Google Meet does not open on the phone. Google Meet video problem…

What is this Google Meet application on Android. how to delete and use it

Google Meet. what kind of application is this, how to delete it on the Android platform. Now many developers are created by both PC and mobile. over, the latter have a more friendly integration. They are easier to get used to. “We will lay everything out on the shelves”: what is Google Mit, how to use it. Is it worth it to install this application, what are the features, are there any disadvantages.

In fact, Google Mit is an attempt by Google Corporation “Invent a bike”. Rather, create a messenger for communication. Of course, skeptics will recall Skype, WhatsApp, Weiber, several more similar applications. At the same time, once all this was not. And then they got used to it, adapted. And they were convinced that there was no limit to perfection. Therefore, the more different offers in the market for communication, conference, chats, the better.

How to Fix Google Meet App Not Working Issue in Android & Ios. Google Meet Not Open Problem

Google Mit was launched as a means of communication. At first the service was paid. Then a free version appeared. We list the features of Google Mit:

  • Creation of simultaneous communication up to 1 hundred subscribers (free package).
  • The duration of the conversation is 1 hour (then you should re.connect the connection).

The developers saved the most “tasty” buns for paid subscriptions. This is natural. Although in the initial installation there are a lot of advantages. The main thing is that both owners of smartphones and PC can use software.

How to use

Using Google Mit will not cause problems. The developers tried to simplify the integration as much as possible. Everything happens literally in a couple of slippers on the screen. Installation, registration in the system is understandable even to schoolchildren. Lovers to talk longer can immediately pay for the subscription by connecting a paid version.

If you are not sure whether you need Google Mit or not, try a free option. There are also many interesting things there. Video communication, the possibility of simultaneously connecting several dozen subscribers. And synchronization with other Google services. Meetings planning, negotiations. Including inviting newsletters.


On the smartphone on the iOS platform, Android installation of the application will not cause problems. Download Google Meet from the App Store (Google Play) service. Installation is automatically. After the load is completed, the system will give a message about the completion of the process. And all.

A few words about the desktop version. Here the developers chewed. In fact, nothing needs to be installed: integration into the browser is provided. That is, when the google is launched, Yandex, the user crosses the link, and then begins to create conferences, contact the necessary subscribers.


Those who already have a registration record in the Google service do not have to do anything. It is enough to create an account once, a Gmail mailbox. By default, this is the “key” to the program. Nothing else to create.

Those who do not have a Google account will have to register. It is extremely simple, available even to unprepared users. Here’s what you need to do:

And after creating a mailbox, the user automatically gets access to all Google services.

Creating a meeting

Let’s move on to the use of Google Meet. We will need to create a meeting:

Immediately after entering the Google account on the smartphone screen, in the lower part, 2 options appear. This is “mail” and “meetings”. Suppose that there were no conversations before. Then we start with a new meeting. When clicking on the button with the video camera logo, we go to a new screen.

There will be the next 2 buttons. “New Meeting” and “Enter the Code”. The conference is being launched instantly. In addition, there is the possibility of planning a meeting. For this, a link is created that is sent to future interlocutors. Synchronization with a Google calendar is also provided.

If the Google Meet conference was created by another user (sent you a link), then it remains to enter the resulting code. After filling out the corresponding field, the video is automatically connected to the video.

It is enough to make sure of this on your own experience. Although some users tend to believe that Google is unnecessarily introducing this service. How to get rid of an unnecessary application (if you do not plan to use Google Meet), we will tell you later.

All others will be able to appreciate the advantages of the messenger. Find new friends. Restore communication with people from their own address book. Discuss novelties of cinema, bestsellers, music. Just talk about something important.

Other functions

Google Corporation knows how to create quality products. Google Meet is no exception. It costs the user who longs for communication, click on the “New Meeting” button, as a number of options will appear. It:

Let’s move directly to the detailed analysis of each position. What is it, how it works.

Get a link to a meeting

So, you want to chat with a friend, acquaintance, colleague. Or a random person. Google Meet has the ability to create links to go to conversation. By clicking on the “Receive” panel, the user creates a planned meeting. After the crossing the link, the subscriber is automatically connected to the conference. And all. Just. Comfortable. Without a long search for solutions, “dancing with a tambourine”.

Start right now

The most affordable option. When everything has already been specified, planned. It remains to start the conversation. The video of the video shows on the machine. Do not forget that as in every messenger of this type, you should monitor the activity of the microphone, cameras. Their buttons are on the corresponding panel.

Otherwise full communication will not work. When the microphone is turned off, the interlocutor will not hear you. With a deactivated chamber. will not see. Therefore, we check these positions before starting the conversation.


One of the features of Google Meet is to synchronize the meeting on the calendar built into the service. Surely owners of smartphones on Android know that the device provides for planning their own events, meetings. You just have to open the Calendar application.

This will not forget about the call, trip, shopping, long.conceived interview, targeted conversation. The smartphone will automatically remind you what and when to do. With regard to Google, Mit Android plans a video conference. On a given date, specific time.

As for other events, the user sets the time period of video communication. It marks the name. Establishes access rights, restrictions, privileges.

Google Meet restrictions

Free version of Google Meet allows you to accept up to 100 participants. All participants must have and enter the Google account (Workspace or a regular Gmail account). After joining, the participants who were not included in the Google account will be moved to the waiting room, where they will “ask” the owner to allow them to join the meeting.

The participant will be able to join only after the organizer approves the request, and not otherwise. This may annoy you, but Google added it for security purposes so that unwanted users could not bomb your meetings and ruin you the day. Google free video call restriction for users of a free account.

Google WorkSpace and the format of the link to the collection

To join the meeting organized in the Workspace account, you will need the Google Workspace account (previously G Suite). Users or participants outside your organization can be invited to join the meeting, but only by link.

Have you received a link to join the meeting? What type of link it is?

The first link to the meeting is intended for those who are outside the domain of the working area, while the other two will rely on the participant as on the Google account in the same domain. What is your Google account type?

Allow the camera in Windows settings

There are several options in Windows settings to allow or block the camera on the device.

1: To open the settings, press Win I and go to the confidentiality of the camera.

2: On the right side you need to check the following settings.

Make sure access to the camera for this device is turned on. Otherwise, click the “Change” button and switch the setting.

Make sure the parameter is enabled to allow desktop applications access to your camera. Otherwise, press the corresponding button to enable it.

Allow the camera in system settings

The System Settings panel on the MAC includes a parameter that allows you to turn on or disable the camera for a specific application.

2: Here you can see a list of browsers and other applications that previously requested a camera resolution. If the flag is installed in the browser, access to the camera is allowed, and vice versa. Therefore, if the desired browser is not marked, click the lock icon Enter the password / scan the fingerprint and mark the corresponding flag.

After that you need to restart the browser.

Disconnecting the sound of video meetings

Another reason why you are not heard. the interlocutor could accidentally turn off the sound of a conference. This function is available only in the Google Meet mobile application.

In this case, for unlock on Android:

Google MEET Camera “Failed” Solved in Windows 10

  • In the upper right corner, press the speaker on the badge;
  • A window with possible functions will appear;
  • To turn on the sound, press the “speaker” and check the volume on the device.

This should be done by the participant in the meeting that does not hear you.

The microphone does not work in Google Meet. they won’t hear you

Option #1. you or you turned off the microphone

If other video conference participants do not hear you, then the first thing you should check whether the microphone is included on your computer, smartphone or tablet. The microphone badge is displayed right in the GOOGLE Meet Conference window. If the icon is crossed out, then the microphone is turned off. we click/slip right along the icon and turn it on.

You also do not forget that when you go to the current video conference in Google Meet not among the first five participants connected to it, then your microphone is automatically turned off. In this case, the microphone must be turned on separately, click/slip along the microphone icon and speak, after it turns on. To check the state of the microphone:

We open the conference settings menu (3 points. in the right corner of the conference window click/tap);

  • Click/tap “Settings”;
  • We go to the audio tab;
  • We start talking and watching the microphone indicator. if it does not move, then the microphone is most likely disconnected:

Option #2. the microphone of the device is not configured (the sound in Google Meet does not transmit)

If the microphone is not disconnected at the conference menu (the icon is not crossed out), but they still do not hear you, then you will have to spend another half a minute and check the microphone settings. And for this:

  • on Mac-e: go to “System settings”, click “Sound”, go to the “Entrance” tab, where we check the status of the microphone (the built-in or connected microphone should be turned on) and, if necessary, set the suitable volume level (slider at the bottom of the window).
  • on Windows-PC: click the right mouse button according to the speaker icon in the tray, select “Writing devices” in the menu, with a double click on the microphone name in the list, open the properties window, we cross the “Levels” tab, where we check that the computer microphone is turned on (if necessary, set a suitable volume level) and click OK.
  • On Chromebook-e: go to the “Settings” of the Chrome browser (3 points in the upper right corner of the “Settings” screen), on the left, click “Privacy and Security”, hereinafter (right)-“Settings of the Site” and then “Microphone”, check so that the address of the permitted sites is indicated https: // Meet.Google.COM: 443 or add the site to the list of permitted manually right there (button “Add”):
  • On Android: “Settings” “Privacy” “Resolution Management” “Microphone” and we allow Google Meet access to the device microphone.

Option #3. check everything else

Just in case, we also double.check all other devices from which you can turn off/turn on the microphone: keyboard, amplifier, external microphone regulator, etc. Besides:

  • Close all the extra tabs of the browser and/or applications that can use the audio system of the computer/smartphone in the background;
  • Reload the computer/smartphone and restart into Google Meet;
  • And finally, if the integrated microphone of the computer does not work in any way, then in the Google Meet video (camera) you can leave on the computer, and the sound is connected via a smartphone (in detail about how to use a voice connection to the video conference. see. HERE).

The speakers/headphones with Google Meet do not work. you do not hear anyone

#1. check the audio settings

  • on Mac-e: go to “System settings”, click “Sound”, go to the “Exit” tab, where we check the status of the speakers (built-in or connected speakers should be turned on) and, if necessary, set the suitable volume level (slider at the bottom of the window);
  • on Windows-PC: click the right-button mouse on the speaker icon in the tray, in the menu select “playback devices”, in the next window we check which of the devices is selected as the main one for playback, with a double click on the name we open the properties window, we cross the tab. “Levels”, where we check that the speakers/headphones are turned on (if necessary, set the suitable volume level) and click OK.
  • On Chromebook-e: first, we just check whether the sound is turned on (the icon is in the lower right corner of the screen), if everything is ok with it, then we go to the “settings” of the Chrome browser (3 points in the upper right corner of the “Settings” screen), and press on the left. “Privacy and safety”, hereinafter (right). “Site Settings” and then “Sound”, we check that the address of the permitted sites indicates the address https: // Meet.Google.COM: 443 or add the site to the list of permitted manually right there (button “Add”).

Option #3. check everything else

If the sound with PC, smartphone or tablet is played through external speakers, headphones or headset (including wireless), then we carefully check the connection quality (Bluetooth. first of all) and the volume settings of the external device.

Plus, if during the conference external speakers or headphones are not used, it is better to turn them off completely (or check that they are not used as the only source of reproduction of the sound of a telephone conversation). Besides:

The possibilities of Google Meet

The following capabilities of the service can be distinguished:

  • Unlimited number of video tutorials in high quality.
  • Safe video communication.
  • Convenient for use, access through a link that can be used both from the computer and through the Google Meet smartphone application.
  • Thanks to Google speech recognition technology, you can use real.time subtitles in real time.
  • It is possible to organize an urgent meeting without resorting to planning a whole event.
  • Joining the conversation takes one click.
  • Communication encryption.
  • Synchronization with Google services.
  • You can connect to the conference by phone number.

Use is possible only with Google Chrome. For a mobile device, you need to download the application.


Before work, you need to choose your role.

  • System administrator of the company. For those who need to remotely organize the work of employees.
  • System administrator of the educational institution. For those who need to organize the workflow.
  • Google Meet user. For those who want to create video statements with a team, join conferences and conduct presentations remotely.

System administrator of the company

Those who are already a user of Google Workspace just need to enter the current account. If it is not, it is recommended to study tariff plans and offers.

Google Workspace users can create pseudonyms to meet.

System administrator of the educational institution

Educational institutions can also use a program for conducting classes in the video statement format. Students and teachers will be able to join the meetings using special links. For those who use Google WorkSpace for Education Fundamentals or Google Workspace for Education Plus, there is a 300 hours video line limit. 300 hours.

An ordinary user

For personal use, it is easier to register. Those who are already using Gmail, Google photo, YouTube or other Google product, just need to enter the Google account. Those who do not have it need to register.

Individuals can use Google Meet to conduct protected video countries for free.

Why is the Google Meet camera does not work for me?

When we wrote about the most popular articles with the advice and recommendations on Google Meet, some people returned to us and asked why their camera in Google Meet does not work. Well, the problem with the Google Meet camera has several reasons, and in this article we will consider all possible causes and decisions. But before that it is important to take into account some of the main points because of which the Google Meet camera does not work:

  • First, check if you are connected to the Internet and whether the speed / connection is enough for the Google Meet video call.
  • Check if the camera works with other solutions for video conferences, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and T. D.
  • Then try the old, good universal solution of restarting the device.
  • Finally, check if any other application / software (for example, Snap Camera) uses the camera of your device, and turn off them all.

Here are a few main checks that you need to do. If this does not solve the problem of failure of the Google Meet camera, read on while we try to dig deeper and consider other possible causes and corrections.

How to fix the non.working problem with the Google Meet camera?

Therefore, if you are faced with this error on Google Meet on your Mac or Windows computer, the following solutions should help you correct it.

Give Google Meet access to your webcam.

One of the common reasons for the error of the camera failure in Google Meet is a blocked camera resolution. Although you really need to provide access to the camera for Google Meet at the first use, you may accidentally ban / block its permission to access the camera if you are dealing with several video conferencing services in your browser.

To make sure this is not the cause of your problem, check the solving Google Meet camera in your browser camera settings. Here’s how to do it in different browsers.

  • Chromium browsers (Brave / Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge / Vivaldi):
  • Press the button with three points in the upper right corner of the browser and select the settings.
  • Go to privacy and safety and select the site settings.
  • In the list of available sites, press the arrow button next to
  • Click the arrow of the opening list next to the camera in the partition of the section and select.
  • Fire Fox
  • Open a hamburger-manager in the upper right corner of the browser and choose preferences.
  • Click on confidentiality and security from the left panel.
  • Scroll the right window down to find permission.
  • Click on the settings button next to the camera.
  • Click on Meet.Google.COM and select allow to let the opening menu.
  • Safari
  • Click the Safari menu and choose preferences.
  • Click on sites for viewing permits for different websites.
  • Click on the camera on the left panel.
  • Click on the arrow of the opening list next to in the right window and choose to allow from the submenu.

Make sure your webcam is not used anywhere else.

If several applications for video calls and Google Meet are simultaneously launched on your computer on the browser tab, you can get the camera failure in Google Meet if it cannot access your webcam. This is the most common reason for the camera problems in the Meet or any other video call application. This happens when one of several video conferences in the background turns to your webcam and unintentively blocks its access for other applications.

It is best to determine in such a situation whether the webcam of your device is used somewhere else. To do this, just check the condition of the LED next to the webcam. If it is turned on, this means that your device has an application that turns to the camera, and in this case you need to find this application and close it.

If it is turned off, you may need to check it in your browser. Since in this case, if the Google Meet is open on one browser tab, and some other video conferences are open on different tabs, Google Meet may still not get access to your camera if it is used by another service.

To solve this problem, close all other tabs in the browser that can interfere with the access to the Meet webcam.

Reload the web browser.

Web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari, can often face random failures and interfere with certain elements of the system. It is known that Google Meet is a victim of such failures that do not allow him to access the chamber or microphone of the device.

Therefore, if you see a black screen or a camera error, and not one of the corrections has helped, close all the tabs in your browser and restart it. If you use Mac, you need to get out of the application, and not just get out of it (using the X button) to completely close it. In the Google Chrome browser, you can also try to go chrome: // Settings / System and turn off “Use hardware acceleration, if available” option. It will also lead to the restart of the Chrome browser.

Also make sure Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or any browser you use is updated to the latest version. You can turn on the automatic update in these browsers so that the latest version is always installed in them.

Allow the camera in Windows settings.

Windows parameters provide several parameters to turn on or disconnect the device camera.

  • To access the settings menu, press Win I and go to the confidentiality of the camera.
  • You must check the following settings on the right.

Make sure access to the camera for this device is turned on. Or click the “Change” button to change the setting.

Make sure to allow desktop applications access to the setting camera is enabled. Otherwise, turn it on by pressing the corresponding button.

Set the default webcam.

If you use Google Meet on a laptop connected to an external device, or if you are on a desktop computer and several sources of cameras are connected to it, this can create a scenario in which the Google Meet cannot easily determine your default webcam and may encounter with mistakes.

In such a situation, you need to clearly specify the default webcam so that Meet can easily identify the source channel of your computer. To do this, follow the following actions.

  • Open Google Meet and press the gear icon in the upper right corner to open the settings.
  • Choose a video from the left panel.
  • Click on the opening button below the camera in the right window and select the camera from available options.

Check the resolution of the browser

Often, going to the new site, the platform requires permission to operate the user’s microphone, camera and other accessories. Some read requests and meet in accordance with the requirements, and someone blocks them instantly. The latter and can cause the camera in the Google Meet application does not work.

The user must allow access to the camera in the application itself, in the worst case, he will not be able to turn on the camera on the online meeting. If you first use the application, then read the pop.up windows, and meet all the sentences according to your requirements. If the user has already blocked the camera, then this is fixable.

Unlocking the camera

What needs to be done to unlock the camera in the browser:

  • We go to the browser, and then to the Google Meet video conferences application.
  • Click on the “Start new meeting” button.
  • Above in the right corner will be located the “camera blocked” icon, click on it.
  • Next, click on the option “Always allow access to your chamber and microphone”.
  • Click “Ready”.

Now the video conference will start automatically with a already working camera.

Download the update for the Google Meet application

Despite the fact that most of the functions of the application, for example, recording, work exclusively in the web browser, Google Meet operates properly. However, it is important to load new updates from time to time, otherwise the application may fail. Errors sometimes appear in the software, the developers correct them and release updated versions, and the old ones, in turn, cease to respond to user requests.

One of these problems may be that the application cannot detect the user camera.

Android and iOS

To fix this, you need to go to the Play Market if the Android mobile device is operated, or in the App Store, for the iOS operating system, to see if a new update is available.

If the application on the mobile device is updated, but the problems with the camera are still relevant, try to forcefully stop the Google Meet, and then restart it. such a trick may also work.

#4. a problem with the video in Google Meet on Android. check the resolution

that is, permissions specifically for Google Meet to access the chamber and a smartphone microphone. In case access to them, for some reason, was blocked for some reason.

  • Close Google Meet completely;
  • find the application icon on the main screen of the smartphone;
  • we slip through it with a long slippage and in the small menu that opened, click “Information”;
  • Further on the screen “On the Appendix” we slip “permission”;
  • We check that access to the camera and microphone (or turn on them) are included;
  • and re.cling to the conference.

#5. a problem with the video in Google Meet on Android. restart the application

in the sense, with a preliminary forced stop. To eliminate software glitches that do not allow Google Meet to translate the video normally.

  • find the application icon on the main screen of the smartphone;
  • we slip through it with a long slippage and in the small menu that opened, click “Information”;
  • Further on the screen “On the Appendix”, we slip “stop” and then. “Yes”.

After that, we launch Google Meet and go to the conference.