device on your device, then tape the photo of your profile in the upper right corner and select photos settings. Then go to backup and synchronization backups of the device folders and turn off all unnecessary folders from which you do not want to back up to backup.

Unfortunately, in iOS this is impossible due to systemic restrictions. As a bypass, you should instead open an application for which you do not want to create backups of images (for example, WhatsApp), and turn off the automatic preservation of multimedia so that these images do not synchronized with Google photo.

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Google photo supports backup of a variety of photos and video formats. These include RAW files from the selected Canon, Sony and Nikon cameras, MKV video and much more.

If you use several cameras or upload a video from many sources, it is possible that at least some of the backups of multimedia files are not supported by the platform. However, all unsupported media files will still take a place in Google photo, so it is better to delete them.

To delete all unsupported videos from Google photo, open the Google website on your computer, then click the settings icon in the upper right corner next to the photo of your profile.

On the settings page, you will see the unsupported video option from where you can delete all incompatible videos to make room in Google photo. Do not forget to clean the basket after that if you delete especially large files.

If you create a backup copy of the screen shots of your device in Google, it is recommended to delete them. Over the past years, you have probably accumulated many unnecessary screenshots that are no longer relevant.

You can easily find all the screenshots that you uploaded to Google photo by completing the search for “screenshots”. Then proceed to the removal of those that you no longer need.

Any photograph or video that you delete from Google a photo is in the basket (also called the garbage bucket in some regions) for up to 60 days. Meanwhile, the basket itself can accommodate up to 1.5 GB of remote media.

If you want to immediately make room in Google photo, clean the basket to free up a decent volume of space. This is especially important to do after you deleted unnecessary shots of the screen, photographs and videos from your library of photos, performing the steps mentioned above.

Change the size of the photos before downloading.

If you make backup photos taken from a digital mirror chamber, in Google a photo, ideally, you should change their size before loading. Downloading photos with a resolution of 30-40 MP in Google photo will only take a precious place in your Google account-they will have little use from them.

Reducing the resolution of such photos, you significantly reduce the size of their files and make them more convenient for backup in Google photo. Depending on your use, you can change the size of the DSLR photos to about 20-25MP and save a significant amount of space.

You can also reduce video resolution before downloading them or use another file format to potentially reduce the file size.

Delete files from Google disk and gmail.

Any file or document whose backup is created on Google disk is also taken into account in the quota of the storage of your Google account. Therefore, if you want to free even more space for storage in Google photo, you should think about removing garbage and other unnecessary files from the Google disk.

How to decide you cannot view or upload this file at this time an error in Google Drive

This error actually blocks Google disk users from downloading a common file during the day or so. Despite the fact that you can always wait a few days and then download it, there is also a convenient bypass path that allows you to upload files that exceed the restrictions on the GOOGLE disk bandwidth. This is how it works:

  • First go into your Google disk account.
  • Open the link to the Google disk file that you cannot download. Click on the download button. To go to a page with the inscription “You cannot view or upload this file at present. “”
  • Edit the page of the page by replacing the UC-part of the URL open. Then the URL will be https: // drive.Google.COM/Open?ID = instead of https: // drive.Google.COM/UC?ID = ,
  • Now download the edited URL.
  • A new page with several buttons at the top will open. Click the Add button to the disk on the page.
  • Click my disk on the page of your account GD. Now you can choose a common file.
  • Then you need to click the blocked file with the right mouse button, which does not upload, and select the parameter make a copy.
  • Then click a copy of the file with your right mouse button and select download in the context menu.

After that, the file will be saved in the folder from which you can open it. This cunning trick allows you to download any types of files that otherwise blocked by the Google disk quvits.

google, storage, error

Note by the editor. This post was originally published in May 2017 and has since been completely redesigned and updated to ensure freshness, accuracy and completeness.

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General solutions for Google photos without backup

It is unnecessary to say that Google photo. This is a good application for backing up an unlimited number of photos and videos for free. To solve your problem, we have collected complete advice on correcting Google photos, stuck in a backup or slow problem of backup on your Android and iPhone phone.

Check the status of a backup Google photo

If Google Photos does not back up, the first thing you need to do is check the state of backup Google Photos. You need to check whether you are included in the Google account on your Android and iPhone phone. Then open the Google Photos application and check the status of a backup copy.

If you see the number, this means that the backup is not completed yet.

Waiting for the connection ”: This means that your network is weak or unstable. At this time, you must go to settings and change the cellular connection or connection of Wi-Fi.

Loading is complete”. This means that all photos and videos were saved in Google photo.

Photo or video was missed ”: photography or video may not be loaded, since they do not meet the requirements of backup Google photo. If you want a successful load, you must make sure that the photos cannot exceed 75 MB or 100 MP, and the video should not exceed 10 GB.

Backup and synchronization is turned off ”: if you see this notification, you should enable Google photo to backup photos. Just click the “menu” button and select “Settings” “Reserve and Synchronization”. Turn on the option of backup photos and videos.

Clean the cache and applications data

If your Google photo says “Reserve 1 from XXX”, you can clean the google cache photo. Cleaning the cache and data of the application will delete broken temporary files.

If you use the Android phone, go to the “Settings” “Applications” “Photos”, click “Clean data /”.Clean the cache Delete Google Kesh photo on Android.

If you are the user of the iPhone, you can go to the “settings” “main” “iPhone” storage, scroll down to find Google photo, and click “Delete the application”. This will delete this application, and all Kesha and data will be deleted. After that, you can try to install this application again and see if the problem has disappeared.

Delete Google update photo

Google photo gives you the opportunity to delete all updates. You can try this method to restore the backup of Google a photo stuck in normal mode. This only works for Android phones users.

You can go to the “Settings” application on your Android phone and find “Applications”. Scroll down to find and press Google photo. Click the Delete button to remove Google photo from your Android phone.

Upload photos and videos manually

If the Google application is stuck when uploading photos or videos, try to create a backup manually. Here are detailed steps.

For Android users, find a photo or video that you want to make a backup, and click the download icon to upload to Google Photos.

For iPhone users, open the Google photo and select photos or videos that you want to make a backup copy. Press the three points icon and select backup to manually download them in Google photo.

Download the file from your account

Now you can close the window in which you viewed the source file. Go to the folder in your Google disk account, in which you made a copy of the file.

Now you have two ways to upload a file to your computer. Click the file with the right mouse button and select download.

After downloading the file, you will see that it is available in the file downloads in your browser. For Google Chrome, this is the left lower corner.

Just click the arrow down to the right on behalf of the file and select what you want to do with the file.

The second download option is to click the file twice to open it. Select the “file” in the menu, then select “Download” and select the file format in which you want to download the file.

This will download the file and display in the browser in the same way as indicated above.

Check the presence of common folders.

According to users, sometimes general folders can affect your data quota, even if you do not use it. If you shared a folder with other users, their use will be reflected in your throughput. To solve the problem, carefully follow the common folders.

If you have common folders, be sure to contact a person with whom you share this folder and ask them to make a backup copy of your files. As soon as their files are uploaded, you can delete the folder and all its contents. After removing general catalogs, the problem with quota data should be solved.

Google storage error

Before proceeding to the essence of the issue, you need to understand that the processes occurring in the world are indicative and will largely determine how large technological companies will exist further. For many years now we have heard that the Internet has been moving from a completely anonymous and open to the segmented space with its rules and laws. Obviously, people in the West and in the East have their own view of culture and traditions, which means a kind of tolerance and the practice of cancellation are unacceptable for more than part of the inhabitants of the planet. It seemed to many that for many years the Internet would slowly move from one phase to another before the boundaries finally close. It seems that anti.Russian sanctions accelerated this process, but there is simply no chance to return everything.

What is happening in Russia looks with special attention in South America, India, Pakistan and dozens of other countries. They have long been trying to put the order of publications in Western social networks for a long time, and Google policy annoys literally all. Fines are written out, some agreements are taking place, which allows you to find contact points, but recently it has become clear that American companies are not a generous gift, but a pressure tool that will be used from the White House. There are no illusions on this subject, therefore, in the coming years, regional social networks will begin to be actively created, and existing will receive state support. The role of American technological giants will become much less, like earnings, only there it seems that this has not yet been realized.

As it became known, Google tightens the sanctions against this time the political agenda is no longer relevant, and absolutely all the inhabitants of the country will be as victims. We are talking about the Google One subscription, which previously allowed to expand the storage by placing the necessary files in the cloud. Usually users used Google One to write photos from Google photos or just important files. At some point, there were problems with payment, since transfers using Visa and MasterCard became impossible. For some time there was an opportunity to pay for a subscription with billing, sending money from an account on a mobile room directly to Google. Now this loophole is closed, and all users were pointed to the door.

Google storage error

A few months ago, Google announced plans to stop providing an unlimited cloud space for storing photos and videos in the Google Photo service. New rules began to apply two days ago, June 1, 2021. But still there was a way to return an unlimited storehouse.

To begin with, recall that earlier users could save photos and videos in high quality that did not take up space in the “Google Disk”. But when adding files to the cloud in the initial quality, it was already necessary to sacrifice free space, which was provided for 15 GB.

Now multimedia files will occupy a place in the “Google Disk” regardless of quality, and for free the American company offers users all the same 15 GB. If desired, you can expand the storage for an additional fee. For example, 100 GB for 139/month is available in Russia, 200 GB. For 219/month, and 2 TB. For 699/month. In Europe, the cost is 1.99 euros, 2.99 euros and 9.99 euros, respectively.

Naturally, everyone can start using other cloud services. For example, Samsung smartphones 5 GB of free space in Microsoft One Drive is available. Also, do not forget about similar services from Yandex, Sber, Apple and

Nevertheless, an instruction appeared on the network, which allows you to continue to use the unlimited storage of Google. But for this you will have to purchase Google Pixel, since in its smartphones the company continues to provide unlimited storage for photographs and video materials in the original quality without reducing resolution.

After buying a Pixel, regardless of the generation, you need to download the Google Play software store Free Resilio Sync application. It makes it possible to synchronize smartphones among themselves. You need to install the program on both devices.