Google Play does not start on Xiaomi. Restore the factory settings of your device

What to do if Google Play does not work? Step-by-step instruction

Android is a wonderful operating system, but let’s admit: she threw out the fort. Imagine the situation (alas, this is not difficult): take a smartphone with one wonderful Sunday morning, and there Google Play does not work, the applications are not installed and are not updated. And it is not entirely clear how to live with this further. Of course, you googled, but the search gave a heap of solutions. go guess which one will suit you. Without panic! Use our instructions to resurrect Google Play or force a stubborn application to upgrade.

Check the Internet connection. It sounds trite, but first of all it is worth making sure that everything is in order with the Internet connection, and if you have other services and sites also open.

Check the availability of Google Play. Quite rarely, but it happens that the problem is related to the work of Google servers. To find out if there were no failures in your country, you can on the official website of the company. Additionally, you need to check the operability of Google services using the Downdetector service. He registers malfunctions very quickly, since the information comes directly from users.

Check the VPN. If you use VPN, try to temporarily turn off the service and go to Google Play. If you do not have VPN, then it will not be superfluous to try the opposite action, even if there are no problems in your country according to the Google map in your country. An example of a free VPN service-Tunnel Bear. But you need to take care of the presence of such a program on a smartphone in advance, or you will have to install the application manually from the APK file.

Check the date and time. With the initial setting of a new gadget without a SIM card, the date and time can be incorrectly set. Check and, if necessary, set the correct values.

If you have a ROOT access and problems with Google Play have arisen after the superpower of manipulations requiring the right, then you most likely damaged the OS system files. In this case, we recommend restoring a backup or reflash the gadget.

The methods described above did not help. What to do next?

If none of the tips is higher, then the problem lies inside your smartphone. Let’s deal with her. Two dozen solutions are listed below. Do not be afraid, you are unlikely to need more than one or more of them. Which (or what) exactly. depends on the error code that the stubborn Google Play gives.

  • Open the table.
  • The lines of the table contain errors, columns. methods for their correction.
  • Find a line with your error code.
  • The cells highlighted by the color will indicate the ways of solving suitable for you.
  • Specific actions that need to be performed for each of the methods are described in this article below.
  • Apply the first method. Check if the error has corrected. If not, proceed to the next method. If so. your problem is solved.
  • Most ways can be used without a root-right. In the table they are marked in green.
  • Some methods require ROOT. In the table they are marked in yellow.
  • If no way helped, look for a solution on our forum. Error codes in the table contain links that lead to Комментарии и мнения владельцев
  • In those rare cases when both private and general methods were useless, it remains only to reset the smartphone or tablet to factory settings.

Checking external factors

Before moving to further points and methods, we recommend checking the Internet connection, its speed, as well as the performance of the router. Perhaps the problems are not related to the smartphone or tablet itself, but provoked by external factors. For verification, use other devices, check whether the router transmits the data, whether sites are opened on other devices, and if possible, check whether there is an installation of applications from Google Play on other devices located on the same network.

One of the simplest, but not the most obvious problems is the banal shutdown of the Google account. Go to the settings, section of the accounts and activate all the necessary parameters of the Google account. If all of them were disconnected, then synchronization and backup of your personal data was not made, and there was also no access to Google services. After turning on the account, check the work capacity of the Google Play store.

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Time and dates settings

Since downloading games and applications to Google Play occurs from Google servers, when connecting to the network, various certificates, their relevance, and so on are checking. This is necessary to ensure security. An important factor for such a check is the correct time and date set in your device. If they are installed incorrectly, problems with the opening of the Internet pages, downloading files, as well as with the work of the Google Play store may arise. After adjusting the time and dates, unload the store from the background mode and try to start again.

Perhaps some of the settings made by you or the system itself, as well as a large amount of temporary information accumulated in the device’s memory, leads to failures. To eliminate such problems and return Google Play to the original state, go to the smartphone settings, open the application manager and find the Google Play or Play Market store there there. Open its properties and clean the cache and erase all the data of the application by pressing the corresponding buttons. After that, open the store again, enter your account and make the necessary settings.

Delete the Hosts file

Your phone uses a HOSTS file to determine how you connect to various services on the Internet. Sometimes problems arise with this file, which is why many services do not work on your phone, including Google Play Store.

One way to deal with this is to delete this Hosts file from your phone. This should not have negative consequences for your device and can potentially solve your problem.

You need a routine phone, and then perform the following actions to delete the Hosts file:

  • Install the free Root Explorer application, such as Solid Explorer File Manager (you can download this application to your Android device).
  • Open the application, tap the menu at the top and select the gear icon.
  • Turn on the parameter “show the root storage”, and then return to the main intese.
  • Select Root on the side panel and open the etc folder on the right.
  • Find the Hosts file and delete it.

Perhaps there was a problem with your DNS servers, so your phone cannot allow the IP address. This may prevent you from access to various online services.

One way to fix this is to change DNS servers. You can switch to Google Public DNS, which are on the network most of the time.

This is how you set these DNS servers on your phone:

  • Open “Settings”. “Wi-Fi and Network”. “Wi-Fi” and tap the gear icon near your Wi-Fi network.
  • Touch the editing icon at the top.
  • Expand the additional parameters and select static in the IP settings menu.
  • Enter 8.eight.eight.8 in DNS 1 and 8.eight.four.4 in DNS 2.
  • Enter your own IP address in the IP field.Addresses and click “Save”.

Open the Play Store and see if the problem has disappeared “check the connection and repeat the attempt”.

Use other Google applications

The Google Play store displays the message “Check the connection and repeat the attempt” because your phone cannot connect to Google servers.

When such problems arise, you can forcibly connect to Google servers. One way to do this is to use other Google applications on your phone, and this initiates and sets the connection with Google servers.

This method may work, or may not work, but it will not hurt to try. You can use this method by opening the Google application, such as Google cards, and walking on several cards.

Then open the Google Play Store and see if it works.

Possible reasons

First, you should understand the reasons for the appearance of this problem. Let’s start, of course, with banalities.

  • Malfunctions when starting an application store can be caused by a random failure in the operating system itself;
  • In the phone, the wrong time and date are set;
  • The phone can be connected to the router, but it does not give out the Internet because of its absence or in connection with other problems;
  • Problems can be on the side of Google. A very rare phenomenon, however, found;
  • The performance of the store itself on the Xiaomi smartphone or on any other model (specifically applications) may be impaired;
  • A application intervened in the store;
  • The operating system violates the settings that are responsible for uninterrupted Internet access.

Analysis and solution of problems

We will try to separately disassemble each reason why it arises and how to solve it on your own. First, consider simple decisions, it is possible that the matter is in them.

Simple solutions

  • Spontaneous errors. Android motto. Arising out of nowhere, they can significantly affect the performance of both the operating system itself and individual modules and applications. Reload the phone, most often this immediately corrects the error of connecting the store via Wi-Fi.
  • When connected to the app store, the Google server check the time and date set on your phone. A slight deviation of the role will not play, but it may happen that time will change for several days, months, and even years. Sometimes there is a corresponding notification of malfunction, but most often the phone leaves the user in ignorance. If you saw that the date and time are really different from the relevant ones, then go to the phone settings, correct the parameters, and restart the phone for eating persuasiveness.
  • A very rare case when Xiaomi or any other phone cannot contact Google servers. At the same time, the store can fly out with various errors, load only partially or represent the user’s gaze just a white screen. Wait a bit, such a giant very quickly corrects the problems on its side, it can take from a few minutes to a couple of hours. No longer problems were not observed, so if the connection did not resume, the reason is different.
  • A separate item needs to be made an almost legendary problem. the Freedom application. The application is good, of course, we will not describe it, because the people who installed it already knew what we did. Problems arise after removing or freezing of this application. It is necessary to load or turn it on, start it, open it, open the settings and press the Stop button in the upper right corner. Thus, we will stop a special service that interferes with the normal work of the store without the Freedom application itself. Perhaps there are other programs that affect the Play Market in this way. study how to correctly disconstall them from the system without harm.

The problem with the router

The problem relating to the connection to the router is quite extensive, so the reasons why the Play Market does not work through the Wi-Fi point, hence a lot of.

  • Wi-Fi and the Internet are not the same. The phone can be connected to the router, but the Internet itself may not come for distribution. Check the availability of the Internet in general by studying the indicators of the modem itself, or by trying to go from the same phone to any site through the browser (you can even use another phone or computer for these purposes by first connecting to the same network). If the Internet is missing, then no application will work. Contact the technical support of the provider to restore network performance.
  • Is the Internet enough speed? Play Market harmful, give him a stable connection with good speed. A typical symptom is a white screen, a transparent curtain, an ever.spinning loading indicator, the inscription “Waiting for the network”, and in the end. departure with the error “Waiting time for the connection elapsed”. If the Internet has recently begun to slow down on all devices where it is used. you again to the provider.
  • In the settings of the router, access to the Internet for a particular connected device may be prohibited. Find the instructions for your modem, go to the settings and view the list of MAC addresses, the Internet for which is prohibited. Find out your Mac in Xiaomi settings (or a phone of another model), in the “On the phone” section, look for it in the above list, if you find it, delete it. Restore the router.
  • Check the correct entry of the password when connecting to a wireless network. Sometimes the Wi-Fi icon hangs active in the curtain, but the smartphone does not download anything due to the incorrect password.
  • Perhaps you should update the firmware of the router, you can download it from the official site of the manufacturer.
  • Like an extreme measure. make a drop in the router settings to factory settings, after preserving its configuration as a separate file.
  • The modem can be technically faulty. check the condition of the wires going to the modem, whether the antenna is broken, whether it works at all. Contact the service center for diagnosis and repair or replace it under warranty.

Playing Play Market

Google Market has a certain set of files and parameters that he needs for stable operation. In the case of serious failures in the operating system, these files and parameters could be damaged, which led to a violation of the performance of Play Market. There are several ways:

  • First, try connecting another Google account. Suddenly everything will work with him? This can help if you need operational access to the repository, but still read the following points.
  • Check updates for your operating system, suddenly the developers have already quickly corrected this problem. Do not forget about the backup, suddenly it will get worse!
  • For users MIUI 8 and other versions. a tricky moment when to download individual applications you need to increase in the system settings restriction on the uploaded file volume. The market works at the same time, but the applications most often does not pump.
  • Restore the application from a backup if it was once made, for example, using Titanium Backup.
  • Completely restore the entire operating system from the backup. This can be conveniently done if the copy was generated in the expanded TWRP recovery. “Wip” all sections except the memory card, and through “RSTORE” restore the last stable copy.
  • Go to the phone settings, the “Appendix” item, select the “All Applications” tab. Find two notes. the Google Play itself and “Google Play services”, in each of them, clean the apps of the applications and delete the data. Restart the phone and try to connect again.

Reload the smartphone

In the event of problems in the work of Android applications, a simple reboot of the smartphone will never be superfluous. Difficulties with Google Play is no exception.

Quite often, the problem lies in the accumulation of irrelevant cache and temporary data of the Google Play application. To get rid of them. You need to open “applications” in the smartphone settings, go to Google Play and there in the “Memory” section, choose a reset and cleaning.

It is worth considering that when deleting the application data, you will need to recover the Google Play when the Google Play will need to be reduced. If this did not help, perform identical cleaning of the Google Play Services application.

Check the dates and time settings

The reason for failures in the work of the Application store may be problems with the synchronization of the date and time. You can check the influence of this factor by simply turning on or disables the use of the network time. You can do this through the system settings in the “Date and Time” section.

It is impossible to delete the Google Play application itself in a standard way, but you can get rid of updates loaded for it. This will roll back to the old version of the program that may be more efficient.

You can delete updates through the “Appendix” settings section, where you need to select “Google Play Market” and click “Delete updates”. Depending on the membrane of the system, this button can both be in sight and hide in an additional menu in the upper right corner.

Remove the cache

You can try to delete the Google Play Market application cache to exclude the problem of recording data into it. With a certain set of circumstance, the error contained in the application cache can disrupt its functioning.

To do this, enter the settings, find the item “Applications”.

Now select “All applications”. Next in the list of installed programs, find “Google Play Market”. In the lower part of the screen you will see the “Clean” button by clicking it in the context menu, select “Clean the Cache”. Then restart the phone and try to start the store again. Return

How to fix

Consider all the reasons why Google Play Services are not installed on the device and methods for solving them.


The restart of the system eliminates failures in the operation of the OS and by:

  • Squeeze and hold the power button for 1-2 seconds.
  • Select “reboot”. Wait for the system launch and try to go to any Google site again.

Instead of rebooting, you can select “turn off” and then turn on the device, holding the lock key.

Working with the application

The next option is to clean the services from cache and user data:

Then try to go to any site. If there are no improvements:

    Return to the application card again and clat on the “place of the place”.

Similar procedures are recommended for the program “Google Services Framework”.

Installation via Google Play

In some cases, the Play Market remains workers, but it is not possible to install or use other products of the company due to an outdated version of the services. Update the audit directly through Market, but it is impossible to find the necessary software, using the search line. What to do in this case:

    Open any browser that can show the page version for PC. As an example, Chrome was used. Enter the name of the software in the search bar and start the search.

With stable operation of software and OS, this process is automatically.

google, play, does, start, xiaomi, restore

Installation from the APK file

To avoid the unreasonable rollback of the smartphone to factory settings, try installing GMS manually. You can’t download any file that has fallen on the network, since it must correspond to:

  • versions of Android installed on the device;
  • DPI screen. How to find out this parameter, read in this material.
  • the architecture of the processor used in the device. look in the official characteristics that are available on the Internet.

We recommend: phone synchronization on Android

    Upload the installation agro.industrial complex from the Internet. available on thematic forums, file sharing.

If the failure occurs, the wrong version of the software was selected or the system is overloaded with temporary files.

There is an alternative way to install GMS using TWRP or other custom recovery custom. The message of the process looks like this:

  • The user loads the right version of the software and changes its expansion from APK to ZIP. You can do this in the Total Commander, installed on the device, it is enough to hold your finger on the file, and then select “Rename”.
  • Reloads the device in recovery mode and installs through the menu. In the TVRP, it is called “Install Zip from SD Card”.

This method is more effective, since the installation of the program occurs without launching OS.

Removing residual files

This option is suitable for users who first removed the HMS, and then decided to re.install them, but faced with the appearance of errors:

    Download the conductor with access to system files. In the example, we use Total Commander with the “Root function everywhere”.

On some resources they offer to delete all files with the name Google.Android in the name. It is not recommended to do this, since there is a chance to get rid of the system file and turn the device into “brick”.

Titanium Backup

With the proper share of luck, the user before removal could use the Titanium Backup or its analogue to create a backup copy of the applications installed on the device. How it works:

The creation of backup copies is able to protect the user from the loss of personal data and the way out of the OS is out of order, especially if there is a ROOT.

Return to the factory state

Rolling the settings to the original state is the penultimate way to install GMS. Before the procedure, transfer important files to other drives and use the instructions from this article.

In some cases, Hard Reset is useless.

File Settings “Hosts

If the Freedom utility is installed on your phone and you suspect that Play Market does not work on the phone, then we act as follows as follows. We go to the settings, where we are looking for “Freedom” in the list of applications and go to the page with it. In the displayed window, click “Stop”, and then remove the application. It is important to do in this way, then restart the device and check if the Play Market works. If not, then we move on to the next point.

I figure out what to do if the Play Market does not work, you need to pay attention to this item if you installed applications on the phone (those that were not preinstalled by the manufacturer). They can affect the work of the application store, in some cases even leading to its blocking. There are a lot of such programs, but most often it is Freedom, due to which you can make purchases within the game for free. Delete dubious applications and check whether Play Market has earned.

Error 403

Many people ask why the Play Market does not work in the Crimea, so everything is very simple here. Error 403 appears due to access restriction, that is, sanctions on this region of the Federation. There is only one way to solve this problem. Install VPN and use the Play Market with its help.

If the Play Market is still not working through Wi-Fi and gives an error, then you need to reset all Android settings. This is a radical measure, but in most cases it is it that helps to completely solve the problem.

How to reset the settings to the factory on Android?

  • We go into settings, where we are interested in the section “Restoration and Reset”;
  • Click the “reset of settings” and confirm the action. Before this, it is better to make sure that data synchronization is included, otherwise you will lose all applications, photos and contacts from the memory of a smartphone;
  • After rebooting the phone, we restore all the data and check if the Play Market works.

Installation Play Market from the Chinese market

On different firmware, actions may vary slightly, so if you do not suit the text instruction, you should watch the video instruction.

  • Open the Mi Market (Xiaomi Market) application store on the phone.
  • Enter in the search “Google”
  • The very first application in the search results must be with a red icon and with the letter G in the center, it is called “Google Installer” (the application icon in Xiaomi Market can change over time). Choose and click “Install”.
  • We wait for the program to install and then start it.
  • In the application itself you need to select “Play Market” and press the “Install” button.
  • Most likely, you will be offered to install a package of the necessary programs called “Google Service Framework”, without them Google Play will not be able to work, so we agree to install (we use a button in the upper right corner).
  • The application is installed!

Installation using APK file

You can install Google Play using a separately downloaded application. Unfortunately, most programs will not earn on the device, since they all contain only Play Market itself, although it requires system applications that are absent in Xiaomi devices with Chinese firmware. Therefore, the installation will require users specially created packages of programs for Chinese firmware.

All programs are taken from the official English forum, we placed them on a separate file storage for your convenience. You can also download them from the forum yourself, all links will be given below, for downloading you will need to enter the forum through your Xiaomi account.


For the performance of all Google programs, you will need a Gmail account (mail), when starting the applications, you will need to enter a login and password. If you do not have them, then you can start them in advance or at the time of loading the device.

Also do not forget to enable the installation of programs from unknown sources in your smartphones.

How to Use & Remove Android FRP (Factory Reset Protection)

Option 1

This program for the author’s assurances is taken from Chinese Xiaomi Market. You will need to install the program, start it and then choose which applications from Google you want to install. After that, the device should be reloaded.

Option 2

This is an already modified program, with the most minimum of the necessary files. Download, start and the program should install everything you need for the full functioning of Google Play.

What to do if Google Play does not work: 12 solutions to the problem

Why in the work of Android devices with the Google Play Service Market? Many users are well familiar with such situations. The reason may be the technical problems of Google services or malfunctions in the work of the smartphone itself (tablet) from which you act. There are a great many options, but we chose a dozen of the most common difficulties and described the methods that make it possible to find a way out.

Rebooting Android-Affairs of a smartphone or tablet is the first thing to try if the Play Market suddenly refused to work. As an option, the reason could be the cause of the system (users face this situation quite often). The most interesting thing is that rebooting often helps not only when malfunctions in working with Play Market, but also with problems arising with other services and applications. It also happens that the device was rebooted, but the market does not want to work. Then you can try to apply other methods.

Reset of Google Play settings Markets on the Service settings also helps quite often, and it is done as follows: 1. We go to the smartphone settings menu (tablet); 2. Choosing the section “Applications” or “Application Manager”:

We find a market in the list of Google Play, select it;

four. In the application control window, select “Clean the Cache” or “Wipe the Data”, click on this button.

We carry out a reboot of Android devices so that the system responds to changes made to settings. 6. If the Play has not earned a market, we try other ways.

Removing Google Play updates Marketavso is done in the same way as in the method 2 described above, with the only difference being that instead of “cleaning the cache” is selected button “Delete updates”. The application will return to the original option, in which before installing updates it worked normally. If the problem is indeed in the new version of the software, or the Android device, due to technical imperfection, these updates “do not pull”, then the service will work in the user user. Without new opportunities, but regularly.

google, play, does, start, xiaomi, restore

Reset settings of the Google Play Service Services Reset of settings is one of the effective options for solving problems with the work of the Play Market. The procedure in this case is as follows: 1. Menu “Settings”; 2. Section “Application dispatcher” or “Applications”;

Select “Google Play” services;

Open the menu, select “Clean the cache”, click.

Activation of the “boot dispatcher” is possible that during the operation of your tablet or smartphone, you accidentally turned off the “boot dispatcher” and did not attach the value that the service application stopped working. In order to activate it again, you need to go to the android settings menu, then in the “Applications”, then using the “All” pile, then find the “download dispatcher” and enable it by pressing the desired button. Reload the smartphone and check if the Play Market works.

Removing the Googles account. We warn you: by deleting the Google account, you can lose the necessary and important information, so it is recommended to create a backup in advance (perform data synchronization).

Go to the settings menu; 2. Choose “accounts” and find your own in the menu that opened, press;

In the synchronization menu, click on your mailbox;

Select points for synchronization (saving in a backup). Usually these are “contacts” and other personal information available in the memory of the device. There is enough click on them to select sections. If all the information contained in the Android devices is dear to you, click on the “options”, then select “synchronize”-you will receive backup copies of all available applications.

Now you are ready to delete your Google account. When you again enter the device from it, you will receive an offer to restore information from a backup copy.

But back to the procedure for removing a Google account to normalize the work of the market. After creating a backup, you need to return to the previous menu and this time select “Delete”, rather than “synchronize”. Click on the appropriate button, and then reload the smartphone (tablet) and enter the account again. Typically, removing the account helps to get rid of the problems associated with the work of Google services. If this does not happen, try other methods.