Google Meet does not work on Huawei. Check your PC camera

What is this Google Meet application on Android. how to delete and use it

Google Meet. what kind of application is this, how to delete it on the Android platform. Now many developers are created by both PC and mobile. over, the latter have a more friendly integration. They are easier to get used to. “We will lay everything out on the shelves”: what is Google Mit, how to use it. Is it worth it to install this application, what are the features, are there any disadvantages.

In fact, Google Mit is an attempt by Google Corporation “Invent a bike”. Rather, create a messenger for communication. Of course, skeptics will recall Skype, WhatsApp, Weiber, several more similar applications. At the same time, once all this was not. And then they got used to it, adapted. And they were convinced that there was no limit to perfection. Therefore, the more different offers in the market for communication, conference, chats, the better.

Google Mit was launched as a means of communication. At first the service was paid. Then a free version appeared. We list the features of Google Mit:

  • Creation of simultaneous communication up to 1 hundred subscribers (free package).
  • The duration of the conversation is 1 hour (then you should re.connect the connection).

The developers saved the most “tasty” buns for paid subscriptions. This is natural. Although in the initial installation there are a lot of advantages. The main thing is that both owners of smartphones and PC can use software.

How to use

Using Google Mit will not cause problems. The developers tried to simplify the integration as much as possible. Everything happens literally in a couple of slippers on the screen. Installation, registration in the system is understandable even to schoolchildren. Lovers to talk longer can immediately pay for the subscription by connecting a paid version.

How to access Google meet in Huawei Y7a

If you are not sure whether you need Google Mit or not, try a free option. There are also many interesting things there. Video communication, the possibility of simultaneously connecting several dozen subscribers. And synchronization with other Google services. Meetings planning, negotiations. Including inviting newsletters.


On the smartphone on the iOS platform, Android installation of the application will not cause problems. Download Google Meet from the App Store (Google Play) service. Installation is automatically. After the load is completed, the system will give a message about the completion of the process. And all.

A few words about the desktop version. Here the developers chewed. In fact, nothing needs to be installed: integration into the browser is provided. That is, when the google is launched, Yandex, the user crosses the link, and then begins to create conferences, contact the necessary subscribers.


Those who already have a registration record in the Google service do not have to do anything. It is enough to create an account once, a Gmail mailbox. By default, this is the “key” to the program. Nothing else to create.

Those who do not have a Google account will have to register. It is extremely simple, available even to unprepared users. Here’s what you need to do:

And after creating a mailbox, the user automatically gets access to all Google services.

Creating a meeting

Let’s move on to the use of Google Meet. We will need to create a meeting:

Immediately after entering the Google account on the smartphone screen, in the lower part, 2 options appear. This is “mail” and “meetings”. Suppose that there were no conversations before. Then we start with a new meeting. When clicking on the button with the video camera logo, we go to a new screen.

There will be the next 2 buttons. “New Meeting” and “Enter the Code”. The conference is being launched instantly. In addition, there is the possibility of planning a meeting. For this, a link is created that is sent to future interlocutors. Synchronization with a Google calendar is also provided.

If the Google Meet conference was created by another user (sent you a link), then it remains to enter the resulting code. After filling out the corresponding field, the video is automatically connected to the video.

It is enough to make sure of this on your own experience. Although some users tend to believe that Google is unnecessarily introducing this service. How to get rid of an unnecessary application (if you do not plan to use Google Meet), we will tell you later.

All others will be able to appreciate the advantages of the messenger. Find new friends. Restore communication with people from their own address book. Discuss novelties of cinema, bestsellers, music. Just talk about something important.

Other functions

Google Corporation knows how to create quality products. Google Meet is no exception. It costs the user who longs for communication, click on the “New Meeting” button, as a number of options will appear. It:

google, meet, does, work, huawei

Let’s move directly to the detailed analysis of each position. What is it, how it works.

Get a link to a meeting

So, you want to chat with a friend, acquaintance, colleague. Or a random person. Google Meet has the ability to create links to go to conversation. By clicking on the “Receive” panel, the user creates a planned meeting. After the crossing the link, the subscriber is automatically connected to the conference. And all. Just. Comfortable. Without a long search for solutions, “dancing with a tambourine”.

Start right now

The most affordable option. When everything has already been specified, planned. It remains to start the conversation. The video of the video shows on the machine. Do not forget that as in every messenger of this type, you should monitor the activity of the microphone, cameras. Their buttons are on the corresponding panel.

Otherwise full communication will not work. When the microphone is turned off, the interlocutor will not hear you. With a deactivated chamber. will not see. Therefore, we check these positions before starting the conversation.


One of the features of Google Meet is to synchronize the meeting on the calendar built into the service. Surely owners of smartphones on Android know that the device provides for planning their own events, meetings. You just have to open the Calendar application.

This will not forget about the call, trip, shopping, long.conceived interview, targeted conversation. The smartphone will automatically remind you what and when to do. With regard to Google, Mit Android plans a video conference. On a given date, specific time.

As for other events, the user sets the time period of video communication. It marks the name. Establishes access rights, restrictions, privileges.

Through a app?

If the owner of the owner does not have a pre.installed Play Market application store, then its device is intended for the Chinese market. At the same time, the owner of the device can include Russian in the settings and calmly use the smartphone. And to download your favorite applications, you need to study a simple way to install Google services on “Chinese”. Any smartphone even on Chinese firmware has its own application store. It must be on Xiaomi, Meizu, Hyawei, ZTE and devices of other companies. In order to put Google Services on Android for free, you need to open an integrated application store and enter the Google Installer request.

After that, it remains to press the “Download” button opposite the page of the services, and then you will work to install Google services without PC. A Play Market will appear on the desktop, as well as other applications of the American company.

google, meet, does, work, huawei

Installation of google services manually

If the application store does not allow to solve the issue with how to install the Google Play Store, you can use another option. To do this, you will need to download Google Mobile Services by link to a computer, to a tablet or phone, and then open an APK file directly on a device where there are no GAPPS.

For users of Huawei Honor smartphones, there is an additional (native) version of convenient services. https: //

Before installing Google Play services on the phone, it is necessary to confirm the installation of programs in the settings of the device. The desired option is in the “Security” section. Then it remains to open the agricultural file and press the coveted “Install” button, after which the Google applications will appear on the desktop.

Manually through Recovery

If you can’t install the Google Play service using a standard smartphone integer, you can try to perform the operation using an engineering menu (recovery). To do this, throw the installation file into the device memory, and then turn off the phone.

This will require the transition to recovery. Depending on the smartphone, a specific key combination is used:

If everything is done correctly, an engineering menu in English will appear on the screen. Here it will be necessary to select the “Install Zip From SDCARD” item, specify the path to the file updated earlier and press the Install button. Next, it remains to restart the phone, and Play Market will appear on the main screen.

Via Open Gapps Manager

For ease of installation on Android Play Market and other Google services, the Open Gapps Manager (OGM) application is provided. It needs to be downloaded and installed on the phone via an apk file.

This program allows you to easily figure out how to install Google on Android services. But if difficulties arise in the process, the instruction will come to the rescue:

  • Open the OGM application.
  • Choose the processor architecture (determined automatically).
  • Indicate the Android version.
  • Mark the Stock package option.
  • Click the “Download” button.

After loading the package, click on “install” by confirming the use of administrator rights. As soon as these actions are performed, the phone will be rebooted and the system will automatically offer to enter Google account data at the next time.

Installation of Google Play on Honor and Huawei smartphones

On Honor and Huawei, the problem with how to install Google services arises for a different reason than on Xiaomi or Meizu. The devices of this Chinese company are simply not certified by Google due to problems with sanctions, and therefore to install Google Play services on Android will not work in the standard way.

How to install Google services on Huawei and Honor

Popular models such as Honor 9A, Honor 9C, Honor 30i, Huawei P40 and Huawei P40 Lite are supplied without Google services due.

To install GAPPS on these and other smartphones, it is necessary to act according to the instructions, but it is possible that even it will not help to roll Google Mobile Services due to the policy of the American company regarding Huawei:

  • Download and install Microg on the phone.
  • Through Microg, pass the authorization in your Google account and make sure that it has displayed in the device settings.
  • Download and install GAM Fixed.
  • Delete Microg (required).
  • Install Google applications alternately: 1. 2. 3. four. 5. 6. All files are downloaded to Yandex disk and do not contain anything dangerous.

After installing Google services, a market for P40, P40 Lite or other Huawei smartphone is not necessary. If problems arise in the process, it is recommended to roll back the firmware of the smartphone to an earlier version. You can also try to use files for “treatment”: 1. 2. 3.

How to use Huawei and Honor without Google Play

If you could not figure out how to install the Google Play Store on Huawei or Honor, you can continue to use the smartphone and without GAPPS. In this case, applications stores will come in handy.

Most programs available on Android can be found in Appgallery. This is a standard application store Huawei and Honor. Outwardly, it looks like Google Play, so it’s not difficult to understand its functionality.

Alternative app stores can be used to install the necessary software. For example, APKPURE APKCOMBO or APKMIROROR. Unlike Appgallery, those programs that are not in a standard Huawei application store are popular and common in the Google Play Store. And to install YouTube without Google Services and other programs, you will need a bootloader of the agro.industrial complex of combo. It can be downloaded from the official website of the developers, having previously selected the type of device and the version of the operating system.

And if with how to install applications without Google Play on Huawei the situation more or less clarified, then the problem may arise with accounts. The fact is that some applications (for example, WhatsApp) use Google Drive to download a backup copy. Therefore, to restore this and other accounts will have to be different:

  • Download and install Huawei Phone Clone on an old smartphone.
  • Launch the application on the new device and select the type of device (Huawei, Android, iPhone).
  • Count the QR code from the screen of the old phone.
  • Disconnect the Internet on the previous device and connect to the local network of the new device.
  • On the old gadget, select information for transfer.

Now the applications accounts using Google data storage will be fully transferred to Huawei Honor, Meizu, Xiaomi or any other Chinese smartphone working on Android.

https: // // https: // 2021-02-07T16: 16: 2906: 00 Alexander Smartphones Google Play, Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomi, Applications, Smartphones today cannot imagine a smartphone on Android without Google services. GAPPS is preinstalled even on Chinese devices, because otherwise the owner will not be able to download such popular applications such as YouTube or Instagram. But it happens that the user receives a phone on the firmware for the Chinese market, and then you have to figure out how to install Google Play. Problem. Alexander Alexander administrator Smartphone reviews and Internet services

Google Meet 2022.09.eighteen

Google Meet is a convenient application for video from Google, which can serve as an excellent simplified alternative to the well.known Skype.

It is no longer news that choosing a worthy free application for a group video communication is a real problem of our time. If you also encounter her, then Hangouts Meet is what you need! No unnecessary multi.liable functions, hard restrictions, poor quality of the connection and other tar spoons. Hangouts Meet for those who appreciate the simplicity and conciseness of software.

You think that it is impossible to talk about the video immediately with the 250th users? But not, in Hangouts Meet everything is possible! You will be 5 or 235. it does not matter, HD quality to everyone. And as a gift you will receive subtitles in real time, simple access to the link from both the phone and PC, your personal calendar and much more. Life is already not simple, so let’s not complicate not high.quality software!

How easy it is to install Google services and other applications on Huawei devices?

Huawei smartphones and tablets are supplied with a pre.installed Appgallery app store. However, it does not have Google services and some other popular programs, such as WhatsApp or Instagram. Using a special GSPace tool, this problem is solved as simple as possible. We tell you what to do for this.

Using GSPACE, you can not only launch applications that are absent in Appgallery, but also use several accounts at the same time, create accounts in instant messengers, popular social networks and other programs.

To install GSPACE from Appgallery, follow the instructions:

  • After starting GSPACE, a kind of “desktop” will be loaded, where many popular applications will be available. You can run them from the GSPACE menu or create shortcuts for quick access from the main desktop. To do this, hold the icon of the desired application until the context menu appears.

META’s product recognized as an extremist organization in commented

Huawei does not stop in attempts to deceive sanctions.

Funny. Without Google, Huawei nobody needs. Even in China.

Everyone strives to remove the Google jacket, and not to install.

IceStorm37, I just depend on the googles, whatsApp and maybe there may be a couple of applications without which I can’t die or they can be replaced by something, and in extreme cases it is activated through the GSPAS.The rest is almost through Yandex. I hope someday users will understand that without googles lives much better and the iron does not overload it useless in 80 percent of cases with nonsense.

Svarga Velesovich, led to fairy tales that Google is not needed and took a tablet from Huawei. One of my worst purchases, Appgalery garbage stroke, Google authorization does not work, all Google applications are the same, the same YouTube is only staged through crutches, Google does not work, Chrome does not plow.

Dengas, a friend of a tablet from Huawei. Its cons is coincided with yours, but generally says that he stopped steaming after a couple of weeks and you can live. Here rather everything individually again. I myself have a tablet from the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 on a megagoric 888, but in the end he did not want to change. I regret to buy.

Svarga Velesovich, replaced Huawei M6 (with hums by the way) to “with some kind of joy of the megagorous” Tab S7, only on the doped 865, and not 888. I do not regret a drop! Although the M6 ​​remained in the family and still in the ranks. Also a good tablet. And if heating is so much critical for you. Buy a cover cover)

Svarga Velesovich, my 4 iPad released in 2012, which I bought for 17k, still works and does not keep the battery badly, xs why are tablets on Android in general.

Pifynchik, I bought for business trips. When you leave to places where there is no computer and a stable Internet is very helping out.In general, when buying a tablet, the choice fell in favor of android ((

Pifynchik, for example, for watching films or IPTV, what to do on the iPad much problematic, here is the issue of using a device

In addition to YouTube, I really don’t need anything there, but on 4pda I think without Google services, both applications can be found for youtube so definitely there is a vanzhed

google, meet, does, work, huawei

pifynchik, for all the necessary and convenience. Any torrent, any program, at least Linux with normal with photoshop and 120 diverse screen. it’s all without iOS and for 30t games everything is on maximum shoes. For those who play.

Dengas, that Google Services do not need all Google applications well, so Huawei is taken when their services are not so and are needed, or enough browser.

Dengas, I also have a Huawei tablet without Google. Story! If the hands are crooked, then there is sadness, but if you make an effort at least a little, you will see that the device simply flies (this is at 4GB of RAM) and the battery consumes very, very efficiently. Satisfied like an elephant, in general

La Smal, I completely agree. There is a tablet and was Huawei P40. Everything worked perfectly and installed

La Smal, I have Galaxy Tab S8 everything works fine from a box without whistles. The batteries are enough for a long.perfect device. It makes no sense to take Huawei to prove to someone that your hands are even and install everything through the ass and just buy a normal tablet with this you will show that everything is good with your head

Dengas, I have Samsung Note 20. The device is also not bad. Stealus and all that. For the sake of these possibilities and switched from Honor 8x. But no optimization. And the receiving tract. Beyond good and evil. Where Huawei takes without problems, Sams begins to eat a battery and writes about the lack of communication. And this is not the problem of one specific apparatus. Before him, I had Note 10 Lite, perhaps if the Snapdragon (as in Tab S8) is in the truth of the norm, but you can live on your native Samsung Exinos only by experiencing constant pain. I don’t know what Samsung problem. Either they hate their buyers so much, or they just do not care about their own reputation, but that they have big problems. fact.

La Smal, I myself use Matepad 11 on Harmonyos is also pleased to mad. Smart P50 Pro is also on Harmonyos. From Google only YouTube. What’s App for several years I have not been using. All acquaintances and at work, all through the cart.

Dengas, why do you need google services. play toys ?The only thing that remains is necessary is YouTube and that’s all. I have been doing it for two years without Google. Matepad 11 on Harmonyos, the P50 Pro smartphone is also on Harmonyos and everything works impeccably !

“Play toys ?”And even if you cut into toys? Why write about it so derogatory? Quite a good pastime. If you do not see values ​​in this, this does not mean that the value is absent.

Personally, I do not have enough synchronization, I cannot transfer the page of interest to a couple of clicks/slippers in the browser, instead I have to throw it through a cart or through QR code. Chromecast does not work, Google services also apply to office software with Gdrive, Meet (Duo). And much more. It seems like you can do without GMS, but I don’t want to suffer a garbage.

DENGAS, with the purchase of a laptop was a gift to Mediapad 10.4, at first I wanted to sell, but they don’t really take them in the best configuration, and many more proposals are many than demands. Scored, and left himself. You can live without google services, but why? As a result, only films/TV shows I watch it and YouTube via vanceed. Without Google, he is not capable of anything else for me. Even the image of the image from the computer is made disgusting. not on the entire screen and with an unsettled panel from above. In the spring I will try to buy a misunderstanding instead of this misunderstanding.

Svarga Velesovich, WhatsApp works without Google.

KnickerBocker does not require, it works great with the Upstream without them.

FAZA-84 works, but sometimes sets with reminders about the need to install gservices for further work

KnickerBocker, but what, reminders of the need to install googles are not disconnected anywhere? And notifications from Weiber come in the background?

Svarga Velesovich, I will not go to Yandex. It’s a pity Google did not forbid to fully use his technologies with this delay.

Revol77, to use your technologies with this delay and it is difficult to prohibit it, because the fundamental parts are not them, and the rest is specially brought to the open source code. And if you prohibit, they can create an alternative and a monopoly may shake. I won’t go to Yandex and why so? Their browser is not bad, especially the translation of the video; Alice is much nicer; cards for better and t.P.

The microphone in Google Mit on the computer does not work

Frequent problem when users cannot configure sound. It can be too quiet, interrupt or absent completely. This may be due to the incorrect connection of the device to the computer. The microphone needs to be configured before use in Google Meet. And also make sure that he is a worker. To do this, use the microphone on another device.

  • These devices on the housing have a power button. Inspect it and make sure that it is ready to work;
  • If the USB type connector, use another port to connect the microphone to the computer;
  • After connecting, immediately check if it perceives it Windows. Press the right button on the sound adjustment icon in the notifications panel and select open sound parameters. Use the elimination of microphone malfunctions in the parameters of the system;
  • If your microphone does not hear others, perhaps you have not provided permission to use it in the browser. Go to the Google Mit tab and click on the microphone icon in the window. Let the browser use the device;
  • The video conference administrator can turn off sounds at once by everyone or a certain participant. Ask him to check the sound settings;
  • You yourself could accidentally press the microphone icon at the bottom of the Google Meet screen. If the icon has become red and crossed, click on it again.

It is not easy to determine the reason why the microphone does not work in the Google Mit application. Windows has a useful utility that solves these problems on their own. Return again to the sound parameters, press PCM on the sound adjustment icon. Next, open sound parameters and troubleshooting. Help the utility to determine the device, and she will try to solve the failure.

Does not show the camera in Google mit

There may be a problem with the camera in a computer or laptop. After entering the conference, she does not remove, although it is connected. If you see that the video is blocked:

  • Select the browser menu button.
  • Go to the main menu item. privacy and protection.
  • Find a block parameters block. We need a camera.
  • If the Google Meet website is in the listed list, delete it. Add online white list.

With the camera, problems that are already familiar in setting up a microphone may arise. Consider them again so as not to miss anything.

  • When connecting the device in the browser, a request for access to the camera appears. If it is rejected, the image in Google Mit will not appear. The user can remove the USB-connector and return it to the port so that the request appears on the screen again. Now you can fix the parameter;
  • The camera is not found in Meet means that the browser does not see a connected video device. Accordingly, the system also most likely does not determine it. Change the port, check if the camera works;
  • In Google Mit Camera can be disconnected for a while. Use the button in the Inteiis for this. Click to turn on or off the camera.

Use the camera in other services. If she works, perhaps in Google Mit temporarily turned off the administrator for all participants.

Check the resolution of the browser

Often, going to the new site, the platform requires permission to operate the user’s microphone, camera and other accessories. Some read requests and meet in accordance with the requirements, and someone blocks them instantly. The latter and can cause the camera in the Google Meet application does not work.

The user must allow access to the camera in the application itself, in the worst case, he will not be able to turn on the camera on the online meeting. If you first use the application, then read the pop.up windows, and meet all the sentences according to your requirements. If the user has already blocked the camera, then this is fixable.

Unlocking the camera

What needs to be done to unlock the camera in the browser:

  • We go to the browser, and then to the Google Meet video conferences application.
  • Click on the “Start new meeting” button.
  • Above in the right corner will be located the “camera blocked” icon, click on it.
  • Next, click on the option “Always allow access to your chamber and microphone”.
  • Click “Ready”.

Now the video conference will start automatically with a already working camera.

Download the update for the Google Meet application

Despite the fact that most of the functions of the application, for example, recording, work exclusively in the web browser, Google Meet operates properly. However, it is important to load new updates from time to time, otherwise the application may fail. Errors sometimes appear in the software, the developers correct them and release updated versions, and the old ones, in turn, cease to respond to user requests.

One of these problems may be that the application cannot detect the user camera.

Android and iOS

To fix this, you need to go to the Play Market if the Android mobile device is operated, or in the App Store, for the iOS operating system, to see if a new update is available.

If the application on the mobile device is updated, but the problems with the camera are still relevant, try to forcefully stop the Google Meet, and then restart it. such a trick may also work.

How to create a meeting

There are many opportunities in Google Meet, but the main one is the creation of a video substance! From this it is worth starting.

google, meet, does, work, huawei

Immediately after you are logging in in your account, you will see two buttons:

If you want to figure out how Google Meet works, click “New Meet”. Let’s create a conference.

The conference begins instantly, immediately after pressing this button.

You can immediately create a link that you will send to other users (to invite them to become participants).

It is important to know that Google Mit is also a planning tool. If you need detailed settings, choose this option: then you can make a meeting in the calendar, set the name and time interval, immediately add participants and configure access rights.

How to Access Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Meet on Huawei Matepad or Any Huawei Device

Of course, we will talk about how to connect to Google Mit, if the organizer of the conference is another person. Remember the “Enter the Code of the Meeting” button ?

The second stage is passed, now you know that Google MIIT is a very flexible service, because you have the opportunity to both start conference instantly and plan them in advance.

Available options

We go to the third part. and now we will talk more about the possibilities of Google Mit. You have already started your conference or have joined the planned video substance? At the first connection, do not forget to allow access to the chamber and microphone. otherwise you will not be able to communicate.

Let’s look at the lower panel. Here are all the controls we need. first look at the central part.

  • Buttons of camera and microphone to turn on and off video and sound;
  • Icon Demonstration of the screen: you can show the entire screen, separate window or browser tab;

Now look at the right. there are other management elements we need here.

  • Icon in the form of two men. a list of chat participants. In this tab you can add new users, delete participants, view the list;
  • Finally, the section “Elements of the Control of the Meeting” (label in the form of a lock) is needed to manage permits. You can change permits for all participants: inclusion of sound/video, sending messages to the chat, inclusion of a screen demonstration.

There were questions about what it is for Google Mit? We hope that we were able to explain to you the features of the work of this service, its advantages and available functions. Believe me, this is a really cool solution for video communication. both personal and working!

How to fix the Google Meet error “Camera Error” on your PC?

Although Google Meet on mobile devices can also be a victim of errors, the version for PC is worst. In this section, we will give you all the solutions that will help get rid of the problem forever.

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Your webcam is connected? Disconnect and connect to be sure.

Of course, this is the most obvious step, but the second check will not hurt the process in any way. So, before starting work, make sure that your webcam is correctly connected to your computer and has all the right drivers.

If it is connected, but refuses to appear, you will first have to turn off and connect the camera again. Then go to the manufacturer’s website and download the corresponding drivers for it. When everything is removed, go to the official MEET website and try.

Reload the browser and computer.

If the first advice has not helped, fulfill another simple attempt to solve the problem. First close Google Chrome and open it again. Go to meet and see if something will change.

In addition, you can also restart the computer to shake the situation.

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Check the site settings

Google Chrome usually copes with all your needs for Meet. Nevertheless, some people can be difficult to follow his special “site settings”. To change the site settings for Google Meet, you first need to click the lock icon in the upper left corner and go to the “Site Settings”.

Now click the opening menu next to the “camera” and set for it the value of “allow”.

See if he will fix your mistake “Camera Error” during the meeting.

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Update Chrome or use another browser

Often these problems are associated with a specific browser or application. Therefore, it is important to check if the problem is only caused by the browser. To perform a slight elimination of problems, open the Windows Camera application and see if you can get a clear image.

If the above test is successful, you should check if you have the latest version of Google Chrome. Chrome warns users when updating is available. So updating the browser to the latest version will not be difficult.

Users were a little lucky with Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. Be sure to get acquainted with them first.

Make sure you are using the right equipment

When using PC, especially for many years, to track all components can be a little difficult. There is also nothing unusual in using several webcams during the entire service life of your PC, which can sometimes complicate the work. If you are mistakenly select an old webcam as a current active camera, you can get an error of the “camera error” error, since it will not be available for PC.

During the meeting, click the button with vertical multi.plate in the lower right corner. Now click “Settings”.

Then go to the Video tab. [Screenshot needed] Finally, check if the camera is selected correctly.

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Find out if your equipment uses any other application

Thanks to Covid, we are forced to work without leaving home. This phenomenon directly led to an increase in the number of applications for video conferences with which we associate ourselves. So, if you are not careful, several such applications can send a request to use your camera, which will lead to blocking the entire system.

To avoid this mess, all you need to do is to click “Alt Ctrl Del” to call the task manager and close other video calls that can be launched.

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Allow applications to use your camera

If you use Windows, the system can block the access of applications to your camera without even notifying you about this. This, of course, is a function of confidentiality, but it can cause problems if you are not careful.

To make sure that Windows does not block your favorite applications, first click “Windows I” to open “Settings”. Now go to “Privacy”.

Then go to the “camera” on the left panel to see applications that have permission to access the camera equipment. Make sure that both parameters. “allow access to your camera” and “allow desktop applications to access your camera”. are included.

Even if they are, turn off and turn them on again to restart the system.

After that, return to Google Meet and try to start the meeting again. I hope it starts without a bitch and a bitch.

How to fix the Google Meet “Camera Failed” error on your mobile phone?

Mobile users have both Android and iOS. there is a special Google Meet application that can satisfy all their needs. Unfortunately, however, the application has not quite conquered the hearts since it came to the fore.

Many users report that this is a mess with errors, and updates, it seems, only exacerbate the situation. Nevertheless, despite all the shortcomings, the application seems to be doing well using smartphone cameras.

Since the external equipment of the camera and drivers is not required to work smartphones, the systems are much less susceptible to errors. All you need to do is start the application, and your camera should be in order.

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Reload your device

Be that as it may, your phone can still ruin your meetings due to a random error of the camera and failure. If you face this unforeseen problem, first close the application and restart. If he does not bring the desired result, you can always restart a smartphone for quick correction. If something does not break forever, quick restart should be of great importance.

Clean Google Meet app

If a simple restart does not help, you can also clean the cache and applications data. This process, of course, will lead to the exit of you from the application, effectively making sure that there were no residues left from the old version of the application. Data cleaning is the closest application that you may not delete without actually deleting it.

To clean the cache and Google Meet data on Android, first go to “Settings”, click “Applications” and find “Google Meet”.

Now click on it to open and go to the “Storage”.

Finally, click “Clean data” and “Clean the cache” respectively.

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There was a simple way to install Google services on Huawei and Honor without a computer

The XDA-Developers participant with the nickname Bender_007 released the Googlefier application, which allows you to easily install Google services on the officially unsupported smartphones Huawei and Honor. The advantage of the new method lies precisely in simplicity. while the old Google Services installation methods no longer work or require complex manipulations from the user, Googlefier allows you to install them on a smartphone literally a few clicks and without using a computer (the method is relevant for 2020). The restriction is only that the smartphone should work on the basis of the EMUI 10. if it updated it to EMUI 11, it will not be possible to use the new method.

How to install Google services on Huawei and Honor

To install Google’s services on the Huawei or Honor phone without a computer using Googlefier, you must download the APK file from the XDA-Developers, give the application all the necessary permits and follow the screen instructions. The portal administrators have already tested the utility on the Huawei P30 Pro and Huawei Matepad Pro-according to their messages, for the process of loading Google services takes about 5-7 minutes. After the process is completed, the user can download Google Play and YouTube on Huawei or Honor (as well as any other services from Google) and enter your account.

If the user has already tried to install Google’s services on his smartphone, and he did not work out, before using Googlefier it is best to reset the device settings to factory. this will avoid possible errors during installation. The utility also provides an option to remove GMS and return the gadget to the original state.