Google Chrome your connection is not protected. How to eliminate the error “Your connection is not protected”?

“Your connection is not protected”. how to fix it in Chrome?

The website, when trying to transition to which the notification “your connection is not protected” appears, is included in the user on the list of entrusted ones and never caused complaints? Excellent! So, you can simply ignore an error with a certificate error and still gain access to the resource.

Important: acting in this way, the user accepts himself entirely and fully responsibility for the consequences. The site can actually pose a threat. due to the hacking or change of the owner; If after the entrance there are significant changes in the Inte Week or the online resource asks new unexpected questions, you should immediately leave it.

To temporarily disconnect the notification of violation of confidentiality, you will need:

Important: if after the manipulations the site notifies that the web page is not found, the problem is exactly on the side of the site-the user will not be able to solve it on his own, and everything that remains for him is to find a duplicate online source.

Cleaning Kesha Google Chrome

Rarely, however, the problem of “your connection is not protected” occurs due to the overflow of the browser browser cache with garbage files containing invalid or relevant data. You can fix the error using the Google Chrome tool:

  • In the drop.down menu, choose for what period of time the cleaning should be carried out. If the user knows exactly when the problem arose, you can specify any “overlapping” value; if not, it is recommended to prefer “all the time”.
  • Now I will need to click on the “Delete Data” button and wait a bit, and after redirecting to the starting page of Google Chrome, restart the browser. With a high degree of probability, a confidentiality error that led to the problem “your connection is not protected” will be eliminated.

“Your connection is not protected” in chrome. What to do?

At the entrance to some sites, you may expect a kind of “surprise” in the Google Chrome or Yandex browser.Browser. error “Your connection is not protected. Attackers can try to kidnap your data from the site (for example, passwords, messages or bank cards) “”. What kind of error is it and how to solve it?

Actually, this is what the mistake itself looks like:

There is an error when connecting to sites operating under the HTTPSS protocol. In fact, HTTPSS is the same HTTPS protocol that works through encrypted transport mechanisms SSL and TLS. HTTPSS provides protection against attacks, but only for the condition that encryptions are used, and the server certificate has been checked and is trusted with it.

What to do?

  • If you use a computer or laptop that shows such an error, open Google Chrome in incognito mode. If in this case there are no problems when entering the site, then the problem, apparently, lies in one of the extensions. Disconnect them in turn until you find the “culprit”.
  • Another possible reason. the certificate was released by an unverified publisher. In addition, in some cases, the certificate may be outdated, and Google Chrome in turn cannot guarantee the security of the connection, therefore it gives an error.
  • Try to enter the right date and time on the computer. If they do not coincide with the date and time indicated in the certificate, you will see a mistake.
  • A similar problem was seen in the case of Windows XP. when there are no updates. It is necessary to update the operating system at least to the SP2 update package, or better. to SP3. You can download them on the official website of Microsoft.
  • Some antiviruses have a built-in protection HTTPSS connection. In turn, she can conflict with the protection of the browser. It is necessary to turn off either protection in the antivirus, or the antivirus itself, although it is still very undesirable to make the latter.
  • Finally, if nothing helps, try to open the page using the HTTPS protocol, removing the tank s.

Thank you, it turns out the date was not true.

Usually the problem is in the site itself if the certificate is not verified

I have a certificate of certificate, Chrome curses on Yandex. It is not possible to fix it in any way. Who has come across this, tell me what to do?

New computer, Windows 10, time corresponds. Antivir turned off, turned off the extensions. on other browsers opens. There is no chrome. jamb specifically in chrome. He was sick. how to fix.

Thank you a lot, it helped a lot, I sat all day without music, and now I watched this site I am happy;-

Chrome spoiled, I delete. tired with their safety. The browser should be stable, and not show off.

.How easier to explain. how to remove and enter your pages. Explanations are too glued. If they write your connection is not protected Privacy is broken How to return your OK and mail? You can explain more understandable?

Click “Additionally”, then “cross” all the same (or something like that)

All measures were taken from the article. it did not help (((

Good day. I also had such a problem, while on PC and laptop at the same time. Wi-Fi laptop connected to the Internet. For more than 2 hours I climbed all sorts of sites and forums, trying to find a solution to this problem, but everything is unsuccessfully. It was not possible to roll back either, for some reason the recovery at the end issued the error. And he checked time, and the antivirus demolished, but nothing helped. But here, when recovering, I saw that the last point of preservation was yesterday, and there the Research Bar program was installed there. I removed this crap and everything became fine. I did the same on the laptop and everything was doing it too. Maybe this will help someone too. Good luck

How it looks in different browsers

In different browsers, an error may look different. In Google Chrome, you will see such a window:

The browser reports that attackers can steal information about your bank cards, passwords and other information.

You will see almost the same window at Microsoft Edge (former Internet Explorer) because this browser is designed on the basis of Google Chrome.

Here is also a warning about the possible theft of data.

Opera user will see such a picture:

The report refers to the problem with the security certificate.

A window appears in the Safari browser that the browser cannot open this page:

Reason. connection to the site is not protected.

Browsers also show errors codes. Here are the most common:

google, chrome, your, connection, protected, eliminate


There may be others. They clarify what exactly is the problem. But, in this case, for the user this information is not particularly important.

Usually below there is a link that allows, despite the error, enter the site. But the user does it at his own peril and risk.

Main reasons

The main reason for the appearance of an error is the lack of a security certificate or an expired certificate. But in fact, the site is not necessarily potentially unsafe. The problem can be on the side of the computer.

An error arises for the following reasons:

  • an outdated version of the browser is installed;
  • The date and time on the computer are incorrectly exhibited;
  • overflowed cache;
  • The site is blocked by antivirus or browser expansion;
  • The site has problems with SSL certificate.

Also, an error can be caused by a short.term failure on the server. The browser cannot establish a safe SSL connection and issues a confidentiality error message.

Many users do not know what to do if the browser writes that the connection is not protected.

How to disable an error message and restore access to the site

E, not a single solution has helped, and the desired website still does not open, you can turn off the error message (along with the SSL certificate) and get access to it by simply prescribing the Google Chrome or Yandex Browser key-the key-the key- IGNORE-CERTICATE-TERRORS.

After that, the message “Your connection is not protected” will no longer bother you, but the protection of connections on the HTTPS protocol will not work in this browser. If this option suits you, go.

Ignore Chrome and go to the site

If the website you are trying to gain access is known and does not require your personal information, such as the name, phone number or data data, you can ignore the warning and switch to the website.

If you decide to ignore the warning, your connection is not protected, press the link additionally.

As mentioned above, you should use this method only for sites that do not require your personal information.

Correction of the date and time on the computer

The Chrome browser may initiate an error message your connection is not protected if the time and dates on the computer are incorrect.

Click the icon time and date. Located on the taskbar, and click the setting of the date and time in the menu that appears.

If you cannot find the time and dates icon on the taskbar, press the settings of the time and tongue.

On the next screen, make sure your hourly belt is correct, and the date and time are displayed correctly.

The error “Your connection is not protected” in Google Chrome and Yandex.Browser: causes and solutions

Quite often users of the three most popular browsers “Chrome”, Yandex.Browser ”and“ Opera ”, as well as some other less eminent programs, face a very“ annoying ”error, which has textual accompaniment in the form of a text message“ Your connection is not protected ”, and even more“ terrible information ”is indicated in the sequel. that at the moment, attackers can steal any personal data (passwords, bank card numbers, etc. P.). Some users, having read such an information message, in a panic begin to look for a solution and turn off the Internet, turn off the computer and run away from the country (joke). This article will talk about why you should not react so sharply to this error, as well as what the causes of its occurrence are and what are the ways of solving it.

Methodology for correcting the error “Your connection is not protected” in Google Chrome and Yandex.Browser.

Is it dangerous

So, without unnecessary intimidation, it is worth noting that the error “Your connection is not protected” has practically nothing to do with attempts to hack any network resource, and even more so a personal computer. In fact, it is not associated with any specific connection, but is only a consequence of incorrect network settings, the settings of the browser itself or the problems lie directly at the network resource that the user is trying to visit. It should be understood that the problem under consideration may arise on the sites using the HTTPS protocol (in most browsers it is highlighted in the address line in green), which is currently a prerequisite for some services. For example, all popular social networks work precisely on this encryption protocol, the same applies to search services, entertainment sites, as well as many online stores. And it is the unsuccessful result of checking the conformity of the traffic encryption certificate by the SSL protocol and causes the error “Your connection is not protected”.

Before “sinning” to the malfunction of the site itself (and in this situation this is rare enough), you should check the correctness of the settings of the browser itself and some computer parameters.

Option 1

To get started, try to contact the “problem” site by opening the tab in the “incognito” or “private viewing” mode, selecting the corresponding parameter in the settings or by pressing the “Ctrlshift” key combination. If the resource opens properly, then in the standard operating mode of the browser there is a parameter, which interferes with referring to one or another site, causing the script under consideration. To resolve this issue, try to carry out the following actions:

  • Click on the icon in the form of three horizontal lines in the upper right corner next to the address line;
  • Next, select the line “additional tools”. “extensions”;
  • Remove the checkmark in the “include” item in all active extensions;
  • Reload Google Chrome.
  • Click the “menu” (left upper corner). “extensions”. “extension manager” or click the Ctrlshift key combination;
  • Select the “included” section and, by analogy with Google Chrome, deactivate available add.ons.

Option 2

The culprit of many network problems can be incorrectly set date and time, including this may also concern the connection errors that arise on mobile devices. Currently, this reason may be accompanied by a named error with the text “Clock Leaves”, but it will not hurt to check the correctness of the date and time in any case, for this:

  • Press the “Start” and select the “Parameters” section;
  • In the window that opens, click on the section “Time and Language”;
  • In order to manually change the time and date, you need to turn off the automatic installation and press the corresponding “change” button;
  • Wait for the completion of the update of the parameters and check the performance of the site.

Option 3

No matter how trite it sounds, but you should also try to clean the cache and cookie of the problem browser, and if this does not solve the mistake under consideration, then at least improve the work of the program itself.

  • “Google Chrome”:
  • Click the Ctrlshiftdelete key combination or open “Settings”. “Additional tools”. “Removing data on the viewed pages”;
  • In the “clear story” window that opens, select “For all the time” and highlight the desired parameters;
  • Click “Cleaning the History”, wait for the completion of the process and reboot “Chrome”.
  • “Opera”:
  • Click the Ctrlh key combination (this also works in chromium);
  • Click on the “Clean History” button;
  • and by analogy with the above actions, delete unnecessary temporary files.
  • Yandex:
  • Click the “menu”. “additionally”. “clear history”;
  • Highlight the lines “Files saved in the cache” and “Cookie files and other sites and modules”.

Option 4

Perhaps an obstacle to the opening of a site was antivirus and/or Fireboll, which, when scanning the above standards and traffic encryption protocols, were faced with an error, which led to the impossibility of opening a network resource. Therefore, try to temporarily turn off the antivirus and firewall and check the availability of the site for this:

  • Open the “Start” and go again to the “Parameters” section;
  • Further, the subsection “Update and Security”. “Windows safety”;
  • In the list that opens, pay attention to the line “firewall and network protection”;
  • Translate all active protection points into the “Turn off” mode.

Additional methods

There is a chance that this probability is quite high that more than one of the above methods did not help in solving the error in question. Therefore, several possible solutions will be further given, some of which may seem inappropriate, but their practical application has shown other results:

  • lack of critical updates of the operating system;
  • Try to open the desired network resource not through the bookmark (if this is exactly the case), and not through the search query;
  • Try to change the settings of the network adapter and manually prescribe public DNS servers;
  • In the “Networks Management Center and General Access” in the “Additional General Access Parameters” section, turn on/disconnect (depending on the active mode) parameter “Network Detection”, “128 bit encryption” and “General access with password protection”;
  • Check the presence of updates to the browser itself or return its configuration to the default values.
google, chrome, your, connection, protected, eliminate

Causes of error and ways to eliminate it

A failure can occur for several reasons. If you are sure that the transition to the site is safe, then follow the instructions specified below.

Certificate problems

The certificate that the site received could be released by an unverified publisher. If Chrome does not find the publisher in the database, he gives an error. Entrance to your personal account on various resources can also be the reason for its occurrence.

To get around this error, click on the “Additional” button on the right, and then click on “Go to the site”.

Incorrect systematic time

If you saw the NET :: err_cert_date_invalid error code in the message, this means that the problem is the wrong date and time on your PC. If the client time and time of the server are different, Google Chrome will decide that the certificate is either expired or has not yet arrived.

If you saw Net code :: err_cert_date_invalid, change the time and date for PC

To solve the problem, it is necessary to put the right date and time:

  • In the upper right corner of your screen, find the date and time. Click on this area with the right mouse button.
  • In the context menu, select the second section “Settings of the date and time”.

Select “Date Settings and Time”

This often happens when the CR2032 battery sat on the motherboard every time after the computer is turned off the CMOS parameters are dropped. You can determine this simply. when loading the BIOS will be issued a message: Press F1 to Continue, Del to Enter Setup replace the battery, set the date and the problem will be eliminated.


http: //

Incomputability with extensions

Sites may not be opened with the VPN anticipation included.

If you have expansion, which, for example, allow you to access blocked sites or compress traffic, then try to disable them and check the operability of web resources.

Katerina Taraskina

http: //

    Click on the browser menu icon in the form of three points in the upper right corner.

Open the tab with the extensions of the observer

Outdated version of Windows

In Windows 10, you cannot turn off the automatic installation of updates, so the error cannot occur due to the fact that the operating system is outdated. But in the versions of the OS below the “dozens” the problem for this reason may appear. Check the availability of an update for your system by performing the following steps:

    Click on the “Start” button in the lower left corner of the screen.

Enter the search query “Update Center”

Outward version of the browser or a crash in work

The cause of the error can be not only an outdated OS, but also an unnecessary Google Chrome. Make the observer’s update:

  • Open the Chrome menu by pressing the icon with three points.
  • Put the cursor to the “Help” section and click on the first item “On the Google Chrome browser”.

Open the section “On the Browser Google Chrome

Removing and re.installation of Google Chrome

If you have an old version of Google Chrome or Windows, automatic loading and installing browser updates may not work. In this case, it is recommended to delete the old version of Google Chrome using a utility, for example, Revo Uninstaller, and install a new version of the browser from an official source. This method of solving the problem will also help accelerate the work of the browser and eliminate various failures.

    Go to the official website of the developer. Select a free version for downloading. Click on the green button Free Download.

Open the downloaded installer Revo Uninstaller

Select all points to delete the files associated with Chrome

You can use any other program to remove software from a computer. Almost all of them are aimed at completely deleting the software (software) from the computer’s memory: there are no residual files left in the system folders that could conflict with the files of the newly installed program in the future. Revo Uninstaller is one of the simplest, comfortable and quick tools to get rid of software.

HOSTS file checking

In theory, the problem can also arise due to the modified Hosts file, which, as a rule, negatively affects viral activity. On the Microsoft website, this link can be found in more detail how Fi Hosts should look in the original, and also how it can be returned to the previous appearance. Do not forget after making changes to reload the computer.

For Windows 10, click on the “Start” button with the right mouse button and in the highlighted context menu, make a choice in favor of the item “Command Stand (Administrator)”.

For any versions of Windows, call the search bar and write down the request into it “CMD”. Click on the result by the right mouse button and make a choice in favor of the item “Launch on behalf of the administrator”.

In the highlighted window, spend the following command:

Manual installation DNS

As a rule, in the settings of the Internet, the user has an automatic DNS definition. In this way we will try to set a certain.

To do this, call the menu “Control Panel”, and then follow the transition to the section “Center for Updating networks and total access”.

On the left side of the window, open the section “Change adapter settings”.

Click on your Internet with the right mouse button and click on the item “Properties”.

Click on the item “IP version 4” once with the left mouse button, and then click on the button “Properties”.

Put a mark near the point “Use the following addresses of DNS servers”, and then try to install DNS eight.eight.eight.eight and eight.eight.four.four. Save the changes.

Description of the error

Before you provide the user with access to the web resource, the browser performs its digital certificates. It is they who provide evidence that the site opened complies with the standards of confidentiality and is safe for further use. As soon as the program detects suspicious or invalid certificates, it prohibits the user access to this page.

The appearance of the error “Connection is not protected” indicates that the browser suspects the site that the transition is carried out on the possible theft of user data: passwords, bank card numbers and accounts.

Also, a similar message may appear when the user switches to a web resource using an open Wi-Fi network.

In addition to reporting an unprotected connection, an error code will appear on the screen. The most common:

  • Net :: err_cert_common_name_invalid;
  • Net :: err_cert_authority_invalid nte :: err_certificate_transparency_requird;
  • Net :: err_cert_date_invalid;
  • Net :: err_cert_weak_signature_algorithm;
  • SSL Certificate Error;
  • Err_ssl_version_or_cipher_mismatch.

From the error tab, the user can return to the previous page, go to additional browser settings or try to continue working on the site at your own peril and risk.

Error “connection is not protected”. ways of solving

When answering the question of how to disable an error about violation of Chrome Privacy, it is immediately worth saying that the user can step over this restriction. To do this, click on the “Additionally” button under the error message and select the action “Go to the site (unsafe)”.

It is recommended to use this bypass only with those web resources where the user does not need to enter any personal data or make an online payment.

Restation of the page

The easiest way to get rid of the error of an unprotected connection is to restart the site. This is effective in terms of eliminating the failures of the web page and browser, so that in this case it may work.

If the URL was introduced manually or copied from the source, it is worth it to re-pick it up in the address line, making sure that there are no typos and extra characters in the text.

Opening page in incognito mode

Also, the user can try to open a page in incognito mode. If the error is really related to the fact that the website has safety problems, then in anonymous mode it should calmly spin, since incognito allows you to view the web resource without preserving history and cache.

In order to open the incognito tab in the Chrome browser, you can use the combination of hot keys Ctrlshift, or select the corresponding action in the additional menu, which is opened by pressing the button with three points in the upper right corner of the screen.

Cache Cleaning and Cookie

Viewing any web page is accompanied by the preservation of the site PC data on the hard drive, or, differently, cache and cookies (cookies). Processing all incoming information can cause the slow work of PC and freezing the browser.

You can accelerate the connection by cleaning the cache and cookies in the Google Chrome browser settings. To prevent further problems with loading web resources, it is recommended to clean data once every 2 weeks.

Installation of the right date and time

Often problems with the transition to a specific site are caused by improper setting up the device itself, and more precisely, by incorrect date and time parameters. Fixing this problem on the computer is very easy:

Due to the incorrect tuning of the clock belt, the user may encounter other problems: for example, lack of Internet connection.

Refusal to connect to a common network

The use of public Wi-Fi is extremely unsafe, since many common access points have a bad configuration and do not work on the HTTPS protocol. Therefore, it is best to completely abandon the use of a public network or find a more protected Internet source.

Removing extensions for browser blocking access to the site

To switch to a blocked site or to hide a real IP address, some users connect an additional extension for the browser-VPN. With it, you can encrypt the location of the person and his personal data.

Your connection is not private windows 7 problem | google chrome | KP Tech Info

In some cases, plugins and programs with a function of creating a virtual private network can block access to individual web resources, as a result of which an error “Connection is not protected” appears on the screen. To eliminate this problem, it is enough to suspend the program.

  • We click on three vertical points in the upper right corner of the screen and in the menu that opens, select the option “Additional tools”. “Expansion”.
  • In the list that appears, select the VPN plugin and, opposite it, click on “off”.

connection not protected

If a special program for PC is used instead of expansion, you just need to remove it from the computer through the control panel.

Limiting the activity of antivirus

Antivirus with a SSL scan or special protection against unverified HTTPS can cause a transition to an unsafe website. To restore access to the web resource, you need to go to the antivirus settings and disable these functions and try to again go to the blocked resource. If this did not help, we must return the initial settings of the antivirus program.

Checking PC for viruses

The presence of viruses in the operating system can seriously affect Windows efficiency, in particular, the working capacity of the browser. It is worth using the antivirus or downloaded on PC and scan the system for malicious files. If there are such. immediately clean them.

Update OS

Often the problems in the work of the browser are associated with the outdated version of Windows. If an automatic update is disabled on the PC, you need to check if there are new versions for the installed operating system. To do this, open the Start menu, through it we go to the “Control Panel” or “Parameters”, and then go to the Windows Update Center.

In this section, you can check for the presence of a new version of the OS and start loading it.

Upon completion of the update, the necessary changes will be made to the system, all important parameters will be correctly tuned in. Now you can go to Google Chrome and try again to switch to a blocked site.

google, chrome, your, connection, protected, eliminate

Browser update

No wonder Google Chrome developers strongly recommend the browser regularly update. First of all, this is necessary to maintain the normal functioning of the program, good performance and high level of data security.