Google disk does not start an error. Reinstall Google

Google CDs continues to turn off or freezes when trying to connect

Google Disk is one of the leading cloud storage services on the Internet. They provide free 15 GB of storage for each Gmail account and give good competition to other cloud storage services, such as OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, etc. D. Sometimes its users may encounter some errors and malfunctions that lead to interruption of a normal workflow. Some of these errors Google disk

  • Synchronization with Google Drive does not start, starts.
  • Google disk is not synchronized.
  • Google disk is not synchronized with the desktop.

And there are still many mistakes that have the same corrections as we say today.

Google CDs continues to turn off or freezes when trying to connect

If you are faced with this problem, you need:

  • Check your connection
  • Complete GoogleDriveSync.EXE
  • Restore Google Drive synchronization
  • Clean the browser
  • Turn off Windows firewall
  • File synchronization manually
  • Disconnect and re.connect your account
  • Disconnect the security check of the encrypted connection
  • Reinstall Google disk.

Check if you are connected to the Internet. You can try to configure the parameters of your IP. or you can just try to connect to another network.

If you are still not connected to the Internet, try to configure the router.

2] complete GoogleDriveSync.EXE

If you use Google Windows 10, you may have to perform some actions. Close Google disk.

Open the task manager. You can do this by pressing the Ctrl SHIFT ESC key combinations or clicking with the right mouse button on the task panel and pressing the task manager

Now find a program called GoogledriveSync.exe and select it. If you see it, press the right mouse button and select complete the task.

Launch Google disc again and look.

3] restart Google Drive Sync.

On the taskbar, click on the Google disk icon. Press the button in the context menu indicated by 3 vertical points.

Now choose to leave the Google disk.

Finally, open Google disc “Start” menu.

You can try to clean the browser cache and see if this will help.

5] Disconnect the Windows firewall.

Windows firewall can interrupt the connection of your computer with the Google disk servers. You may have to turn off Windows firewall and see if this will help.

6] manually synchronization

After manual synchronization of files for backup and synchronization, it will take some time. On your computer with Windows, press backing and synchronization of backup and viewing uninching files. Click repeat everything.

7] turn off and connect your account again

Disconnect the Google disk account and enter the system again. You will be invited to choose a new location for the Google Drive folder.

8] Disable the security check of the encrypted connection

If your security software blocks the computer connection to Google Drive servers, you may have to turn it off. You can find this in the settings of your security software.

9] Reinstall Google Disk

You can also try to remove and then reinstall the Google Drive application.

After removing the Google disk, just come here to get the latest version of the Google disk, and then install it, like any other software.

Related materials for reading. Google disc is constantly falling.

Can I get access to the Google disk without accounting Gmail?

Yes, you can get access to the Google disk and most other services using the account, different from Google, or account, ending on

To do this, go to the Google account creation page, enter account data, including email address, and create a account. After that you will receive 15 GB of disk space, like others on Google disk.

Can you upload Google to Google without accounting?

No, whenever someone shares a link with you to access the Google disk, you will be asked to either indicate the address associated with Google or create it. So, you will need to create a Google account.

In addition, in order to add files to the place for storing google disk, users need to create a Google account, although using Gmail for this purpose is not necessary.

How to get rid of a mandatory entrance to Google Disk?

Try access to the Google disk using another browser.

If you get a message, you did not enter the system when trying to access the Google disk using a browser, you may want to switch to another browser.

Several users reported this problem when trying to access the Google disk using Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer is an old and somewhat outdated browser, and many websites will not work with it properly. To solve this problem, try access to the Google disk using the best browser, for example Opera.

It is built using the new Chromium engine, and although you might think that Google has a disk created to work in Google Chrome, in Opera it works as better if not faster.

Fix Google Chrome Failed Download Error �� Solve File Download Issue In Chrome Browser

In addition, you can enjoy private navigation by google disk files thanks to the VPN and tracking unit.

Update customer software Google disk.

First, consider the possibility of reinstalling the Google disk to make sure this is the latest version. You can delete the Google disk client in the same way as most programs for Windows, through “Programs and Components”.

Open the Google disk page and click “Download the Disc for Desktop”, and then run the installation program to install it. Reload the computer after reinstalling Google disk.

Disconnect the Windows firewall.

  • Press Windows S. To open the search menu, enter Windows firewall in the text field and click the appropriate search result.
  • Select “Turn on or off the Windows Defender Brandmare on the left.
  • Select the “Disable Windows” parameter in the network settings and click “OK”.

Windows firewall can block the Google Disc app. So turn it off to see if this has this value. If the problem with backup and synchronization without entry is not eliminated, go to the next method.

Allow the application in the firewall Windows

  • Press Windows S. To open the search menu, enter the application through the Windows firewall and click the appropriate search result.
  • Now scroll down to the Google disk and make sure that both flags are installed here.
  • If you have not found Google disk in the list, click the “Change Settings” button.
  • Now click “Allow another application”.
  • Click the review.
  • Find the Google disk launch program, select it and click “Open”.
  • Now click add.
  • Then make sure that the flags are installed for private and publicly available, and click OK to save changes.

That’s all. Making it on the white list in the Windows firewall will help to correct the error because of which Google can enter the system, and you no longer have to turn off the firewall.

Check your antivirus

According to users, in some cases you will not be able to enter the Google disk due to your antivirus. Sometimes the settings of your antivirus can interfere with the work of the Google disk, and to solve this problem it is recommended to check the antivirus settings and make sure that the Google disk is not blocked.

If the Google disk is not blocked by your antivirus, you can try to disable certain antiviral functions and check if this helps. In some cases, you may even need to completely turn off the antivirus.

In the worst case, you will need to remove the antivirus and check if this solves the problem. If the removal of the antivirus solves the problem, you should think about the transition to another antivirus solution.

Restore the path to Google Disk.

  • Click Ctrl Shift Esc. To open the tasks dispatcher, select all Google disk processes one at a time, and then click the “Full task” button.
  • Then click Windows E to open the conductor, insert the next path to the address line, and then click Enter. Replacing the user name addressed to your device: С: \ users \ username \ app on \ local \ google
  • Now select the disk folder and press the Delete key. to erase her.

After that, check whether the problem is solved with the inability to enter the system on the Google disk desktop. If not, go to the next method.

Check the proxy settings

  • Press Windows I. To open the “Settings” application and go to the “Network and Internet” section.
  • Select the proxy in the menu on the left. On the right panel, turn off all the parameters.

To protect their confidentiality on the Internet, many users use proxy to hide their identity. Although the proxy server can be very useful, sometimes it can interfere with the work of the Google disk and cause the appearance of the message “you are not included in the system”.

To solve this problem, it is recommended to check the settings of the proxy server and disconnect them.

After that, your proxy should be completely disconnected, and the problem should be solved. As you can see, proxy is a simple way to protect your confidentiality on the Internet, but it can lead to certain problems.

Set up the parameters of the region in Windows

  • Press Windows R. To open the “execute” command, enter the control panel in the text field and click OK.
  • Click “Change the format of the date, time or numbers” in the section “Clock and the region”.
  • Select English (USA) in the “Format” menu opening menu.
  • Press the buttons “Apply” and “OK” at the bottom of the window.

Check the right to access user directory on Google disk.

  • First click on the Google disk folder in the conductor with the right mouse button and select the “properties” in the context menu.
  • Go to the Safety tab.

Turn off Windows firewall

The first thing that should be noted is that Windows firewall can block software connection. Thus, the shutdown can lead to the connection of Google Drive. Here’s how you can disable the firewall:

  • Enter Firewall in the Cortana search field. Now you need to choose a Windows defender firewall to open the parameters and configures of the firewall.
  • Click on or off Windows firewall to open the parameters shown below.
  • Now click there both parameters “Disable the Windows firewall” and click “OK”.

Most users do not know what to do when the Windows search window disappears. Read this article to find out how to return it in just a couple of steps.

Check if the Google Drive antivirus blocks

Perhaps antivirus software blocks the connection to the Google disk. Therefore, it is worth checking the settings of the antivirus application. Since the settings are very different for each utility, no specific instructions can be given for this.

Nevertheless, you should look for some parameters of the firewall in the antivirus program that can allow you to unlock programs.

In addition, you can remove your antivirus utilities through programs and components. If then you can connect to the Google disk, it will become clear that antivirus software somehow blocked the connection.

According to users, antivirus tools, such as McAfee and Avast, can lead to this problem, so be sure to delete them.

For Norton users, we have a special guide on how to completely remove it from your PC. There is also a similar guide for MCAFFE users.

If you use any antivirus solution and want to completely remove it with PC, be sure to read this amazing list of the best deletion programs that you can use right now.

If the removal of antivirus software solves the problem, you need to switch to other antivirus software. There are many excellent antivirus tools, but if you want better protection, you should consider Bitdefender.

It is worth noting that there is a quick bypass that can solve this problem for ESET users. To solve this problem, just open the ESET settings and activate HIPS (a Host Invasion System).

After that, Google should start working again.

“I think the shutdown of Google Drive for everyone! How can I be sure?

If you suspect that there may be a problem with Google and that the problem is not on your side, there are several ways to confirm this suspicion. If you can confirm that Google disc is not available to everyone, you can save a lot of time and headache, because the only solution is to wait until Google eliminates the problem.

Here are the steps in order that you must take if you think that Google Drive can be unavailable to everyone, or you are not entirely sure where to start:

Contact the G SUITE state information panel to obtain information about problems or downtime that may occur on Google disk and other Google services. If the Google problem is found on the GOOGLE DISK problem, this means that it does not work, and you will have to wait until Google corrects it.

Remember that the Goite toolbar is located in Google, so if Google has especially serious problems, it may also be unavailable.

Search for #GoogLEDRIVEDON. Social networks are a good place to find out if the website or service for other people is working. If other people experience the same problem as you, there is a high probability that they will talk about this in this hashtag.

You can use the link above to find tweets with the corresponding hashtag, but be sure to click the latter to see the last tweets instead of the old.

Finally, you can check some sites of detectors down. Some web. sites of the status of a checker include down for everyone or only. down the detector. Is it down right now? Outage.Report and

“I think Google Drive does not work only for me! Is there anything I can do?

If you cannot find any evidence that other people are experiencing problems with access to the Google disk, then there is a high probability that the problem is solved on your part. Most of these problems are associated with your network equipment or a provider of Internet services, but there are a number of things that you can check yourself.

Here’s what you should do in order if you think that Google Drive works for everyone except you:

Make sure you are visiting a real Drive

Before you try anything else, try to click the link above on Google Drive. If this works, this means that you may have tried to access the invalid or illegal copy of the disk. Update your bookmarks and consider the possibility of changing Google password if you think that at any time you could enter your data for entering a fake site.

If you are trying to access the Google disk on your phone or tablet, make sure you have a legal application from Google. You can find the Google Drive application for iOS in the App Store and for Android devices in Google Play.

You are trying to use Google Drive through a web browser on your computer? Try the Google Drive application on your phone or tablet. You can find official applications using links provided in the previous step.

If you can access the Google disk through the application on your phone or tablet, this means that the Google disk service itself works. The following steps to eliminate problems can help you start the Google disk on your computer again.

Complete your web browser completely, closing each open browser window. Wait 30 seconds, open one browser window and try to get access to the Google disk.

In some cases, closing the windows of your browser may not complete the work of the browser. In this case, rebooting a computer or device is the easiest way to make sure that the browser is really closing.

Clean the browser cache and try to get access to the Google disk again. This is a simple step that will not delete your personal data or saved passwords, and eliminate many problems related to the browser.

Clean your browser cakes. It is also a simple step that can solve many problems associated with a browser, but Cookie cleaning your user settings and information to enter the websites that you use.

Scanning your computer for malware. Some malicious programs effectively block access to certain websites and services, such as Google Drive. If you are infected, the deletion of the malicious program will restore your access.

Reload the computer. If you haven’t done this at the previous stage yet.

Reload the modem and router. If you have problems with access to other sites and services, in addition to Google disk, this, as a rule, solves the problem

If you still cannot access the Google disk after fulfilling all our offers, there is a high probability that you are faced with the Internet problem. This is especially likely if there are other sites or services to which you have no access.

In some cases, the problem can be as simple as too many devices connected to your network, and lack of throughput to process all. However, you probably will have to seek your Internet provider.

Although this is not particularly common, in some cases you will not be able to access the Google disk due to problems with the path that your computer or device uses to connect to Google servers. The best way to exclude this is to switch to other DNS servers from those that you usually use. If you are not familiar with DNS servers, get acquainted with our guide to change DNS servers and our list of free and publicly accessible DNS servers in which you can find various options.

Delete E-REWARDS Notify software

You have installed E-REWARDS Notify software? If so, you must delete this software from Windows.

It is known that this program turns off the Google disk, since it automatically sets up your network to use proxy. Google disk does not work with authenticated proxy.

Please note that E-RWARDS also creates three new Windows services that can be disabled by introducing “services” in the Cortana search field and clicking “Services”.

Find E-RWADS services in the window shown directly below, click on the right-click of the service mouse and select the “Properties”, and then click the “Stop” buttons.

If a certain software interferes with work with Google, the best way to eliminate the problem. It is to remove it. There are many ways to do this, but the best of them. Use the removal program.

If you are not familiar, a deiral. This is a special application designed to delete other programs from your computer.

In addition to removing the necessary applications, this tool will also delete all the files and registration records related to it. This guarantees that the problem application will be completely deleted, and prevent any remaining files from interference in your computer.

If you are looking for a good removal application, the best of them is Revo Uninstaller, so be sure to try it.

Restart Google Drive Sync

Sometimes the simplest solution. The best, and many users report that they corrected the message “impossible to connect”, simply restarting Google Drive. To do this, you just need to perform the following simple steps:

Keep in mind that this is just a workaround, so you will have to repeat it until you find a constant solution.

  • Restarting Google disk may be a simple connection error correction. Firstly, you must click the Google Drive icon on the taskbar with the right mouse button.
  • Then click the “Additionally” button with three vertical points.
  • Next, you must choose the option “Exit from the Google disk” in the context menu.
  • Now open the Google Drive application again.

Google Drive does not open

If the application does not load on the phone or PC, then try to wait a bit or restart the device. When there is an access error and other critical messages, use the advice below.

To open a document, presentation or table by reference, relevant rights are required. Only the author can provide them. To request the rights to view or change, follow the following actions:

  • Make sure you have logged in in the desired account. If you use several accounts, and one has access, then try to switch to the right one and open the link.
  • Open the file and click on the “Request permission” button. The owner will be sent a letter to e.mail, where it will be possible to allow the specified account to view or edit.

In order not to wait for the invitation, you can allow working with the file immediately, in the process of creating and editing it.

Other possible problems

If access was provided, but the link does not open through the browser or application, then try to perform the following actions:

  • Make sure the web facialist supports work with Google Drive. Allow the use of cookies and JavaScript. The full list of supported and recommended browsers is on the official website.
  • Clean the cache. You can do this through settings or special software. After that, try to open the document again.
  • Change the file size or ask the owner to break it into several parts. Helps with endless loading and working on a mobile device (a smartphone or tablet simply does not have enough memory to open it).
  • Turn on offline access. You can do this through the settings. Helps to work with an unstable connection to the Internet.

After that, you can get a permit for viewing and editing files. The function is available for working on a computer and mobile devices.

Now you know why Google Drive does not open and related links. The problem can be eliminated if the owner issues the right to view and edit the document to the right account. It will become available on all related devices.

We eliminate PC synchronization problems with the cloud

The reasons that the Google disk is not synchronized with the local computer folders can be completely different from the low speed of the Internet to banal errors in the application often associated with the movement or renaming of the catalog.

The process may stop at the initial stage of data exchange or interrupted in the middle of work. There are several simple methods for solving the problem:

  • Restored the application. Most often we solve the issue if you restart the service. After re.starting, the data exchange procedure may successfully recover;
  • Reinstalling. If the reasons are not in the absence of the Internet or the low speed of package transmission, and restart does not help, you can try to reinstall the service. It is better to download the latest version, in the process it will be proposed to replace the newly established new. Select the synchronization folder and expect the completion of the procedure;
  • Turning off the account. Problems can be fixed if you turn off the account in the settings of the application, and then connect it again;
  • Setting file synchronization manually. Manual starting the procedure quite often allows you to solve the problem. To do this, go to the section “View non.Nenchronized files” in the application, then click “Repeat everything”.

In addition, with incorrect work of programs, PC rebooting often helps. Perhaps there were any system problems on the computer, therefore, as a result of rebooting, errors can be corrected.

Eliminating synchronization problems for Android devices

The conditions of the phone exchange of the phone with the cloud will be the following factors:

If the above conditions are met, you can use such ways to solve the problem:

In addition, the cleaning of the cache often helps to establish work processes on the device. To facilitate the task can also attract a application that can identify errors and correct them. There are a lot of such tools on the Internet, many of them have the opportunity to try out for free.

Solution 6. temporarily suspend the work of the Google disk

According to users, you can solve the problem with synchronization in the Google disk using a simple bypass path. To eliminate the problem, you just need to temporarily suspend synchronization, wait a few seconds, and then turn it on again.

This is quite simple, and you can do this by clicking the Sysbar icon with the right mouse button. This is not a permanent solution, and if you have problems with synchronization, you may have to repeat these steps.

Solution 7-Use a web version

If you have problems with the Google disk client and you cannot synchronize certain files, you can try to use a web version as a workaround. Web version has its drawbacks, and it will not synchronize your real-time files, which may be a problem for some users.

However, if you just need to synchronize a couple of files, a web version may be the right choice for you. Just open the Google Drive web version and drag files to the desired directory. If you prefer, you can also use the download integer.

As we mentioned earlier, this is just a workaround that can be useful if you plan to synchronize several files. If you want to synchronize files in real time, this bypass may not work for you.

These were our possible solutions to your problem. We hope you will be able to make him work. If you have other solutions, please tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Editor note: This post was originally published in January 2017 and has since been completely redesigned and updated to ensure freshness, accuracy and completeness.

Google input tool not installing error solve

Why is the installation of the Google disk not starting

Installation of the Google Drive application on the computer opens up even more service capabilities to the user, allowing you to extract maximum benefits from working with cloud storage and reduce time costs.

Synchronization with the device provides a simultaneous change in data using manipulations produced only with the Google disk folder or directly in the cloud. Download and install the application is easy, but some users notice problems with installation. Let’s figure out when Google Drive is not installed and how to eliminate possible causes.

Why is the installation of the Google disk not starting

Often, to solve the problem, you just need to re.start a loading file, then do the entire application adjustment procedure and enjoy new features. But if the matter is not incorrect loading, and the installer itself is not damaged, then the following causes of difficulty are likely:

  • Firewall or antivirus can block the installation process. Check if the permits for Google have been provided to exclude the obstacle obstacle. If the rights to install are granted by a firewall and antivirus installed on your computer, and the problem still remains, to solve it, you will need to stop the operation of the protection during the installation procedure;
  • Enhanced protection of server versions of Windows. If for this reason there are difficulties with entering the account after installation, you should add to the trusted nodes the sites used in the authorization of Google:
  • We proceed to the Internet Explorer settings;
  • Add reliable nodes, this https: // drive is of paramount;
  • Then add the rest of the subdomains. At the end of the procedure, a form for authorization of Google Disk should appear.
  • Lack of library files. The reason for the error can be in unidentified libraries. The solution to the issue will be the installation of one of the packages:
  • Microsoft Visual C 2005 SP1redistributable Package Atl Security Update;
  • Microsoft Visual C 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package;
  • Microsoft Visual C 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package.

Sometimes, with the errors of connection to the network after installation, only repeated attempts to carry out the installation and setup procedure can help. In any case, in the presence of a stable Internet, as well as the serviceability of the device, the use of several methods should lead to the desired result.