Google Play is not working on Huawei

What to do if Google Play doesn’t work? Step-by-step instructions

Android is a wonderful operating system, but let’s face it: it loves to pull pranks. Imagine the situation (alas, it is not difficult): you take your smartphone one beautiful Sunday morning, and it does not work Google Play, applications are not installed and not updated. And it is not quite clear how to live with it. You googled, of course, but the search turned up a bunch of solutions. guess which one is right for you. Don’t panic! Use our step-by-step guide to resurrect Google Play or force a stubborn app to update.

Check the Internet connection. This sounds trivial, but the first thing to do is to make sure that your Internet connection is OK, and that other services and sites are opening for you.

Make sure Google Play is available. It is quite rare, but it happens that the problem is related to the work of Google servers. You can find out if there are no failures in your country on the company’s official website. You should also check the availability of Google services using the DownDetector service. It logs failures very quickly because the information comes directly from users.

Check the VPN. If you use a VPN, try to temporarily disable the service and go to Google Play. If you do not have a VPN, it is not unreasonable to try the reverse action, even if according to the Google map there is no problem in your country. An example of free VPN-service. Tunnel Bear. But it is necessary to take care about the presence of such a program on your smartphone in advance, or you will have to install the application manually from the APK-file.

If you have root access and you have problems with Google Play after manipulations requiring root access, then you probably corrupted your system files. In this case it is recommended to restore the backup or reflash the gadget.

Why Play Market doesn’t work. a darn dozen of reasons

Users of Android gadgets know that without Play Market. nowhere. The value of the application lies not only in the fact that it is the most complete resource of books, movies, games and useful programs for your smartphone, but also in the ease of use. Based on this, you can understand the panic that covers the user when Play Market does not work. Let’s look at why this happens and what to do about it.

  • The first possible reason. the application is not installed or has been removed from your device.You can read about how to solve this problem in the article on installing and registering Google services.
  • The second tip does not sparkle with originality, but, nevertheless, often a simple reboot of the device can help. If Play Market does not work due to a non-critical system failure. turn off and on your device.
  • You can also try to reconfigure Google Play: 1) go to “Settings”, 2) look for “App Manager” or “Applications”, 3) select the list of Google Play, 4) find the button “Erase data” (in some models it is called “Clear cache”).
  • If clearing the cache did not help, try to get rid of program updates. in the same place as in the previous point: 1) go to “Settings” again, 2) choose “App Manager”, 3) look for Google Play in the list, 4) click “Remove updates”. Thus the application goes back to its initial state. if Play Market crashes on launch even after this, go to next step.
  • Reset the settings of Google Play services. Do the same as in the 3rd tip, only instead of “Google Play” choose “Google Play services” and there clean the cache.
  • Another reason why Play Store is not working may be that the “Download Manager” is inactive: 1) go to “Settings”, 2) go to “Applications”, 3) choose “All” there, 4) in the list find the “Download Manager”, 5) if the manager is not enabled, activate it. BUT! If it is enabled, do not touch anything and look for another reason for our problem.
  • Sometimes Play Market crashes because “Google Accounts” is disabled. To start it, go to the same place as in the previous paragraph: 1) “Settings”, 2) look for “Applications”, 3) open the tab “All”, 4) select “Google Accounts”, if the application is inactive. turn it on. If everything is working, don’t touch it and go on. By the way, you can read more about managing your Google Play account here.
  • Google Play often fails due to lack of Internet connection. To check the connection, go to any browser and try to visit any site. If the site doesn’t open, you’re most likely experiencing Internet problems. Check your balance if you use mobile internet, reset your router if your smartphone or tablet is connected to Wi-Fi network.
  • If Play Market will not open and says “No connection”, but you are sure that everything is ok with the internet, the most likely problem is the wrong time: 1) select the “Date and Time” in the settings, 2) check the “Network Date and Time” and “Network Time Zone” checkboxes.
  • Clean Master can help to solve the problem with the non-launching application. Install Ccleaner, launch it, click on “Clear” and wait until it is done. Done.
  • Desperate, but time-tested method. Hard Reset, reset all settings. After resetting, the gadget returns to the factory settings. The downside is that you lose the data and apps you installed. The plus is that this actually solves most system problems, after which the device works as it should. If you don’t want to lose your data. make a system backup under “Data Backup”. So, reset the settings:1) go to “Settings”, 2) select “Restore and reset”, 3) look for “Reset all phone/tablet PC settings)”, 4) click on “Erase all”. After that the gadget will reboot and turn on like new. at the factory settings.Read here how you can delete Play Store completely and restore it afterwards.
  • Do not forget that there are applications that block the normal operation of Google Play. For example, the popular app Freedom, which allows you to make in-game purchases for free, often interferes with the normal operation of the Google App Market.
  • Residents of Crimea may experience problems using Play Market due to the sanctions, joined by Google. But you can read about it here.

We have considered 13 main reasons why Play Market doesn’t work. If after you have done all the steps, the problem is not solved, it is worth contacting a specialist. Also our guide to all Play Market bugs can help you.

What to do if Play Market does not work

So, you can not fully use the services of the store, if the phone is an old version. Updates are issued regularly, they are aimed at full optimization in work and elimination of defects. These flaws often lead to the fact that the system fails. So, to avoid critical situations, enable auto-update or manually check the actual version regularly.

Another reason could well be a virus or a technical glitch in the device itself. If some malicious component prevents Play Store from working properly and performing operations, you will get an error. If your phone does not have access to mobile Internet or Wi-Fi, Google Play will only show the error window to download.

Lastly, if the date and time on the gadget is not set by the current time zone, there may be a conflict with the Internet. So also bring this setting to the correct state. Here’s what to do in case of other problems.


One of the easiest options is to reboot your device. This method helps if there was a minor bug or a momentary freeze. If the problem is not solved, go to the following points.

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Resetting updates

This option is effective if a new update is released with an error or installed incorrectly. Then go to general settings, find the item of all applications, open the item Google Play and on the right side click on “Remove update”. In this case the version will perform rollback to the previous modification. After that try again or reinstall the update.

Resetting and clearing the cache

Often the cache saves things that should not be displayed in the phone settings. The cache saves the information you were previously browsing the Internet. So the probability to see it again increases even if it is not there. This is a kind of visual memory, if it is left, there may be glitches. Therefore, users are advised to regularly clear the cache of the browser, mobile applications, etc.

Google Play does not work on Huawei and Honor also because these components have clogged the system memory. To fix this problem, go to settings, select the application, open the desired application, and tap on the “Clear cache” tab. We wait a few seconds and close the dialog box. After that, try to log in and download something again.

Correction of GP services data

At this point we go through the settings to the custom services of Google Play and clear the cache there. This is more local storage.

Cleaning the “Google Services Framework” data and cache

The problem of disappearing Play Market on Huawei can be solved by bringing in software from outside. Open Google Services Framework, go to the system’s cache item, and clear it. After this phone set for reboot and try to enter application store again. If this method didn’t help, go to the next step.

Checking the Google accounts

The developers have adjusted Google store so that users without authorization are not able to download anything from there. So be sure to login or register. If after that you still can not perform the necessary actions, log out and log in to your account again.

If you still have questions or complaints. let us know

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Debugging the Download Manager

The Download Manager on your phone has the same function as the Task Manager on your PC. Through it it is possible to kill the tasks that run in the background and affect the overall state of the device. Go to the manager and clear it. Let’s perform some manipulations with the Play Store.

Deleting and restoring the Google account

As already mentioned, only registered users are allowed to use free and paid programs from Google Store. So check in the settings if you have an account in the Google column.

Eliminating the conflict of applications

While installing almost any software asks for certain permissions. If you previously downloaded questionable software from unverified sources, it may be malicious, and now it blocks the Play Store. Check the permissions that have been granted to existing programs on your phone. If you find those that interfere with the app store, delete them immediately.

Cleaning “hosts” file

To do this, we need to use the ROOT Explorer. Run it, go to “system” and “etc” folder. In them you need to remove the components called “hosts.

Set the date and time

To what extent synchronous operation of different mobile services depends on correct calendar and time settings. If these settings are not set correctly, correct them in the appropriate section of the phone.

Reset Android settings (or Hard Reset)

The last option is a complete update of the smartphone, rollback to factory settings. It removes all user settings and files on internal/external drive. As a rule, Honor/Huawei clients resort to this method last, when all other tools to solve difficulties were powerless.

This radical way is made through the settings, the section “Restore and reset”.

The problem with Google servers

You can not fix this problem by yourself, because it depends on the server and the developers. In this situation, you just need to wait and try to run the app store after a couple of hours.

Fixing the hosts file

A working method suitable for advanced users. By the way, it is recommended if you do not want to uninstall Freedom. refusing to give up free coins in games. The problem is that some applications launch their “roots” in the system files of the operating system modifying them a bit to create the most comfortable conditions for themselves.

Note that this method works only with devices with ROOT (root access). To get them is actually very simple and quite fast, for example, using programs: Framaroot, VRoot, King ROOT (does not work on all devices). Although, if the hosts file has been changed, you probably already have ROOT rights.

So, to get started, if you have the Freedom app installed. Disable it in the menu “Applications” (Settings).

  • Make sure you have root access (you can install Root Checker).
  • Run one of the file managers, giving it root access (a window will pop up). We recommend using ES Explorer or Root Explorer.
  • Open the System folder, then ets. where the hosts file is located.

Be sure to make a copy of the file and save it somewhere else so that if problems occur you can put everything back the way it was.

  • Press and hold your finger on the file until the menu appears and tap on “Edit”.
  • Erase everything except “ localhost”.
  • Confirm saving changes in the file.

Reboot your tablet or smartphone, then check if Play Market is working. If the cause of the problem was in the hosts file. the application is guaranteed to start.

Reset Android settings

If these ways did not help and Play Store is not working as before, then proceed to radical measures. restoring factory settings.

The operation will remove all data and programs from the phone memory (photos, music, contacts, etc.), settings will return to their original state (design theme, ring tone will change). All in all, your smartphone will be as good as new. So take care of your data by making a backup. By the way, the information stored on the memory card can not be deleted.

To perform a factory reset, go to your device settings and select “Restore and Reset” (in early Android versions. “Privacy”). Select “Reset phone settings”, read the warning and confirm the action. The smartphone will reboot, after which you can try to enter Play Market. In the vast majority of cases, the method works, but you will have to re-install the necessary programs.