Google Chrome How to import bookmarks. Where the bookmarks are stored

Chrome settings and profile transfer to another computer without synchronization

When working in a browser, Chrome is no exception, user information that simplifies work on the network is accumulated: bookmarks, visits history, passwords, cookies. If it does not bother in advance, then when a computer is changed or updated, the user data is removed. This can be a serious problem that can be solved if before reinstalling the system to save Google Chrome settings.

There are several options to personalize browsers on different devices: data export from the Google account, transfer of profile to another computer with and without synchronization. Each option has its own characteristics and advantages.

Transfer of settings

Bookmarks and passwords are stored in “Bookmarks” and “Login” files. They are located in the Chrome system directorial, and since this catalog contains official information, they are hidden. But having made a copy of the file, if you accidentally delete, change the Chrome browser or switch to a mobile version, you can easily restore the profile.

  • We have already written about ways to transfer the settings (including: bookmarks and tabs) on another computer in other ways.
  • And also comes many questions related to the problems of playing audio in the browser after reinstalling the OS. Why is this happening and how to turn on the sound on a PC or phone I tell in a separate material purely on this topic.

Where they are stored (Login Data, BookMarks.BAK)

During the installation of the browser on the disk where the operating system is located, the folder is created in the “Users” section and, in order to see it, it is necessary to allow the show of hidden elements, and this requires:

To find and save the desired folder in another version of the Windows operating system, it should be noted that the algorithm of actions may differ.

Hidden elements will appear in the “Users” catalog, among which it is necessary to select “Appdata”. “Local”. “Google”. “Chrome”. “User Data”. “Default”. If several profiles are used on the computer, instead of user, choose the one that belongs to the user. It is in the “Default” catalog, among the systems, there are files with bookmarks, passwords.

In addition to the main document containing a list of saved sites, the folder has “BookMarks.BAK ”-this is a backup copy with information about the time to create bookmarks. It will help restore links in case of accidental removal. for this it is enough to rename “Bookmark.BAK ”, removing the extension BAK.

Inclusion of “possibilities” of preservation in Chrome: // Flags/

In the Chrome tab: // Flags/there are additional browser functions that can optimize the work. Most of the presented options are experimental, so they are not available in standard settings. Among the possibilities: automatic saving passwords for different users, imports from other browsers or operating systems.

To get into the experimental settings menu, it is enough to enter Chrome: // Flags // Flags. On the page in the “Search Flags” page, enter “Bookmarks”, “Password” and “Settings” in turn, change the status with “Default” to “Enabled”.

In most cases, this setting must only be done for passwords.

Export Import

System information is transmitted in the HTML file.


To download/unload the database, enough:

  • Enter Chrome: // Settings/Passwords in the line.
  • To the right of the “saved passwords” click on the icon “Settings”.
  • Next, click “Export” and choose a directory where you should save the document.
  • For imports. the second option from the list. Indicate the storage place, previously created file with passwords.

If anyone has access to a file, then a person will be able to see your passwords. To protect against unauthorized exports, before creating a document, the system will need to enter a password from a Windows account.


How to Import Bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox on Windows

Export/Import of saved links to your favorite sites is carried out according to the algorithm:

  • At the top of the corner, click “Settings” (three points).
  • Choose “bookmarks”. “bookmark dispatcher” (for quick access, you can simultaneously click “Ctrlshifto”).
  • Press “settings” on the right, but already lower.
  • Select ““ import ”or“ export ”.
  • Specify the path for recording to disk/flash drive/cloud or file download.
  • Additional information about the export and import of bookmarks in Google Chrome in our separate article.

About bookmarks

Chrome allows you to store an unlimited number of links to web pages. They are called bookmarks and contain a direct URL address and a label with a name by which you can quickly find the desired site. And also the program allows you to transfer these pages between different devices and browsers.

Pros of use in chrome

Bookmarks. a tool that provides quick access to the desired site. If you left the page, but later want to return to it, it is not necessary to look for it through the search engine or the history of visits. It is enough to add a link with the desired address, and it is constantly available to the user.

In Chrome, you can not only store links, but also sort them. Folds are created in the panel where you can add addresses of interesting sites.

How to make a bookmark on the site

You can save the address of the current page in several ways. The simplest option is to add a site using a functional button located near the address line.

Open the site you need and click on the sprocket symbol to the left of the URL page. By clicking on the icon, the address will be added, and here you can change the folder where the site you need will be stored. Alternative. Ctrld key combination.


This function provides for transferring to another browser or device. You can execute in several ways: save links in the form of a document and copy them to the carrier, configure synchronization with a PC or mobile device or add the necessary sites to another observer after installing.

Through the browser settings to the file (for copying to the USB flash drive)

The standard method provides for the export of selected pages in the form of HTML documents. They can be copied to an external drive and transferred to another PC to open to Chrome or another program.

  • Launch the application and enter the Ctrlshifto key combination or call the dispatcher through the menu.
  • Click on the symbol with three points to the right of the search line and click on the “export of bookmarks”.
  • Indicate the folder where the HTML document will be located, if necessary, give it a name, click “Save”. Then you can transfer the file to the external medium and download it to the new observer.

Inclusion and configuration of synchronization as an alternative option

This method is useful if you want to export to another PC. However, this method is available provided that it is possible to log in to the Google service.

  • Open the program on PC and click the “current user” symbol located to the right of the address line. In the window that appears, execute the “enable synchronization” command.
  • Enter data that is component to enter the Google account.
  • To enable synchronization and add bookmarks to a new device, click OK in the window that appears.

From chromium to another observer (for example Yandex.Browser)

Added laying is a HTML file that can be opened by any observer. This is very convenient if you use several Internet access programs and want to use links to valuable sites. For Yandex.The browser has two main export methods.

Automatically when installed

After loading on PC, Yandex.The browser independently synchronizes with Google Chrome, copies bookmarks and data of auto.filling. As a result, after installation, it opens access to sites that were added earlier in another program. I am about this.B informs the user using a voice assistant and message on the screen.

google, chrome, import, bookmarks, stored

If the reason for all actions is the desire to use the services of the search engine, then we recall that you can make Yandex a starting page in chrome and use the browser from Google and further.

From an export file

An alternative option-loading an HTML document with URL addresses. To do this, create a file using the already described instructions.

  • Launch Yandex.Browser, call the menu, go to the “bookmarks” section, select “Import”.
  • As source in the list, indicate the “HTML FILL” and execute the “Choose” command.
  • Find the desired document in the PC system and execute the “Open” command. The screen will appear on the screen confirming that imports were successful.

How to export from Google Chrome

All links are stored in the form of the HTML file, which can be imported into another web resource.

Ways to transfer saved links, there is only only to choose the most convenient for yourself.

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How to save tabs in Google Chrome when reinstalling the system?

The question of transferring bookmarks in the Google browser from one computer to another is very relevant. After all, almost every user for a certain time collects favorite and interesting sites, adding them to bookmarks. You will learn about how to save these same bookmarks of the Google Chrome browser, for example, when reinstating the system or when buying a new computer in this article.

So, in order to transfer the saved bookmarks from the Chrome browser, you need to save them to a separate file. This is done through the browser menu.

To enter it, you need to click on three vertical points in the upper right corner of the window.

In the menu that opens, select “bookmarks”. “Booking dispatcher”.

google, chrome, import, bookmarks, stored

Next, click “Management” in the upper line and in the menu that opens. “export bookmarks to the HTML file”

CHROME bookmarks to a separate file

Start the window in which you will have to choose the location of the future file with bookmarks and indicate its name.

The name of the file with the bookmarks and its location

By pressing the “Save” button, you put all the bookmarks and browser Chrome in a separate file, which can be used to transfer them to the browser, for example, after reinstalling the system.

Next, click “Management” in the upper line and in the menu that opens. “import tabs from the HTML file”.

Import Bookmarks From EDGE to CHROME

Import of bookmarks in chrome from a separate file

In the launched window, select your HTML file with bookmarks that previously exported them and click the “Open” button.

Immediately after that you will see that familiar sites appeared on the bookmarks panel, and the “Import” folder appeared in the chromium bookmarks themselves, in which all your bookmarks are present with the full preservation of their folder structure.

Imports of bookmarks in Chrome

To import tabs in Google chrome, it will definitely require html file. Nothing will come out without him. If you have already completed export from Google Chrome, then it should be.

If the HTML file is written on the USB flash drive, connect it to a computer or laptop. You will need it now.

  • Run the browser.
  • Click the Ctrlshifto key combination.
  • Click on the line “Management” and select the item “Improve bookmarks from the HTML file”.

Ready. Import of bookmarks in chrome successfully completed. You can check: they were added in the same window.

  • Turn on the browser.
  • Click on the icon with 3 points, select the “bookmarks” item, and then “import bookmarks and settings”.

If you previously used Firefox or Internet Explorer, then indicate the appropriate item. To import bookmarks from the opera, Yandex, Safari and other browsers in Google Chrome, choose the last option (but before that they need to be exported to the HTML file).

Google Chrome synchronization

Google Chrome synchronization is a special browser function that allows you to tie the settings to your account. To activate it:

    Click on 3 points and go to “Settings”.

Ready. Now on your account all sites, passwords, topics, expansion (plugins) and settings will be saved. And you do not need to execute their exports and imports. It is enough to start Google Chrome on any computer or laptop and go under your account.

If you use the Google Chrome synchronization on a working PC or from friends, do not forget to leave your account. So that no one gets to your personal data. To do this, enter the “Settings” and click “Disable the Google account”.

Thank you for the interesting and useful information !

Information is interesting and useful, but. everything is much simpler: if there is an account in Google, then, preserving the bookmarks in the “panel” of the observer when reinstalling the system or even buying a new system unit you just need to go to your account and go to your account and go to your account and. Voi La,: You can open any. bookmarks will automatically appear

True, this is the easiest way. This is called “Google Chrome synchronization” and just about this is written at the end of the article.

I agree, Artyom. But why then the proposed “export-import” ? over, all bookmarks after exports are placed in an additional “import” folder. Create an account. and go !

And “export-import” is useful for overall development, so that it is already

Transfer and maintenance of bookmarks (after all, this is actually a search database). can be relevant if necessary to import into a browser on another PC, for some reason for a while not connected to the Internet, that is, with subsequent connection and ready to use bookmarks. About 8 years ago, this was relevant when leaving for a remote branch, where the Internet was absent due to the Vols accident, the article and instructions with links were required to add. Now the account takes all problems, but only if there is a login and passwordIf they are not, or the account (mail) is deleted-then exports with subsequent conservation to the external medium is still the best way out. Exported the data and sleep calmly.

There are working computers who on Win XP, like mine =) So you cannot enter the chromium account with the XP (allegedly not supported by the old OS), so you only have to make an export-import. The article is useful, everything is written correctly, thanks.

How to import tabs in Google Chrome

It is not enough just to extract bookmarks, because they still need to be imported.

  • Manual method. If you reinstall the browser, bookmarks will not be saved in Google Chrome (without synchronization), but back by returning Bookmarks and Bookmarks files.BAK, chosen will be restored. It is important to copy them with a replacement. Action back similar in the export section.
  • Turn on synchronization. Open “settings”, authorize in the profile and wait for the loading of the chosen and other data from the server.
  • “Blocking” in Google Chrome. On the page “Bleads Dispatch” (Chrome: // Bookmarks/), click on a plot to the right of the line “Search in bookmarks” and select “Import the bookmarks”. Indicate the path to the file and upload it.

As you can see, the preservation of the chosen one is a simple task, for the implementation of which there are many methods. It is already more difficult to execute and imports, but this is quite realistic. The following methods can change the location of the bookmarks by moving them between several Google Chrome browsers or analogues.

Bookmarks intact and safety

All bookmarks existing in your browsers are usually contained in the file of which “Bookmarks”. It is usually stored among user files at this address:

C: user user userAppdatalogooglechromeuser datafault

You can open it using a notebook or copy it to the desired device. But you must admit, the place of placement is hidden as “the death of Koshchei”. Therefore, it is easier to take advantage of the ability to export bookmarks. For this perfect you do not need a Google account.

How to export tabs from Google Chrome

There are several ways to reinstall Google with chrome preserving the bookmarks, they are all simple in implementation and are quite applicable in any situation.

  • Manually create a copy of the file with bookmarks. To do this, cross the path C: \ Users \ User \ Appdata \ Local \ Google \ CHROME \ User Data \ Default (instead of user, the Windows account can be used). Copy BookMarks and BookMarks files.BAK and transfer them to the desktop.
  • Through synchronization. It is enough through the browser menu to go to “Settings”, enter your account and include synchronization. By default, it will be active for bookmarks, but it is better to check additionally.
  • Using a tool for exporting in Google Chrome. Google web browser has a means to quickly generate a file with links from the chosen one. To use it, click Ctrl Shift O, click on 3 points to the right of the search bar and select “Export Bastings” from Google Chrome. It remains only to indicate the path to preserve. Now we can move them to any browser.

How to import tabs in Google Chrome

It is not enough just to extract bookmarks, because they still need to be imported.

google, chrome, import, bookmarks, stored
  • Manual method. If you reinstall the browser, bookmarks will not be saved in Google Chrome (without synchronization), but back by returning Bookmarks and Bookmarks files.BAK, chosen will be restored. It is important to copy them with a replacement. Action back similar in the export section.
  • Turn on synchronization. Open “settings”, authorize in the profile and wait for the loading of the chosen and other data from the server.
  • “Blocking” in Google Chrome. On the page “Bleads Dispatch” (Chrome: // Bookmarks/), click on a plot to the right of the line “Search in bookmarks” and select “Import the bookmarks”. Indicate the path to the file and upload it.

As you can see, the preservation of the chosen one is a simple task, for the implementation of which there are many methods. It is already more difficult to execute and imports, but this is quite realistic. The following methods can change the location of the bookmarks by moving them between several Google Chrome browsers or analogues.

Export/Import Passwords

You can also export and import passwords and logins from sites that you previously saved in the browser, other account data. For export, you need:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Select the “Password” item (a key is depicted next to it).
  • Next to the “Saved Passwords” option, click on the ellipsis, select “Password Export”.
  • Determine the file saving place, click OK.
  • Everything, the file is saved. Make sure that outsiders do not get access to him.
  • First you need to turn on this opportunity. By default it is disabled. We go in a new window at Chrome: // Flags. We are looking for the Password Import section and activate with Default on Enabled.
  • We go to the “Password” section of the browser settings menu. Below we press three points and now the item “Import” has appeared.
  • Click “Import” and find a file with saved passwords on the computer’s disks. We load it.

Transfer of bookmarks between Google Chrome and other browsers

As noted at the beginning of the article, it is necessary to transfer bookmarks and during the transitions between different browsers. It is possible that the adherent of Google Chrome wants to evaluate the capabilities of other web faces, exporting his bookmarks in them. Another possible situation. having worked in another browser for a long time, the user decided to finally switch to Google Chrome, downloading the saved bookmarks into it. Below is the interaction of chrome with the two most popular web faces after it-Yandex Buser and Mozilla Firefox.

On our site there are many articles on Browser Yandex.

Google Chrome. Yandex Buser

  • Open the Yandex Buser and click in its upper line the settings icon in the form of three vertical features.
  • Install the cursor on the line of the “bookmark” section, after which the item “Improve bookmarks” in the drop.down list is in the drop.down list.
  • As can be seen in the data import window, by default, chrome has already been chosen as source. If necessary, you can activate the points of additional imported data, and then click “transfer”.
  • After a few seconds, a folder called “Google Chrome bookmarking” appears on Yandexbraise’s “Bikems panels”, in which all his bookmarks are concentrated.

Yandex Buser. Google Chrome

After the conservation made, it will be necessary to import bookmarks in Chrome.

google, chrome, import, bookmarks, stored

Google Chrome. Mozilla Firefox

  • To transfer Google’s bookmarks, chrome to the Mozilla Firefox web browser, first you need to save them in the form of an HTML file. To do this, just repeat the steps of the 1-3 section “Preservation of bookmarks”.
  • Open Mozilla Firefox, then the “Bookmark” tab in the menu and click “Show all bookmarks”.
  • In the new window “Library”, open the “Import and backups” list and click “Import of Breecles from the HTML FILE”. The point taken into the blue frame is not yet paid to: we will need it later.
  • In the import window on the left, go to the carrier in which the file was saved, highlight it and click “Open”.

Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome

  • To transfer the bookmarks of the web browser Mozilla Firefox in Google chrome, first you need to save the bookmark of the Fiery Fox in the form of the HTML file. Repeat step 2 of the previous section. When performing step 3, click the point “Export of bookmarks from the HTML file”, taken into the blue frame (see. above).
  • In the export window on the left, select a flash drive (our case) or cloud, if necessary, change the name of the saved file and click “Save”. As you can see, the exported Firefox file in the default name does not contain the date of creation (unlike chromium).
  • Open Google, click the icon of its settings, install the cursor on the “bookmarks” section, and press the “import and settings” item in the drop.down list.

Google Chrome browsers synchronization on different computer devices

Export/import of bastards of chrome browsers on different computer devices can be carried out in automatic mode using their synchronization. The necessary condition for this is a prerequisite for Google browsers through the Google account. With this input, all changes with the bookmarks of the web facial produced by the user are saved on the Google server. With the same entrance to the browser, chrome from another computer or mobile device, bookmarks are automatically imported, providing the user with the usual environment.

I have two operating systems on my computer. Windows 10 and 7. Google browser (like Mozilla Firefox) is on both. When working in each of the systems, seconds after entering the web facial, they import an actual working environment from the server, which is very convenient.

The inclusion of synchronization in the main google browser should be preceded by the creation of the Google account. To do this, you need to take a few steps.

  • Enter the entrance page to the Google account.
  • Click “Create an account”, after which. the item “For yourself”.
  • In the window of creating an account for subsequent identification, you can use the existing email address or create an account Gmail account. After entering the relevant data, click “Next”. On this, the specifics of the chromium account ends. Entering the relevant data for him is obvious.

At the end of the creation of the Google account to the left of the settings icon (three vertical points), its account icon appears. Now it remains to install and configure the synchronization mode in it.

A minimum of time and efforts spent on creating an account and setting synchronization provide the most comfortable work.